Rick Springfield ‎– Rock Of Life (US Promo 12″)

Bizarrely I didn’t even know he was an Aussie!!! Always having dabbled in the electronica side of Rock this is a big chorus track from 1987 and off the LP of the same name.

All sample gimmicks on the 12″ and Big drums thanks to the remix by Bruce Forest and Frank Heller. (with edits by Herbie Powers Jnr.) It even mentions the Akai sampler on the Dub title. It’s almost Jackson-esque !!


RCA Victor ‎– 8315-1-RDSAM_2651

A Rock Of Life (12” Mix) 6:15
B1 Rock Of Life (Akai Dub 1 Version) 3:58
B2 Rock Of Life (The Essentials Only) 3:46

What Is This ‎– 3 Out Of 5 Live (E.P. + 12″)

Rare rock with a funk edge from American quartet What Is This. Released in 1985 they were signed to MCA but after all the hype sank without a trace.

Comprising of Alain Johannes (Chilean multi-instrumentalist) , Hillel Slovak (the original guitarist of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Jack Irons (drummer with Pearl Jam) and Michael Balzary ( bassist Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

This was produced by Todd Rundgren who had championed them. “Dreams Of Heaven” does have a RHCP feel to it. It includes a bizarre cover of The Spinners, “I’ll Be Around” !!!! In a melodic rock style. A more of a rock-out can be heard on ” Mind My Have Still I” – a bit of The Doors coming through.

As a bonus we get the studio version of that cover as well as a rockier mix and even a dance mix done by David Leonard.

An interesting curiosity.


MCA Records ‎– MCA-39041SAM_3639

Live Side
Dreams Of Heaven 3:22
I’ll Be Around 4:42
Mind My Have Still I 2:58
Studio Side
Dreams Of Heaven 3:34
I’ll Be Around (Rock Edit) 5:08

Mick Jagger ‎– Let’s Work (US 12″)

And here is the old fossil himself…..

I actually had forgotten about this release from 1987! From the album “Primitive Cool”, the old mix of tech and guitars raises it’s head again, even more on this track !! Well it was produced by Eurythmics David A. Stewart and mixed by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero. There is a touch of Springsteen’s “Glory Days” in the riff. But it is quite synth led particularly on the Dance Mix.  A distinguished set of session players appear, Omar Hakim on drums, Dean Garcia (Curve) on bass, backing vocals include Jocelyn Brown, Brenda King, Craig Derry and Cindy Mizelle. David Sanborn on sax and Jeff Beck on guitar.

B-side “Catch As Catch Can” sounds like an old Stones track, a slow bluesy rocker with a horn section and probably quite rare.


Columbia ‎– 44 06926jag

A Let’s Work (Dance Mix) 7:20
B1 Let’s Work (Edit) 5:04
B2 Catch As Catch Can 5:20

Peter Wolf ‎– Can’t Get Started (US 12″)

Frontman from the J Geils Band, Peter Wolf forged out a successful solo career and released this in 1987 from his LP “Come As You Are.” Produced by Eric “E.T.” Thorngren who adds a bit of synth sparkle here and there to modernize the traditional rock sound. B side , LP track “Mama Said” does more rock synth mixing.

Like Mick Jagger doing “Footloose” !

More Wolf here


and here




EMI America ‎– V-19243wolf

A1 Can’t Get Started (Extended Mix) 4:38
A2 Can’t Get Started (LP Version) 3:02
B1 Can’t Get Started (Dub Version) 5:03
B2 Mamma Said 4:04

Passion Fodder ‎– Luz Blanca (Spoons Mix) (12″)

Skewed French/American alternative rock from Cult band, Passion Fodder. Led by the charismatic author and artist Theo Hakola (vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica, dulcimer), Nicolas Magat (drums) , Bénédicte Villain (violin), Pascal Humbert (bass, guitar and in the baand 16 Horsepower), Lionel Dollet (guitar, organ, piano)

Produced by Theo and engineered by a very young Simon Osbourne this has a Swamp stomp feel to it, with I guess real Spoons being rattled together amongst the tremelo guitar.

Slide guitar makes an appearance on the excellent “Dirt” as well as violin that segues into the military beat on “God…” WARNING chaotic guitar, violin noise!


Beggars Banquet ‎– BEG 191Tpassion

A Luz Blanca (Spoons Mix)
B1 Dirt
B2 God Couldn’t Fight His Way Out Of A Wet Brown Bag

Scritti Politti ‎– Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin) (US 12″)

A little bit belated but in memory of the great Aretha Franklin who sadly died this week. May she join the other great Diva’s to become leader of the Heavenly Choir.

Released in 1983 by Scritti Politti I’m not sure if it is any different from the UK 12″ but Mike posted this through as a sort of tribute.

This was a Worldwide smash thanks to all the pristine production and use of samples. With additional bass by Will Lee, guitar by Paul Jackson amd HUGE drums by Steve Ferrone (now drummer with Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers) – and you thought it was all samples!

The “Version” is always my favourite cut, but what the song means I’ve not a clue!!


Warner Bros. Records ‎– 0-20417pray

A Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin) Version 5:57
B Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin) 4:48

Blue In Heaven ‎– Explicit Material (US Vinyl LP)

Back with more guitar stuff from the little heard of Dublin group, Blue In Heaven. This was their ’86 LP “Explicit Material” sounding a bit like the Bunnymen mixed with The Church.

Line-up includes singer/guitarist Shane O’Neil, Declan Jones on bass, Eamonn Tynan on guitar and Dave Clarke (drums and went on to be in the Hothouse Flowers) Like a lot of successful Irish bands they started on U2’s Mother Records then got signed to Island. This was produced by  Chris Blackwell and Eric Thorngren and has a liberal sprinkle of synth keyboards over the top of the rocky guitar. These contrast with the more punky tracks,  Shane’s avowed Iggy fixation comes through on the grungy “Be Your Man.”  Highlights include the Goth rocker, “I Just Wanna” the energetic “Rolling In The Crowd” with their signature, strong bassline.


Island Records ‎– 7 90511-1SAM_9534

A1 Change Your Mind 4:34
A2 Tell Me 3:00
A3 Just Another Day 4:01
A4 Sister 3:53
A5 Be Your Man 2:50
B1 I Just Wanna 5:48
B2 Close Your Eyes 4:16
B3 Rolling In The Crowd 5:09
B4 Hope To God 3:25