The Blow Monkeys – Forbidden Fruit (US Mini Vinyl LP)

More from Mike B and this great little collection of early Blow Monkeys with 6 Pete Wilson produced tracks. A taster for the “Animal Magic” LP and a couple from their debut “Limping For A Generation.”

A timeless arrangement, a bit Divine Comedy meets The Smiths on the main track. “My America” combines jangle and a sultry saxophone, top track! “Wildflower” is a classic again with those lush arrangements.

” Sweet Murder (Eek-a-Mix)” sees them dabble in Dancehall, is that Eek-a-mouse guesting ? “Atomic Lullaby” was a previous single, coolness personified. “Kill The Pig” closes this little selection, showing the social conscious of the band, Pig = The Police.”Vinyl+-+1985.rar/file

RCA Victor – MFL1-8527

A1Forbidden Fruit5:51
A2My America4:05
A3Wild Flower3:01
B1Sweet Murder (Eek-a-Mix)6:07
B2Atomic Lullaby3:34
B3Kill The Pig (Pig Mix)5:23

Taco ‎– Under My Tight Skin (German 12″)

A debut on here for Taco Ockerse and his own brand of Euro Synth Pop. Not revisiting the 40’s in a series of electro covers, this features early samplers and sequencers. The track has a definite Dolby feel in the arrangement. Produced by German studio boffin, David Parker.

“Standing In The Shadows” goes into more Italo disco territory with some interesting sample noises.”+Vinyl+-+1984.rar/file

RCA Victor – PC 69264

AUnder My Tight Skin8:00
BStanding In The Shadows3:55

Fehlfarben – 14 Tage (Maxi 12″)

Jazz funk going into Post Punk from ’82 from Wrong Colours from Düsseldorf, Germany.

Featuring ; Drums – Uwe Bauer, Guitars – Thomas Schwebel , Uwe Jahnke, Bass – Rüdiger Sterz, Piano, Clavinet – Mattias Keul, Synthesizer – Harald Lepschies, Thomas Schwebel (vocalist)

A bit like The Blockheads in style with German lyrics. The opening track shows off the musicianship. By the third track we get a funky blend of horns and angular guitar breaks

The final track has Disco claps and elctro drums, with some scratchy guitar and insistent bass and treated saxophone.

Welt-Rekord – 1A 062Z-46590

A114 Tage6:21
A2Feuer An Bord6:14
B1Uuh Cherie6:08
B2Ein Jahr (Es Geht Voran)2:51

400 Blows – Let The Music Play (12″)

Adding to the collection of 400 Blows already on here we have the electro jazz of this from ’86. Deep in Paul Hardcastle territory and just as well produced.

Flutes and funk surround some samples of the London riots. Finishing with some rock guitar shredding. The “Stripped Mix” is quite a rework, an interesting deep bass and a stripped back arrangement. More 400 Blows if you require a re-up.

KR – KRT 01

A1Let The Music Play
A2Let The Music Play (Instrumental)
B1Riots Over London
B2Riots Over London (Stripped Mix)

Pat Benatar – Invincible (Theme From The Legend Of Billie Jean) (Extended Remix)

From 1985 and some synth rock from Benatar. Produced by Mike Chapman and remixed by John “Tokes” Potoker.

The bass hooks you in and those vocals ! I had forgotten this track, yes really so it was nice to come across it again on the fuller 12″ version. It was written by Simon Climie and Holly Knight and as the title suggests was from a film.”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1985.rar/file

Chrysalis – 4V9 42878

AInvincible (Theme From The Legend Of Billie Jean) (Extended Version)5:29
BInvincible (Theme From The Legend Of Billie Jean) (Instrumental)4:23

Roman Holliday – Motor Mania (Extended Club Mix • Acapella Mix) + re-up (12″)

From ’83 and continuing the UK obsession with Rockabilly (Shakin’ Stevens, Darts etc…) Certainly not my musical cup of tea, but this your blog.

The huge collective of; Adrian York, Brian Bonhomme, John Eacott, Jon Durno, Rob Lambert, Simon Cohen and Steve Lambert.

This is well produced rhythm and jazz. Produced by Pete Collins and mixed by Bryan “Chuck” New. Too many Doo Wops for my ears

As a bonus is the album title track, “Cookin’ On The Roof” given a bit of an extended version, a bit Ska-lite on this bit of retro fun.

In wonderful WAV”)(WAV).rar/file

Jive – JIVE T 49

A1Motor Mania (Extended Club Mix)5:09
A2Motor Mania (Acapella Mix)2:04
BCookin’ On The Roof (Extended Version)4:35

Sal Solo – Music And You (12″)

A bit more Sal Solo solo stuff from ’86 with the chime of the DX-7 ringing in our ears.

The main track features London Community Gospel Choir, Kevin Powell’s bass and Pandit Dinesh on percussion.

A powerful track, extended out to over 7 mins with that choir backing. Slightly religious, his next LP was called “Look At Christ”.

The B version has a sparser arrangement.

MCA Records – MCAT 946

AMusic And You
B1Music And You (B Version)
B2Music And You (Instrumental Version)

Desireless – John + re-up (Euro 12″)

From 1988 and the evocative synth and vocals of Desireless.

Again sounding very Pet Shop Boys on the extended version. A reverbed middle section adds to the drama of the song.

Here is the UK 12″ which features different tracks and “Voyage, Voyage””)+(1988)+(ADG+Rip).rar/file

CBS – CBS 651523 6

AJohn (Remix)6:28

Rational Youth – Cold War Night Life (Canadian Vinyl LP)

Debut on here and thanks to Fred for the share!

From March 1982 and featuring; Synthesizer – Kevin Komoda, Synthesizer, Vocoder – Bill Vorn and Vocals, Synthesizer – Tracy Howe. The sound of the future had certainly got cheaper! Formed in 1980 in Montreal, Canada they were Kraftwerk obsessives.

Produced by Pat Desario it will appeal to any synth fans with lots of analogue sounds. I do love a geeky gear list, Moog Source, Logan String Melody, Roland SH-5, MC-4 MicroComposer, TR-808, System-100, System-700, Vocoder SVC-350, Space Echo 201 and Casio VL-1. Wow!

Some of the lyrics may seem a little cringe worthy, but the sounds are pure, Canada didn’t release purely synth records!

There is a nod to Human League on track 4, love the instrumental ” Le Meilleur Des Mondes ” and the pure synthpop of “City Of Night.”

A rewarding first listen!

Yul Records – YULP 1

A1Close To Nature4:40
A2Beware The Fly4:05
A3Saturdays In Silesia4:14
A4Just A Sound In The Night5:07
B1Le Meilleur Des Mondes3:14
B2Ring The Bells5:13
B3City Of Night4:03
B4Dancing On The Berlin Wall4:34

Kid Creole & The Coconuts – I’m A Wonderful Thing (12″)

Another track from 1982 and the utterly fabulous August Darnell and his NYC band, the coconuts. I liked the way they transcended the novelty, “Spiv” image to give us memorable Pop tunes.

From the album “Wise Guy” / “Tropical Gangsters” this is the full, unedited version. Love the clarinet riff and the cool, jazz vibe.

“Table Manners” is even more funky, opening out for the dancefloor but still having that Coconut sound.

ZE Records – 12WIP 6756

AI’m A Wonderful Thing, Baby6:12
BTable Manners (Remix)5:02