The Beatmaster Feat. The Cookie Crew – Rok Da House (12″)

ImageYes it’s dat tune, with dat piano riff, dat bass and dat frantic rap. 26 years ago!!!! The legendary piece of vinyl was introduced to me by my old mate DJ Woody who prefered the harder “Latin Beat Mix” and used to give it a spin at the legendary “Megablast”  club nights back in my home town of Barrow-In-Furness……..aah them were the days. I’d forgotten about the rhythm guitar that crops up at the end and that god awful piano solo that must of been played by a pair of buttocks. It’s the Cookie Crew that make it with their taunting chants. Not a bad “Dub Mix” if you enjoy that typical 80’s orchestra stab sample, over and over again.


A Rok Da House 6:44
AA1 Rok Da House (Latin Beat Mix) 6:29
AA2 Rok Da House (Junie’s Dub) 7:04

Julia Fordham – The Comfort Of Strangers (12″)

ImageThe very distinct , contralto voice of Julia Fordham paired with the clean production of Genesis producer Hugh Padgham help produced this brooding masterpiece from 1988.

A backing singer for Kim Wilde and Marie Wilson in the early 80’s , her main hit of this time was “Happily Ever After”  which this single precedes. The 2 extra tracks are just as strong and worth checking out as a taster for that distinct voice.

A   The Comfort Of Strangers 5:15  
B1   Waiting For A Miracle 3:56  
B2   I Wish 3:13

Living In A Box feat. Bobby Womack – So The Story Goes (12″)


Big 80’s production and arrangement from 1987 with added Bobby Womack. Richard Darbyshire continues to sound like Mr. Cox from Go West on Living In A Box’s third single. The Richard James Burgess production gives it the 80’s shimmer with the extended “Club Mix” and the drumtastic “Dub Mix” along with a very synthy instrumental, “The Liam McCoy” ????


Glenn & Chris – Diamond Lights (12″)





As any followers will know I sometimes throw in a “novelty” record now and again (if anything to provoke some comment!) So here it is from Mr Hoddle and Mr Waddle fine English footballers from the 80’s. If I was blindfolded and listened to it without prejudice it sounds like an okay bit of Euro Synthpop with drama and metal guitar solos. However, it is actually them two crooning away about lost love. I’ve included both sides for sadists but if you did not know it you would just think its another slice of 80’s Power Pop.


Toyah – The Vow (12″)


Okay , I’ll say it ….I don’t mind a bit of Toyah, musically of course. The track from 1983 reminds me of Duran Duran’s “The Chauffeur” , a firm fan’s favourite and great song to rediscover. Two B-sides are classic slices of New Wave and a swansong for Toyah the band. Mixing synths and guitars perfectly.

  • A: The Vow [Wilcox/Bogen/Spalding]
  • B1: I Explode [Willcox/Bogen]
  • B2: Haunted [Willcox/Darlow]

Stephen “Tin Tin” Duffy – Icing On The Cake (12″)

ImageA forgotten classic from 1985, immaculate synthpop with satire and a great extended version. Check the lyrics.

“Left on the doorstep of the social security/

Hopin’ for a future as someone/

Not just a leisure refugee”

Morrisey would be proud! There is an even bigger nod to The Smiths on the piano ballad , “Broken Home” – stirring stuff.


A Icing On The Cake 7:40
B1 Icing On The Cake 3:50
B2 Broken Home 2:55

Freur – Runaway (12″)


 I liked this Welsh synthpop band as soon as I heard their first single “Doot Doot”, unbeknown that they would morph into celebrated dance act , Underworld!! All mad hair and weird sounds and squiggles, their first album still sounds good after 30 years.

This was the follow up to “Doot Doot” and chugs along nicely with some great saxophone and with some very 80’s vocals. B-side rocks along nicely and has a feel of “Born Slippy” to it, manic guitars and synth bass.


A Runaway (Dun Difrunt) 5:37
B You’re A Hoover (Dun Difrunt Too) 4:41

Quiet………….(Some Scraps)

ImageSorry for not doing many postings, I haven’t gone into early hibernation but just have a shortage of vinyl to burn and catalogue. I know it does seem weird but as I’ve mentioned previously all the stuff on here is from my own collection and I only repost on request.

To tide you over I sometimes get vinyl that is impossible to digitize , mostly due to it’s condition (warps and cracks) so here are a few tracks that come from the damaged pile…that did survived enough for me to digitise.

Duck You Sucker -Love Is Criminal (Unedited Version)

Terrible name (named after a Spaghetti Western apparently) but a classic bit of 80’s dance from 1984 in a Kajagoogoo style. Not a clue about them!

Jesus Jones – IBYT 12 (International Bright Young Things)

Giving it a bit of Eastern promise in the 12″ mix to this hit from 1990, it was that long ago!

Fortran 5 – Love Baby (Carnivorous Marine Mammal With Short Limbs Mix)

Again from 1990 and this big bass monster from one of my fave groups, when samples were creative.


Various Artists – Masterbeats Vol 2 (Vinyl LP)

ImageSome more old skool dance stuff with this compilation on the German BCM Records label from 1988. Some mainstream stuff with Bomb The Bass and B.V.S.M.P and some more obscurer, early house and hip hop. “Private Party” uses the Severed Heads bassline of “Greater Reward” (or visa versa) Power’s Gang sounds like Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” mixed with SAW’s “Roadblock” and L’Trimm’s “Push it…” is a deadringer for Salt N Peppa’s version. Code 61 crossover classic “Drop The Deal” is here (via a couple of jumps!)


A1 Bomb The Bass Beat Dis (The Copyright Mix) 5:49  
A2 Wally Jump Jr & The Criminal Element Private Party

Remix – Junior Vasquez

A3 Power’s Gang Let’s Get On Down (To The House Party)

A4 L’Trimm Push It (Grab It) (U.S. Remix) 4:40  
A5 Nini Instant Attitude (Extended Vocal) 6:07  
B1 B.V.S.M.P. I Need You 5:02  
B2 Spoonie Gee I’m All Shook Up 4:07  
B3 Code 61 Drop The Deal (European Edit) 5:57  
B4 Apollo 11* One Small Step 6:25  
B5 Ceejay What’s Going On (Extended Version)

Remix – Ben Liebrand

Fresh ‘N Fly – Don’t Stop (12″)

ImageAn obscure bit of German Euro dance now from 1989 on Blue Turtle Records. From the Cream studios in Frankfurt this has the involvement of a certain Mustafa Gündoğdu (A.K.A Mousse T) who went on to collaborate with Tom Jones on “Sex Bomb” !!! Quite cheesy 80’s vocals (think Limahl) the B-side mix is much better with bubbling acid under tones and orchestral stabs, with some familar Techno samples.


A Don’t Stop (Happy Mix) 6:37
B Don’t Stop (Flicid MiX) 7:11