Various – Debut LP Magazine – Issue 02 (Vinyl LP)

Would love to own this, love a good read whilst having a listen. Thanks Fred for providing the listening bit.

Starting with the cool jazz of Swans Way with the lilting and lazy “In Trance.”

Scott Walker has a rare track called “Track 3” (inspired to come out of the shadows after the success of “No Regrets” by Ure ?) Was from the album “Climate of Hunter” Billy Ocean singing on the harmony and Phil Palmer and Ray Russel on guitars.

Early Waterboys and the epic “Big Music” with Eddie Reader on backing vocals. This is followed by the dubby “A Place In Your Heart” by Orange Juice. From “Texas Fever”, a six song album from March 1984.

The Shillelagh Sisters are a bit like a female fronted Stray Cats, swing beat Rockabilly. This is the B-side of their debut single, “Give Me My Freedom”

Steve Levine adds the synths to the Calypso of “Waiting In Line”, exclusive to this release. Cowritten with John Alder from The Jags, it goes into some nice synth dub towards the end.

Another B-side from a debut from Illustrated Man (more on this blog if you need more) “Sensation” has plenty of Duran-isms. Carmel covers “Tracks Of My Tears”, a smoky jazz feel, love that organ!

Really like the Passion Puppets track “Child” from their only album. Flute and Goth! Eyes peeled for that LP!

Flesh For Lulu has the Country twang of “Roman Candle” their debut, not ” Subterraneans” as printed. Another great track!

Whether this is a hard to find version of “Heart Of The Country” by Ultravox, the fans will tell me. It’s the album version isn’t it ? – released as a teaser.

Debut – LP MAG 2

A1Swans WayIn Trance4:00
A2Scott WalkerTrack 33:42
A3The WaterboysThe Big Music4:37
A4Orange JuiceA Place In Your Heart3:00
A5The Shillelagh SistersCheatin’ Teasin’ Man2:04
A6Steve LevineWaiting In Line4:42
B1Illustrated ManSensation4:30
B2CarmelTracks Of My Tears3:55
B3Passion PuppetsChild4:45
B4Flesh For LuluSubterraneans3:30
B5UltravoxHeart Of The Country5:05

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Soul To Squeeze (US CDS)

Not really played that much bit typical RHCP from August 1993 and produced by Rick Rubin it featured in the film “Coneheads” It never got a UK release.

Of real interest is the live B-side, a frantic rocker recorded at Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA. A live favourite with a must hear guitar solo.

Warner Bros. Records – 9 18401-2

1Soul To Squeeze (Album Version)4:52
2Nobody Weird Like Me (Live)5:03

Frank Black – Hang On To Your Ego E.P. (CDS)

From April 93 and some solo stuff from Pixies front man Frank Blank in fact his debut release and written by Brian Wilson, appearing on the Pixies “Pet Sounds”, a rocky reinterpretation.

The second track is a 10 minute instrumental with co-producer Eric Drew Feldman (Pere Ubu) helping out on synths. Long and complex, it has plenty of melody and could be a Teen movie soundtrack.

The closing track is another fuller sounding instrumental , quite Proggy with fellow Pixie , Joey Santiago guesting on guitar. (again)

4AD – BAD 3005 CD

1Hang On To Your Ego3:23
2Surf Epic10:12
3The Ballad Of Johnny Horton4:22

AIR French Band – All I Need (CDS)

It’s 90’s Wednesday!

The perfect song for a Hot Summers Day and with a couple of cool remixes as well of “Kelly Watch The Stars!” A song that puts you in a place where you have a memory.

Moog Cookbook ;Ex-Jellyfish members  Roger Joseph Manning Jr and Brian Kehew. funk it up with plenty of guitar links and a definite Moog bass and synth solo. MIX OF THE MONTH – great variety!

French synth group Phoenix deconstruct the track even further but it drags towards the end.

Virgin – VSCDT 1702

1All I Need (Edit) Featuring – Beth Hirsch3:59
2Kelly Watch The Stars! (Moog Cookbook Remix)*5:39
3Kelly Watch The Stars! (American Girls Remix)5:12

Workforce – Back In The Good Books + Re-up (12″)

Early ’86 and some rapid electro funk from Sheffield’s Workforce, mates of Cabaret Voltaire.

Personnel ;

Tom Tom [Rototoms], Tape – Tim Owen, Vocals, Bass, Programmed By – Paul Wheatcroft, Guitar, Keyboards, Tape, Programmed By – Rod Leigh and Drums, Other [Treatments], Tape, Programmed By – Alan Fisch.

Frantic stuff with plenty of random samples thrown in, The “Strip Mix” being the instrumental.

More Indie Funk on the slower, deeper groove of B-side “This is The One”.

More from them;

Rorschach Testing Product – ror 5

Other Side
ABack In The Good Books (Body Mix)6:31
This Side
B1Back In The Good Books (Strip Mix)4:16
B2This Is The One5:29

Spear Of Destiny – All My Love (Ask Nothing) (5 Track Edition) + Re-up (12″)

Was this a bit too much for the fans ? Brass and backing vocals and a very commercial rock sound.

Produced by Rusty Egan it was released in June 1985. The B-side has plenty of that signature guitar sound and a rowdy guitar. (+ sax solo)

This UK 12″ has 3 live tracks from the Lyceum from 1984, very raw versions but they were (and are) a great live band.

Here is the regualar with the cover of a Free song “Walk In My Shadow”

Epic – QTA 6333

AAll My Love (Ask Nothing) (Extended Version)
A2Last Card
B1The Wheel (Live)
B2Prisoner Of Love (Live)
B3Liberator (Live)

Nacht Und Nebel – Ready To Dance (Netherlands 12″)

More obscure 80’s Indie Euro Dance. Founded by vocalist Patrick Nebel (who died the following year) the line-up on this ’85 release was; Bass Guitar – Fil Yzerdraad, Drums – Pat Pattyn (The Bollock Brothers), Guitar – Koen Claeys, Keyboards – Albano Bentano and Percussion – Chris Joris

The main dance has loads of percussion, a deep bass synth and plenty of loud Indie guitar.

“Soul Body And Mind” is more Indie Dance, Cure-like via Shriekback,

“Blah, Blah, Blah” is another unusual mix of styles. Flamenco guitar and synth brass.

All produced by Jean Blaute.

CNR – 151.190

AReady To Dance5:32
B1Soul, Body And Mind2:17
B2Blah, Blah, Blah2:12

Jonathan Richman – Egyptian Reggae (Netherlands 12″)

Debut on here for American guitarist and songwriter Jonathan Richman and a Ben Liebrand remix! From ’82 as well!

Weird as it has been looped around with an odd drum sound but the song is still there with all the guitar twangs. Not sure as I’m not familiar with the original. The B-side is a short live rendition.

Liking the very dubby break in the middle,

High Fashion Music – MS 45

AEgyptian Reggae5:20
BEgyptian Reggae (Live)2:49

Blue Mercedes – Rich And Famous + Re-ups (CD Album)

Cheesy synthpop of the late 80’s from Blue Mercedes. Produced by Phil Harding and Ian Curnow.

All good tunes, no fillers. Sometimes the lyrics can be a bit jarring, “Your Secret Is Safe With Me” for instance reminds me of Sade but the lyric “Would you like a knuckle sandwich ?” was a bit of a shock!?

Pop ! Pop ! Pop! in the style of ABC (if produced by PWL) with a classic Spandau closing track.

All the singles are below (Refreshed – for that Super Deluxe Edition)

MCA Records – 255 246-2

1I Want To Be Your Property3:15
2See Want Must Have3:40
3Love Is The Gun4:02
4Welcome To Lovesville3:32
5Your Secret Is Safe With Me4:11
6I Hate New York3:24
8Heaven On Earth4:25
9Run For Your Love4:37
10Crunchy Love Affaire3:53
11Property (Def B4 Dishonour USA Mix)6:40
12Love Is The Gun (Miami Mix)5:06
13See Want Must Have (Funk Ass Mix)6:56
14Run For Your Love (Pop Art Mix)4:53

Blue Mercedes – That Beauty Is You (12″)

Blue Mercedes Monday!?! (Part 2)

From ’89 and the ABC-ish arrangement from Duncan Miller (keyboards) and David Titlow (Voice) He actually does a whoop!

The “Sacrifice Mix” changes it to a Piano House track that “Rides On Time” with plenty of diva vocals and odd soundbites from “The Wicker Man” and re-recorded vocals. Thank God for the 7″ version, also included.

” Love, Peace, Hate & War” was the sound of a band gearing up for their second album, that didn’t get released. Acoustic guitar going into some tight beats, Deacon Blue ?

MCA Records – MCAT 1374

AThat Beauty Is You (Sacrifice Mix)
B1That Beauty Is You (7″ Version)
B2Love, Peace, Hate & War

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