Tunes From Oz and Beyond – Part 43 – (Holly Valance, Boom Crash Orchestra, Real Life )

The final instalment and featuring mini collections.

Holly Valance – State Of Mind (2 x Promo 12″)

Who remembers Melbourne’s Holly Valance. A couple of albums and a handful of singles and some excellent marketing !

Here is her final release with the obligatory double pack of 4 remixes in desperation that one would be played in the Clubs and make the track a little more successful. The debut single from her second album, that bombed.

Vertigo (Paul Southby and Paul Wiseman) tap into the Electro Clash genre.

Felix mixes up the Rock and Beats quite well, if a little too slow. Like that synth bass but it dominates it, plus that Fade To Grey synth wash.

Prefer the original’s electro clash stomp. Produced by Jeff and Mark Taylor and a certain Steve Torch (from White and Torch)×2%2529_-_2003.rar/file

London Records – lxxxdj482

A1State Of Mind (Vertigo Mix)6:57
B1State Of Mind (Extended Original Mix)5:16
C1State Of Mind (Felix Da Housekatt Mix)7:23
D1State Of Mind (Vertigo Dub Mix)6:56

Boom Crash Opera – The Best Things – Greatest Hits (Aussie CD Import)

A Best Of , released in 2013 and gathering the best moments from this Melbourne band.  The album includes tracks from the group’s first four studio albums as well as two new tracks recorded in 2012, “I am” and “You Can’t Stop the Sun”.

Rock with some ambitious arrangements and great melodies, more of a singles band.

Liberation Music – LMCD0229

1Onion Skin3:29
2The Best Thing4:14
3Great Wall3:46
4Hands Up In The Air3:56
5Dancing In The Storm4:11
6City Flat4:10
8In The Morning3:54
9Talk About It?!4:41
11This Isn’t Love3:29
12Get Out Of The House3:20
13Her Charity5:00
14I Am4:05
15You Can’t Stop The Sun3:41

Real Life – Down Comes The Hammer (2021 Remaster)

New Wave Rocks and can be from anywhere in the World. This ’86 from Real Life see’s them embrace digital synths and samplers. A sort of compilation as there were only 3 new songs; “Babies”, “Night after Night”, and “Hammer of Love” but this remaster is proper CD quality. Thanks Stu Calvert for this share! (Only from back in April…*gulp*)

IT’s IN FLAC !!!

Curb Records – MCA-5834

A1Babies (Rock Mix)5:18
A2Night After Night4:00
A3Flame (Remix)4:48
A4Send Me An Angel (Master Mix)5:02
B1Hammer Of Love3:54
B2Let’s Fall In Love (Remix)3:40
B3One Blind Love4:22
B4No Shame3:28

Hothouse Flowers – Love Don’t Work This Way (12″)

Different from the album, but in a good way ? Fred had argued against the fact and included the album version for a comparison. A forgotten gem of a track from ’87 that I thought must have been a cover.

It was produced by Flood and engineered by Dublin’s Pat McCarthy

“See-Line Woman” gets a live cover, originally written by George Houston Bass in 1933! Recorded allegedly in 1986/1987 in the Top Hat in Dun Laoghaire , Dublin. Extended and as funky as hell. A Festival tune.

“Freedom” keeps that live feel, funky and soulful. A great sax solo from Leo Barnes. Such a very, very underrated band.’t+Work+This+Way+(1987+12”).rar/file

Island Records – 609 128

A1Love Don’t Work This Way (Twelve Inch Version)6:45
B1See-Line Woman (Live)7:14

Thinkman – The Formula (LP And 12″)

So this turns out to be producer’s Rupert Hine’s side project (Post Punk Monk will know more about it) and he does !

A list of classy guest musicians appear; Chris Thomson, (Manfred Mann’s Earth Band)  James West – Oram (The Fixx), Lisa Dalbello and Stewart Copeland and an important mention to the lyrics written by Jeannette Obstoj. Hine had cut his teeth in a band called Quantum Leap and here he adds the complex Prog arrangements into an album you have to sit down and listen to, just like the old days.

The classic 80’s dramatic vocals, plenty of tech, early sampling at the start of The Formula track. Well crafted songs that have stood the test of time. All a decent length as well.”

Island Records – 207 723

A1Best Adventures4:36
A2The Formula7:47
A4The Ecstasy Of Free Thought5:45
B1The Conflict4:23
B2The Challenge4:24
B3The Days Of A Champion4:40
B4There Shines Our Promised Land6:00

The Formula (Euro 12″)

The 12″ is certainly aimed at the dancefloor, samples and beats toughen up the groove. Catchy and complex and with a female backing vocals. The short version works really well, the anti-media message on top of that deep reggae groove (and then those classical synth strings kick in sending it to another level)

For collectors you may want to check out the clunky , bass led instrumental. Sudden silences and backward loops. Then the synth brass bounces in.”).rar/file

Island Records – 608 163

AThe Formula (Extrapolated Version)6:25
B1Excerpt From The Big Lie4:05
B2The Formula (Interpolated Version)4:06

Mixed Emotions – Bring Back (Sha Na Na) (Extended Sha na na-Mix) (German 12″)

German synth duo (both dead) Drafi Deutscher (Instruments and backing vocals) and Oliver Simon (Vocals) go all nostalgia in this 60’s sounding epic. Borrowing a bit from “Waves” melody by Blancmange in the arrangement.

Very cheesy but catchy and what a lovely beard !”)+(1987)+(ADG+Rip).rar/file

Electrola – 1C K 060 14 7243 6

ABring Back (Sha Na Na)6:05
BBring Back (Sha Na Na) (Instrumental)4:48

Mylene Farmer – Part 2

So I have discovered that she is massive in her home country, literally 1000’s of comments and millions of views on Youtube and only until Sunday I’d not heard a single thing by her. But why use that surname ?

XXL (French 12″)

From September ’95 and the harder, almost rave mixes of this track Taken from the album “Anamorphosée.”

The B-side is quite synthpop and commercial.ène+Farmer+-+XXL+(French+12”)+(1995)+(ADG+Rip).zip/file

L’Instant X (Dance Remixes) (French 12″)

From Dec ’95 and a much harder sound, there are guitars (from Jeff Dahlgren)and a more heavy, Industrial beat!

Bertrand Châtenet helps on the remixes, track 2 is a gem, leftfield and with her voice sitting over the noisy backing.

Ramon Zenker (Hardfloor) adds some punchy Tech House mixes on the B-side. Not my cup of tea. His other mix (Last track) adds some Big Beats as it turns into a more Street Hop track, far better.ène+Farmer+-+L’Instant+X+(Dance+Remixes)+(12”)+(1995)+(ADG+Rip).zip/file

Polydor – 577 835 – 1

A1L’Instant X (Santa’s Hard Re-X-Mix)6:00
A2L’Instant X (Have A Instant X-Mix)7:05
B1L’Instant X (Ramon Zenker Club Dub Re-Mix)5:39
B2L’Instant X (Ramon Zenker Groove Trop Re-Mix)5:26

Mylene Farmer Et Seal – Les Mots (French 12″)

Being a bit of a Seal fan I didn’t know this duet existed ! From Nov 2001 and it’s a beauty. Very lush arrangement and her fragile voice works well with Seal’s powerful, yet delicate vocals.

The B-side mix is even more delicate, love the strings. Wow!

Another splendid Laurent Boutonnat production (Who I’d not heard of as well)

Polydor – 570 486 – 1

ALes Mots4:47
BLes Mots (Strings For Souls Mix)4:44

C’Est Une Belle Journée (Remixes) (LTD Edition French 12″)

From April 2002 and more remixes from Blue Planet Corporation and Starcity (Peter Hoff) Giving the track a Progressive House Groove on track 1 and a funky House feel on the B-side.ène+Farmer+-+C’Est+Une+Belle+Journée+(Remixes)+(12”)+(2002)+(ADG+Rip).rar/file

Polydor – 0403

AC’Est Une Belle Journée (Elegie’s Remix Club)7:10
BC’Est Une Belle Journée (Bed & Belle Remix)8:07

Pardonne-moi (LTD Edition 12″)

From the album “Les Mots” is this limited edition twelve. Street beats and lush orchestration on the usual studio version. Released Oct 2002

A Trance mix from Jaïa (Yannis Kamarinos and Jean Michel Blanchet) and Blue Planet Corporation (Gabriel Masurel) builds the track but it really needed to break out a bit earlier or be longer!ène+Farmer+-+Pardonne-moi+(Limited+Edition+12”)+(2002)+(ADG+Rip).zip/file

APardonne-moi (Forgiveness Club Remix)6:30

Polydor – 570 933 – 1

Mr. Mister – Is It Love + Re-ups (Euro 12″)

Well some Middle Of The Road stuff and that “other” track by Mr Mister.

 A studio-project with brilliant session musicians playing guitars and synths. This was the third single from the album “Welcome to the Real World.” The line-up was Drums – Pat Mastelotto, Guitar – Steve Farris, Keyboards, Vocals – Steve George and Lead Vocals, Bass – Richard Page

From March ’86 and synth sprinkled Pop Rock with remixes by Victor Flores (who ?). Funk and horns and then the guitars kick in.

The Dub Mix is the funkier of the mixes whilst the B-side “32” goes a bit reggae lite in a Police style. From their first album, “32 feet per second is the rate of falling objects. I try to avoid this number at airports!” Pat Mastelotto”)+(1986)+(ADG+Rip).rar/file

RCA – PT 49862

AIs It Love (Dance Mix)6:24
B1Is It Love (Dub Mix)4:12

Mylène Farmer – An Introduction (Part 1)

A bit of synthpop with a bit of Chanson. (All sung in French)

Alan had sent this over at Christmas time so I thought I’d better get on to it and do a series featuring this French singer. Never heard of her any of her stuff before so it was an interesting curation.

Mylène Jeanne Gautier, known by her stage name Mylène Farmer, is a French Canadian singer-songwriter, actress, and author, born on 12 September 1961 in Montreal, Quebec.

Here is her wiki;

So a bit of a French Kate Bush it seems and hugely popular in France. This part includes her synthpop stuff.

Tristana (DJ Remix) (French 12″)

From Feb ’87 and in full synth mode, a bit Propaganda / PSB in arrangement from producer Laurent Boutonnat (the partner in this musical partnership) The promo vid as an actual mini art film. (with dwarves)

The B-side from ’86, “Au bout de la nuit” is a slower synth track, nice piano.ène+Farmer+-+Tristana+(DJ+Remix)+(12”)+(1987)+(ADG+Rip).zip/file

Polydor – 885 572-1

L’Autre Face
ATristana (Remix Club)7:10
Cette Face
B1Tristana (Wolf Mix)4:30
B2Au Bout De La Nuit4:18

Sans Contrefaçon (Boy Remix) (French 12″)

With Thierry Rogen in the studio we get another shiny synthpop track on this very rare twelve from Oct ’87. (And another film for the promo)

Track 2 is sung in English and is a slower, quite depressive track. With a man’s voice sample “Don’t Cry” and plenty of Fairlight flute.

“Déshabillez-Moi” pipes up the sampled orchestra with Farmer asking to be undressed with some Bjork like screams.ène+Farmer+-+Sans+Contrefaçon+(Boy+Remix)+(12”)+(1987)+(ADG+Rip).rar/file

Polydor – 887 195-1
ASans Contrefaçon (Boy Remix)5:55
B1La Ronde Triste4:10

Pourvu Qu’elles Soient Douces (French 12″)

On to Sept ’88 and the 3rd single taken from the album “Ainsi Soit Je….” Street beats and scratching. The musical team was still together with Bertrand Le Page on edits. Another video / film that I could not share because of age restrictions.

Liking the synth and sampler arrangement, Boutonnat must of had some top notch kit at the time. A great song.ène+Farmer+-+Pourvu+Qu’elles+Soient+Douces+(12”)+(1988)+(ADG+Rip).zip/file

Polydor – 887 847-1

APourvu Qu’elles Soient Douces (Remix Club)6:30
B1Pourvu Qu’elles Soient Douces (Version Single)4:10

Désenchantée (Club Remix) (Euro 12″)

Jumping to March ’91 and her most successful track and given a some Eurodance beats and breaks.

The B-side is a much rawer mix and more clubby, a different bass and rolling beats. Still all done inhouse.ène+Farmer+-+Désenchantée+(Club+Remix)+(12”)+(1991)+(ADG+Rip).rar/file

Polydor – 879 925-1

ADésenchantée (Club Remix)8:10
BDésenchantée (Chaos Mix)6:50

Theme For Next Week – Debut Features

So I have a few collections from Artists that I’m going to curate and put up. So not too many random posts. Beginning with French singer Myleen Farmer, Act (I’m getting my Act together finally on Leer and Bruken), The Formula, Sipho Mabuse and some modern Oz stuff.

So more middle of the Road stuff!

Various – Mixx-it 1-1 Feat. 911, Kraftwerk (US Promo 12″)

Mixx It was a now defunct Bay Area based DJ remix service started by Cameron Paul in the mid-80’s. These mixes all done by Paul.

“In The Mix” is over a quarter of an hour, a megamix of guess the tracks. More Hip Hop / Freestyle based. All the hits get a look in, if a little too brief. Prince, Timex Social Club, Janet Jackson et al

911 (not much stuff on here by them!) get an electro / freestyle remix. They were in fact the lessen known trio of Garfield Baker, Larry Smith and Tony Butler (all previously in Freestyle) A rare little gem from ’86 given a lift with the speaking clock and added chimes. (4)

Kraftwerk’s “Electric Café” gets freestyled up, The tempo slightly tweaked and a bit of electro beats added. I bet they were furious as it’s better than the official mixes! (4)

Those beats return on the short final track, officially called Cameron Beats!”+Vinyl+Promo+Mixes+-+1987.rar/file

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Mixx-it – CP 1-1

AVariousIn The Mix ’8616:10
B1911Twenty-Four/ Seven8:31
B2KraftwerkElectric Cafe4:36
B3Cameron PaulElectric Beats1:30

Various – Art Of Mix – Vol. 13 feat. Liza Minnelli / Pet Shop Boys, Underworld, Laid Back, The Cure (US 12″)

Not posted one of these for a while so I’ll post 2 as they seem very popular with collectors (Thanks Mike B for both of these)

From November ’89 and 4 remixes of varying but good quality.

“Losing My Mind” by Steve Smith is a suitably alternative listen, full vocals but a different, more Hi NRG arrangement. (5)

A very early Underworld does show it’s age. Simple electro beats, slight dub and full vocals, a song! God those Keyboards sound cheap! Voodoo Ray in style with film dialogue halfway through (4)

Laid Back’s classic already on a remix is given another remix, shame about those obvious sample drops (probably too many) as the bass is liquified but not high enough in the mix. (3)

The hidden gem is the mix of The Cure’s “Love Song” which is NOT a Dance mix but a great alternative listen if your familiar to the track, better than the official mixes. (5)”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1989.rar/file

Art Of Mix – AM 8813

A1Liza Minnelli / Pet Shop BoysLosing My Mind (“Z-Boys CD Mix” By Steve Smith)
A2UnderworldStand Up (“Justice For All Mix” By J.R. Clements)
B1Laid BackWhite Horse ’89 (“White Bitch Mix” By James 007 Lee)
B2The CureLove Song (“Friendship CD Mix” By Steve Smith)