Beastie Boys ‎– Hold It, Now Hit It (US 12″)

Early Hip Hop from the Beastie Boys on the seminal Def Jam label and produced by the label owner, Rick Rubin released in 1986. A very short 12″ with just 2 variations of the track originally on “Licensed To Ill”

Primitive and sounding like South Park in places. Now for the anoraks here is a list of the samples. The song “Take Me to the Mardi Gras” by Bob James intro is being borrowed to create the beats, the horn sample and whistle is from “Funky Stuff” by Kool & the Gang. The”yo, Leroy!!” voice sample was taken from “The Return of Leroy Pt. 1” by The Jimmy Castor Bunch. The”hit it!’ part is taken from “La Di Da Di” by Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick. The “Hold it now!” sample is from “Christmas Rappin'” by Kurtis Blow. The break down beat is taken from “Let’s Get Small” by Trouble Funk and “drop the bomb” by the same band. Phew!

Def Jam Recordings ‎– 44-05369

A1 Hold It, Now Hit It 3:30
A2 Hold It, Now Hit It (Instrumental) 3:30
B Hold It, Now Hit It (Acapulco) 3:20

Re-uppage 93 (Billy Idol, Siouxsie And The Banshees, David Bowie x2, Robert Palmer, INXS, Baltimora, 90’s Dance Stuff, Imagination x2, Talking Heads, Shriekback x3)

Billy Idol – White Wedding (Original ’82) (12″) For PostPostModernDad









Siouxsie And The Banshees – The Thorn E.P. (12″) For PPMD


David Bowie – Blue Jean (12″) For PPMD


David Bowie ‎– Hallo Spaceboy (Promo 12″) For PPMD






Robert Palmer ‎– Pride (12″) For PPMD









INXS – Taste It / Not Enough Time (Promo 12″) For PPMD (Last one for this week mate!)










Baltimora – Tarzan Boy (’93 Mixes) (European 12″) For Tyler (Ssssh , I won’t tell anyone)









Various – Abducted 6 (CD Rip) For César Encina








Various X Mix Essential Megamixes – 10 (CD) For César Encina (Enjoy!)

Image result for X Mix Essential Megamixes - 10

Imagination ‎– Changes (12″) For DJ BD









Imagination – The Last Time (12″) For DJ BD (More Imagination incoming)









Talking Heads – Wild Wild Life (12″) For Retro Hound (Here he comes shoving his nose in your face after eating his dinner, Bad Dog!)


Shriekback – Twelves Part 1 (The Y Record Years) For Guido Fischer (Enjoy!)






Sunday Silly Song 51 – Chic – Jack Le Freak (12″)

A re-release to cash in on the fashionable “Jack” House grooves. Phil Harding and Ian Curnow intervene over the classic and sample the bassline of the Trax classic “Adonis – No Way Back” on it as well as lots of Mel And Kim (it’s almost a Megamix by the duo!!)


Original, instrumental, Disco track, “Savior Faire” is the B-side bonus with the mystical Nile Roger’s on guitar proving it’s not just about funk. Released in 1978!

Atlantic ‎– A 9198 (T) SAM_6430

A Jack Le Freak
B Savoir Faire

Martika ‎– Toy Soldiers (12″)

American singer and deemed a bit of a One Hit Wonder, Marta Marrero originally released this in 1988 but it resurfaced for a UK Hit (Number 5) in 1989 and then Eminem got his hands on it. The originally was mixed by Humberto Gatica, a bit Suzanne Vega, a bit Madonna in parts. A synth fuelled Power Ballad for Big Hairy 80’s fans.On the chorus  by some of her former castmates from Kids Incorporated – a US Kid’s Show which she was in.

“It’s Not What You’re Doing” was off her debut album, revealing a synth funk feel to it . Written by guitarist Robert Etoll who contributes a long guitar solo, again crystal clear production from Michael Jay.

“Exchange Of Hearts” is Euro style synthpop. Pulsing bass sequencer and a light touch of geetar;  a genuine, hidden B-side.

CBS ‎– 655049 8 SAM_4377

A Toy Soldiers 4:52
B1 It’s Not What You’re Doing 4:11
B2 Exchange Of Hearts 4:15

Tears For Fears ‎– Mothers Talk (Beat Of The Drum Mix) (US 12″and UK 12″)

The release of this originally was a Call To Arms and a really enjoyable change of direction with manic, urgent sounds. This 12″ includes the rejected “more songs from the big chair” 1986 US remix by Bob Clearmountain, a much gentler mix that effects the power of the song but doesn’t detract from the message. Backing vocalists are a veritable choir most singers in their own right, Bernita Turner (Eurythmics, Blow Monkeys), Katie Kissoon, Nicky Holland, Ruby James and Stevie Lange. It has lots of overdubs

Loads of samples appear on the main mix (“Evil Dead” stars in a large part as does Galaga video game ) Huge drums from Manny Elias and Luis Jardim’s percussion re-imagined via the Fairlight. It sort of stutters along with the song reemerging from the studio trickery.

For fans of the song there is the “Long Version” which is again very different. Chris Hughes adding an extra long intro and ending.

Mercury ‎– 884 638-1 SAM_4789

A Mothers Talk (Beat Of The Drum Mix) 8:54
B1 Mothers Talk (Long Version) 6:18
B2 Mothers Talk 4:14

As a bonus and knowing that we all like to cross all the t’s! The UK 12″ version from 1984 and an older vinyl rip with the atmospheric beat boxing of “Empire Building” as the B-side, very Art Of Noise. Is it Same as the long version from the previous 12″ ? I think so.

Mercury ‎– IDEA 712 motherered

A Mothers Talk (Extended Version) 6:15
B Empire Building 2:49

Scritti Politti ‎– Perfect Way (US Promo & Regular 12″)

An omission and certainly a Hit!!! (Number 11 in the US but only reached Number 48 in the UK ??)

From the fabulous “Cupid And Psyche 85” LP these are different versions with Alan Meyerson, Francois Kevorkian and Josh Abbey all teaming up on the main track as the “Way Perfect Mix” playing around with the bassline and cutting up the track.

The other version is the dub mix

The simplicity of the track shows on the longer and definite “Way Perfect Mix”, a genius of drum programming and pop hooks, Miles Davis covered it a year later.

Warner Bros. Records ‎– 0-20362  SAM_4206

A Perfect Way (Way Perfect Mix) 5:26
B Perfect Way (Way Perfect Version) 5:01


Warner Bros. Records ‎– PRO-A-2357 perfecto

A Perfect Way (Way Perfect Mix) 7:27
B Perfect Way (Single Version) 4:02

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