Diana Ross – Upside Down (Remix ’93) (German CDS)

Party Weekend begins…..

Diana Ross got a remix of her 1980 Disco Classic that everyone must have heard of ? Right? Don’t worry it’s here in the original form.

German production team Matiz and AC 16 (who was the production team of U96) give us a sympathetic remix. Deeper bass and lush synths and one of the better remixes we have had in the last few weeks. It’s not been Housed up! The Nile Rogers guitar is nicely extended towards the end.



Polydor – 860 087-2

1Upside Down (Remix ’93 Edit)3:33
2Upside Down (Remix ’93)4:58
3Upside Down (Original)4:05

Musical Youth – Pass The Dutchie (Remixes) (German CDS)

To promote the release of “Anthology” you get rave/ragga versions of the “Pass The Dutchie” For the curious and the mental.

All the mixes were done by Italian DJ/Producer Maurizio Molella, jittering sequencers and furious beats but still the full vocals. The Hard Ragga would probably get laughed out of a packed Rave but then again!



MCA Records – MCD 31867

1Pass The Dutchie (Molella Mega Club Mix)4:20
2Pass The Dutchie (Molella Hard Ragga Mix)5:00
3Pass The Dutchie (Molella Radio Mix)3:40
4Pass The Dutchie (Original 7″ Version)3:23

Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive (Phil Kelsey Remix) (CDS)

DMC’s Phil Kelsey just adds some drum machines and added piano to this classic from 1978. A huge party tune updated for ’93 for Weddings, Funerals and Bah Mitzvah’s the World over.

The Extended mix is again subtly done, just venturing off into House territory in the last third, revealing a huge bass and dark chords. The “Alternative Club Mix” is the pick, piano House and adding some sax at the end.

Didn’t know the original 12″ was that long and the extra brass and sax but it is sung twice! Those strings, though!



Polydor Classics – PZCD 270

1I Will Survive (Phil Kelsey 7″ Remix)3:46
2I Will Survive (Original 7″)3:15
3I Will Survive (Phil Kelsey Classic 12″ Mix)7:52
4I Will Survive (Phil Kelsey Alternative Club Mix)5:02
5I Will Survive (Original 12″ Version)8:02

Sunday Silly Song – 117 – Captain Sensible – Wot ’93 (German CD Single)

And he’s done the treble! (albeit with the same song twice)

In keeping with the theme of the last few weeks, the novelty rap track from 1982 gets a re-vamp with a remix from label boss Ralph Ruppert. Obviously sped up with more of breaks and synths, it keeps most of the spirit of the original with the funk guitar, some organ was added and a smidgeon of Rave sounds.

Psychedelia Indie Dance for the B-side,”Life Up In The Stars,” from the LP “The Universe Of Geoffrey Brown” – inventive indie with backing Vocals – Lis Aitken and Martin Newell, Cello, Backing Vocals – Rachel Bor, Drums – Martin Wilson, Guitar – Mel Galley (Whitesnake) and Keyboards – Nigel Haslem.

Here the link to the other “Wot!”




ZYX Music – ZYX 7086-8

1Wot ’93 (7” Mix)4:02
2Wot ’93 (12” Mix)4:54
3Life Up In The Stars4:00

5000th Post! – FGTH – Two Tribes and some comments and polls.

Beginnings and Philosophy

At the very start I had a few boxes of vinyl that I was ripping and wanted to share it with like-minded people. I was inspired by a blog called CastlesInSpace which posted similar obscure content.

Many years ago,well before 2013, I had a blog called 80’svinylgems on blogger and I also did another blog on a long since disappeared blogging platform Posterous, a companion called 90’svinylgems or was it eightiesvinylgems? Anyway, I got shut down a couple of times that both frightened me and made me more determined. A try to throw the net out wide enough as I don’t mind most genres of music so anything goes on here. I’ve spent quite a few quid “feeding the baby” as stuff runs out but have been saved, numerous times, by my contributors which I attempt to curate to broaden my musical palette. I’m proud to have a list of followers, get a kick from comments (or kick out) and can proclaim 2,112,296 views as of (13:00 on 25/02/2021) and 331,371 visitors.


Mr Disco, who I believe runs this blog, used to gave encouraging comments in the early days. Not heard from him for ages but there is always a problem communicating between the blogger and wordpress platforms.


Who could forget the many requests of Krawinkel made and the continued request of matt

Many years ago I was contacted by Jez who was just starting his blog, the wonderful, irrelevant and wordy. He virtually copyrighted “The Chain”


He was also inspired by the maestro of Scottish music JC and the webmaster of (who got kicked off blogger at the same time)


Always in the background and I’ve stalked him for a while is the lovely, dance orientated Acid Ted, who has been going it seems since the Internet was invented.


Recently more people have become interested and contribute to the comments. The musical encyclopedia that is Post Punk Monk


And the sage-like Echorich, who I’ve always admired.



Mike B came along and saved the blog my sending over his contributions and still does. WINX sent some some rare stuff over that I’ve used. Fred from his base in the Netherlands sent over a huge amount of stuff from his vast collection. Malik Dequan Jefferson drops the odd contribution that I sometimes miss, Paulo X and Andreas has chipped in with odd gem as does Lo (very cautiously)

So Thank You One And All!!!

I really think I will not be doing this in a years time but I said that after a 1000 posts and 2000 posts etc…

So I keep my “little”blog going, not writing too much and keeping the music free so you might actually explore the band a bit more.

Once again thanks for your continued support. If I’d have monetarised it I might of happily retired or been a high profile case for copyright piracy, who knows? And leading onto this threat which is always hanging over me.

So here is the music that you probably scrolled down to find anyway!

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes (Maxi CD)

All probably on here or you have already but now from CD (thanks Mike B) A personal favourite and here with all the interesting mixes. Love the Hibakusha mix! Enjoy!




1Two Tribes (Fluke’s Minimix)3:50
2Two Tribes (Don’t Want To Die)4:11
3Two Tribes (Fluke’s Magimix)5:27
4Two Tribes (Fluke’s Magimix Instrumental)5:27
5Two Tribes (Hibakusha Mix)6:35
6Two Tribes (Annihilation Mix)9:09

Culture Club Featuring Dolly Parton – Your Kisses Are Charity (IMPORT CD Single)

From August ’99 and a collaboration bringing you Country Reggae!

Yes, Dolly Parton joins Boy George and the band on a track that didn’t do much from the LP that didn’t do much either, “Don’t Mind If I Do” (their 5th LP)

A joyful little ditty, a toe tapper and very inoffensive.

It’s the mixes that are of interest. Kinky Roland housing up “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” – handbag house. Jazzy breakdown and a nice funky bass. Jamiroquai anyone ?

Quivver (UK DJ/Producer John Graham) darkens up “Time” into a Progressive House cut. Good use of the vocals but it is a deep track and a good example of the genre.

Two rare mixes for the fans.



Virgin – VSCDX 1736

1Your Kisses Are Charity (Dolly Mix)3:57
2Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Kinky Disco Mix)7:11
3Time (Clock Of The Heart) (Quivver’s Amityville Mix)8:37

Bomm-Bastic – 99 Luftballons / 99 Red Balloons (German & English Dance-Remixes) (German CD Single)

Covering all the bases with both language versions is this ’90’s Dance Remix of the 80’s Classic. From 1994 and just getting a Europe release.

Remixed by German Duo , Udo Niebergall and Volker Weber. The Club Edit Mix is totally synthpop with the Club Dance having slightly more OOmpah. Obviously the tempo has been increased but it keeps the quiet beginning and end parts.

The Techno mix is still very Eurodance and not much different. A bonus track is “Paradise” (an old Italo Disco cover?) Trance in style and of its time.



Dance Street – DST 1225-8

199 Luftballons (Club Edit Mix)3:49
299 Luftballons (Club Dance Mix)5:44
399 Luftballons (Techno Mix)5:28
499 Red Balloons (Club Edit Mix)3:48
599 Red Balloons (Club Dance Mix)5:42
699 Red Balloons (Techno Mix)5:29

Toni Basil – Mickey (Remixes) (US CDS)

Ah the dreaded word…remixes! Usually followed on the sleeve by an advert for “The Greatest Hits”, this was from ’99. It an actual cover, written by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn as “Kitty”, it was first recorded by Racey in 1979, appearing on their debut album “Smash and Grab”

Toni Basil, whether she knew it or not, had man-of-the-moment, Jason Nevins remix the classic party tune as the “Killa Klub” mixes, how Street wise!

DJ Strobe (Eric Cohen) adds some Party Beats and Rave synths to the radio mix (still keeping that signature organ sound!) The main version has even a bit of sampled guitar.

Nevins adopts some Hip Hop beats and scratches, Big Beat! The beats suit the song better, going electro in the full mix

Now where is that original ?



Razor & Tie – 7930180750-2

1Mickey (Radio Remix)3:29
2Mickey (“Back To The Future” Club Mix)6:03
3Mickey (“Killa Klub” Edit)3:57
4Mickey (“Killa Klub” Mix)6:16
5Mickey (“Killa Klub” Dub)6:04

Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (’96 Remix) (Aussie CD Single)

It wouldn’t be the 90’s if there wasn’t a few mixes of this Classic. This was from ’96 and hardens the House beats, from the “Nukleopatra” release . Simon Lewicki provides the first 3 mixes. Synthpop in theme with a bit “hands in the air” uplift. The Pumpin’ mix does pump, acid and rave touches.

Other Aussie DJ’s contribute, Chris Johns and Rob James providing the Yummi and Vicious mixes, the last one being the pick- a harder update.



Dance Pool – 663310 2

1You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (’96 Remix-Sugar Pumpers Radio Mix)3:40
2You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (’96 Remix-Sugar Pumpers Extended Mix)5:12
3You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (’96 Remix-Sugar Pumpers Pumpin’ Mix)7:08
4You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (’96 Remix-The Yummi 4am Mix)6:00
5You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (’96 Remix-The Vicious Mix)8:12