English Boy On The Loveranch ‎– Sex Vigilante (French 12″)


Finishing off my posts today with this very interesting slice of dark electronica from 1988. Released only in France by the weirdly named English Boy On The Loveranch which was comprised of Soft Cell’s Dave Ball, drummer the late Nick Sanderson (Clock DVA, Jesus And Mary Chain, The Gun Club) and Jamie Jones adds some vocals, Guy Barker adds some spooky trumpet. Acid bubbles and vocals are cut up and processed. The A-side has been remixed by Flood, all vocoders and synthpop,  whilst the B-side is a hypnotic, darker mix by the band themselves. As sleazy as Soft Cell and a companion to their “Sex Dwarf”


New Rose Records ‎– NEW 119vigil

A Sex Vigilante (Deadly Weapons Mix) 7:27
AA Sex Vigilante (Deathwish Mix) 7:08

Blue Mercedes ‎– I Want To Be Your Property (US 12″)

With Coldcut , Beatmasters and Bomb the Bass this duo sneaked out this similar early pop house track. A mix of ABC vocals and Chicago “JACK” House and produced by Phil Harding and Ian Curnow. The pretty faces behind Blue Mercedes were Duncan Millar (keyboards) and David Titlow (vocals) released this as there debut 1987, predating piano house. The Terence Yo Yo Mix starts off like Madonna’s “Holiday” and is a more than acceptable dub without those god awful lyrics, blame Pete Waterman.


MCA Records ‎– MCA-23817property

A I Want To Be Your Property (Street Latin Wolff Mix) 7:17
B1 I Want To Be Your Property (DEF B4 Dishonour Mix) 6:48
B2 I Want To Be Your Property (Terence Yo-Yo Mix) 4:20

Coldcut Featuring Yazz And The Plastic Population ‎– Doctorin’ The House (US 12″)

So on with some dance stuff. A breakthrough hit for Jonathan More and Matt Black and the first appearance of singer Yazz. (Yazmine Marie Evans) From 1988 ( yes 28 years ago!) and a crossover from the underground dance scene, the 7″ saw Coldcut in a sample frenzy, with many old favourites cropping up. So you get a couple of poppier mixes on the A-side with the harder, more instrumental/jazzy mixes on the b-side.


Columbia ‎– 44-07842doctor

A1 Doctorin’ The House (Vocal Verse) 5:38
A2 Doctorin’ The House (7″ Vocal) 3:42
B1 Doctorin’ The House (Upset Remix) 6:04
B2 Doctorin’ The House (Acid Shut Up Mix) 6:04

The Joan Collins’ Fan Club – Leader Of The Pack (12″)

Or a comedy cover by British comedian Julian Clary in his own camp style. Amazingly produced  by Rupert Hine (Howard Jones) here it is in it’s full musical version (8 mins long) with some padding out, ad-libs at the end.  There is also a parody of a French Torch Song, “Jacques” recorded live and arranged by pianist, the “lovely” Russell Churney.



10 Records ‎– TENX 227leaderfrontcov

A Leader Of The Pack (Full Version)
B Jacques (Live)

Modern Romance ‎– Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) (12″)

Keeping the quality of posts going( …..not) a couple of dreadful cover versions.

Why you ask because it’s in tribute to Jezbionic’s occasional series of “How Not To Do A Cover Version” (over here https://dubioustaste.wordpress.com/) and the fact they’ve been hanging around the living room for a while.

Even the static at the can’t make this sound good. Modern Romance murder the original by The Temptations , high pitched blue eyed soul and as about as sincere as Bob Monkhouse (or Keith Chegwin – see video)! Not even the synth drenched cover of Marvin Gaye’s, “Abraham , Martin And John” is listenable (it even has a guitar solo for God sake!). There is a redeeming instrumental track, the Latin fused, bass and saxophone track, “Stranger Days.”

Modern Romance had the cheek to cover Baltimora’s “Tarzan Boy” – Heaven help us, they soon split up after that after releasing the appropriately titled “Burn It.”

The video see’s them perform in all their hirsute glory on Cheggar’s Plays Pop. They’re not on for the full twelve minutes but if you are into masochism you can watch Keith Chegwin at work.🙂


RCA ‎– RCAT 407imaginefrontcov

A Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
B1 Abraham, Martin And John
B2 Stranger Days


S.O.S. Band -1980 – 1987 •••⋆••• The Hit Mixes (Vinyl LP)

Keeping on the dance theme today with the classic electro/ disco, early R&B  sound of the S.O.S. Band from Atlanta, Georgia. This compilation contains all the extended versions for fans of a 12″ version and was released in 1987. It was edited and mixed by a couple of German DJ/ producers, Mike P. Heisel and Hardy Haas and for a vinyl album is probably at maximum capacity (40 minutes at 33 rpm there is nearly 50 minutes on here!)

The entire first side was written by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and they all sound quite similar with that signature beat and synth bass. Again the pair have writing credits on the second side, along with the late Harry Clayton and Sigidi Abdullah It gets quicker with the Janet Jackson/ Prince sounding “No Lies” (where I’ve put the 2 mixes as one track) Madonna definitely listened to the last track, robbing cow!

The vinyl is quite worn (especially side 2) but I’ve kept it “as heard”, if you want clean it up yourselves go for it.

The S.O.S. is an abbreviation for Sounds Of Success.


Tabu Records ‎– TBU 460189 1sosfrontcov

A1 Just Be Good To Me (Vocal Remix) 7:39
A2 Borrowed Love (Extended Version) 9:23
A3 Just The Way You Like It (Long Version) 9:19
B1 The Finest (Extended Version) 6:17
B2 No Lies (Special Version) 5:43
B3 No Lies (Dub Mix) 4:45
B4 Take Your Time (Do It Right) 7:47

Depeche Mode – On-USound Megamixes (Bootleg 12″)


More megamixaction. From the On-USound label and this release from 1990.

So a good selection of old tunes for the Side A mix, it even builds up nicely. You can play guess the hit (and year if you’re up for it!)

The Mode’s album, Violator, gets a bit more attention on the Side B.

Really very, very inventive and many DM fans agree.

Now when is this tour???


ON-USound ‎– DPM 07mode

Mega Mix Part 1 13:18
1a Everything Counts (In Larger Amounts)
1b Shake The Disease
1c Blasphemous Rumours
1d People Are People
1e Leave In Silence
1f Flexible
1g Just Can’t Get Enough (Live)
1h Master And Servant (Remix)
Mega Mix Part 2 10:51
2a Policy Of Truth (Capitol / Beat Box Mixes)
2b Enjoy The Silence (Quad Mix)
2c Everything Counts (Simenon / Saunders Remix)
2d Strangelove (Pain Mix)
2e Behind The Wheel
2f Personal Jesus

Erasure,Yazoo, Dead Or Alive – Megamixes (Bootleg 12″)


So someone (Chris Lucas) thought it would be a good idea to mix up Erasure and Yazoo (of course Andy Bell and Alison Moyet do sound the similar…not) So on DJ Subscription label, Megatrax he takes us on a whistle stop tour of Yazoo and early Erasure hits. This was released in 1988.

– Situation – Only You – Don’t Go – It Doesn’t Have To Be – Sometimes – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! – Oh L’Amour – Victim Of Love all get an airing in a cyclical mix. Dig the piano ending and worth over £15 to buy!?

The Dead Or Alive has had some tampering, mixed by Lucas and Rod Warren, all good Hi Energy fun and the better of the two mixes. Featuring , briefly, those well known hits (?) -Lover Come Back To Me -My Heart Goes Bang -Brand New Lover -Something In My House -You Spin Me Round -Something In My House (Naughty XXX Mix)

Soon to be playing at the Pink Flamingo Gay Bar near you….


Megatrax ‎– BEAT 8mega

A Erasure / Yazoo Megamix
B Dead Or Alive Megamix

Blondie – Denis / Rapture ’88 Remixes (12″)

blondieI feel a bit of a remix/megamix evening coming on (Thanks Mike B!)

From 1988 and to promote an album of Blondie Dance Remixes. 1977 release “Denis” gets all synthpop on a remix by Danny D (before he went all Aciied with DMob), a bit too gimmicky and lightweight for my ears but maybe of interest to fans.

“Rapture” gets a rework by Terry Riley and Gene Griffin over the production of Mike Chapman in a New Jack style, scratches and cuts abound but the hook is still there..just

The “Dub” is really not a dub mix, keeping the vocals and rap in (they do sound rerecorded) and adding more JFK samples. Both mixes are quite similar in fact but this one works..


Chrysalis ‎– CHS 12 3328rap

A Denis (The ’88 Remix)
AA1 Rapture (The Teddy Riley Remix)
AA2 Rapture (Dub Version)

Bourgeois Tagg ‎– The Perfect Life (US Promo 12″)

So rare it isn’t even on Discogs! Bourgeois Tagg despite the European name were from Sacramento, California, they released a couple of albums and had a couple of moderately successful singles. Line-up was Brent Bourgeois, (singer and keyboards) Larry Tagg, (bass guitar -so it wasn’t a cool European band name after all!) Lyle Workman, (guitarist who later did a bit of work with Frank Black) Michael Urbano (drummer extraordinaire) and Scott Moon (keyboards)

Produced and remixed with producer David J. Holman it certainly has elements of INXS via late Peter Gabriel with XTC style vocals…weird. The extended remix has more rockier guitar but it is funky leg shaker.


Island PR916


A – The Perfect Life (Vocal Remix Edit) – 3:19

B – The Perfect Life (Vocal Extended Remix) – 4:46

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