The Alarm – Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke ? (12″)

alarmstormFrom 1984 (again) and the indie rock sound of the Welsh act , The Alarm, all hair-sprayed and back combed up! 

A shouty, call-to-arms I wonder what the Manic Street Preacher’s think of it ? The 2 additional tracks are quality, “Pavilion Steps” a live favourite, it has Mike Peter’s distinct vocals about decline under Thatcher’s Britain.  It closes with the punkier,”What Kind of Hell” , not live as Discogs suggests. The track apparently was on the soundtrack of the film “Batchelor Party.”


IRSX 101

A Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?- 2:56

B1 Pavilion Steps – 3:52

B2 What Kind Of Hell – 2:42

The Police – King Of Pain (12″)


From 1984 and a late Police track from their “Synchronicity” album. (their last official single from their last album) Co-produced by Hugh Padgham and is about pain and separation, hence the “black spot on the sun.” Moody photo’s by Anton Corbijn and a generally moody and weird rhythm, this is the sound of a band in their maturity. B-side, “Tea In Sahara” a live version of the album track, drifts along and just proves what a powerful and accomplished 3 piece these guys were.  The 12″ is exactly the same timing as the 7″ (so why pay extra at the time? AAArgh!)

Good live vid….

 AMX 176

A King Of Pain 4:59
B Tea In The Sahara (Live) 5:05

New Order – Blue Monday 1988 (12″)

new88 Unbelievably making only their second appearance on this blog. This is the 1988 and some what “thrown together” mix by Quincy Jones and John Potoker, it has too much going on in background for my ears. However, it makes a nice change from listening to the original all the time, so much so that you can air drum the track with your eyes shut.  The B-side is a new version of “The Beach” called “Beach Buggy” and remixed by Michael Johnson,  long time engineer with the band.



A Blue Monday
B Beach Buggy

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes (Carnage)/War (Hidden) (12″)


Well my 800th post!

(Stands up and takes a bow!)

Another ZTT picture disc, so not the best quality, but not unlistenable. From 1984 and quite rare, hence this landmark post and only the second post by the band. Bombastic and overblown this is an apt anti-war track and a cover Edwin Starr’s original, here all funked up with that sampled bass right at the front of the mix. This my preferred mix of 2 Tribes with amusing “My name is..” bit in the middle. The spoken word , short interview closes the 12″….Well ‘ard !!!!



A War (Hidden) 8:33
B1 Two Tribes (Carnage) 7:54
B2 One February Friday 1:46

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine – After The Watershed (12″)

cartered Or with the additional title , “Early Learning The Hard Way” I don’t think any band has come along a did a Carter as much as Carter did back in the early 90’s, social commentary with an electro punk backing, DIY production with some of the best lyrics since Morrissey. The snarling delivery was not to everyone’s liking but they cleaned up at the Brit awards and attacked Philip Schofield for good measure amidst the girlie screams at the Smash Hits Party! (view below)

From 1991 and I’d forgotten this one but the riffs immediately reminded me, a stonker! Three tracks on the B-side, the punky “90’s Revival” the solemnly beautiful “Nation Of Shoplifters” and a rocky cover of the Inspiral Carpet’s “This Is How It Feels” – a unique band.


A After The Watershed (Early Learning The Hard Way) 4:15
B1 The 90’s Revival 2:03
B2 A Nation Of Shoplifters 1:53
B3 This Is How It Feels 3:00

That Uncertain Feeling – On The Edge (Vinyl E.P.)

edgebackcovA Manc band from near me, Urmston to be exact and managed by the great comedy writer/actor , Craig Cash. On the legendary Dead Dead Good Indie label member , Mark Lee, went on to form the equally forgotten Rain Band. Sounding a bit like early Charlatan’s , this was from 1992 and catches the vibe of the time, more individual sounding, a young band with plenty of ideas. It has a 2 cracking b-sides , the darker, gothier sounding “A Higher Ground” with driving bass and guitar effects and the wonderful “Violent Eyes” , a true hidden gem.


Coming soon 😦

A On The Edge
B1 A Higher Hand
B2 Violent Eyes

CUD – Magic (12″)

cuddle Not had some CUD for a while so here is some more from the 4 track “Magic” release from 1991. This includes 2  extremely indie dance  mixes,  the “Farsley Mix,” which would fit into any Indie Disco night with the likes of The Farm and Happy Mondays. Chris Nagle’s (of What? Noise) mix is more electronic and interesting. The remaining tracks are “Marjorie” ( short and stompy , garage rock.) and “Beyond HAIR” (more psychedelic rock and riffy)


A1 Magic (Farsley Mix)
A2 Marjorie
B1 Magic (Stockport Mix)
B2 Beyond HAIR

Marc Almond – Jacky (12″)

marclive Another Marc Almond release from 1991 and a cover of the French song originally sung by Jacques Briel and later Scott Walker. Here it is clubbed and stringed up by Trevor Horn & Anne Dudley via a Youth remix. Not sure it all quite gels together, there is a hell of a lot going on. The Pet Shop Boys would of nodded in approval.

On the other hand the B-side, “Deep Night” is a bit of tripped out, synth pop that The Beloved were peddling around the same time, nice , spacey sounds



A Jacky (12″ Version)
B1 Jacky (Alpine Dub)
B2 Deep Night (12″ Version)

Marc Almond – Tears Run Rings (US 12″)

marcyall From 1988, and the Justin Strauss remixes from the American release. Pure synth pop that harks back to the earlier sound of Soft Cell. Bigger bass , no strings and a massive hit in the clubs in NYC, this is a rare remix.

The “Acid Tears” mix is even more clubby, a nice slice of early acid house.

The b-side, although it doesn’t benefit from the weird vocal production is more like the later, sixties influenced Marc Almond.


Check out the mad video….

Capitol Records V-15418

A1 Tears Run Rings (The Just Rite Mix) 7:07
A2 Tears Run Rings (The Just Rite Edit) 4:40
B1 Tears Run Rings (Acid Tears Dub) 6:14
B2 Everything I Want Love To Be 3:08

Clock DVA – Thirst (Vinyl LP)

clocked A weird start to this weekends postings. From 1981 and the second album from Sheffield’s, Clock DVA, which is both experimental and accessible in equal measures. It had an evocative Neville Brody sleeve, where the little clock logo showed a different time on different releases.  This was before the band got into synths and became industrial, it is really more post punk, almost Goth in places, listen to “4 Hours.”


A1 Uncertain 7:04
A2 Sensorium 2:36
A3 White Cell 4:38
A4 Piano Pain 3:15
A5 Blue Tone 5:57
B1 North Loop 4:50
B2 4 Hours 4:00
B3 Moments 6:25
B4 Impressions Of African Winter 5:26