Echo & The Bunnymen ‎– Lips Like Sugar (US 12″)

From 1987 and getting François Kevorkian and Michael Hutchinson to do the remixing. The Bunnymen were slowly embracing technology and the art of the twelve inch.

The 12″ mix bounces along with the louder drums and bass guitar. A great mix with enough different going on.

I’ve not had a Dub to listen to for a while, worth waiting for, love the guitar snippets.

“Rollercoaster” is a raunchy little number, with drummer Pete De Freitas getting a writing credit. Lots of energy and almost Iggy Pop-like vocals.

Sire ‎– 0-20784

A1Lips Like Sugar (12″ Mix)6:44
B1Lips Like Sugar (Dub)6:36
B2Lips Like Sugar (Single Mix)4:19

Love And Rockets ‎– So Alive (CD Single)

Another CD Rip from Fred (Shhhhhh….don’t look at the blog title 😁)

Their greatest Hit (breaking them into America) and from 1989, produced with John Fryer. It contains 2 non-album tracks.

The backing vocalists (Lorna Wright, Ruby James and Sylvia Mason) do make a big difference. It’s a cracking track.

“Bike” is an instrumental, all skittering drum machines and fifties Spy film guitar and seedy saxophone from Daniel Ash.

“Dream Time” is very long, starting with accapella and then goes into chants and atmospherics, a mystical rare track.

RCA ‎– PD49400

1So Alive4:15
3Dream Time8:40

Spear Of Destiny ‎– Never Take Me Alive (German 12″)

Posted this a while back as the 12″ Double Pack. This German 12″ has the amazing Zeus B Held Extended version.

Thundering drums and dramatic keys. It is one of my favourite songs by Kirk Brandon. The 12″ plays around with the order and it takes a few listens to get used to new editing and it does drag a little.

The rocky “Land Of Shame” is great track on its own and also from the album, “Outland.” In the spirit of Punk.

The 12″ version sounds a bit like “Dancing In The Street” with the city shout-outs and very Springsteen. The song kicking in eventually at three and a half minutes.

10 Records ‎– 609 041

ANever Take Me Alive (Extended Version)6:18
B1Land Of Shame (Extended Mix)8:21
B2Land Of Shame (Original Version)2:50

Spizz ‎– Where’s Captain Kirk? (12″)

An electro re-recording of the classic (originally from 1979) released in 1987. Given a dominant synth bassline and crunchy guitars. It was performed by original member,Spizz (Kenneth Spiers) and arranged by Nicky Tesco (The Members) It actually quite good and probably fits in with the EMF, Jesus Jones vibe of the early ’90’s.

Also included were the backing singers; Annie Shardlow, Karen Ware (from the band Kiss That) and Linzi Crisp (The Daughters Of God) Mike Ferda on extra guitar. Martin Ware did the video that I failed to find.

“Living Is Better…” is a slice of synthpop with a punk edge. Fierce bass synth and treated vocals, the chorus reminds me of Kissing The Pink. It is all about Safe Sex with a voice over again by Gary Martin.

Hobo Railways ‎– HOBO12 001

AWhere’s Captain Kirk? (Extended Version)
B1Where’s Captain Kirk?
B2Living Is Better With Freedom (North-South Divide Mix)

Radio Heart Featuring Gary Numan ‎– All Across The Nation (CD SINGLE)

Thought this was already on here to be honest.

Radio Heart were in fact the trio of two brothers and Numan (David Nicholson, Gary Webb and Hugh Nicholson) Both the Brothers were in Scottish 70’s Rock Band, Blue.

From 1987 and the quite rocky “All Across The Nation” featuring Gary Numan. A definite Goth feel to it. It chugs along with some nice piano touches and some electronic choirs doing the “Oohs” and “Aahs” Apparently this was Numan’s first CD release.

The Extended Version is much meatier and the preferred listen.

I quite like the chiming, instrumental B side, “River” all embracing the new digital samplers (and including a few preset sounds too!) With some trademark motifs in there as well.

There’s a lot of Numan fans on here so they will probably add some details in the comments section.


1Radio HeartAll Across The Nation (Extended Remix)5:38
2Radio HeartAll Across The Nation (Radio Mix)4:02
3Gary NumanRiver3:39
4Radio HeartAll Across The Nation (Instrumental)5:37

Bomb The Bass Featuring Maureen ‎– Say A Little Prayer (Limited Edition Remix) (Netherlands 12″)

Back in the driving seat (and forgetting about last week) but still keeping the Theme (Nothing before 1987!)

This a great cover of the classic made famous by Aretha Franklin and this time sung by Maureen Walsh. Bomb The Bass had broken through and released this in 1988.

A minimal arrangement but very effective. Love those loud synth chords. A Perfect Cover Version!

One of the shortest Megamixes on this blog at under 3 minutes. A bit of a hatchet, a guided tour of Bomb The Bass’s ’88 output.

The Ace in the pack is the “Live” track, featuring some Kraftwerk samples. Solid House Beats almost Industrial. Up there with my other favourite track by them, “Bug Powder Dust””).rar/file

Torso ‎– TORSO 12089

ASay A Little Prayer
B210 Seconds To Terminate

Ian Dury / The Seven Seas Players ‎– Spasticus Autisticus (Netherlands 12″)

Some bubbles appeared on the surface of the swamp.

Generally,things have been better but I’m back with this hard hitting, face punching , bit of controversy from Ian Dury from the surprisingly recent 1981 (His first outing without the Blockheads). I think the song was instantly banned by the BBC.

Anyways it’s funky and has a strong message. Chaz Jankel had emerged as the musical brains to promote Dury’s message about disability.

The B-side involves Sly and Robbie maximizing the funk value helped by the mixing skills of Steven Stanley (Tom Tom Club) extending it and dubbing it out.

If offended please don’t listen!”).rar/file

Polydor ‎– 2141 399

AIan DurySpasticus Autisticus
BThe Seven Seas PlayersSpasticus Autisticus (Version)

Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock ‎– Get On The Dance Floor (US 12″)

From ’88 and the real breakthrough for commercial Dance records, manufactured for the home as well as the club and trend that would continue to the next decade.

An unusual and complex beat pattern and it also uses what later became the “Rave” sound of the late 80’s and 90’s (sampled from “A Day In The LIfe” by Black Riot (Todd Terry). Gail “Sky” King does all the remixes, using her editing skills to nail the cut up lyrics, best heard on the “Sky Dub” – almost going into Freestyle territory. Mac Quayle adds some additional keyboards on that Jackson riff.

“Keep It Going” is a nice hidden gem, a tougher Hip Hop cut, old skool at its best.

Profile Records ‎– PRO-7239

A1Get On The Dance Floor (The “Sky” King Remix)6:50
A2Get On The Dance Floor (The Surgical “Sky” King Dub)6:30
B1Keep It Going Now (Hardcore Remix)4:00
B2Get On The Dance Floor (E-Z Rockin’ Bonus Beats)3:10
B3Get On The Dance Floor (Original Album Version)4:23

UTFO ‎– Wanna Rock (US 12″)

Brooklyn Rap Collective released this in 1988 after originally featuring on the Real Roxanne record back in ’84. UTFO = Untouchable Force Organization made up of Shiller Shaun Fequiere AKA Kangol Kid,
Fred Reeves AKA Doctor Ice, Jeffrey Campbell AKA Educated Rapper
and Maurice Bailey AKA Mixmaster Ice.

Produced by Full Force with Omar Santana on edits. (Especially on the Extended Version)

Sampling plenty of James Brown and Three Degrees !

Select Records ‎– FMS 62333

A1Wanna Rock (L.P. Version)4:59
A2Wanna Rock (Forceful Mix)5:38
A3Wanna Rock (Radio Edit)3:50
B1Wanna Rock (Extended Version)5:56
B2Wanna Rock (Omar’s Dub)5:35

Whispers ‎– Rock Steady (US 12″)

A rare 12″ cut from 1987 featuring the legendary vocal group, The Whispers (who started in the sixties)

Jazz funk groove with some big drums it was produced and co-written by  L.A. & Babyface. Midnight Star’s Bo Watson and Dwayne Ladd were the other writers.

Smooth as a baby’s bottom!

“Are You Going My Way” is a classic, soul ballad showcasing the voices. A 60’s song with an 80’s musical backing. Produced by band member, the late Nicholas Caldwell.

Solar ‎– V-71153

ARock Steady5:10
B1Rock Steady (Instrumental)5:08
B2Are You Going My Way5:08

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