Hallowe’en treat – various – hot tracks series 5 issue 9 (2 x Promo 12″)

Been battling with Corona Virus all week, not pleasant at all! As if this year needed anymore Horror Shows. Mike B (the one and only!) offered this to us ages ago and I’ve waited and waited to release this at the suitable time of the year.

Featuring plenty of Alfred Hitchcock, A Yello Medley and obviously Ministry, it has even a sound effect track, this is a curio amongst the Hot Tracks promos.

Starting with a very long “Edit” version of The Communards “Don’t Leave Me This Way” – turning it into a purer synth track for the intro and long percussive breaks. Completed by Randy Dethman and Aron Siegal it is nearly 9 minutes long and great mix of a classic that few will have heard.

Kenny Loggins gets the Hot Tracks treatment with the track “Playing With The Boys”, Mike Carroll extends the “Top Gun” track, including the promo vid which is quite horrific in its own way! Making good use of the long intro, thank God it wasn’t the overplayed “Footloose”

The late Chicago DJ, Mark “Hot Rod” Trollan does a great job on the Yello Medley combining some select tracks from “You’ve Gotta Say Yes..” and “Stella” and including some B-sides!!!

Trollan then takes over most of the compilation editing the classic Ministry track, chopping it into Freestyle beats.

He combines two Severed Heads tracks expertly. Love the croony synthpop of “Petrol”.

Trollan then updates the Classic Disco funk of 5 of the Deadly Sins originally done in 1977 by producers Laurin Rinder and W. Michael Lewis. A bit of Moebius and their shimmering synth work is mixed in towards the end.

The last track is just your normal 70’s sound effects, the woman screaming is a bit grim.

Enjoy and Keep Spooked!



Hot Tracks ‎– SA 5-9

A1CommunardsDon’t Leave Me This Way (Edit Version)8:50
A2Kenny LogginsPlaying With The Boys (Recreational Edit)7:40
Yello Medley15:47
BaYelloCiel Ouvert
BbYelloPumping Velvet
BcYelloBlue Nabou
BeYelloThe Roxy Cut Pt 1
BfYelloLost Again
BgYelloThe Roxy Cut Pt 2
BhYelloNo More Words
BjYelloI Love You
BkYelloVicious Games
BlYelloOh Yeah
BmYelloHeavy Whispers
C2Severed HeadsDead Eyes Opened & Petrol9:00
Deadly Medley15:55
D1aRinder & LewisLust
D1bRinder & LewisGluttony
D1cRinder & LewisBlue Steel
D1dRinder & LewisSloth
D1eRinder & LewisAnger
D1fMoebiusMirror Of Infinity
D2VariousSpecial Spooky Effects5:56

The Specials ‎– Concrete Jungle (Netherlands 7″)

An exclusive and very rare release from Fred’s collection. From 1981 and a live version of “Concrete Jungle” , released to promote the “Dance Craze” soundtrack mini LP.

The sound of the band had gone into a more indie guitar driven vein with a funky bassline. The lyrics painfully accurate, alluding to knife violence.

The b-side Raquel was one of the songs the band had brought with them from the days of The Coventry Automatics and had previously remained unreleased. Raw and very Punky.



Chrysalis ‎– 103.106

AConcrete Jungle

The Specials ‎– Do Nothing (Netherlands 7″)

Classic Specials from 1980 as they started to gain popularity in Europe. Who said Christmas Jumpers are a recent thing !!!

I like it was actually credited to The Specials Featuring Rico (Rico Rodriguez , Jamaican trombonist)With The Ice Rink String Sounds ( A string synth played by Paul Heskett) added to the 7″ mix by Jerry Dammers.

The B-side is a Bob Dylan cover, “Maggie’s Farm” given a jungle rhythm and some funk guitar and jazz piano. I wonder if they ment Mrs. Thatcher ? 🙂



Chrysalis ‎– 102 867

ADo Nothing3:41
BMaggie’s Farm3:32

Units ‎– Warm Moving Bodies (US 7″)

Units were a New Wave band formed in San Francisco in 1978. A little Talking Heads and a little Devo about their sound. Treated guitars weird time signatures and synth weirdness.

This was self released in March 1980 and included Drums, Vocals – Richard Driskell, Musical Assistance [Special Assistance] – Ron Lantz , Tim Ennis and Synthesizer, Vocals – Rachel Webber, Scott Ryser (the main tunesmith)

“I – Night” is a great bit of synthpunk, synths doing the role of guitars. Frantic but with some great playing. MY FAVOURITE TUNE OF THE WEEK!



Not On Label (Units Self-released)

AWarm Moving Bodies2:59

Spectral Display ‎– It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love (Netherlands 7″)

A slow, synth drenched ballad. from Dutch one man band, Michel Mulders. Some really nice , early digital synths sounds from 1982 and the vocalist, Henri Overduin, does sound a bit like Godley & Creme in places.

M.I.A. did a cover from the song on her album /\/\/\Y/\ from 2010.

The B-side does what it says in the title, an instrumental with rich synth arrangements. Slightly oriental in some sound choices but it shows how creative this band was. Elevator music never sounded this cinematic.



EMI ‎– 1A 006-26808

AIt Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love3:28

The Meteors ‎– Together Too Long (Netherlands 7″)

Not the Rockabilly band called The Meteors!

From 1980 and with Conny Plank getting a writing credit as well as handling production. More Dutch New Wave with a band that were very well established in their home country but were starting the make waves across Europe.

The line-up included Bass – Gerrit Veen, Drums – Kim Haworth (UK drummer and short term member of America), Guitar – Ferdinand Bakker, Keyboards – Ake Danielson (who went on to be Time Bandits) and Vocals – Hugo Sinzheimer

This was from their second album, “The Hunger”. A sequenced bassline and string synths and really lifts off. Good atmosphere and blend of guitars and synths.

A hidden 80’s gem!

B-side “Out Of The Race” is pure Post Punk, fast and thrashy with plenty of variation and boogie-woogie piano.



Harvest ‎– 1A 006-26539

ATogether Too Long3:32
BOut Of The Race2:30

Ralphi Rosario / Fingers Inc ‎– U Used To Hold Me / Washing Machine (10″)

Two bangers from the mid-90’s House movement on a 10″ compilation on Trax Records from 1996 of some tracks from the 80’s

Plenty of vocal sampling on the very retro sounding “U Used To Hold Me” (from 1987) Featuring Xavier Gold on lead, a Chicago House classic.

Everyone will know Larry Heard’s “Washing Machine”, Acid and 808. From 1986 and still one of those once heard , never forgotten tracks. You can’t beat that original sound.



Trax Records ‎– TRX BTB-001

ARalphi RosarioU Used To Hold Me6:54
AAFingers IncWashing Machine4:19

Bush ‎– Letting The Cables Sleep (Nightmares On Wax Remix) (1 track CD Promo)

It’s really hard getting 7″ vinyl from the 90’s so I’ve ducked the challange and wanted to share Fred’s single track promo of one of my favourite tracks by Rossendale’s Bush. From 1999 (so it fits the criteria for 90’s Wednesday!)

This is a subtle mix by  George “DJ E.A.S.E.” Evelyn and Kevin “Boywonder” Harper. who have been on the legendary Warp Records from the start. Going for the Balearic market.

“Silence is not the way, we need to talk about it…”



Manifesto ‎– CDMB1

Letting The Cables Sleep (Nightmares On Wax Remix) – 5:22