Aretha & Whitney ‎– It Isn’t, It Wasn’t, It Ain’t Never Gonna Be (12″)

Diva 3 and 4 from two massive, world famous Diva’s, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston (Aretha’s Godmother) joining forces on this 1989 release. Mixes are provided by Teddy Riley with Gene Griffin giving it that late 80’s swing beat. It was off Franklin’s “Through The Storm” album that contained a number of duets with James Brown, Elton John and The Four Tops. Backed by a rerecording of “Think” with an almost synthpop backing.

Arista ‎– 612 545a&Wfrontcov

A Aretha Franklin & Whitney Houston It Isn’t, It Wasn’t, It Ain’t Never Gonna Be (Extended Remix) 6:12
B1 Aretha Franklin & Whitney Houston It Isn’t, It Wasn’t, It Ain’t Never Gonna Be (Hip Hop Remix) 4:47
B2 Aretha Franklin Think 3:39

Jaki Graham – Step Right Up + The Megamix (12″)

Diva Number 2 and the slightly rockier pop dance of Jaki Graham. Here at the height of her popular she teams up with Heatwaves, Derek Bramble on the funky, “The Closest One.”

The Megamix brings the two together with previous hit, “Set Me Free” and was done by Les “Mix Doctor” Adams in a typical “cut and paste” style but with nice, “extras” thrown in.  There is a definite feel of Level 42 here.

EMI ‎– 12JAKIX 9jakifrontcov

A Megamix 6:55
A.a Set Me Free
A.b The Closest One (Duet With Derek Bramble)
A.c Step Right Up
B1 Step Right Up 4:01
B2 The Closest One (Duet With Derek Bramble) 4:37

Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine ‎– 1-2-3 (12″)

Three Diva-led 80’s Cheese Anthems tonight.

Re-recorded early stuff was released in 1987 to fuel the renewed interest in the band, which had been around since the late 70’s. Utilizing the latest musical tech the founding members, Clay Ostwald,  Emilio Estefan, Jr (with wife Gloria) and Jorge Casas, teamed up with production trio, The Jerks. (Joe Galdo, Lawrence Dermer and Rafael Vigil) Lively Latin Dance with quite a lot of synth going on, all these special versions are on the best-selling album, “Let It Loose.”

Epic ‎– 652958 6gloriafrontcov

A 1-2-3 (Extended Version) 4:32
B1 1-2-3 (Instrumental) 3:36
B2 Surrender (Remix) 4:05

Kool And The Gang – Cherish (12″)

More Cheese and Crackles (!) with this value 12″ from 1985 featuring the funksters, Kool And The Gang. All huge hits with the 1980 disco classic “Celebration” here in the full version, a Mark Berry remix of “Fresh” and the slow ballad “Cherish” summing up this difficult day perfectly. Goodnight!!

De-Lite Records ‎– DEX 20cherishfrontcov

A Cherish 4:45
B1 Fresh (US Remix) 6:30
B2 Celebration (Full Version) 5:00


Phil Fearon & Galaxy ‎– What Do I Do? (12″)

More Fromage ?

From 1984 and the constantly smiling Phil Fearon and this Summery funk sundae mixed to a classic 80’s twelve inch froth by the legendary duo of John Morales & Sergio Munzibai. Phil had hooked up with his brother Lenny Fearon, who was a trumpet player and percussionist. They were joined by Claudio Galdez who played keys and wind synths and backing singers Dorothy Galdez (who formed dance duo Baby D with brother Claudio in the 90’s) and Julie Gore. The B-side is a long semi instrumental version.

I’ve left the tracks in their raw, static state (the B-side is worse) and also in a treated state for your listening pleasure.

Ensign ‎– 12ENY 510galaxyfrontcov

A What Do I Do? (Dance Version) 7:05
B What Do I Do? (Part 2) 8:00

Freeez Feat. John Rocco – I.O.U. (’86 Remixes) (US 12″)

I’m a little numb at the moment. Manchester is in mourning. I knew the Arena very well and knew exactly where the crowd was targeted. The main exit out would have been already crowded and people near would of had no chance at all.

So I’m going to envelope you into typical 80’s CHEESE. So much fromage that you will beg for more. Hold tight this is going to be cheesy.

Actually this came out in 1982 and got remixed in 1986 via Arthur Baker and The Latin Rascals. A lovely mucked around dub updates the beats, cutting it back and forth. The most radical mix is the “GoGo – Vocal Mix” slowing it down and adding a real bass to it, dare to be different!

Criminal Records ‎– CRIM 00007SAM_3835

A1 I.O.U. (Ultimate Club) (Vocal Mix) 8:00
A2 I.O.U. (Ultimate Drumapella) 4:10
B1 I.O.U. (Ultimate Shakedown Gogo) (Vocal Mix) 6:37
B2 I.O.U. (Ultimate Club) (Dub Mix) 6:50

Jean-Michel Jarre ‎– Fourth Rendez-Vous (US 12″)

From 1986 and back to the old synth sound (and a move away from the samplers and back to the Elka Synthex!) Here he works with fellow keyboard player Michel Geiss to provide a more retro sound. It is quite a diiferent mix with added JFK. A bonus for the fans is the B-side, “Moon Machine” – an outtake from Zoolook which overdoses on the Fairlight. (It first appeared on a flexidisc included with Keyboard Magazine in the March 1986 issue)

Polydor ‎– 885 045-1rendev

A Fourth Rendez-Vous (Long) 6:08
B1 Fourth Rendez-Vous 3:45
B2 Moon Machine 3:00

Yazoo ‎– Nobody’s Diary / Situation (LTD 12″)

Classic synth from Yazoo who only released really 8 singles including the newer stuff, Erasure’s new album is out this month (their 17th!!)

This is slightly longer than the normal 7 ” release whilst the mix of “Situation” will be new to quite a few. Amazing work from Clarke and Eric Radcliffe from 1983. Heaps more drum machines and from the synth purists point of view the best out of all the mixes.

Mute ‎– L12 YAZ 003SAM_8284

A Nobody’s Diary (Original 7″ Mix) 4:31
B Situation (Re-Recorded Remix) 7:30

Jean-Michel Jarre ‎– Zoolookologie (Remix) (French 12″)

Not made my mind up over how JMJ faired over the 80’s. I bought Magnetic Fields when it came out, obviously liked Oxygene and Equinoxe which were bundled together as a double album in the early 80’s ( Was puzzled about Concerts in China and actually taped Zoolook off a mate (it sounded and stills sounds too weird) Sort of liked the space theme of Rendez-Vous and liked the Epic Classical of Revolutions, a return to form.

So Zoolook, the weird Ethni/synth epic, far too far ahead of its time, the vocal sampling reminds me of Yello and obviously influenced Enigma and Deep Forest. It seems to want to sound like Art Of Noise with a bit of Peter Gabriel thrown in. It pre-dates Bjork’s Medusa album.

This was released in 1985 and was remixed by  François Kevorkian and Ron St-Germain who edited it and tightened up all the drums, the Extended Mix is very different and sounds great for its age, with added slap bass by Marcus Miller.

The B-side is a track from the album, “Ethnicolor II”, a sampler for that wierd but inventive album.

Disques Dreyfus ‎– FDM 12-16029SAM_1261

A Zoolookologie (Extended Mix) 6:27
B1 Zoolookologie (Single Remix) 3:44
B2 Ethnicolor II 3:52

Y -Key Operators – Demascia


A little break from the 80’s stuff and over to my good friends the Y-Key Operators. They have released a re-recorded version of their classic track “Demascia” for your listening pleasure on Soundcloud. Produced by Chris Oliver from chameleons Vox and Byron P James. Mastering was done by Martin Desai.

I put up “Oxygen” the other month and got some appreciative comments, this is a bit more a synth monster, blending indie dance with some social commentary. Share the love and comments appreciated. It will cure any hangover!


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