LImahl – Too Shy ’92 Remix (German CDS)

Another German CD single and another 90’s remix.

Produced with Guy Phethean it’s a good update, more instruments are added especially the keyboard parts. Wonder what is old band chums thought, I’m sure he sampled Begg’s bassline note for note. Apparently it’s not a remix but an entirely new re-recording of the song for a Limahl album that was released exclusively in Germany called “Love Is Blind” in 1992.

The unexpected treat is the ambient Accapella proving the vocal qualities of Limahl, great for a chill.

For once the Dub is an actual instrumental!!!

Getting you into the Party Mood starting this weekend.

Hot – 130.07.628

1Too Shy ’92 Remix (Radio Edit)3:47
2Too Shy ’92 Remix (Extended Play)6:31
3Too Shy ’92 Remix (Acapella)4:00
4Too Shy ’92 Remix (Shy Shy Dub)4:12

Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel – White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It) (CDS)

Another 6 tracks from the Deepcuts of the other old skool classic and it does have a House Mix ! This time it’s from 1998.

Jazz and double bass on the opening mix from Cutmaster Swift (UK’s Johnny Oakley) and DJ Pogo (Adam Montout) the pick of the mix if you want a laidback lounge vibe.

More House beats on That Kid Chris (Chris Staropoli) almost Industrial strength, progressive but very long.

Blame Davidson Ospina for the House mix to shake your booty to. Jazzy keys too.

Deepbeats – DEEPCD 002

1White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It) (Swift & Pogo’s Radio Edit)4:13
2White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It) (Davidson Ospina’s Club Edit)4:46
3White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It) (Original 12″ Mix)6:55
4White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It) (That Kid Chris’s Back From The Dead Mix)8:07
5White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It) (Ospina’s NYC Dub)5:31
6White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It) (Cutmaster Swift & Pogo Remix)5:55

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message (REMIXES)(CDS)

A re-release with some newer remixes from 1997 to promote “More Hits From Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five Vol 2”

Cutting Edge (Lewis Dene and Paul Moessl) give it a Nu Funk feel. A livelier, bigger bass but a subtle update.

Richie Rich works on adding to the rhythm section and is the most interesting of the mixes. The Untitled Mix is more of a dub and worth a listen through

Deepbeats – DEEPCD001

1The Message (Cutting Edge’s Old School Mix Edit)3:50
2The Message (Original Mix Edit)3:14
3The Message (Cutting Edge’s Old School Mix)9:03
4The Message (Richie Rich Remix)6:27
5The Message (Untitled’s Nothin’ Touchin’ The Original Mix)8:55
6The Message (Original 12″ Mix)7:14

P.J. Proby / Marc Almond Featuring My Life Story Orchestra – Yesterday Has Gone (Euro CD Single)

From December 1996 and some Cabaret / Lounge and a great duet between Marc Almond and veteran Texan singer P.J. Proby. There is a bit of synth / electronica on this Cover originally done by Cupid’s Inspiration back in 1968. This appeared on Proby’s album ,”Legend” but didn’t eclipse the Gene Pitney only getting to number 58 in the charts, released at the wrong time of the year maybe?

Mixed by Pete Schwier and produced by Almond and Neal Whitmore (Sigue Sigue Sputnik)

Balerico provide a synthy remix, EuroHouse in flavour, a bit HiNRG in style with the duet intact. It lifts off into a “Hands in the Air” anthem!

P.J. Proby covers Almond’s “Devil In A Red Dress”, 60’s Country-tinged croon. Neal X providing the guitar and John Green on the keys as well as arranging the orchestra.

Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs (St. Etienne) play and wrote “Pain In Your Heart”, a piano led ballad with Double Bass and Harmonica from Ian Catt , another St. Etienne player.

EMI Premier – 7243 8 83509 2 1

1P.J. Proby / Marc Almond–Yesterday Has Gone4:32
2P.J. Proby / Marc Almond–Yesterday Has Gone (Balearico Mix)6:50
3P.J. ProbyDevil In Red Velvet3:11
4P.J. ProbyPain In Your Heart3:53

Siouxsie & The Banshees – Shadowtime (Eclipse Mix)(12″)

Again I’m not familiar with this track, from July ’91 and sounding suitably Banshee’s like. Wide sounding production from Stephen Hague and Mike “Spike” Drake, with plenty of guitars. From the album, “Superstition”and a much lighter sound, even a singalong !

Can’t wait for the B-sides and here they are! (Both produced by Charles Gray)

“Spiral Twist” has harder, rockier guitars and synthetic undertones. A bit of bouncing bass. Quality as always!

“Sea Of Light” has Bjork written all over it. Drum pulses and ethereal synth pads. Almost Cocteau Twins-like! Again a superb, hidden B-sides.

Another rare 12″ vinyl from Mike B!

Wonderland – SHEX 20

AShadowtime (Eclipse Mix)7:04
B1Spiral Twist3:57
B2Sea Of Light4:33

Tears For Fears – Raoul And The Kings Of Spain (Euro CD Single)

Missed putting this up. (a CD single I actually own but Fred beat me to it!) From the album of the same name and from September 1995, an epic sounding track. Produced with Alan Griffiths and Tim Palmer.

I remember first hearing it and thinking about the strange lyrics and theme. Autobiographical, Raoul was Roland birth name before his mother changed it to Roland because people had a hard time pronouncing it (eventually he called his son Raoul). About his Spanish heritage and an abusive upbringing, harking back to the subject matter of “The Hurting”and about being the middle child.

He sings this really well showing his incredible range and with Gail Anne Dorsey on bass you’re onto a winner.

“All Of The Angels” has a Beatles strum of a Lennon track and a bit World Party in style. A new one to me.

Radiohead’s “Creep” gets covered. recorded from the Elemental world tour 1993. Better than the original, shame he adlibs with the audience at the end.

“The Madness Of Roland” is a bittersweet track, weird and experimental with modulated vocals. A bit Bowie.

Epic – EPC 662411 2

1Raoul And The Kings Of Spain5:16
2All Of The Angels4:28
3Creep (Live)4:53
4The Madness Of Roland5:09

XTC – The Disappointed (CD Single)

From March 1992 and a return to form for XTC. All about being a middle child in the family (again! I don’t throw these posts together…..honest!) With Beach Boys harmonies from the English eccentric

Produced by Gus Dudgeon (Elton John) it features ; Bass Guitar – Colin Moulding, Cello – Rose Hull, Drums – Dave Mattacks (Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull), Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals – Dave Gregory, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Tambourine – Andy Partridge and Viola – Florence Lovegrove.

Of interest is the Colin Moulding’s written “The Smartest Monkeys” – here in both the LP and demo form. Witty lyrics and 80’s guitars the demo shows the raw ideas but doesn’t have the flourishing keyboard part.

Also included is another track from the LP “Nonsuch”, “Humble Daisy” acoustic strum, harmonies and plenty of Brian Wilson.

Virgin – VSCDG 1404

1The Disappointed3:39
2The Smartest Monkeys (Demo)2:56
3The Smartest Monkeys4:18
4Humble Daisy3:36

Pet Shop Boys ‎– Somewhere (CD 1)

From Discogs (I’m having a rest…)

From 1996 “Somewhere” was released to promote the Pet Shop Boys’ “Somewhere” series of shows at the Savoy Theatre in London (captured as Somewhere (Pet Shop Boys In Concert)). The song was written by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, and is the well-known song from the musical “West Side Story.”The song peaked on the UK Singles Chart at number 9. The song features samples from the films “West Side Story” and “Menace II Society”.

Love the glorious orchestration (arranged by Richard Niles) and the added samples, it swirls and excites.

“The View For A Balcony” is more tranquil, lazy beats. Plenty of sampled choirs and a homage to the London cityscape.

Ralph Rosario remixes “To Step Aside” containing his synth line from “You Used To Hold Me”, hardly any vocals as you’d expect.

The remix by Forthright (Peter Gleadall) keeps the samples and adds some Hip Hop beats until the House groove kicks in. Not much orchestra but the vocals are kept in. Nice brass and it has some variation for a long mix.

Parlophone – 7243 8842752 4

2The View From Your Balcony3:44
3To Step Aside (Ralphi’s Old School Dub)7:00
4Somewhere (Forthright Vocal Mix)9:23

Depeche Mode – Only When I Lose Myself (JOsh Abraham Mixes) (Promo CD-r)

I did like this stand alone single when it came out, to promote a “Best Of…” Released in November ’98, Abraham adds a bit of grunge and grit to the track. Gore’s backing vocals seem different and a lot more drums.

Reprise Records 

1Only When I Lose Myself (Josh Abraham Remix Edit)3:52
2Only When I Lose Myself (Josh Abraham Remix)4:25

Alphaville – Big In Japan 1992 A.D. (MAXI CD Single)

A version I’d not heard before. I was expecting a Rave Remix but I got an unexpected Grunge Mix on the The Mix (Single Edit). Well, not heavy riffs but definitely more guitars than the original. (And there is a saxophone!) Funny enough it’s the best of the bunch!

Remixed by UK Production duo, The Kid & John Rudd (???) The Extended “The MIx” even goes to Happy Mondays territory with the piano riff, quite different from the single mix.

The “Freedom Mix” does go all Rave! House Beats and a “live” feel with the vocals cut up and re-arranged and it’s even worse on the Extended Mix, OOOch! It even pretends to be “Acid Rock”

WEA – 9031-76453-2

1Big In Japan 1992 A.D. (Freedom Mix) (Single Edit)3:14
2Big In Japan (The Mix) (Single Edit)4:14
3Big In Japan 1992 A.D. (Freedom Mix) (Extended Version)4:51
4Big In Japan (The Mix) (Extended Version)6:05