Getting The Fear ‎– Last Salute (12″)


They only had one release…..the series continues!

From 1984 and an interesting pedigree to this short lived band. They were formed by 3 members from The Southern Death Cult, a band that was fronted by Ian Astbury, who went on to be the lead singer of The Cult.

The line-up was Barry Jepson, (Bass) David Burroughs, (Buzz) (Guitars) Haq Qureshi – Aki (Drums) and Paul Hampshire (Bee) (Vocals)

It ain’t bad with a definite mix of synth and guitars. Danse Society sounding in places. They had potential but got quickly dropped by RCA….the bastards!

After the band dissolved, Bee and Barry went on to form Into A Circle, another 1980’s band. Bee later moved to Thailand and joined the electro-rock band FUTON alongside Simon Gilbert from Suede. Barry became a tour manager for bands in the UK. Aki went on to form the political Islamic hip-hop group Fun-Da-Mental and to create the label Nation Records. Buzz moved to the south of France and became an antiques dealer.

The A-side isn’t into bad condition but the B-side has suffered from static and crackle invasion so I’ve provided both raw and treated versions of all the tracks.

RCA ‎– RCAT 432lastfrontcov

A Last Salute (Getting The Fear) 5:58
B1 Last Salute (Instrumental) 3:10
B2 We Struggle 4:05

Re-uppage 35 (Wang Chung, Simple Minds, Stevie Wonder, Betty Boo, Robert Palmer, The Other Ones)

Small and perfectly….must mean everyone is happy!

Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days (Remixes) (US Promo 12″) For channel duo (welcome aboard!)








Simple Minds – Promised You A Miracle (US 12″) For Stephen (Don’t be shy old Mucker !)








Stevie Wonder ‎– Part-Time Lover (US 12″) For Weston









Betty Boo – I’m On My Way (12″) For Marcio









Robert Palmer – Pride (US Promo 12″) For Gabby (cheers, should have re-upped when I posted the original 🙂 )









The Other Ones – Holiday (US 12″) For Winx (Mike said it was up here….duh! I don’t even know my own blog!)




The Funkrew ‎– Bad Bad Boy (12″)

Another obscurity from the 80’s and this Stewart Levine produced Pop / Funk ditty for the Do Not Erase Production company. They hopefully thought it would be a “hit” and like a lot of stuff it didn’t.

Was it crap then ? Not really, the band could play. I’m guessing the “Sophisticated Version” was the demo they sent to the record company, it gets annoyingly faded out and shows they did have some musicians. The “Extended Version” is a typical Levine big sounding production with added brass and funky vibes.

Arista ‎– 609 756boyfrontcov

A Bad Bad Boy (Extended Version) 6:05
B1 Bad Bad Boy (7″ Remix) 3:50
B2 Bad Bad Boy (Sophisticated Version) 3:46

Julia Fordham ‎– Where Does The Time Go?(12″)

From ’89 and the amazing voice of Julia Fordham (I prefer her voice to the similar Alison Moyet’s) with John O’Kane (from Missing Persons) on backing vocals.

Backed by the almost A’Cappella (and seemingly recorded live) “My Little Secret” with just some backing precussion and the heartfelt ballad “Behind Closed Doors” also live. recorded at the Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow for a radio broadcast.

The better recording is the less damaged “Radio Edit” which is very different to the album version.

Quality stuff from a quality artist who is still doing stuff now.

Circa ‎– YRT 23timefrontcov

A Where Does The Time Go? 4:25
B1 My Little Secret 2:07
B2 Behind Closed Doors (Live) 3:04
B3 Where Does The Time Go? (Radio Edit) 3:54

Go Fundamental ‎– People On The Top Floor (12″)

Classic 80’s New Wave from some total unknowns. One major release on Arista then dropped. This came out in 1985 and was fronted by Glenn Skinner who was to become a much sought after producer (Curiosity, Killing Joke, Danny Wilson, Lighthouse Family, Milltown Bros, Debbie Harry, and Kingmaker)

Also in Go Fundamental were Steve Van Deller (vocals & guitars), and Neil Brockbank. (basses) Quite a lot of jangle guitar and a tribal feel to it. “Another European” starts off with a small instrument and then goes into a bit of a Flock Of Seagulls vibe. Cringe worthy lyrics.

Arista ‎– ARIST 12622topfloorfrontcov

A People On The Top Floor (Extended Mix)
B Another European (Extended Mix)

Bigod 20 – 2 x 12″


Mike doesn’t own these vinyls, I don’t own them. This is a bit of a worry for me sharing stuff that has been plucked from the sticky tendrils of the Web.

Sharing is caring but I don’t want to run into any trouble with DMCA notice so this is just a sneaky share so shush!

Bigod 20 were a German trio who came out of the late 80’s Industrial scene with a more dance orientated sound. Comprised of  Andreas Tomalla (Talla 2XLC), Markus Nikolai ( Jallokin) and Thomas Franzmann (Zip) who all went on to be successful Techno artists in the 90’s.

“America” has additional songwriting credits by Richard 23 and Patrick Codenys of Front 242. Plenty of NASA samples and America Political sound bites. There, as you’d expect, plenty of Front 242. There is a definite feel of Chemical Brothers “Hey Boy Hey Girl” about it, all under the angst of Cold War and saber rattling. A bizarre cover of Depeche Mode’s “Photographic” appears on the B-side. All de-tuned sequencers but keeping quite faithful to the original with the retro synth sounds but with all the vocals through a vocoder.


A America 6:36
B Photographic 4:53

The second offering is the very IBM sounding “Body & Energize” “Body To Body” could be a Nitzer Ebb track of the same time. Sample manipulation and some loud drum machine beats with a wet, bubbling bass synth. “Energize” is a much more interesting track,with some interesting sounds and a relentless beat.



1 Body To Body (An Afternoon Of Aggression) 4:08
2 Energize 4:45
3 Body To Body (The Houston Edit) 3:43

The Quick ‎– Bed Of Nails (12″)

If you like Wax, Go West etc… you might like this bit of electro funk/rock. The Quick comprised of vocalist Colin “Col” Campsie and bassist/keyboardist George McFarlane. They formed back in 1979 but this is their last release. Their last album, “Wah Wah” came out in 1986 on A&M Records. New York underground radio station WLIR played the hell out of this track.

This is full of samples and overdubs with a bass line sounding suspiciously like the one from Talk Talk’s “It’s My Life” via Joel’s “You Can’t Start a Fire” It was mixed by Phil Thornally.

No vid for this release, so I stuck up the vid of a previous release which features on the B-side (in 12″ form) as well as the mid tempo, plodding AOR track “The Guarantee.”

A&M Records ‎– AMY 304nailsfrontcov

A Bed Of Nails (Special Ouch! Mix) 7:10
B1 The Guarantee 4:00
B2 Down The Wire (Learn To Dance Remix) 8:18

Chaz Jankel Featuring Brenda Jones ‎– You’re My Occupation (Promo 12″)


Released in 1986 and solid funk from Jankel and Brenda Jones. Chaz Jankel was keyboardist for Ian Dury & The Blockheads, songwriting partner and musical director.

Two different mixes and not a dub as stated on the label. Solid synth bass and soulful vocals produced by Jankel and engineered by Phlip Bagenal. The b-side is the one the DJ’s play.

More Jankel here

A&M Records ‎– AMY 344occupationfrontcov

A You’re My Occupation (Extended)
B You’re My Occupation (Dub)


Silly Sunday Song – 3 – Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting ’89 Remix (German 12″)

As Politically Incorrect as much as “Japanese Boy” by Aneka, this was originally released in 1974 as a novelty Disco hit. Jamaican Born Brit Carl Douglas had a few hits in the 60’s as part of the group Carl Douglas And The Big Stampede and had a close association with producer Biddu (an Indian-British music producer) who produced the original.

The ’89 remix adds a cheesy synth bass line and electronic drums and percussion, it was done by remix group Three Man Island probably as a bit of a cash in as “Karate Kid Part III” was out in the same year. Interesting but not the best, as a lot of late 80’s remixers were. Dig those lyrics.

As a bonus is the original and far superior “Dance The Kung Fu” – 70’s funk and basically “Kung Fu Fighting” (Part 2) but far more cooler and the preferred track to drop if your Dj-ing.

PRT ‎– 246 810-0SAM_3120

A Kung Fu Fighting (12″ Remixed 1989 Version) 5:48
B1 Kung Fu Fighting (7″ Remixed 1989 Version) 3:23
B2 Kung Fu Fighting (Original Version) 3:16
B3 Dance The Kung Fu 3:06

Voice Farm – 2 x LP’s


So a bit of a Voice Farm Day today to compliment the previous post by I Start Counting.

San Francisco based the band started as a trio of Gary Miles, (Keyboards, Marimba) Myke Reilly (Keyboards, Drum Box and Backing Vocals) and Charly Brown (Vocals, Keyboards and Tapes)

There debut album “The World We Live In” is full of primitive synth sounds and weird percussion. Released in 1982 it sounds like early Human League in places before breaking into Cold Wave heaven and Early Depeche Mode synthpop. Produced by David Kahne it has added drums by John Stench (Romeo Void and Chrome) and added synths and Synares by Debra Hanes who would become a full time member of the group.

Influences of Numan, Devo and OMD are all here. With the emphasis on entertainment there is even a subdued, shuffling cover of The Jaynetts’ 1963 hit “Sally Go ‘Round the Roses” here. However, there are some darker instrumentals to enjoy such as the opener, “Davy’s Big Battle” and “Follow Me Home.” You do get the quirkier synthpunk of “Mama Made Me Do It” Probably too many styles here but an interesting listen.

Optional Records ‎– 004voicefarm

A1 A.M. City 2:51
A2 Lost Adults 4:08
A3 Beatnik 3:23
A4 Davy’s Big Battle 2:52
A5 Mama Made Me Do It 1:31
B1 Sally Go Round The Roses 3:47
B2 Double Garage 3:10
B3 Follow Me Home 2:28
B4 Voyeur 2:57
B5 Cheeno 0:52
B6 Over And Over 3:26


Let’s step forward to ’91 and the release of their 3rd Album (Not the most prolific of bands!) So we have smooth production with humorous and “naughty” samples scattered throughout. It’s a fun album. It has a dance vibe to it with some hooky melodies, there is even some guitar lurking around. There is a re-recorded version of “Johnny Belinda.” Unfortunately they were signed to Morgan Creek Records which failed to promote it and soon folded, the band did the same soon after.

Polydor ‎– 511 787-1voice2

A1 Free Love 4:32
A2 Thank You 5:00
A3 Earth 5:28
A4 Come On A My House 3:40
A5 Seeing Is Believing 4:39
A6 Hey Free Thinker 5:49
B1 Ode To Buffy 1:17
B2 King Of The Rat Race 5:25
B3 Johnny Belinda 3:59
B4 Stand By 5:46
B5 My Idea 3:20
B6 Walk Away 4:17
B7 Don’t Know Why 4:45

More twelves re-upped here

With the “Johnny Belinda” one also here!

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