Fini Tribe – De Testimony (12″)


1988 and the begining of that Balearic nonsense. If it wasn’t American or had an 808 hi-hat it got lumped into this catagory. Really it was Left Field dance music from people who did not really produce dance music. A late 80’s phenomena that basically ment “ordinary” records got played really loud in clubs ! Fini Tribe had a massive dance floor hit with this and it still sounds good today. More Bells and chimes please, Vicar!


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Not the “Collapsing Edit” from 1985 , soorreee!

A De Testimony (Batter Mix)
B1 De Testimony (Micro Mix)
B2 De Testimony (Pick ‘N’ Mix)

Art Of Noise Feat Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens – Yebo! (12″)


High brow electronica meets World Music in this famous collaboration from 1989. Here with the J.Jeczalik Mix called the “Mbaqanga Mix” really improves on the short, 7″ version. The song is about Zulu Warriors appreciating young Zulu Dancers.


01. Yebo! (Mbaqanga Mix)
02. Dan Dare (edit)
03. To Add to the Confusion
The last track see’s Anne Dudley in full orchestra mode, one of the best modern composers around.



Limahl – Only For Love (12″)


From 1983 and the debut single from Christopher Hamill after being fired from Kajagoogoo. Someone was mithering me for some Fashion so this has their vocalist and guitarist, Dee Harris,on production duties along with another legendary producer, Tim Palmer, on what is a very synth pop record. This was before be met Moroder and did “The Neverending Story” and their are some great sounds on this.The bizarre, “Barber Shop Trio” track “O.T.T” was for the fans it seems.

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A Only For Love (12″ Mix When She Moves In Close)
B1 Only For Love
B2 O.T.T. (Over The Top)

Bonaventura – When Malyndy Sings/Big Track (12″)

Yes that is how it is spelt on the sleeve. On the outer realms of obscurity now with this record. Apparently it was the first release from Jeremy Healey (the Superstar DJ and former member of Haysi Fantayzee) On the list of contributors it has Art Of Noise member J.J. Jezalik and has something to do with “The Love Organisation” Record label.

So it`s a synthy Swing/reggae number with some dreadful lyrics, You get the “Full Version” then a quite interesting dub instrumental version called “Big Track” (9 min+ long) with some good early sampling. (Disney’s Jungle Book anyone?)

What is more amusing is that it has a black sticker on the front stating “SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK – FULL REFUND IF RETURNED WITHIN 3 DAYS” I got it for 10p in the bargain bin back in 1984!!




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Erasure – Sometimes (Ltd Ed 12″)


Or the Treble Mix as I like to call it (where’s is the bass?) From 1986 and I remember my mate Woody buying this and then taking it home to play and saying “Whatt?? This wasn’t the one I heard on the radio !” He got the limited edition by mistake but eventually loved it and became a massive Erasure fan and collector, culminating in a 6 hour gig with him at the Milton Keynes “Big Bowl of Fruit” gig in 1989/1990! Happy times.

Yes it’s the ltd edition mix called the “Shiver Mix” by Mute stalewart Rico Conning, plus a another mix by him of “Sexuality (Private Mix)” and Sensuality (C.D. Mix) – all quite minimal but keeping the Bell vocal to the forefront, my personal tribute to MANCHESTER PRIDE 2011 and all my friends who were involved!

Die Krupps – Machineries Of Joy Parts 1 & 2 (12″)


For ages I thought this was Nitzer Ebb because it was on Mute Records. So it was a team up between electronic ubermeisters and da Ebb ! An EBM anthem from 1989, it certainly kicks bottom and showed great European partnership. Slightly distilled when listened to today when the likes of Alec Empire and Digital Hardcore nicked the blueprint. 2 differing mixes “Wahre Arbeit” and the “True Work” mix plus the ambient track “Machines.”


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The Comsat Angels – Independence Day (E.P.)


Some more stuff by The Comsat Angels with this “value” 12″ from 1984. A re-recorded Extended Version (?) is much more 80’s sounding with the electronic drums. “Intelligence (Extended Version)” does seem extended, complete with funky bass. The B-side has 3 live tracks all recorded at Sheffield University , “Mister Memory” from the album “Land” , “Total War” and “After The Rain”  – all good stuff from a much overlooked band.

Fini tribe – I Want More (12″)


A very early release from Scotland’s Finitribe from 1987 and some proto industrial dance with a cover of Can’s “I Want More” from 1976.

On the Wax Trax! label, vocals were provided by Chris Connelly , this being very evident on the B-side “Idiot Strength” So there is the single version , B-side track and the imaginary titled “Row,Row,Row the Mix” Very catchy but keeping an alternative/electronic edge to it. Enjoy!!!

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