thomas azier – Ghostcity (Promo CDr)

Some new synthpop from 2013 and Thomas Azier, a Dutch musician, based in Berlin. Impassioned vocals and strong melodies.

The Pyramid is sparser and slower with added piano. and Richard Alexander does a Kraftwerk take on the track.

Caroline Records 

1Ghostcity (Album Version)3:19
2Ghostcity (Pyramid Remix)4:44
3Ghostcity (Thomas Azier Remix)4:00
4Ghostcity (Richard Alexander Remix)7:18

!!!– Must Be The Moon (12″)

Dirty street funk from May 2007 and US Band but UK released Chk Chk Chk.

The original has the usual lyrical theme of getting laid after going clubbing. Great bass in this Punk Disco classic.

Andrew Meecham (Emperor Machine) adds some of his own synths to the dubby mix.

Hot Chip add lots of deep analogue and drum machine to their remix.

Warp Records – WAP222

A1Must Be The Moon (Emperor Machine Mix)7:46
B1Must Be The Moon (Hot Chip Remix)6:50
B2Must Be The Moon (Original)5:58

Sunday Silly Song – 123 – Kelly Osbourne ‎– One Word (CDS)

From May 2003 and where Ozzy’s daughter rips off “Fade To Grey.”

It was produced and written by Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes) and even has the French spoken word bit (by Alephonsine De Chambure) I couldn’t believe it when I heard it and auto tuned to buggery. At least it’s synth! Her writing team settled it out of court by agreeing to give Visage a share of the royalties.

For even more amusement she has a go at League’s “Sound Of The Crowd” mixed and produced by Chris Liggio. It sounds pretty faithful to the original, sampling all the old synth sounds. I wonder what Phil thought of it.

The Chris Cox Club mix is here also. Funkier bassline and House beats and a pleasant piano break.

Sanctuary Records – SANXD349

1One Word (Album Version)4:01
2Sound Of The Crowd3:55
3One Word (Chris Cox Club Remix)7:55

Thomas Dolby ‎– Forty (Live: Limited Edition) (CD ?)

Absolutely love this! Knew it existed but never managed to bag a copy so thanks for the share Fred !

From 2004 and a birthday performance for some select guests. This is Dolby at his raw, live best. Plenty of improvisation and some great playing from Brian Salter on Electronic Wind Instrument and extra keyboards, Caroline Lavelle on cello and Leslie Adams on backing vocals.

I will let you enjoy it without further comment.


Salz – Salz CD005

1The Ability To Swing4:11
2Screen Kiss5:34
3I Love You Goodbye7:22
4I Scare Myself5:56
5One Of Our Submarines5:36
6My Brain Is Like A Sieve5:24

Replicant – X-Posure E.P. (German 12″)

From February 2004 and more Glenn Gregory on this a project from producer / DJ Kinky Roland.

A great four tracker that gives us some Hi NRG amongst the synthpop.

“X-Posed” was written with Linda Duggan and has a PSB feel to it and has a OMD synth lead. Analogue heaven.

Princess Julia appears on the next 2 tracks Princess Julia was an integral part of the London fashion and art scene for over 30 years, setting up her own DJ nights. “Blow” has an electro feel to it with duet from a vocoder.

“Drama Addict” is quite Hi NRG, piping synths with electro clash style vocals.

The final track has Berlin singer Dorian E. on lead and Berlin based electro/Italo producer Kai Lüdeling working with Roland. Italo house in flavour with cheesy lyrics.

Beautycase-Records – BCR004

B1Drama Addict6:18
B2Transient Beat3:50

Honeyroot – Love Will Tear Us Apart (CDS)

From April 2005 and a project involving Heaven 17’s Glenn Gregory and keyboardist and producer Keith Lowndes (who had worked on the ABC album “Skyscraping”)

Heavy on the piano with Gregory gently interpreting Curtis’ lyrics. Probably the best cover of this hallowed track. Slowing it down and stripping back the arrangement.

“Sound Echo Location” on the other hand is completely different, a dubby instrumental which builds into a complex synth track using a Chemical Brothers type bass over some Numan synths – it could be off “Telecom.”

Just Music – TAOS003

1Love Will Tear Us Apart3:52
2Sound Echo Location5:06

Re-uppage 120 – Part 2 – (Joe Jackson, She Wants Revenge, Depeche mode, Mel & Kim, (Smith & Wilde) Nu Shooz, Nik Kershaw, 400 Blows, New Order, General Public (all), M+M, The Blow Monkeys, Dragon, Pete Shelley, Style Council )

And there’s more…. (and I actually, completely re-upped a re-uppage!)

For Dennis (Not forgotten about ya!)


For armandomartinez3121 (Loved these guys!)


For Jules (Get it whilst it’s still there!)


For Stephen (Er, Merry Christmas!)


For Es (There you go!)


For Synthpapa (You can’t beat a bit of Kershaw!)

Nik Kershaw – When A Heart Beats (1985, Vinyl) - Discogs

For Tim (Feel guilty for not doing everything but here is the LP)


For titchmd (I’m an expert plate spinner!)


For Centurian (Mine’s a pint !)


For Matt (If its not been re-upped he requests it!)


For Tente Bañón (Blow Monkeys are good for you!)


For Flavius (Can’t beat a bit of Dragon!)


Pete Shelley – Waiting For Love for greg,808 (scroll down for the new link!)


For BABIS DIMOS (he’s late to the party but we’ll accommodate him More Style Council to come in the following weeks!)

NEW Order – True Faith (2 x US Promo 12″)

The 2001 remixes, shared between Richard Morel (Deep Dish) and Philip Steir (Consolidated) and all over 7 minutes !

Decent mixes and quite rare so a good one for the fans. Guitars and vocals being kept in with some tiny added bits.

Qwest Records – PRO-A-100663

ATrue Faith (Morel’s Extra Dub)8:22
B1True Faith (Philip Steir Dub)8:14
B2True Faith (Morel’s Pink Noise Club Mix)8:50
CTrue Faith (Philip Steir Re-Order Mix)8:12
DTrue Faith (Morel’s Calling Shifty Dub)7:22

Coldplay – Remixes (Clocks & God Put A Smile Upon Your FacE) (LTD 12″)

More from Mike B and the Röyksopp mixes of “Clocks” plus a Trip Hop remix of “God Put…” by Marc Bowles (Mr. Thing)

From July 2003, “Clocks” is turned into a synthpop track and it works, giving a relaxing, uplifting feel.

All dubstyle on the final track. It got featured on the “Best Of Cafe Del Mar”, lots of lazy vibes and scratching.

Parlophone – 12R 6594

A1Clocks (Röyksopp Trembling Heart Mix)
B1Clocks (Röyksopp Trembling Heart Instrumental Mix)
B2God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Def Inc. Remix)