Love And Money ‎– Strange Kind Of Love (12″)

More from forgotten Scottish Band , Love And Money. (which comprised of members of the band Friends Again) More of a 4 track E.P. on this 1988 release showcasing the bands diverse sound. Gary Katz (Steely Dan) gives the title track a polished 80’s sound with a nod to the dancefloor. He also produces the last track, “Scapegoat” which keeps up the pop funk style and goes down the Level 42 route.

The other 2 tracks are more guitar orientated having been self produced; with the bluesy “Looking for Angeline” demonstrating James Grant fine guitar playing. There is a folk feel to “Set The Night On Fire” hinting at the bands new direction.

Fontana ‎– MONEY 6122lovefrontcov

A1 Strange Kind Of Love
A2 Looking For Angeline
B1 Set The Night On Fire
B2 Scapegoat

Bill Nelson ‎– Acceleration (US Promo 12″)


Is this as Pop-y as Bill Nelson ever got ?

From 1984 and remixed by John Luongo from the mini-album, “Chimera” this had his brother Ian on saxophone and his wife Jan on backing vocals. Playful sequencers, vocoder, dramatic piano, a killer synth bass and a very small amount of stabbed guitar.

It’s all about the “Dub” and how big those drums sounded (by YMO’s Yukihiro Takahashi)  and some dodgy editing!

“Hard Facts From The Fiction Department” is a pioneering, marimba infused slab of sample-filled, funky Hip Hop, but just too short!

Portrait ‎– 4R9 05058SAM_2200

A1 Acceleration (Remix) 6:32
A2 Acceleration (Single Version) 3:49
B1 Acceleration (Dub) 6:53
B2 Hard Facts From The Fiction Department 3:36

Re-uppage 72 – (Sting, Anything Box, Mr. Mister, Spandau Ballet, Psychic TV, London Boys, Trio, Nick Kamen, (x2) Boogie Box High, Wet Wet Wet, Elton John)

Another selection but heh I’m not encouraging ya! (Honest….gulp!)

Sting – Englishman In New York (The Ben Liebrand Mix) (12″) For Flavio (who is quite demanding!)


Anything Box ‎– Living In Oblivion (US 12″) For DJ Mr Tim (Enjoy…..the 90’s are returning!)









Mr Mister – Healing Waters (12″) For Virtual TV1 (he or she might want to say thanks 🙂 )


Spandau Ballet – Raw (2 x 12″) For Chris (Enjoy!!)









Psychic TV ‎– The Magickal Mystery D Tour EP (12″) For Nick (Sorry about the delay!)









London Boys – Requiem (12″) For Nick (Ah, these two)


Trio ‎– Da Da Da (12″) For MATT (hoping to cater for all of his needs!)









Nick Kamen ‎– Each Time You Break My Heart (US 12″) For MATT (I won’t tell anyone!)









Nick Kamen – Nobody Else (US 12″) For MATT (Definitively won’t say anything 🙂 )


Boogie Box High ‎– Jive Talkin’ (12″) For MATT (Yes, it’s George Michael)









Wet Wet Wet – Angel Eyes (Home And Away) (12″) For MATT (Nothing wrong with it!)









Elton John – Passengers (12″) For MATT (his last one….. I think)

































Pigbag ‎– Dr Heckle And Mr Jive (Vinyl LP)

Jazz in it’s experimental form can be a bit like Chinese Water Torture. Pigbag added some New Wave grooves on it and a smidgen of electronics to make this a rewarding listen. Their debut release from 1982 and it doesn’t contain that hit.

The Bristol collective were; James Johnstone – guitar, alto saxophone, percussion, Simon Underwood – bass, cello, violin, Roger Freeman – percussion, trombone, keyboards, piano, Ollie Moore – tenor saxophone, alto clarinet, sanza, Chris Lee – trumpet, percussion and Chip Carpenter – drums, percussion.

There is the influence from the seminal band Pop Group (Simon Underwood was a member) and they somehow manage to be creative, artistic, fun and danceable all at the same time.

Y Records ‎– Y 17pigfrontcov

Dr Heckle
A1 Getting Up
A2 Big Bag
A3 Dozo Don
A4 Brian The Snail
Mr Jive
B1 Wiggling
B2 Brazil Nuts
B3 Orangutango
B4 As It Will Be

A Flock Of Seagulls – Nightmares (German 12″)


The full length version of “Nightmare” from April 1983, it is certainly not as cheesy as their other singles. Seemingly intent to not get pigeon-holed the Gulls do a bit of light Goth.

The two B-sides are extended, groundbreaking and experimental in terms of electronics. Both were recorded at Conny Plank’s studio and feature an array of sounds new then and probably never heard since.

“Rosenmontag” is extended to 8 minutes with those alien voices, whooshes and wobbles, a sonic assault with some Paul Reynolds guitar fading in and out.

The other track is “Last Flight Of Yuri Gargarin.” Some background. Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968), Russian Cosmonaut. First human in outer space (1961). Died 1968 when the MiG-15 he was learning to fly crashed at Kirzhach, Russia, killing both Gagarin and the flight instructor. Gagarin was 34 years old.

The track it self has Conny Plank feel to it

Jive ‎– 6.20196nightmare

A1 Nightmares 5:04
A2 The Last Flight Of Yuri Gagarin 7:07
B Rosenmontag 8:05

The 90’s are returning in March for a few months….

Just giving you lot the heads up, I’ll change the design to match the change of decade. Expect the weird and wonderful and plenty of old 80’s hits remixed, they did a lot of that in the 90’s.

Also a brief poll to find your thoughts on what download site to use. I know give you 3 options. Did use Mega.NZ but had issues with passwords so fell out with it.

Play Dead ‎– Conspiracy (12″)


More Play Dead, this time with some added John Fryer, recorded at Blackwing, September 1984. It could be different band as they go for a semi-industrial sound with a synth bassline and plenty of samples from “Apocalypse Now.” Three quite similar mixes with the Saigon Mix blending parts of the other 2 for a definite listen.

Clay Records ‎– 12 CLAY 40confrontcov

A1 Conspiracy
A2 Silent Conspiracy
B Conspiracy (Saigon Mix)