Re-uppage 42 (P.I.L. , Silicon Dream, Falco, Roxanne Shante, Robert Palmer, Sisters Of Mercy, Holly Johnson, Animotion)

Where we find someone getting over excited with re-up requests !!!

Mr. Krawinkel has requested 100 items (to date!) to be re-upped..a record for this blog..I have so far dealt with 7, I’m sure he will be patient! 🙂

Public Image Ltd ‎– Disappointed (US 12″) For Mike (I believe these guys are touring at the moment)









Public Image Limited – Warriors / Happy (US 12″) For Mark (Enjoy!!!)









Silicon Dream – Marcello The Mastroianni (2 X US 12) For Uwe Neumann (Odd but good!)








Falco ‎– Data De Groove (US 12″) For Uwe


Roxanne Shante ‎– Go On Girl (US 12″) For DJ Sane (OLD SKOOL)









Robert Palmer – Change His Ways (12″) For Mr. Winkel (I must be mad!)









The Sisters Of Mercy – Alice (Dirty Funker Mixes) (Bootleg 12″) For Mr. Winkel (I’m not saying a thing!)









Holly Johnson – Atomic City (12″) For Mr. Winkel (may he be forever grateful)


Animotion – I Want You (US Promo 12″) For Mr. Winkel (Maybe not!)










Mind Bomb ‎– Segue (The Al Jourgensen Remixes) (US Promo 12″)

More Mind Bomb ?? Rock and Industrial collide on this 1993 release. More Rock riffs with a tiny bit of added electronics and samples care of Uncle Al. Quite like this! It reminds me of the UK band Sunna. The first mix is the most invented and extended but Jourgersen is rather subdued on the mixing desk, almost commercial!

Mercury ‎– PRO 1046-1SAM_8995

A1 Segue (Throttlemine Injection) 5:44
A2 Segue (Full Throttle Mix) 4:00
A3 Segue (Captain Lovejoy Mix) 3:44
B1 Segue (Throttlemine Injection) 5:44
B2 Segue (Full Throttle Mix) 4:00
B3 Segue (Captain Lovejoy Mix) 3:44

The Sisters Of Mercy ‎– Temple Of Rarities (Bootleg CD)

Had this for a while and was just waiting for a opportune moment to unleash it !

Released in 1999 this contains a dozen normal and harder to find mixes of the early 90’s Sisters stuff. A Goth treasure trove! The pic below shows where the tracks where harvested from – pick your favourite!


SOM TR98rare

1 More (Power Mix) 10:53
2 Under The Gun (DJ Edit) 4:02
3 Vision Thing (Canadian Club Remix) 7:32
4 Blood Money 3:07
5 Dominion (Short Version) 5:06
6 I Was Wrong (Short Version) 3:12
7 Some Kind Of Stranger (Remastered) 7:20
8 This Corrosion (7″ Version) 4:24
9 Lucretia My Reflection (Ext. Single Version) 9:39
10 Detonation Boulevard (Remix) 3:49
11 Ozymandis (7″ Version) 4:19
12 More (Groove Mix) 4:24

Mind Bomb ‎– Prepare Yourself (US Promo 12″)


Quite glam rock sounding industrial stuff from obscure Chica band Mind Bomb, their debut release from 1993. The band comprised of Bass – Danny Vega, Drums – Jim Bashaw Guitar – John Checuga Lead Vocals, Guitar – Matt Mercado. Band got signed to a Major label (Mercury) given support slots with Kiss and Rob Halford but didn’t bring in the investment so got dropped.

On this promo the mixes are provided by Roli Mosimann (drummer with Swans) over the original production by Max Norman and are all pretty similar. A nice blend of electronics and rock guitar.

Mercury ‎– PRO 1054-1mond

A1 Prepare Yourself (Roli Mosiman Club Mix) 5:08
A2 Prepare Yourself (Roli Mosiman Instrumental Mix) 5:08
B1 Prepare Yourself (Roli Mosiman 11″ Mix) 4:30
B2 Prepare Yourself (Roli Mosiman Radio Mix) 3:12

Killing Joke ‎– Democracy (US & UK Promo 12″s)

The delicate voice of Jazz Coleman and a sort of a ballad from Killing Joke !!!

From 1995 and from the album of the same name it comes with a variety of different mixes. The “Rooter” mix (By metallers Carcass) gives it a proper Heavy Metal riff with solos. The United Nations (By Black Sun and Ott – Martin Glover) gives it a synth bassline and House Beats whilst Hallucinogen ( Simon Posford) goes for full on Trance.

Butterfly Records ‎– BFLP33demo

A1 Democracy (Album Mix)
A2 Democracy (Rooster Mix)
B1 Democracy (United Nations Mix)
B2 Democracy (Hallucinogen Mix)

Onto the US twelve with some exclusive mixes on it. Charlie Clouser and David Ogilivie team up on A2 and A3 to give it a NIN feel to them. The “House Of Common” mix, I’m guessing is the original version. Best of all is an Orb mix (with Sheldon Isaac) , think very long and with plenty of samples – a journey awaits

Zoo Entertainment ‎– ZP17197-1SAM_6947

A1 Democracy (United Nations Mix) 5:19
A2 Democracy (Conspiracy Theory Prolonged Mix) 5:14
A3 Democracy (Bi Partisan Mix) 4:30
A4 Democracy (House Of Commons Mix) 3:43
B Democracy (The Russian Tundra Mix) 17:52

Ministry ‎– The Fall / Reload (US 12″)

Wall of Noise and nihilism themes, care of Uncle Al.

Off the album “Filth Pig” and getting a limited release in December 1995.  “The Fall” is a powerful dirge. Grim and unrelenting with a tiny bit of piano “Reload” is a thrash at a 1000 decibels, stop/start and not very long! Bonus is the Non LP track TVIII with the added “film” samples another rapid thrash out, mad instrumental.

Warner Bros. Records ‎– 0-43630SAM_9547

A The Fall (Single Version) 5:35
B1 Reload (Long Edit) 3:33
B2 TV III (Non-Album Track) 4:21

Love And Rockets ‎– Body And Soul (US 12″)


A more alternative choice of tunes this week, exploring a darker, stranger side of the 90`s. 

Love And Rockets came about after the break up of Bauhaus with Daniel Ash (guitarist and vocalist) and David J (bassist) and brother Kevin Haskins. So this is from 1994 and the opening track from the album “Hot Trip To Heaven”. A psychedelic take on the current baggy dance sound. The long, involving album version is included at over 14 minute, an intricate soundscape to relax to and worth the wait when the guitars and beats kick in at 7 minutes. Part 2 is the shorter version and works just as well. The Higher Intelligence Agency (Robert Bird) darkens everything up in a twisted trip-hop style.Kris Needs and Bent Recknagel (Secret Knowledge) builds on a Sci-Fi theme with a strident synth lead going into Progressive House beats and rave overtones. Secret Knowledge’s side project, Delta Lady, also gives it a big space stomp with plenty of analogue sounds. A bonus for fans is the slide atmospherics of the instrumental track “Coyote”

American Recordings ‎– 0 41690SAM_8451

A1 Body And Soul (Album Version) 14:13
A2 Body And Soul (Out Of Body) 9:12
B1 Body And Soul (Delta Lady) 7:33
B2 Body And Soul (Dark Side Of The 12th Moon) 6:34
B3 Coyote 5:17
B4 Body And Soul (Part 2) 3:59

Tom Tom Club ‎– Who Feelin It (US 12″)


Rare, rare Tom Tom Club stuff (the rhythm section of the Talking Heads)  as Tina Weymouth has a go at rapping !!!! Released in 2000 from the LP “The Good The Bad And The Funky.” This appeared on the closing credit of “American Psycho” quirky but excellent with added street beats by Mista Sinista (Joel Wright from The X-Ecutioners) on his mixes.

Tip-Top ‎– US-TTR-00-00001SAM_8910.JPG

A1 Who Feelin It (Tom Tom Club Album Version) 6:15
A2 Who Feelin It (Mista Sinista’s Full Remix) 5:17
B1 Who Feelin It (Mista Sinista’s Radio Edit) 3:35
B2 Who Feelin It (Mista Sinista’s Instrumental) 3:34


Musto & Bones Featuring P.C.P. ‎– Dangerous On The Dancefloor (US Promo 12″)

The debut from Musto & Bones (Frankie Mitchell and Tommy Musto) from 1990 !!! Slightly un PC lyrical content from rapper PCP but just listen to those synths. It samples ‘Take Me Back’ by Rhythmatic and ‘The Killer’ by Dirty Mind. Old Skool at it best with a couple of dubs to die for!

Chi-Town Baby!!!

RCA ‎– 2797-1-HDABmuto

A1 Dangerous On The Dancefloor (Club Remix) 7:01
A2 Dangerous On The Dancefloor (Dub Mix) 5:22
B1 Dangerous On The Dancefloor (LP Remix) 7:15
B2 Dangerous On The Dancefloor (LP Dub Mix) 5:11

DJ ing this weekend, be back Sunday.

At Ulverston at Another Fine Fest.

Myvinyldreams on the road with some new/old vinyl that I haven’t even put up on here yet, excited!

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