David Bowie – Some 90’s Releases

As mentioned already CD’s were easier to get hold of than vinyl in the 90’s. (apart from Dance stuff)

So here is some digital stuff from Bowie, proving he was still cutting edge in the 90’s.

David Bowie – Funhouse (CD Rip)


From the Earthling era and when he was experimenting with Drum and Bass, this was a demo of “Is It Any Wonder?” it had previously only appeared on a BowieNet subscriber exclusive CD-ROM in 1998 and on Virgin Records in-house CDR’s along with four other “Clownboy Mix” variants. I guess these are the ones. Remixed by the mysterious Clownboy (Danny Saber) and the D&B DJ Dilinja. Short and brooding it was originally called “Fun”, the Dilinja mix could be from Earthling

Moody synths with a dystopian acoustic guitar break. I really like it. there is a bit of Nine Inch Nails to it. The “live” recording sounds weird , so don’t complain.

Here are the sleeve notes.




Placebo Featuring David Bowie ‎– Without You I’m Nothing (CD Single)

A collaboration that came out of nowhere. A duet between Bowie and Molko that was released in August 1999.

The UNKLE remix is beat heavy with processed vocals. A great mix.

The Flexirol mix by Eli Janney (Americruiser) is weird and sparse but has the Bowie vocals higher in the mix, Trip Hop beats with added flute (and jews harp /vocoder)

Brothers In Rhythm give it a very long House mix, working in the vocals in well and lifting it off with the repeated phrase “Tik Tok” – it motors along.



Elevator Music ‎– FLOORCD10 bowmol

1 Without You I’m Nothing (Single Mix) 4:16
2 Without You I’m Nothing (Unkle Remix) 5:08
3 Without You I’m Nothing (The Flexirol Mix) 9:26
4 Without You I’m Nothing (Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix) 10:53

David Bowie – I’m Deranged (CD)

A song written by Bowie and Eno in 1995 for the album “Outside.”It was featured in the film “Lost Highway” in 1997

Love the jazzy “Jungle Mix” really atmospheric with the orchestral strings. There is the version from “Outside” but it’s longer ? Love the arrangement on this too.

There is also the Trent Reznor mix beginning with the lead vocal – I think this was from the film soundtrack.





Eurythmics ‎– Ultra Rare Trax (CD)

From 1994  and another unofficial release this time a collection from DJ Remix Services like Art Of Mix, Rhythm Stick, Razormaid, Prime Cuts, Hot Tracks & Disconet. Some I think may have appeared on here already.

“Love Is A Stranger” gets an early 90’s re-touch, reminds me of the official “Obsession Mix” that was out at this time.

I like “Here Comes The Rain Again” with the breakbeat works well underpinning the original song.

Razormaid remix “Beethoven” giving it a shimmering to one of the duos quirkiest singles. “Sexcrime” is just a re-edit and still sounds similar to the official release.

Rare track and a rare mix, “Grown Up Girls” was the “B” side from “There must be an angel (playing with my heart)” given an Italo Disco feel, very synthy.

“Take Your Pain Away” from 1986’s “Revenge” is the “band” sounding track of the whole compilation given an extended mix by Disconet, becomes a little repetitive.

The Capi Mix blends in “For The Love Of Big Brother”, “Love Is A Stranger” and “Sweet Dreams” not to great effect and even adds a bit of I Start Counting and some random House and other tracks including “Jennifer,” “Sexcrime”. The least effective mix on the CD, very D.I.Y.

“Love Is A Stranger” remixed by Hot Tracks is the least messed around with in a good way. It still sounds like the original with some extended parts.



Ultra Records  ‎– DA 001 Front Cover

1 Love Is A Stranger (Art Of Mix) 6:30
2 Sweet Dreams (Rhythm Stick) 6:38
3 Here Comes The Rain Again (Art Of Mix) 7:18
4 Beethoven (Razormaid) 7:25
5 Sex Crime (Prime Cut) 6:36
6 Grown Up Girls (Hot Tracks) 6:29
7 Take You Pain Away (Disconet) 5:19
8 Cabi Mix (Art Of Mix) 13:31
9 Love Is A Stranger (Hot Tracks) 5:24

Depeche Mode ‎– Promotional ( 2 x CD)


An unofficial release of official stuff that most Mode fans would be aware of. I remember seeing this about the same time as “Songs Of..” was released in the CD section of Vinyl Exchange in Manchester, but never picked it up. On first glance it does look a similar cover but contains a large mix of goodies even dating back to the first album.

As I see it it’s a collection of single edits, radio / video versions and alternative versions of their output up to the mid 90’s. An alternative “Best Of”

“Behind The Wheel” has 2 versions (3 if you count Route 66 mash together) I forgot it was remixed by Daniel Miller! “Policy…” has the compact edit and”Strangelove” has an edit of the longer Blind Mix. I like the One Canal Mix of “Question Of Lust” – a personal favourite made even better. “Everything Counts” seems like a video edit – again I prefer this to the original single. “I Feel You” has a different edit but you can’t  really tell.

Enjoyed the “Walking….” album edit and single edit (?), straight to the heart of the song and much better than that guitar / grunge single release, yuk!

Then we weirdly go to Alan Wilder’s side project, Recoil and “Faith Healer (Radio Edit)” sang with gusto by Douglas McCarthy, a decent cover and certainly nowt to do with DM.

The “Ricki Tik Tik Mix” of “Enjoy The Silence” originally made an appearance on the “Quad Mix” and is more of a Dub version. The highlight is the dramatic Japanese Edit of “I Want You Now” – perfect.

“Never Let Me…” seems very much like the UK “Split” version. The most interesting of the tracks is “Personal Jesus (Who Is)”starting the with the ending of “Everything Counts” – seems like the version they do live. Lots of overdubs and very different.

Gore’s studio outake of “Route 66” goes into the Single version of “Master & Servant”- very strange. !985’s “Shake The Disease” appears in the Fade version with its wobbly start. A weak track is the “It’s Called A Heart (Emotion Dub)” – I forgot that this was remixed by Joseph Watt but it drags! A track that was a UK b-side but got more airplay in the States was “But Not Tonight”here in a Radio friendly edit. my favourite B-side by them. “Dressed In Black” originally appeared as a free track in Record Mirror (Feb 8th 1986 issue), never heard it before and really like the rawness of it. 

“Dangerous (Hazchemix Edit)” remixed by Daniel Miller is proto House, a semi-instrumental and great on headphones. Love the Healed Mix of “Faith Healer” more IDM Trance track withthe beats and some string pads – just repeated vocals.

Going right back to the start with “Boys Say Go” from a ’81 Radio session. Lovely squelchy analogue synths + a whistle! Francois Kevorkian dubs “Enjoy The Silence” in a rare dub, adding some Kraftwerk-isms into a true Space Dub. Never heard this before!

Interesting is the demo versions of  ” Master & Servant” – an instrumental with plenty of sequencers. Rough and ready!

“Shake The Disease” is a different version, some of the sounds survived but lots of edits and with different lyrics, destined for the “Black Celebration” album. but didn’t make it. The joys of the Yamaha DX 7 are all over this however it is not the actual Gore demo.

This rawness can be heard on the closing track a cover of the Sparks track, which later got a polished version on his solo “Counterfeit EP”. This was from the ’87 Flexi Disc available to Fan Club members. Fragile and beautiful.


Disc 1 (and Album Art)

Disc 2

Not On Label (Depeche Mode) ‎– ALBC-149Front

Disc One (DM Music Rarities Vol. 1)
1-1 Depeche Mode Behind The Wheel (US DJ-Mix) 3:58
1-2 Depeche Mode Behind The Wheel (Radio Edit) 3:57
1-3 Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence (Video Edit) 4:39
1-4 Depeche Mode Policy Of Truth (UK Radio Edit) 4:08
1-5 Depeche Mode Strangelove (Blind Edit) 4:00
1-6 Depeche Mode A Question Of Lust (One Canal Mix) 3:48
1-7 Depeche Mode Everything Counts (Live Edit) 4:52
1-8 Depeche Mode I Feel You (Intro Edit) 4:28
1-9a Depeche Mode Walking In My Shoes (Album Edit) 4:26
1-9b Depeche Mode Walking In My Shoes (Single Edit) 4:25
1-10 Depeche Mode Route 66 / Behind The Wheel (Mega Single Mix II) 4:24
1-11 Recoil Faith Healer (Radio Edit) 4:54
1-12 Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence (Ricki Tik Tik Mix Promo) 5:58
1-13 Depeche Mode I Want You Now (Japanese 3″ Version) 3:29
Disc Two (DM Music Rarities Vol. 2)
2-1 Depeche Mode Never Let Me Down Again (Japanese Video Edit) 8:13
2-2 Depeche Mode Personal Jesus (Who Is) 6:31
2-3a Martin L. Gore Route 66 (Accustic Version By Martin L. Gore) 3:55
2-3b Depeche Mode Master & Servant (Single Edit)
2-4 Depeche Mode Shake The Disease (Fade Mix) 3:59
2-5 Depeche Mode It’s Called A Heart (Emotion Dub) 5:33
2-6 Depeche Mode But Not Tonight (US Single Version) 4:28
2-7 Depeche Mode Dressed In Black (Pre-release) 2:35
2-8 Depeche Mode Dangerous (Hazchemix Edit) 3:06
2-9 Recoil Faith Healer (Healed Mix) 3:50
2-10 Depeche Mode Boys Say Go (Session Version For BBC Radio 1 On 81/06/21) 2:53
2-11 Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence (Second Ecstatic Dub) 5:47
2-12 Depeche Mode Master & Servant (Demo) 3:51
2-13 Depeche Mode Shake The Disease (Demo) 6:16
2-14 Martin L. Gore Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth (Flexi Version) 2:50

Theme For Next Week – CD Week !


Like most of you I guess I have very few CD’s from the 80’s. Didn’t have a player and couldn’t afford them. In the mid 90’s I started to horde Promo CD’s – I think I have over 2000 varying from Promo Album’s and Singles – they were cheap and I used to come back with a bundle for about a £10. I started revisiting them last year and came across the dreaded CD Rot! Why were CD’s marketed as indestructible when they suffered from degradation – so I had to throw some out (Screams Inside!)

Mike posted some over last week so I thought we’ll do a CD week of rare stuff, keeping it to the 90’s (and hopefully some 80’s) Hopefully it’ll be rare and interesting for you.

Missing Persons – Missing Persons + Reups + Remix (US Mini Vinyl LP)

From 1982 and an E.P. (it is NOT a mini- LP – I’m sure that is 6 tracks) Quirky New Wave from Dale Bozzio, (Vocals) the Late Warren Cuccurullo, (Vocals and guitars) Trantham Whitley, (Synths) Terry Bozzio (Drums, Vocals and Synths) and Gary Guttman (Guitar Synth, Bass) All produced by Ken Scott.

As it is a UK V US theme this has typical Americanism’s , cheesy vocals , too many guitars and a Rock side to it. You could tell it was from US (ignoring the accents 🙂 ) in just its composition.

My favourite track is “I like Boys” reminds me over early Bill Nelson (weirdly) and “Mental Hopscotch” and its driving bass.

More Missing Persons here;


And here;


NEW LINK 2022 *Fixed*


Capitol Records ‎– DLP-15001 SAM_6982

A1 Words 4:25
A2 Destination Unknown 3:40
B1 I Like Boys 2:39
B2 Mental Hopscotch 3:16

Kept hold of this for a while but here is a couple of 90’s (1999) remixes of a couple of tracks from the above E.P. They appeared on the Cleopatra Compilation “Remixed Hits” but this is from a Promo 12.”

The TV Mania Mix was by Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran & Warren Cuccurullo. Ramping up the fuzzed guitar and giving it some attitude.

Consolidated’s Mark Pistel’s remix didn’t make it on the album. A weird mix of bleeps, industrial bass, breaks and the song (somewhere in there)



Cleopatra ‎– CLP 0543-1 SAM_2642

A1 Destination Unknown (TV Mania Mix) 4:17
B1 Windows (Mark Pistel Remix) 4:57

The Truth ‎– Five Live E.P. + Reups (12″)


Over the years I’ve collected quite a bit of stuff by The Truth yet I’d never consider myself a Mod!!

I’ve written loads about them so this is just a summary of this release from 1984. All recorded at the legendary London 100 Club ( 2/8/84) the 5 tracks will pleased fans that were missing their Jam fixtation. The keyboards give it an extra dimension and a lighter touch. Love the crowd participation, especially on “I Just Can’t Seem To Stop” – should have been the last track. Anyway we get an adequate cover of “Everlasting Love”

“I Cannot Believe It’s Not Jam” !

More here ;











I.R.S. Records ‎– IRSX 112 SAM_8502

A1 The Sweetest Feeling 3:21
A2 Listen To What I Say 3:11
A3 I Just Can’t Seem To Stop 2:50
B1 Everlasting Love 3:11
B2 Second Time Lucky 2:25



Daryl Hall & John Oates ‎– Missed Opportunity (US 12″)

With no UK release this 1988 was new to me.

From the album “Ooh Yeah!” and keeping the staple sound of blue-eyed Pop Soul with distinct harmonies, they had made a comeback but were the fans still there? The duo were getting a little tired and short of ideas so had the break, Daryl Hall here takes more of a lead role, after having some solo success. Tom “T-Bone” Wolk adds some fine bass and Mark Rivera on sax but it is nearly all electronics.

Three decent mixes, the “Smooth” one harks back to the Arthur Baker days, very chilled!

“Soul Love” is an album cut, again very electronic in terms of arrangement with Holly Knight helping with writing and lyrics. (no John)



Arista ‎– AD1-9728 SAM_0635

A1 Missed Opportunity (Unlimited Mix) 6:58
A2 Missed Opportunity (Radio Mix) 4:39
B1 Missed Opportunity (Smooth Mix) 8:57
B2 Soul Love 3:56

The Fatal Charm ‎– Paris E.P. (7″)


Obscure Band Of The Month (and probably of the year so far!) Thanks follower Lo for providing this ! Here is his comments;

“Poked around for a few hours and never could figure out how to email ya (wanted to share a song or two). Guess ya get spammed too much to make that info public. Anyhoo here is the debut single from “the Fatal Charm” (they dropped the “the” soon after). I really really really loved the female vocalist later in the 80’s but they started more punk. Some of their later extended versions ranked in my top 10 songs later on. Love your blog of course, check it every couple days. You and Mike rock.”

Soooo….Nottingham trio The Fatal Charm and their debut single on the indie label, Company Records (a Lincoln label run by Chris Hall who did early releases from The Comsat Angels, Thomas Leer and Robert Rental. Self produced  and promoted ,even up to the sleeve design this was the late 70’s UK indie scene at its finest. No internet to promote just word of mouth, reviews and local record shops.

Before vocalist / front woman Sarah Simmonds was part of the band this was the early line-up of Bass – Kev Davies, Drums – Kev Gallagher, Guitar, Vocals – Paul Arnall  (who later was in State Of Grace with Sarah in the 90’s) and guest Keyboards – Dave Barker.

“Paris” has some lead synth on a anthem about getting away! Very apt! Catchy chorus and different from what was around at the time.

“Glitterbit” is short punchy Post Punk, staccato guitar and jumping chords. “Out Of My Head” is a quick Punk track, with some keyboards to make it stand out. The only quibble is that the production is a bit thin, it was 1979 though!

Here is the promo with Sarah on lead, yes, I know where your coming from Lo !



Company Records ‎– CR005 Fatal Charm Paris Image

A Paris
B1 Glitterbit
B2 Out Of My Head

Swing Out Sister ‎– Where In The World ? + Reups (12″)

Soulful grooves from Manchester band Swing Out Sister (Andy Connell and Corinne Drewery), from their 1989 album “Kaleidoscope World”. It has a 60’s lounge feel to it being produced by Paul Staveley O’Duffy who adds Strings to go with the Brass – Vini Reilly guests on Spanish guitar.

Pascal Gabriel adds extra beats and edits, giving it more of a tougher, Street feel.

“Taxi Town” (Manchester ?) is a jazz fusion track that builds nicely to the vocals kick in after 2 minutes. It has film noir feel to it. A rare track.

Finishing with a gentle piano cover of “Windmills Of My Mind”, beautiful!

More SOS here;


And the other 12″;






Fontana ‎– SWINP 712 SAM_8304

A1 Where In The World (Radical Mix) 6:04
B1 Where In The World 4:12
B2 Taxi Town 5:19
B3 Windmills Of Your Mind 3:00

Book Of Love ‎– Lullaby (US 12″)


Early Synthpop from Book Of Love from 1989. As usual a number of mixes and a b-side. They didn’t short change their fans! Lullaby was the title track of their second album.

A slight New Order bassline and some nice harmonies in a Dream Pop style. All tracks were remixed by Daniel Abrahams with Chep Nunez on the edits. Two vocals mixes and two dubs. The Insomnia Mix being the more Club orientated of the 2, some little bits of Proto Acid amongst the Space noises.

“Oranges And Lemons” does actually reference the English folk song, making it quite a weird lyric with a simple synth backing.



Sire ‎– 9 21101-0 SAM_2455

A1 Lullaby (Pleasant Dream Mix) 6:56
A2 Lullaby (Dream Dub) 6:59
A3 Lullaby (7″ Remix) 4:15
B1 Lullaby (Insomnia Mix) 6:47
B2 Lullaby (Dub Somnia) 5:41
B3 Oranges And Lemons 3:32