Black – Wonderful Life (Original Release) (12″)

2000 f****king posts!! Months/years of my time spent. 592,012 views (at last look), 56 followers throughout the world, 1,645-best daily view, averaging around 900 a day.

So what to put on to mark this, my milestone ????

Can’t say I’ve prepared anything. What with at least 3 more “Tunes From Oz and Beyond” posts to put up. About 30 really interesting twelves from the 90’s, Mike “money’s-no-object” B providing the rarest slabs of vinyl this side of Jupiter and the few comments I do get (mostly requests!) it has been a blast! Thanks!


So last year this man died, unexpectedly and suddenly, amongst a raft of other great musical loses. For me his death was the most poignant as I had followed his career from the start. Seeing him develop from a synth influenced New Waver to an accomplished, folk infused troubadour. I met him a few years back and got this signed, shared a few sincere words of gratitude and departed, box ticked. He has the most lump in throat to song ratio of anyone I listen to.

From 1986 and in terms of stuff already on here it ain’t worth much (too me that doesn’t matter) but contains three great tracks recorded in a rawer state. The honesty of “Wonderful Life”, “Birthday Night” a personal favourite. The New Romanticism of “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” completes the trio.

Ugly Man Records ‎– JACK 1black

A Wonderful Life 4:50
B1 Birthday Night 5:10
B2 Everything’s Coming Up Roses 4:04

The Art Of Noise With Max Headroom ‎– Paranoimia (New Special Paranoid-Mix) (German 12″)

The rare mix of Paranoimia with the live sounding drums and the annoying Max Headroom (Matt Frewer) adding some more sound bites. The usual B-sides are here excellently recorded by Mike for all you Art Of Noise completists out there.

China Records ‎– 608 339para

A The Art Of Noise With Max Headroom Paranoimia (The Paranoid Mix) 6:40
B1 The Art Of Noise With Max Headroom Paranoimia (7″ Version) 3:18
B2 The Art Of Noise Why Me? 2:56
B3 The Art Of Noise A Nation Rejects 2:58

Grace Jones – Re-mix Re-mask (12″)


As I approach 2000 posts and look at the disappointing stats and general lack of interest I recall wanting to quit after a 1000 posts. I remember back then thinking of the cost and time it takes to put this thing together; Mike offering to help by providing loads of brilliant, new content. It’s hard keeping this thing going and some days you think “What’s the point?” It’s a “taking” blog rather than a community hub that some are on my blog roll. I aim to enlighten and spark memories for any musical taste, uncovering long forgotten stuff.

So this twelve from Miss Grace Jones features a couple of remixes and a pretty cut and pasted megamix, that’s far too short, featuring snippets of Slave To The Rhythm, La Vie En Rose, My Jamaican Guy and Private Life. Edited by Simon Harris, Steve Howlett and Keith Coello. Both tracks on the B-side are remixes and well worth a listen.

Island Records ‎– 12 ISX 273grace

A1 Remix Remask    – 5:55

B1 Private Life (Paul ‘Groucho’ Smykle Remix) – 7:00

B2 My Jamaican Guy – 6:00

Imagination – The Last Time (12″)

So 1987 finds Imagination struggling to regain former glories. The ear for a bassline is still here and the hiring of saxophonist, Kenny G to play on the “Cool Sax Mix” was a bit of a coup. Leee John’s voice is still as soulful as ever on this underated 80s soul/funk classic. The “Cool Mix” replaces the sax with some marimba-style keyboards.

The B-side is more uptempo and I think it was off the album, again a prominent synth bass drives this Michael Jackson inspired track. Cool and funky.

RCA ‎– PT 41472Rlastfrontcov

A The Last Time (The Cool Sax Mix) 7:28
B1 The Last Time (The Long Cool Mix) 8:10
B2 Touch (Part One) 4:07

The Four Tops ‎– Indestructible (Infinity Dance Mix) (12″)

Continuing with the Dance theme and the gnarly old rockers* series (*soul singers) making a return to the Pop limelight.

A remix of the title track off their album, “Indestructible” sees David Yorah adds some late 80’s synths and contemporary dance beats, there are small but weird stereo effects on this mix (deliberate?)The PWL duo of Phil Harding and Ian Curnow keep most of the vocals in the “Dub” mix, sounding like Erasure mixed with Propaganda’s “P-Machinery” in places…weird!

The song was featured in the closing of the 1988 movie, “Alien Nation.” Not one for the Motown purists but still fantastic vocals.

Arista ‎– 612 160indestructiblefrontcov

A Indestructible (Infinity Dance Mix)
B Indestructible (Dub)

The Real Roxanne – Respect (12″)

Keeping with the female dance theme this little gem from 1988 see’s Adelaida Martinez , a.k.a The Real Roxanne (as opposed to fellow rapper Roxanne Shante) take on a classic and win. Produced by Howie Tee it keeps the funky, confident, and soulful flavour of the original. B-side, “Her Bad Self” is more a traditional Hip Hop; the Jam Master Jay “Posse Mix” is a little rawer, Howie Tee’s a little smoother and more polished.

Cooltempo ‎– COOLX 176roxannefrontcov

A1 Respect (Vocal) 4:18
A2 Respect (Instrumental) 4:18
B1 Her Bad Self (Posse Mix) 4:05
B2 Her Bad Self (Hitman Mix) 4:04

Joyce Sims – Lifetime Love (12″)

A caveat to the monster hit “Come Into My Life” and “All And All”, similar as Kurtis Mantronik and Chep Nuñez are still on the mix but different enough to that overplayed classic. From 1987 and sounding nicely retro, as always with Mantronik it’s all about the dubs, unfortunately they are too short!! (Both are under 4 minutes)

London Records ‎– LONX 137lifetimefrontcov

A1 Lifetime Love (Jazzy Beat)
A2 Lifetime Love (Jazzy Dub)
B1 Lifetime Love (Def Beat)
B2 Lifetime Love (Def Dub)



Easterhouse ‎– Come Out Fighting (US 12″)

From 1989 and some rocky pop stuff from debutantes on this blog, Easterhouse. A Manchester band with leftist political leanings. They were quite active on the scene in the 80’s their early sound wasn’t unlike a cross between the Chameleons and the Smiths. However, they only managed to release their second album, “Waiting For The Redbird” in 1989. By then the band had only one original member, Andy Perry after lots of bands splits.

Justin Strauss (with Daniel Abraham) tighten up the drums and chimes up the chugging guitars over the original production by Steve Lovell and Steve Power. The main mix is the only one with the vocals at it has a Springsteen feel to it.  Lots of ambient over dubs on the “Just Right Dub” (whale noises, it was 1989!) Bet his ex-band mates hated it, “coz he’s done a Billy Idol.”

Columbia ‎– 44 68771SAM_8725

A Come Out Fighting (Justin Strauss Remix) 6:17
B1 Come Out Fighting (Just Right Dub) 6:33
B2 Come Out Fighting (Instrumental) 5:59

Ranking Roger – So Excited (US 12″)

From 1988 and an early solo outing for the ex- The Beat, General Public singer, Ranking Roger.The early House remixes don’t detract from what is a superb pop tune. Remixes are by Keith Cohen and Steve Beltran with some additional keyboards by Jeff Lorber and they work well, the “Alternative Mix” is probably most like the single release. Even better is the B-side, the heavy guitar and big drums of “On My Conscience” produced with Colin Fairley, a completely different sound…More General Public sounding.

I.R.S. Records ‎– IRS-23867ranking

A1 So Excited (“Come Into My House” Mix) 6:06
A2 So Excited (Full Vocal Version) 4:48
A3 So Excited (House-Apella) 4:37
B1 So Excited (Alternative Mix) 5:52
B2 On My Conscience 3:46

Tunes From Oz and Beyond – Part 3 (1983/4)

Monte Video And The Cassettes – Monte Video (US Mini Album)

Back to the Aussie/New Zealand stuff with a leftover from 1983. Murray Grindley is a bit of a New Zealand musical legend having started his career in the late 70’s and who was in a psychedelic blues band called The Underdogs back in the 60’s. A UK comparison would be Jona Lewie who embraced synths a few years earlier.

Bordering on a novelty record there are some good synth tracks here….however the vocal delivery, you’ll either tolerate it or loathe it. He had international success with “Shoop-Shoop, Diddy-Wop, Cumma-Cumma, Wang-Dang” and all the tracks were co-written with Mark Ackermann; both had built a career from TV adverts/jingles. Expect the bizarre!!

Geffen Records ‎– GHSP 4015monte

A1 Shoop-Shoop, Diddy-Wop, Cumma-Cumma, Wang-Dang 2:41
A2 Who’s Calling? 2:51
A3 All Night Long 3:00
A4 Shoop-Shoop, Diddy-Wop, Cumma-Cumma, Wang-Dang (Club Mix) 5:46
B1 Sheba (She Sha She Shoo) 3:27
B2 Hypnosis 3:38
B3 You Can’t Stop Me Now 3:05

Mental As Anything – Big Wheel (Aussie 12″)

A band I was familiar via the one track, “Live It Up”. Good to see that they have a massive back catalogue and were well established Down Under. From 1984 and blending the synths with the guitars. This was the fourth single from the album “Fundamental” The full-on 12″ mix is by Tim Kramer, very funky and my new weekend track (on rotation!). Love the weird alternative Xmas tune, “Apocalypso – Wiping The Smile Off Santas Face” an anti-nuclear war song produced with Mike Opitz! Great vid underneath

CBS ‎– BA12181SAM_8004

A Big Wheel (Extended Mix) 7:10
B1 Big Wheel (Single Version) 4:12
B2 Apocalypso – Wiping The Smile Off Santas Face 4:18

Mi – Sex – Blue Day (Aussie 12″)

More from New Zealanders, Mi – Sex and I was just starting to get into them ,but they soon changed musical direction??The title track is a New Wave chugger that builds up nicely and one of their last releases, a superb song that has travelled well. Lushly produced by Bob Clearmountain there are plenty of classic, New Romantic influences on here. This was off their final album, “Where Do They Go?” and comes with a couple of bonus tracks, an alternative version of previous single “Castaway” – showcasing their new rockier direction. An extended version of the weirdly titled “Delinquent Daddy” is also here, showcasing more rock guitars. Mmmmm… not sure!

CBS ‎– BA 12069SAM_5409

A Blue Day
B1 Castaway (U.S. Version)
B2 Delinquent Daddy (Extended Version)

Eurogliders – Maybe Only I Dream / Heaven (Must Be Here) (Aussie 12″)

Funky New Wave now from the Perth band, Eurogliders. Fronted by Grace Knight who provides some powerful vocals across this groovy bass-heavy track. They comprised of Bernie Lynch, Crispin Akerman, John Bennetts and Amanda Vincent.  Produced by Robert Racic, (Severed Heads) John Bee and Stephen Allkins (legendary Oz DJ) it is certainly synth heavy. A follow up to their big hit Heaven (Must Be There), which appears here the B-side of this very rare 12″. The US Version keeps the synths and was remixed by John Mathias.The fourth and final single from their 1983 album “This Island” and classic Oz 80’s.

CBS ‎– BA 12099maybe

A Maybe Only I Dream (Extended Mix)
B Heaven (Must Be There) (Extended US Mix)

Models – Big On Love (Aussie 12″)

Last one from this series and how can I not put more Models up! Harder synth sounds and attitude with production by Reggie Lucas and a couple of long remixes by Julian Mendelsohn (some of his early work) bringing out that killer bassline. The more experimental U.S. mix slightly edges (even though it seems to take some chords from Cabaret Voltaires “The Crackdown”)  Favourite so far (now on rotation with Mental As Everything 🙂 )


Mushroom ‎– MX-63039SAM_8450

A1 Big On Love (12″ US Mix)
A2 Big On Love (7″ Mix)
B1 Big On Love (12″ Australian Mix)
B2 Preacher From The Black Lagoon

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