School Of Fish ‎– 3 Strange Days (US 12″)

From 1991 and my new favourite song of the week/month. How did I never hear this back in the day!!

School Of Fish were an American band working on the fringe of Grunge and Indie Dance.  Here is the wiki link

Produced by John Porter and remixed by Nicholas Sansano

Where Have I Been” proves their Pop Rock credentials. Hints of the Foo Fighters

A bonus is a super cover of a Prince track “Let’s Pretend We’re Married”, increasing the Glam Stomp to 13.!SvgSGAhC!LdWZDTlacH6-LIEmTPQetHFsbup651Mf1eMvGzONBBM

Capitol Records ‎– V-15675SAM_2369

A1 3 Strange Days (Cramshaft Mix) 5:20
A2 3 Strange Days (Dub) 5:21
B1 Where Have I Been 3:41
B2 Let’s Pretend We’re Married 5:27

Dessau – Beijing / Europe Light (Remix) (US 12″)

The final release by short lived duo Dessau. Indie Rock with a growling bass. Too commercial sounding for the Industrial scene but it still has that technology /  guitar mix.

“Beijing” is about the Tiananmen Square incidents from the previous year. It’s a hard hitting sound, rock riffs and shouted lyrics.

“Europe Light” has layered drum machines and some nice bass that bounces around the speakers, flanged guitar. Reminding me of a lighter sounding Ministry and a bit over remixed by Rick Will.!ivJV0AbD!QvbP3gv0qwoukk4k_U4Pdx-NwJI_6matxiPCHwTF1fU

Carlyle Records ‎– CR-8989-1SAM_0898

A Beijing 5:58
B Europe Light (Remix) 7:02

Blur ‎– There’s No Other Way (US 12″)

Picking through the Indie remixes and to this early Blur stomper from October ’91.

The US version has the limited Blur remix, here called the “Red Sleeve Mix” and the rarer “Rock Mix” all tweeked by Stephen Street. The Rock mix is more like the single in an extended form with more guitars.

“Explain” was originally on the B-side of “Bang” a classic Coxon guitar interplay with the piano, great fun.!Xi5DmaaZ!fjHe_EFuLZ8mviAs8cQ4z9jB47w_BpOgIHpandT-LxE

SBK Records ‎– V-19747SAM_5603

A There’s No Other Way (Red Sleeve Mix) 5:02
B1 There’s No Other Way (Rock Mix) 5:40
B2 Explain 2:42

Inspiral Carpets ‎– This Is How It Feels (Remix) (12″)

“Fans will buy ‘owt; Oi Kendall ! Go into the studio and mess around on the mixing desk and come out with 2 tracks for tomorrow!!!” I could just hear Mute boss Daniel Miller shout from his office.

From 1990 and the very different mixes of top hit “This Is How It Feels” given the looped beat treatment by Paul Kendall, hopefully to be played at some Rave or ‘aaapenin.

The first mix is just about listenable as an alternative and repetitive take.

No song to hear here, now move along!!W2gRzQRS!t-2IBWL-VJMC7hnfHqMjuCJ-F96niWuEKAw-JHktdE4

Mute ‎– DUNG 7 Rfeel

A This Is How It Feels (Robbery Mix)
B This Is How It Feels (Drum Mix)

The Charlatans ‎– Weirdo (Club Remixes) (US Promo 12″)

Does this dance crossover work ? It nearly did with Pulp’s “Boys And Girls”, this sounds of its time- 1992

The opening mix gives it a hip-hop beat and scratches and a different bass , listenable in a weird alternative way.

Housed up on the “Weird Mix”  by Scott Christian (who adds some more tinkly keyboards) and John Debo under their Mindwarp tag. Not sure about this lighter version of the original. It certainly seems to have a touch of Madonna as the growling organ has been diluted.

As always it’s up here as a dated oddity. I wonder if it ever got played in the Hacienda ???!67p2iYwY!HADBFOi2VpEP42QFMpC-yDWHa8jLPQKX6PUgVljKtr8

RCA ‎– HDAB-62298-1SAM_1907

A Weirdo (Mindwarp 12″ Mix) 5:12
B1 Weirdo (Weird Dub) 5:09
B2 Weirdo (Weird Mix) 5:09

The Trash Can Sinatras ‎– Only Tongue Can Tell (12″)


Continuing the indie

From the 1990 album, “Cake” this Scottish band was fronted by Francis Reader (vocals, acoustic guitar) Eddie Reader’s brother, with Paul Livingston (lead guitar), John Douglas (rhythm guitar, vocals), Grant Wilson (bass) and Stephen Douglas (drums, backing vocals)

Shades of Morrisey and a hint of Prefab Sprout. This is a real grower. Acoustic jangle all the way. The quality does stop with “Useless” a gentle track with biting lyrics that Beautiful South would be proud of. “Tonight You Belong Me” is a gentle cover of an old 30’s sing, duet ting with his sister Richael and featuring in the film “The Jerk”!zz5wAaKT!DSO5ul27TcBMyGK2ND1jyanV8F56Wb2kDS4XoF_0_m8

Go! Discs ‎– GODX 41tonguefrontcov

A Only Tongue Can Tell
B1 Useless
B2 Tonight You Belong To Me

New Fast Automatic Daffodils ‎– It’s Not What You Know E.P. (12″)

Manchester Scene Mavericks, the New Fads released this 4 track E.P. in 1992. Exploring the more rhythmic side of indie dance, the first track fits nicely with the baggy scene with their own take on Mutant Funk. “Head On” (my fav) is almost grunge in the amount of guitars. “Beatlemania” can also be heard on the album “Body Exit Mind” – what a great intro ! The closer is the atmospheric “Beautiful” bursts into an instrumental guitar heaven.!HnBxRY4S!3u4En9sqeRVopeRIWIJu0q7gkxI8qe4eOasZTf5JiGw

Play It Again Sam Records ‎– BIAS 219fad

A1 It’s Not What You Know 4:05
A2 Head On 3:28
B1 Beatlemania 4:00
B2 Beautiful 4:40