Fatal Charm ‎– Images Of Fire (12″)

1987 and the first release on their new record label, Native Records (from Sheffield, so keeping it local.)

Quite a chilled Ibiza vibe with some Spanish guitar and rattling drums and then it lifts off.

Backed by the short and punky, “I’m Sure Not In Tune With It” and the dramatic “Sound Of The Waves” with it gentle synth horns. Not the original B-side but hey!



Native Records ‎– 12NTV 8 1

A Images Of Fire (Extended Version) 6:28
B1 I’m Sure Not In Tune With It 2:04
B2 Sound Of Waves 4:12

Savage Progress ‎– Heart Begin To Beat + Re-ups (12″)

Completing the missing puzzle piece from Savage Progress and this release from 1984.

As usual produced by Wix (Paul Wickens) and Danny Hyde it features Bass, Keyboards – Rik Kenton, Drums – Andrew Edge, Keyboards – Carol ‘Ivory’ Isaacs, Percussion – Ned Morant and vocals by Glynnis Thomas.

The layered drums , sampled horns and weird time signature make this a memorial track. It has a menacing, tribal presence. Welcomingly extended on the twelve with added wonky samples.

Funky Synthpop is the style of the B-side “Dark Town” with some lyrics but more concerned with the groove.

So all Savage Progress has been re-upped….go find!



10 Records ‎– TEN 22-12 SAM_1558

A Heart Begin To Beat (An Extended Mad Mix) 6:35
B Dark Town 4:47

Noise Abroad ‎– Vent That Spleen (Belgium 7″)

I love getting schooled! Thanks Fred for this!

From 1983 and some Mutant Funk from a one off project that included Dave Allen (Shriekback) on Bass and Drum Programming. Luc Van Acker (RevCo, Thrill Kill Kult) on guitars, percussion and drums, Ian Caple on treatments and loops and Brian Nevill (Pigbag) on drums and saxophone. A weird supergroup indeed!

It seems they got a one off record deal on EMI ?!

Well it’s quite edgey, angular guitar, half chants and sequencers over the funk bass.

“Valley Of The Blue Men” is more atmospheric featuring great saxophone and deep bass over mambas and piano riffs. Chilled.

I’ll have to look out for the 12″.

For fans of Cabaret Voltaire.



EMI ‎– 1A 006 1191737 spleenfrontcov

A Vent That Spleen 3:10
B The Valley Of The Blue Men 3:35

Re-upped Covers! (Japan, Age Of Chance, Dollar, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Danse Society)

Some Covers that I’ve re-upped for ya!

Dollar – O L’Amour (12″)



Age Of Chance – Kiss (12″)



Japan ‎– I Second That Emotion (12″) 










Siouxsie & The Banshees ‎– The Passenger (Llllloco-motion Mix)(12″)










The Danse Society – 2000 Light Years From Home (12″) 

Scroll down for this.



Theme for Next Week – Randoms


After struggling with Covers towards the end of last week I thought I would literally shut my eyes and pick out tracks from my vinyl and Mike B’s ripped vinyl (and Fred’s rare gems) and provide a couple of random posts each day. It what I used to do 😁

New Music Saturday – Chrysalid Homo – Is Vic There ? (Digital Download)


And it’s a Cover Version!

From Trojan Horse’s Duke Brothers comes this rework of Department S’s  Post Punk track “Is Vic There?” originally released in 1980 so a Forty Year Anniversary remake.

What’s it like ?

Very, very analogue synth. Think early Human League. It comes as part of a 6 track pack with a couple of bonus tracks, not bad for a fiver.

Rumbling bass and insect sequencers plus the strident voice of Eden Duke gives it just the right degree of menace. It judders like a zombie at a Mutant Disco.

The Alternative version even has some freestyle White Noise going on in the mix. It could be recorded back in the early 80’s it that authentic.

The Instrumental is more of a dub of the original mix with bits of treated vocals. Just nothching up the Sinister rating the track has.

The Original Mix does have some very brief phone conversation, I’d hope they would include this as it a crucial moment in the Department S version.

Keeping the 80’s vibe none of the versions are over 4 mins long.

A word on the bonus tracks. “Arthur Lowe” is an instrumental of Space-Age tones and whooshes more Vangelis than Jarre. Think Tomita for the organic, looser feel it has.

“The Leg Up” again examines analogue tones, minimal. Starting with a deep bass then going into de-tuned sequencers. Great on headphones.

I love it when they include an equipment list;

Behringer Poly D synth
Hammond Stage II Rhythm
Moog Subsequent 37 synth
Roland System-1 synth
Roland Tr-8 drum machine
Behringer Odyssey synth
Yamaha Cs1X synth
Roland FA-06 synth
Behringer Deepmind 12 synth
Nord Electro 4

Get it here!



Fatal Charm ‎– King Of Comedy (12″)

More from Fatal Charm and the more guitary “King Of Comedy” from 1985.

It has some pleasant synth horns that embellishes the catchy chorus

This does have the B-side , “We’ll Just Wait For Your First Hit” surely a go at the record label ! It has a nursery rhyme feel to it and a military inspired bridge plus a whistle.

The 7″ version is also included which I prefer over the 12″!



Carrere ‎– CART 358 1

A King Of Comedy (Extended Version)
B We’ll Just Wait For Your First Hit
Primis Player Placeholder
Top 10 Movies to Watch if You Loved Joker

Fatal Charm ‎– Summer Spies (12″)

I still can’t stop playing this!  

From Lo’s Fatal Charm collection and the 12″ of “Summer Spies” from 1984, but it omits the B-side !

You can’t get more New Romantic than these lyrics. Plenty of e Bow guitar on the twelve.

“Long days our movements seen Devoured, a shadow turns to blue”

Shame about that missing B-side.



Carrere ‎– CART 340 1

A Summer Spies (Extended Mix)
B1 Summer Spies
B2 The Final Door

Linda Clifford ‎– Bridge Over Troubled Water (12″)

I couldn’t pass on this one! A 10 minute Disco cover of the classic Simon And Garfunkel track. This was released in 1979 and sung by Brooklyn’s Linda Clifford.

Produced Gil Askey and mixed by Jimmy Simpson it was from the LP, “Let Me Be Your Woman.” She certainly makes the song her own. Uplifting and the extended version shows a quite complex arrangement going on.

It is also backed by a Curtis Mayfield song written for Clifford, “Hold Me Close”, more funky Disco and it got sampled by French DJ I Cubeback  in ’97.

Top Cover!



RSO ‎– RSOX 30 linda

A Bridge Over Troubled Water (Extended Disco Version) 10:22
B Hold Me Close
Primis Player Placeholder
Unlocked: Quinn XCII