Dokken ‎– Breaking The Chains (US Promo 12″)

Even More Guitar ???

Classic Hair / Glam rock from Dokken , fronted by guitarist, vocalist and main songwriter Don Dokken, George Lynch – guitarist, Juan Croucier (Ratt) – bassist and Mick Brown – drummer. Produced with Michael Wagener and released in 1983 the title track had been around since 1981.

Two versions of”Paris Is Burning” (Recorded live in Berlin in 1982) and seems a bit pointless – why edit a love track probably to get rid of the extended guitar solo at the start. it’s quick and a bit Iron Maiden in sound.

Elektra ‎– EAOR 4945 SAM_7077

A Breaking The Chains 3:51
B1 Paris Is Burning (Edit Of LP Version) 3:37
B2 Paris Is Burning (Live)

Andy Taylor ‎– I Might Lie (Special Edit) (US Promo 12″)

More Guitar ???

Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor has always been a ROCK guitarist. Having done his stint with The Power Station it was surprising to see

This was released in 1987 with a co-production and writing credits by Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) and mixed by Jeff Hendrickson. It’s classic 80’s Hair Rock with additional guitar by Jones, Bass by Patrick O’Hearn, (Missing Persons) Drums by Mickey Curry and Keyboards by Brett Tuggle. You could tell he would never fit right into Duran’s sound.

Used by Armand Van Helden for his track “Into Your Eyes” from 2005

MCA Records ‎– L33-17307 SAM_6278

A I Might Lie 4:58
B I Might Lie 3:58

Gary Moore ‎– Friday On My Mind (12″)

From 1987 and at the height of his reappraisal and from the album, “Wild Frontier.” Co-produced this with James Barton but it’s the PWL connections that are curious. The 12″ version was mixed by Phil Harding who adds some synths to the mix of this fab cover of the Easybeats song from 1966. The drums are massive and the guitar licks amazing.

Pete Waterman and Harding produced the “Kool Rap Verson” with rapper Prince Kool starring on one of the early Rap / Rock tracks (“Walk This Way” by Aerosmith and Run D.M.C. had nailed it a year earlier) – PWL obviously wanting a piece of this new fad.

Reach For The Sky (Live Version)” was recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon back in September 1985. Featuring the classic line-up of Gary Moore: Lead Guitar / Vocals, Neil Carter: Keyboards / Guitar / Vocals, Bob Daisley: Bass Guitar and Gary Ferguson: Drums. Great guitar playing once again.‎–_Friday_On_My_Mind.rar

10 Records ‎– TENT 164 friday

A Friday On My Mind (12″ Version) 6:13
B1 Friday On My Mind (The Kool Rap Version) 5:17
B2 Reach For The Sky (Live Version) 5:06

Bruce Springsteen ‎– Cover Me (12″)

Well if the Stones could employ Arthur Baker for a mix so could the Boss!!

To the horror of his stalwart fans (or his record company, spotting a trend) he did for this 1984 release from the smash hit album “Born In The USA” (or his record company, spotting a trend, did)

It a good mix and also a couple of nice dubs, electronically enhanced with more drums and synth lines. Added vocals by Jocelyn Brown.

A bonus on the UK 12″ was a semi-acoustic track, “Shut Out The Light” poignant lyrics over a country style backing. A hidden Brucey gem. 

Tom Waite’s “Jersey Girl” gets a live rendition from another stadium sellout. With the audience eating out of the palm of his hand Bruce delivers.‎–_Cover_Me.rar

CBS ‎– QTA 4662 covered

A1 Cover Me (Undercover Mix) 6:05
A2 Cover Me (Dub) 4:02
A3 Shut Out The Light 3:52
B1 Dancing In The Dark (Dub) 4:57
B2 Jersey Girl (Live) 5:50

Loverboy ‎– Hot Girls In Love (12″)

Synths and Rock from Canadian Rock outfit Loverboy.

This 4 tracker was from 1983 with the lead track your typical macho rock with added keyboards. Produced with Bruce Fairburn (Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Van Halen) giving it that muscular sound not too dissimilar to ZZ Top via The Cars. From their LP “Keep It Up.”

The keyboards (Doug Johnson) do play quite a large part in the bands sound and song structure as much as Tony Banks did in Genesis. As LP track “Meltdown” establishes.

“Turn Me Loose” is bass built and was from their 1980 debut album, stands up well for its age.

“Working For The Weekend” was from their second album “Get Lucky” , the keyboards are still prevalent and carry this feel good song over the line.

CBS ‎– TA 3365 SAM_6593

A1 Hot Girls In Love 4:05
A2 Meltdown 3:32
B1 Turn Me Loose 5:35
B2 Working For The Weekend 3:40

THE BLOG IS 8 YEARS OLD – David Bowie and Mick Jagger ‎– Dancing In The Street (US 12″)

Happy 8th Birthday!!

Myvinyldreams is home to the humble 12.” (or Maxi) It contains 3,631 posts, however most need re-up requests to become active again. It has had 1,458,682 views and I started this particular blog on the 14th August 2011, having rescued some of it from Blogger when it shut me down. Mike B started making contributions and the blog has gone from strength to strength. Thanks again for tuning in and wondering just what the hell I will post next. I try to keep the write-ups brief, I don’t like waffle, and I try to expand the musical scope of the blog by embracing a wide range of musical genres, you don’t know what is going to posted.

A 12″ that escaped me at the time and coming from the success of Live Aid was this collaboration from two Grand Dames of Rock covering Martha And The Vandellas – “Dancing In The Street”. Released in 1985 with accompanying video of the cavorting couple. Here given a slight, extended remix by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero.

EMI America ‎– V-19200dancestreet

A Dancing In The Street (Extended Dance Mix) 4:40
B1 Dancing In The Street (Dub Mix) 4:41
B2 Dancing In The Street (Edited Version) 3:24

Huey Lewis And The News ‎– The Heart And Soul E.P. (12″)

A UK only release – for a change!

From 1985 and re-issue of a bundle of older tracks to build on the success of “The Power Of Love” – never sure AOR or Yacht Rock travels well across the Atlantic, it was something I would have shunned back in the day.

I know why Mike B has brought here, a Jellybean remix of “Heart And Soul” aims you for the dancefloor, boogie woogie synths and funky bass. Catchy and with some effective breakdowns.

“Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do” is classic lazy blues, with call and response from the an over enthusiastic audience. Bleuurhh!

A bit of electronics can be heard (a sequencer) on 1983 track, “Heart Of Rock ‘N’ Roll” – still goodtime, AOR to my ears.

Jump jive on the live 1982 track “Buzz Buzz Buzz” – plenty of “Twisting The Night Away” here, pure smalch. 70’s rock with E.L.O. harmonies on another track from ’82 “Do You Believe in Love” – plenty of saxophone.

Chrysalis ‎– HUEYX 2news

A1 Heart And Soul (Dance Mix)
A2 Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do (Live)
B1 Heart Of Rock ‘N’ Roll
B2 Buzz Buzz Buzz (Live)
B3 Do You Believe In Love

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