New Fast Automatic Daffodils – Music Is Shit E.P. (12″)

faddddss The forgotten Manchester / North West Band and their storming debut release. Amazingly from 1989 and a set of 3 quality tunes with production by Chris Nagle. It has the anthemic and frantic “Beam Me Up”, a forgotten gem that would even shake Bez’s maracas. The psycho wig out of “A Man Without Qualities” has space between all the instruments, less is more. The title track goes fast and slow with a mighty bit of dub in there. An amazing debut.

Wowza……at last in STEREO!!





A Beam Me Up
B1 A Man Without Qualities
B2 Music Is Shit (Part 1)
B3 Music Is Shit (Part 2)
B4 Music Is Shit (Part 3)

Introducing Dave Beetham

davethinksMy mate for well over 30 years has always been a bit of a musician (a bit of an understatement!) I was even in a band with him once! A multi talented song writer, guitar player and producer he’s been getting a bit productive lately.

Influenced by simply good 80’s song writing (and there was some back then!) add in a bit of 90’s and some current influences and you have a smorgasbord of just bloody good songs, that have a hook but are also complex and layered. He always has an eye on a synth keyboard and that mix of guitar and technology that I’ve always liked.

So here is a 3 song sampler.

Starting with “The Only Love Song” is a personal fave with soaring guitar and an anthemic quality to it.

“Keyhole Surgery” is a remodelled track from back in the day, where it originated as a strange backward guitar loop and had some very sinister lyrics. Given a polish it still has a dark message over a shamelessly synthy lead.

Last track is a duet with a mystery lady that works it really changes gear nicely and shows the potential for collaboration.

Check him out.

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My Little Funhouse – Wishing Well (12″)


Irish Rock from a band from County Kilkenny on the huge American label, Geffen on their largest deal to that date: $2 million!!  Unusual vocals (by Adam Lawlor) reminds me of another Irish alt. rock band I use to like called Cycle Fly and probably was a factor that they weren’t successful, they only released one album. This is more of straight power ballad on the main track, ” Catholic Boy” is your rocker whilst bonus track “When She Cries” goes quiet/loud and even has some punk chords thrown in. The pick of the bunch!!

Now in STEREO, even heavier!


The Men They Couldn’t Hang – Gold Rush (12″)

ImageHas been a bit of a quiet few week for uploads so I’m upping it. Here’s something from 1986 in the form of folky pop with social commentary.

All about North Sea Oil, a contentious point with the looming Scottish referendum vote soon upon us. I’m liking the protest vid clip regards the record company not playing their single. The B-side “Ghosts Of Cable Street”is a song about the 1936 battle against the fascists in Cable Street London delivered in that folk style.It used actual recordings of mounted police which could be heard outside the Wapping studios as it was during the time of the Wapping Printers Strike!  The last track, “Walkin’ Talkin'” is a 50’s Rock n’ Roll pastiche, short and sweet but poorly produced.

Better in STEREO!

A Gold Rush 3:27
B1 The Ghosts Of Cable Street 4:26
B2 Walkin’ Talkin’ 2:06


Junior C. Reaction – Better Must Come (12″)

ImageSome dubby reggae now with this Paul “Groucho” Smykle remixed track of the Delroy Wilson classic. From 1986 the Dub mix would be something the Orb might of listened too.

Originally from the Nottingham/Derby area, bizarrely the band was managed by Manchester’s own Terry Christian! This was one of the earlier releases on the well respected Cooltempo label (a Chrysalis offshoot)



A Better Must Come (Extended Version) 5:47
B1 Better Must Come (Dub) 4:43
B2 Better Must Come (Original Version) 5:05

SOHO – Boy (12″)

ImageYes those two, sisters Jacqui Cuff and Pauline Cuff ,who did “HippyChick” ,the one which sampled The Smiths “How Soon Is Now.” This was released before in 1989 and is a more uptempo release. Helped by Timothy London they had been a work in progress on Virgin subsidiary , Hedd Records. To find out more about them here and to get the album , “Goddess” that this was off. Quite edgey and inventive the main track has been remixed by Youth. The “Dub” has that funky drummer loop which was nice to hear again in a nostalgic sort of way. “SISTER” lowers the tempo and is a playful pop song about siblings so ……………yea!

Boy (Malé Mix)
Big Boy
Boy (Big Mouth Dub)

Definition Of Sound – Now Is Tomorrow (12″)

ImageFrom 1990 and some dance/hip-hop stuff from the very inventive, London duo , Definition Of Sound. I don’t have all the various mixes (I’ll keep an eye open for them) but it is an interesting mix of blissed out beats, soulful backing vocals and melodic guitar. The 7 inch edit is here as well as the full version of “Moira Jane’s Cafe” – pure class.

A Now Is Tomorrow (Experiments In Sound Part 1) 5:44
B1 Moira Jane’s Cafe 4:48
B2 Now Is Tomorrow (7″ Version) 4:20



The Waterboys – The Whole Of The Moon / The Golden Age Melody (12″)

ImageHappy St. Patrick’s Day with this classic re-release from 1991

Mike Scott and his band produced some memorable and diverse stuff in the late 80’s early 90’s. This was the student union song of choice for many D.J’s with it’s anthemic qualities and listening to it now was more electronic than I remembered it, Karl Wallinger’s influence no doubt and shades of Prince via Paisley Park. The B-side is a hotch potch of studio and semi-live tracks giving a good flavour of the band, the shoe gaze instrumental track “High Far Soon” is immense. (Starts off a bit crackly, though)

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A The Whole Of The Moon
B1 A Golden Age (Medley)
B2 Higher In Time (Medley)
B3 High Fast Soon (Medley)
B4 Soon As I Get Home (Medley)

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft – Der Mussolini (12″)

ImageFrom 1981 and a bit of electro punk from D.A.F. Being deliberately provocative this sparsely produced bit of electronic dance was in fact produced by the legend that is Conny Plank. Taking just a sequencer, live drums and voice this set a blueprint for bands such as Nitzer Ebb and Front 242. B-side, “Der Räuber und der Prinz” (The Robber and The Prince) has a glockenspiel as the lead sound as well as a disturbing video (see below)

A Der Mussolini
B Der Räuber Und Der Prinz

ABC – The Look Of Love (Special Remix) (DJ Promo 12″)

ImageMore rare stuff with this Trevor Horn remixed track from back in 1982 (I couldn’t believe how early this was!) and a full synth work out of the much loved ABC track. Full of studio trickery that he would later employ with the Art Of Noise and the early ZTT stuff. We have the vocals sped up and slowed down, the bass synth given central stage and the strings dubbed around with. A special remix that had the same track on both sides ssssssssssssooooooooo I recorded it twice, version 2 being the ever so slightly cleaner.


NEW LINK  2017!!!

A The Look Of Love (Special Remix) 7:37
B The Look Of Love (Special Remix) 7:37