Lene Lovich – Bird Song (12″)

Another Stiff Records release from 1979 (shhhhh!) and the great Lene Lovich in full throttle with boyfriend Les Chappell. Quirky and outthere. A bit before the big hit, “Lucky Number” this showcased the vocal range of the American (via Eastern Europe), Lovich. The B- side “Too Tender” is a bit of a classic and much better than the A-side. The Bonus track seems like a Mad Clown anthem, twisted Fairground music in a weird instrumental, “Trixi”


Stiff Records ‎– 12 BUY 53birdsongfrontcov

A Bird Song
B1 Too Tender (To Touch)
B2 Trixi

The Art Of Noise Featuring Mahlathini And The Mahotella Queens ‎- Yebo! (US 12″)

So Mike being a bit of a perfectionists has re-recorded andsam_7708 re-upped this 1989 effort from AON in true World Music/WOMAD style,based on the 1983 track “Masimba Bele” by The Unknown Cases  With the main mixes provided by JJ and Joe Smooth.


China Records ‎– 873 305-1

A Yebo! (Club Mix) 7:38
B1 Yebo! (Underground Mix) 6:59
B2 Yebo! (Mbaganga Mix) 7:08

Passion Puppets – Voices (12″)

Some British stuff now with short lived band from Camden, Passion Puppets, signed to the seminal Stiff Record label.This was from 1983 and the follow up to the cult hit, “Like Dust” the line-up  Ray Burmiston (vocals – and now rock photographer), Miki Screene (bass, vocals), Andy P. (guitars), Dave Rollins (guitars) and Simon Langford Godfrey (drums) The main track was produced by Pete Walsh with that bass guitar sound from The Cure and some clarinet/saxophone, a bit of a forgotten 80’s classic. B-side see’s more guitar jangle and brass (a sea-shanty with slight Clash-inees) A bonus of a New Wave styled Bowie cover (i.e plenty of Saxophone) of “We Are Dead” (off the Diamond Dogs) produced by 70’s legend producer Paul Cobbold – proof that all 80’s New Wave led back to Bowie.


Stiff Records ‎– SBUY 188sam_5933

A Voices (Extended Version)
B1 Powder Monkeys
B2 We Are The Dead

Lou Reed ‎– No Money Down (US Promo 12″)

Return of a gnarly old rocker from the 70’s (Exhibit B)

From 1986 and a rare promo from Lou Reed with some Bowie overturns on the chorus. From the album “Mistrial” given a very 80’s polish. Heaven 17 sounding in places.


RCA ‎– JW-14388


A No Money Down (Extended) 5:40
B1 No Money Down (Dub) 5:22
B2 No Money Down (LP Version) 3:10

Billy Crystal ‎– You Look Marvelous (US Promo 12″)

Novelty Record alert!! Remixed by Arthur Baker and the Latin Rascals with this quite bizarre hit from comedian Billy Crystal (acting like Max Headroom) the 80’s references are amazing. The DUB is so much better, Mr. Baker at the controls…turning it into a hypnotic beat Billy Crystal tries to pull it off the effected accent to what is more soundbites and 80’s cod funk…..loved it!


A&M Records ‎– SP-12147

Suggestion for going to the aftershow and liberty ???? answer via a young lady miles away!



A You Look Marvelous (Extended Version) 7:31
B You Look Marvelous (Dub Version) 7:21

Robert Plamer – I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On (12″)


The normal UK release of this track which IMHO is better than the ploddy “Addicted To Love”, exactly the same as the 7″ but with the B-side,”Get It Through Your Heart” showing the crooning side of Palmer, good Brat Pack stuff!


Island Records ‎– 12 IS 283roberto

A I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On (Original Long Version) 4:24
B Get It Through Your Heart 2:49

Art Of Noise ‎– Re-works Of Art Of Noise (Vinyl LP)


Amazingly this was lurking around on a dusty hard drive. From 1986, a compilation of where one side was recorded live at the Hammersmith Odeon. Quality stuff and hopefully follower, David Miller, (who is a massive fan of AON) will have a late Christmas present.


China Records ‎– WOLD 2arted

A1 Paranoimia (7″ Version) 3:18
A2 Legacy (12″ Version) 8:20
A3 Peter Gunn (12″ Version) 6:02
B1 Legs (Live) 4:03
B2 Paranoimia (Live) 4:58
B3 Hammersmith To Tokyo And Back (Live) 9:59

Art Of Noise – Dragnet (12″)

Stuff I had stashed away.

Arthur Baker tickles his fingers over this outing from 1987 which featured in the film of the same name. A Pastiche of the old 60’s cop films, this samples soundbites from the film, the video is just as mad. “Acton Art” is just mad sampling to the MAX of their old stuff off the China albums randomly thrown together. A bit crackly but heh!


China Records ‎– WOKX 14artback

A1 Dragnet (Arthur Baker 12″ Mix) 6:16
A2 Dragnet (Arthur Baker 7″ Mix) 3:10
B1 Dragnet (The Art Of Noise Mix) 5:58
B2 Acton Art 2:52

Iggy Pop – Real Wild Child (Wild One) (12″)

When gnarly old 70’s dudes re-emerge in the 80’s (Exhibit A)

Rescued from the great void of rips I did about 7 years ago and been a constant request since I lost the files! Bowie can be heard singing backing vocals whilst the extended version is typical 80’s. Released in 1986 on the unsuspecting public. “Little Miss Emperor” is a nice rocky bonus, a blend of rock with electronica with eerie piano and keyboard hooks.


Oh and re-upped “Fire Child” as well.

A&M Recordsiggle ‎– AMY 368

A Real Wild Child (Wild One) (Extended Version) 8:28
B1 Real Wild Child (Wild One) 3:37
B2 Little Miss Emperor 3:51

Art Of Noise Stuff Re-upped


So I’m aware that the Art Of Noise are very popular with followers so I’ve tried to re-up everything. Even stuff from 6 years ago! LOVE IT!



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