Curve β€Žβ€“ Horror Head (12″)


..And another one resurfaces (and it saves me buying more vinylπŸ™‚ )

From 1992 and the enigma that is Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia. Take the latest technology, walls of guitar and her heavenly voice and- BANG- you have the unique sound of Curve, shoegaze with bollocks. Having the production team of Flood and Alan Moulder helped a lot to shape the powerful sound. Released on David A. Stewart’s label, Anxious, they actually met through being introduced by the Eurythmics man.

Anxious Records β€Žβ€“ ANXT 38curved

A1 Horror Head (Remix) 3:40
A2 Falling Free 4:22
B1 Mission From God 4:07
B2 Today Is Not The Day 3:44

Campag Velocet β€Žβ€“ To Lose La Trek (12″)

Another Rip I had lying in the vaults for a while, this is from London indie outfit, Campag Velocet.Β The band’s line-up was Pete Voss (vocals), Ian Cater (guitars, keyboards, programming), Barnaby “Barney” Slater (bass) and Lascelles Lascelle (drums, percussion, samples and had been in The Brand New Heavies) Shades of The Charlatans and Madchester ( “I Forget” could be from that period) Main track has a laid back groove with half cockney rap. The dreaming Trip Hop of “Postponed…” follows until you get the indie guitar groove of “I Forget” – Released in 1999.


a1 To Lose La Trek 4:16
a2 Postponed Native Pleasures (Part 1) 3:45
b1 I Forget 10:21

18 Wheeler – Stay (Promo 12″)

So more indie stuff, dipping into the genre of Big Beat and Trip Hop. Second helping on here from Scotland’s 18 Wheeler. All psychedelic grooves and wonky but hypnotic riffs are on the Doctor Rockit’s (Matthew Herbert) mix; William Orbit contributes to the “Stereo Odessey” mix (one of the reason’s I picked it up) Great stuff from 1997.

Creation Records β€Žβ€“ CTP 24918w

A1 Stay (Stereo Odessey Mix)
B1 Stay (Dr. Rockit Mix)

Filler – Malaise (12″)

Mentioning Grunge and as always catering for all musical tastes on this blog. This curio was from a 3 piece Nottingham band that included future label boss of Earache Records, Jonathan Barry as a member, on bass and vocals. Richard Bramley (guitar) and David Skeen (drums) completed the trio. Together they released a half a dozen singles on a variety of small, indie labels and were mates with Fudge Tunnel and Meatfly.

So we get the epic opener, all raw, repetitive guitar, dark and brooding bass with a few mumbled lyrics appearing half way through. “Blade” has screaming feedback with driving bass, almost punk. “Gone To Far” reminds me of Motorhead at their frantic best!!! Β For fans of Fugazi.

Pigboy Records β€Žβ€“ 12 PIG 6malaisefrontcov

A Malaise
B1 Blade
B2 Gone To Far

Mega City Four – Shivering Sand (12″)

First time on here for post-grunge Indie rockers, Mega City Four. Named after a possible fourth city in the Judge Dredd comic strip from the then very popular 2000 A.D. comic. The quartet of Wiz, (guitar and vocals) Danny Brown, (brother and rhythm guitarist and vocals) Gerry Bryant, (Bass and vocals) and Chris Jones (drums) were formed inΒ 1987 in Farnborough, Hampshire and disbanded in 1996. Wiz died suddenly in 2006 after a brain clot.

This was released in 1992 and sees Chris Potter (who went on to do work with The Verve) producing the main track, an anthemic but gentle rocker. The additional tracks were produced and mixed by JessΒ Corcoran. “Everybody Loves You” quickens things up with a singalong chorus. The short and frantic “Disturbed” reveals their punk tendencies, finishing with a film sample that I couldn’t identify.

The band had an intense, loyal following and by all accounts were an excellent live act. Criminally overlooked from the early 90’s Indie Rock scene.

Big Life β€Žβ€“ MEGA T4shiveringfrontcov

A1 Shivering Sand
A2 Everybody Loves You
A3 Disturbed

Hurricane #1 β€Žβ€“ Only The Strongest Will Survive (Promo 12″)

From 1998 and a minor hit for the Britpop band lead by Alex Lowe with Andy Bell, (who went on to be in Oasis) Gaz Farmer and Will Pepper (who was in Thee Hypnotics) This contains the James Lavelle (UNKLE) mixes this adds strings, beats and a bit of scratching towards the end.

Creation Records β€Žβ€“ CTP 285Xstronginner1

A Only The Strongest Will Survive (James Lavelle Remix)
B Only The Strongest Will Survive (James Lavelle Instrumental)

Lush – Last Night (US Promo 12″)


There is so much you can take of 80’s tunes being remixed in the 90’s! So I’m going into 90’s Indie mode for a few days.

Digging into one of my favourite genres of the time, trip-hop. Steve Osbourne applies the studio magic to the mixes of “Last Night”, shoegaze with beats and sheer class. (I’ve played his mixes already 4 times whilst doing this write-up!) The track originally appeared in the film “City Of Industry”

Additional tracks include some remixes off the album “Lovelife”, a very rough mix of single , “Ladykillers” (love those lyrics!) a long, involved mix by Spooky of “Undertow” who messes around with guitar sounds bending them into a hypnotic, trip-hop groove. Suga- Bullit gives a more urban, trip-hop feel to the title track, “Lovelife”complete with their ethereal vocals.

They have new stuff out which is worth having a listen


4AD β€Žβ€“ PRO-A-8034sam_9186

A1 Last Night (Latent Power Mix)
A2 Last Night (Hexadecimal Dub Mix)
A3 Ladykiller (Demo/Ruff Mix ’95)
B1 Undertow (Spooky Remix)
B2 Lovelife (Suga Bullit Remix)

Camouflage – Heaven (I Want You) (US 12″)

So original tracks from the 90’s !!! First up is this from German synthpop band, Camouflage, not sounding like Depeche Mode but more like OMD and adding some guitar to this distinctively 80’s track from 1991. A mid-paced track it resembles soft rock on the album version; produced by Colin Thurston and Tom Culley but it is hardened up on the club mixes, with added beats. The “Club Too” mix is an edited version of the main “Club Mix.”

The vocals are an acquired taste, delivered with a European accent but with Beatles-like harmonies, weird. Nevertheless a great song.

Atlantic β€Žβ€“ DMD 1639sam_2322

A Heaven (I Want You) (Club Mix) 6:58
B1 Heaven (I Want You) (LP Version) 5:15
B2 Heaven (I Want You) (Club Too Mix) 5:06

Malcolm McLaren And The World’s Famous Supreme Team β€Žβ€“ Buffalo Gals (Back To Skool) (US Promo 12″)

Just like buses you wait for one and two come along. Another rare twelve from Mike B and here featuring four, short remixes by Rakim (of Eric B & Rakim fame) and Roger Sanchez. This was released to promote an album of his material, “Buffalo Gals Back to Skool”

The Rakim gives it a fierce hip-hop backing, scratches and additional rapping; this brings it right up to the late 90’s. The original “DJ Cut” is here by McLaren and Horn all the way from 1982!! The “Stampede” mixes by Sanchez are quicker with a funky House groove, liking this especially the “Spicy Buffalo Wings” mix…..Nice one Roger!

Virgin β€Žβ€“ SPRO 81124buffs

A1 Buffalo Gals (Back To Skool) (Rakim Mix) 4:22
A2 Buffalo Gals (DJ Cut – Special Stereo Mix) 3:48
B1 Buffalo Gals Stampede (Radio Edit) 3:59
B2 Buffalo Gals Stampede (S-Man’s Spicy Buffalo Wings Mix) 5:45

Icehouse β€Žβ€“ Hey Little Girl (’97 Remixes) (German 12″)

While we are on the theme of remixes this one cropped up in 1997 given the classic Icehouse track a Eurotrance makeover that actually works on some of the mixes!! German Trance DJ’s (DJ Darling &Β  Dee Jay SΓΆren – Not The Fruit Loaf) chime it up on the opening mix which doesn’t work as well as the other mix by Christopher Von Deylen and Steven Kaye which keeps all of the vocals.

Control β€Žβ€“ 0042400 CONiced

A1 Hey Little Girl (DJ Darling Vs. DJ SΓΆren) 6:40
A2 Hey Little Girl (Future House Single) 3:40
B1 Hey Little Girl (X/Tended Edit) 4:59
B2 Hey Little Girl (Radio Edit) 3:45

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