The Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (7″)

Before the original 80’s Vinyl Gems disappeared into Googles Vault- never to be seen again. I had great fun listening to a load of 7″ singles I had found. Easy to rip and still a little crackly in places I loved hearing the B-sides again. So with this in mind and whilst the Copyright Coast is clear. I’m going to dust off some more. Remember it’s the B-sides that are the forgotten gems!!


First up is this catchy tune from 1981. By The Police at the height of their powers. I love rediscovering the synth in here by Jean Roussel. The B-side “Flexible Strategies” is a funky, improvised jam, horns and all!


As if!

Drug Free America – Heaven Ain’t High Enough (12″)


A mix of genres from these guys, contemporaries of Zodiac Mindwarp. This Industrial Dance cross over from 1989. More can be found about them here.

Back to the track in question, dance beats, guitars, sampled beats and snarly vocals. Some parts remind me of Ministry , others of New Order.

The B-side “North Of Eden (Potlach Mix)” is slow , atmospheric and very interesting.

Long live Independent Bands!