Leisure Process – Love Cascade (Netherlands 12″)

Martin Rushent in the studio for this fun bit of synthpop with added saxophone from Gary Barnacle. It delivers on many levels and is a massive 80’s synth track for those in the know.

The B-sides aren’t too shabby.

Gary’s brother Steve guests on bass on the “The Sun Turns Black”, a funky New Wave number with a traditional song structure.

“The Fluke” has a great piano intro and goes into a synth Torch song sans drums. The saxophone cuts right through, bloody brilliant!



Epic – EPCA 12.1977

ALove Cascade6:19
B1The Sun Turns Black3:13
B2The Fluke3:14

Bananarama – Shy Boy (12″)

From June ’82 and known for that lovely synth bassline. This was one of a string of hits written and produced by Steve Jolley & Tony Swain (they also produced Imagination which also had that signature bass sound)

“Don’t Call Us” is barely extended, starting if Fun Boy Three are about to join in ! Like the A side there is a mix of drum machine and live percussion, great harmonies as you’d expect.



London Records – NANX 2

AShy Boy (Extended Version)5:53
BDon’t Call Us… (Extended Version)4:20

Duran Duran – Rio (7″)

Another gem from ’82 and the rather long (4 min 40 secs) single we all know and love here in unremastered vinyl format.

We’re all here for the B-side aren’t we ! The unplugged version of “The Chauffeur” – cue acoustic guitar and fretless bass. Love the vocal harmonies, a completely different take on the LP version and just as good. No cheesy ocarina either!



EMI – EMI 5346

BThe Chauffeur (Blue Silver)3:48

U2 – A Celebration (7″)

A non-album single released by U2 released between the “October” and “War” albums in 1982. A pretty decent track with a “Live” sound the band didn’t like the track – so difficult to get hold of.

You can chant along to it, nice and raw, I do like early U2.

The B-side “Party Girl” was a live favourite, the Ocarina makes an appearance (probably after making an appearance on DD’s “The Chauffeur”) Not sure about Bono’s vocals, pissed ? Lillywhite adds some ambient electronics to the arrangement, shame it fades out too soon.



Island Records – WIP 6770

AA Celebration2:57
BTrash, Trampoline And The Party Girl2:32

Altered Images – Pinky Blue (3-Track Dance Mix) + Re-up (12″)

Has featured on here but not as it’s own twelve with an immaculate Rip by Mike B, I cannot believe it’s not a digital remaster !!! (I do have a copy myself but Mike B’s Rip is of far superior quality than mine I did about 10 years ago!)

Martin Rushent in one of finest moments remixes this from May ’82. Was if tape manipulation or a computer ? Clare’s vocals are pared back whilst Rushent manipulates the track with drop outs and

The B-side is just as good with Organ and synth fighting out in a dub style with the lyrics used again sparingly.

Link below for the re-upped 12″ LP



Epic – EPC A 13-2426

APinky Blue (Dance Mix)4:57
BJump Jump / Think That It Might (Segued Dance Mix)6:02

Mary Jane Girls / Rick James – In My House / Superfreak / Candyman (US Bootleg 12″)

A reissue from ’98 of some tracks which was re-issued again in ’85 but one was originally released in ’81, very convoluted!

Here is some interesting info from Discogs.

The Mary Jane Girls were brought together by Rick James in 1979, hired as back-up singers for his tour. It is believed that with the formation of rival Prince’s sexy new girl group Vanity 6 in 1982, James wished to compete with his own sexy quartet.

He got a deal for the girls on Motown and gave them their group name, which was based on his funk hit Mary Jane (an obvious reference to his beloved marijuana). He also conceived sexy stage names for the members: JoJo, Candi, Maxi and Cheri.

So a vehicle for James who wanted so desperately to be bigger than Prince.

Smooth as **** , this is a great bit of funk disco. Old James gets his “Superfreak”, which was the ’81 track, added as a bonus. MC Hammer busy taking notes!


Classic Wax – Classic Wax 12001

A1Mary Jane GirlsIn My House (Vocal)5:01
A2Mary Jane GirlsIn My House (Instrumental)7:17
B1Rick JamesSuperfreak7:08
B2Mary Jane GirlsCandyman7:43

Joe Tex – Don’t Do Da Do / Loose Caboose (Netherlands 12″)

Sounding like it was recorded in the 70’s the popular Euro Funk track was produced by Buddy Killen and was by the legendary Joe Tex who released his first single back in 1955!

A funky flute solo and some interesting arrangements, it goes a bit apache!

The B-side is actually from ’78 and is the actual funk workout, a great bit of fun!



Handshake Records And Tapes – 600.475

ADon’t Do Da Do7:32
BLoose Caboose6:59

Secret Service – Flash In The Night (Italian 12″)

A grand slice of Italo Disco / Synthpop starting like a Human League track (Linn Drum) and glistening synth pads with dramatic piano.

The band were actually from Sweden ! Featuring ; Guitar – Tonny Lindberg, Keyboards, Vocals – Tim Norell and Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar – Ulf Wahlberg, Drums (programming) – Leif Johansson, Bass – Leif Paulsén and Lead Vocals – Ola Håkansson.

The B-side has light reggae feel and some Bond guitar chords.

Both tracks were from the LP “Cutting Corners”



Sonet – SONX 850

AFlash In The Night (Long Version)6:10
B1Flash In The Night (Single Version)3:45
B2Watching Julietta3:43

David Byrne ‎– 3 Big Songs (US 12″)

Definitely worth picking up for anyone into Leftfield Disco with plenty of conga’s. It has aged really well. Mark Kamins and Butch Jones helped out with the mix.

From the LP , “The Complete Score From The Broadway Production Of “The Catherine Wheel” the main track has Funkadelic’s Bernard Worrell on clavinet and John Chernoff on guitar. Kid Creole’s coconut – Yogi Horton is on the drums with Byrne playing the rest of the instruments.

“My Big Hands” is a short quirky funk masterclass, whilst paranoid, scratchy guitar features over the heavily reverb (and live sounding) vocals. Backing vocals by Susan Halloran who also appears on a bonus track – a live version of track 2 recorded in Werchter, Belgium with Byrne’s vocals performed through a megaphone!



Sire – DSRE 50034

ABig Business (Dance Mix)6:18
B1My Big Hands (Fall Through The Cracks)2:45
B2Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)4:45

Theme For Next Week – 1982

Getting this one in early as not to seem like a Boris (apologies…yeah right!)

Bloody gone and done it! Looked at what Gems I have from that year and there are loads! For once across a wide variety of genres, Yes I’m doing ’82…. Let’s Go!!!

Going to pay the Mouse next month (Florida), do love a bit of Epcot !

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