Indian Summer – Just Like Lovers (12″)


Obscurity alert from a 1989 New Wave band sounding like a cross between Prefab Sprout and A-Ha ??!! One release then sunk with out a trace. B-side is mixed by prog rock twiddler, Eddie Offord who worked with, amongst others, Yes and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The track does have a slightly rockier edge. A-side is quite catchy if a little cheesier with regards lyrics and rare as Rocking Horse Poo!


A1 Just Like Lovers
B1 Just Like Lovers (7″ Version)
B2 Shattered And Died


12 thoughts on “Indian Summer – Just Like Lovers (12″)”

  1. I am pleased to report Indian Summer is once again active with a new line-up which retains the original members (and songwriting team) John Was (Keyboards) and Martin Southwood (Vocals). There was actually a full album recorded at the time of this single, made up of some sterling material and using studios such as Sarm, The Manor etc, which was sadly never released. The only chance it now has of seeing the light of day really hinges on how successful the new incarnation of IS becomes! Your references are quite on-the-money BTW; the band was also influenced by the likes of Roxy Music, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Magazine, Talk Talk etc and were friends/contemporaries of the band Keep It Dark – another obscure outfit who nonetheless managed to release a full-length album on Virgin Records ‘1st Down and 10’. Anyway great post and here is the current FaceBook page for anyone interested!/IndianSummerTheBand

  2. I am trying to get my hand on clean mp3 copy of “just like lovers, if anyone have it please share it with me,

  3. I am looking everywhere for a copy and can’t find it. if you can send me the original and the remixed it would be great. it is stuck in head for two weeks now….

  4. Another gem I had not heard, thanks DJJedRedy… love it ! Now I need to check that FB page out… maybe they will release some new retro sounds.

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