Duncan Sheik ‎– Reasons For Living (US Promo Double Pack)


Totally new to me is American singer/songwriter Duncan Sheik. Light piano and an intimate vocal performance on this ’97 release over seven (7!!!) mixes. So a lot of listening ahead.

Favourite is the gentle electronica and analogue sounds on the Brad Wood mix. Electronic trio, Madam, (that featured Japanese DJ Satoshi Tomiie) give it an organ heavy hypnotic,progressive house feel, another good mix.

The beats and repetition kick in on the PQM mixes (by Prince Quick Mix a.k.a. Manuel Napuri) sparse and atmospheric, I do like the organ-led breakdown.

The Johnny Vicious mix seems a little cheesy and haven’t dated as well as the others. (jet engines anyone? Enjoy The Silence build up!) There is a beatless “Groove-a-pella” as well.


Atlantic ‎– DMD 2444sheik1

A1 Reasons For Living (Johnny Vicious Mix) 11:00
A2 Reasons For Living (Vicious Groove-A-Pella) 3:17
B1 Reasons For Living (P.Q.M.’s Bootleg Revisited Mix) 6:06
B2 Reasons For Living (P.Q.M.’s Deep Head Dub) 6:49

Atlantic ‎– DMD 2448sheik2

A Reasons For Living (Madamix Remix) 7:44
B1 Reasons For Living (Brad Wood Mix) 3:40
B2 Reasons For Living (Acapella) 3:11

Re-Uppage 16 with Christmas Bonuses (Erasure, OMD, Bros, Divinyls, INXS, Che (Adrian Sherwood), Gary Numan)

Erasure – Love To Hate You (Love Versus Hate Mix) (Belgium 12″) For Harry3



Erasure – Love To Hate You (UK 12″) For Everyone 🙂

Featuring mixes by Paul Dakeyne adding some Latin sunshine to this ’91 release.










OMD – Pandora’s Box (It’s A Long, Long Way Down) (US 12″) For Javutich



Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – (Forever) Live And Die (UK 12″) For All My Loyal Followers !!!

Featuring the fantastic remix by Tom Lord-Alge and released in 1986.



Bros – Are You Mine (12″) For PAVA



Bros – Chocolate Box (UK 12″) For PAVA



Bros – Drop The Boy (UK 12″) For PAVA










Bros – I Owe You Nothing (Over 18 Mix) (Single-sided 12″) For All the 80’s Popsters

Shep Pettibone does an 18 mins + remix of this 1988 single!



Divinyls – Hey Little Boy (US Promo 12″) For Stephen (You’re back… I’m afraid!)



INXS – Elegantly Wasted (Promo 12″) For Stephen (who is never greedy and very polite)



Malcolm McLaren – Madame Butterfly (12″) For Stephen (very popular this so get in quick)



Ché ‎– Be My (Powerstation) (US Promo 12″) For Blyss



Gary Numan – Music For Chameleons (12″) For new visitor Mark (more re-ups to come in a special post mate!)











Lewis Lovebump ‎– Hey Mallorca (US 12″)


Keeping with the dance stuff and this obscure bit of Eurohouse from Belgium Lewis Lovebump (a.k.a. Etienne Overdijk) released in 1990 and tapping into the Ibiza/Balearic vibe with a mix of various samples and a repeated vocals. It was produced by Tim Freeman and has an exclusive remix by Sidney “Xpin” Perry and Richard “Rico” Pruess.

For you sample spotters here is the breakdown from Discogs;

Samples used are:
– Piano riff: Blow Out Dub of Landlord Featuring Dex Danclair – I Like It
– Bassline: B-Cappella mix of Bridgett Grace – Take Me Away
– Drumloop: Dance Version of Plaza – Yo-Yo (Ten Years Ago)

Thieving, cheeky little….


Thump Records ‎– TH 1047L.L.-H.M. Front A

A Hey Mallorca (Underground Tribal Mix)
B1 Hey Mallorca (Beach Mix)
B2 Hey Mallorca (Club Mix)



SL2 ‎– On A Ragga Tip ’97 (12″)

A bit of a classic (the original is included here) from Slipmatt and Lime (John Fernandez and Matt Nelson), the brains behind SL2. This classic from ’92 sampled Jah Screechy’s “Walk and Skank” with that distinct piano riff.

The ’97 mix is given a tougher, sped up Happy Hardcore feel on the “Slipmatt” mix (God I’d forgotten how much I hated that genre!)

Forces & Styles (Darren Mew and Paul Hobbs) brighten everything up and keeps those breakbeats in but over a Rave bassline, adding extra piano.

Goodfello’s (Darren Stokes and Paul Newman) turn it into a long, Progressive House track and is the best of the bunch.

Old Skool slightly updated.


XL Recordings ‎– XLR 29SAM_5710

A1 On A Ragga Tip (Slipmatt Remix) 4:38
A2 On A Ragga Tip (Force & Styles Remix) 4:38
B1 On A Ragga Tip (Goodfello’s Remix) 7:37
B2 On A Ragga Tip (Original Mix) 5:11

Dana Dane ‎– Tales From The Dane Side (US 12″)


New to me and more relaxed Hip-Hop from 1991.

From Discogs;

“Raised in the Walt Whitman housing project in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, Dane first displayed his talents as a member of a rap group, Kongol Crew, which he formed with High School of Music and Arts classmate Slick Rick. Launching his solo career after graduating from high school, Dane signed with the Profile record label in 1985. While his debut single, “Nightmare”, offered hints of his talents, Dane broke through commercially with his first full-length album, Dana Dane With Fame, in 1987.”

So not gritty, street-level Gangsta stuff but a graduate of High School Musical – so no cussing and with some quite dodgy, faux English accents. From his second album “Dana Dane 4 Ever.”

Not to take anything away from him this is “Slick” stuff, produced by Fresh Gordon of the Choice MC’s. This is in your De La Soul / Tribe Called Quest style of Hip Hop, clever samples and loops with a sense of fun (a Devil’s Voice??). Sampling ‘If You Want Me To Stay’ by Sly & the Family Stone. Veteran Hip Hop producer , Clark Kent, provides a couple of mixes, adding more groove with a jazzy bassline and piano with no Sly sample on his “Supermix” and a more of a street sound on the “Muy Caliente” mix, the pick of the mixes.


Profile Records ‎– PRO-7326SAM_4512

A1 Tales From The Dane Side (Album Version)
A2 Tales From The Dane Side (Radio Edit)
A3 Tales From The Dane Side (Instrumental)
B1 Tales From The Dane Side (Clark Kent’s Supermix)
B2 Tales From The Dane Side (Clark Kent’s Muy Caliente Mix)

Hi Tek 3 Featuring Ya Kid K ‎– Spin That Wheel (US Promo 12″)

Keeping the old skool going with this classic from 1990. Big Bass and light piano chords this was originally released in 1989 but got a release due to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie tie-in! Hi Tek 3 were the Belgium DJ’s/musicians Yosef “Yosev” Wolde-Mariam, Koenraad “Kovali” Van-Lishout, and Stijn “El Sati” Lauwers.  Ya Kid K is in fact a woman from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Euro house with some breaks and remixes from Jo Bogaert (Technotronic) The most adventurous mix being the “Spin That Boy” that ditches most of the cheesy piano and adds big electro drums to proceedings. The pick of the mixes is the harder “Swing That Beat” mix


SBK Records ‎– SPRO-05335spin

A1 Spin That Wheel (Extended Flick Mix) 5:34
A2 Spin That Wheel (Dub Mix) 6:19
A3 Spin That Wheel (Flick Mix) 3:24
B1 Spin That Wheel (Spin That Body Mix) 4:06
B2 Spin That Wheel (Swing That Beat Mix) 6:18
B3 Spin That Wheel (Bass-Apella Mix) 3:38

Duran Duran ‎– White Lines (Don’t Do It) (US Promo Double Pack)

From 1995 and off their covers/tribute album “Thank You” was this surprisingly good interpretation of the classic “White Lines” featuring performances from Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel. Originally it was given a rockier edge and here it comes in a variety of mixes (8 of the buggers!) all with a different take, trying to cover all of dance floor’s genres. Apparently there are 20 different versions of this track!

Flavour of the month remixer, Junior Vasquez, provides the first 2 mixes and also C1 and C2. A gentle House beat is added with the Dub’s being a little harder with rave horns. The “Freestyle Mix” is the pick keeping most of the songs elements

B1 & 2 are interesting mixes done by Bob St. John and Anthony J. Resta take some of the rock elements out and adding some funk and disco with analogue synths. The “Oakland Funk” Mix being the pick.

The last 2 mixes were  done by Italian DJ’s Mauro Marcolin and Bob Salton adding a bit of electro and eurosynth to the mix.

The track is still a live favourite.


Capitol Records ‎– SPRO-79542duran.jpg

A1 White Lines (Junior’s House Mix) 5:37
A2 White Lines (Sound Factory Dub) 6:30
B1 White Lines (70’s Club Mix) 7:54
B2 White Lines (Oakland Funk Mix) 5:29
C1 White Lines (Freestyle Mix) 5:21
C2 White Lines (Sound Factory Dub 2) 6:20
D1 White Lines (Global Groove Mix) 5:25
D2 White Lines (Rif Raf Mix) 5:35

Pebbles With Salt-N-Pepa ‎– Backyard (US 12″)

New Jack Swing via RnB from ’91 with a bit of a comeback release from Pebbles and featuring Salt-N-Peppa. Pop with a Club edge remixed by The La Face Family and Dallas Austin. Lots of well used samples sort of age it but it is a great Pop blast.

In the video you get  Pebbles, T Boz, Left Eye (RIP), Salt n Pepa and Spin, and Bernadette Cooper from Klymaxx on drums.

Girl Power before The Spice Girls.


MCA Records ‎– MCA12 54038pebble

A – Backyard (Outta The Hood Version) – 7:07

B – Backyard (Uptown Club Version) – 7:55

A couple of Re-ups (Boy George, Phil Collins)

Imagine those 2 having a custard fight!

Boy George – Same Thing In Reverse (12″) For Mike

Included, as a bonus, the Quivver Remix of “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” where it all goes Progressive House!!! Released as a Bootleg 12″ in 2003!



Phil Collins – Hang In Long Enough (US 12″) For rick




Redhead Kingpin And The F.B.I. ‎– 3-2-1 Pump (US Promo 12″)

A knowingly retro sounding, party themed track. This was the last track released by Redhead Kingpin and the F.B.I. way back in 1991. Sampling Kraftwerk and “Lets’ Groove Tonight” over a smooth rap on the Street Mix. Remixer Jerry Moran drops the Kraftwerk beats for more Hip House ones on the “Power Mix” and samples lots more of the Earth, Wind and Fire classic.


Virgin Records America, Inc. ‎– DMD 1820321

A – 3-2-1 Pump (Street Mix) – 6:20

A – 3-2-1 Pump (Extended Power Mix) –5:21

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