The Explorers – Venus De Milo (More Louvre Than Longer Mix / Extended) + Re-ups ( 12″)

SO for the completists or the yet to listen to. From’85 and the Roxy Music off shoot getting their Strand on with a different mix (or is it?) The key word being “More.”

Love the dramatic build up and those orchestrated synths and the duelling of the sax and guitar. A great Pop song that didn’t do much. The horn break reminds me of Yello !

Same B-side and duration (I think!)”

Virgin – 601 880

AVenus De Milo (More Louvre Than Longer Mix / Extended)6:02
BAnother Lost Soul On The Run5:32

Helloïse – For A Moment / Ready For The Night (7″)

Some proper Metal , not much on here but I know someone who will lap it up!

Chugging with some great solo’s this was from a Dutch band so long lost Fred is to thank.

The Quintet of ; Drums, Vocals – Ernst Van Ee, Guitar, Vocals – Arjan Boogerds and Ben Blaauw, Bass – Marchell Remeeus and Vocals – Stan Verbraak must have studied the UK Metal scene with hints of Maiden throughout.

“Ready For The Night” boogies along but with some great duelling guitars. Shake Your Head.ïse+-+For+A+Moment+(1985+7”).rar/file

WEA – 248 846-7

AFor A Moment
BReady For The Night

The Arrows – I Owe You (Netherlands 12″)

The final release from Canadian New Wave The Arrows. Drum machine (it’s a 12″ mix) over a light rock arrangement produced by fellow Canadian David Tyson and band leader Dean McTaggart.

The other involved were ; Backing Vocals – Al Van Wart, Eddie Schwartz, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone – Earl Seymour (Blood, Sweat and Tears), Bass Guitar – Howard Ayee (Rough Trade), Peter Bleakney (Take your pick!) Drums – Gary Craig, Michael Sloski (mmm take your pick) Guitar – Doug Macaskill, Keyboards – Rob Gusevs, Percussion – Matt Zimbel (Manteca) and Keyboards, Backing Vocals – David Tyson

It’s the 80’s so there is a large dose of sax as well as being quite funky. The Dub is very electronic and has suitably strong bass.

The B-side is an album cut , a bit AOR with a more than average dose of synths. Plenty of guitar solo’s”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1985.rar/file

KODAK Digital Still Camera

A&M Records – AMS 12-9821

AI Owe You (Hot Dog Mix)7:45
B1I Owe You (Dub Mix)6:36
B2Say It Isn’t True4:10

Robert Plant – Little By Little – Collectors Edition (12″)

From ’85 and the now wizard looking, Robert Plant, with 4 tracker desperately showcasing his versatility as a vocalist. Opening and closing with 2 studio tracks, drenched in synths (as was his preferred sound in the mid 80’s). The ex-Led Zeppelin frontman is here trying to find some relevance

Working with producer Tim Palmer and Benji Lefevre it produced a highly polished sound. “Little By Little” was a quite a big international hit.

“Sixes and Sevens” was also from the “Shaken ‘n’ Stirred” with guest musicians ; Guitar, Guitar synth – Robbie Blunt, Keyboards – Jezz Woodroffe, Bass, Guitar – Paul Martinez. Drums – Ritchie Hayward. Interestingly Toni Halliday adds some backing vocals.

The 2 live tracks (from Dallas on 24th June 1985) features a Honeydrippers boogie woogie, big band track as well as another LP cut.”

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Es Paranza Records – 7 90485-1-B

A1Little By Little (Remix Long Version)5:10
A2Easily Lead7:52
B1Robert Plant And The HoneydrippersRockin’ At Midnight (Live With The Honeydrippers)4:17
B2Sixes And Sevens6:04

The Flaming Mussolinis – Swallow Glass (Extended Remix) (12″)

No official vid but acts as a tastier

Back to ’85 and some Pop Rock with added computers and the debut release from Middleborough’s Flaming Mussolinis with some Phil Thornalley studio wizardly. There is sax, singalong chorus and twelve inch tricks.

The line-up was ; Saxophone, Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Jeff Fogarty, Vocals, Guitar – Alan Savage, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Kit Haigh, Bass, Backing Vocals – Doug Maloney and Drums, Backing Vocals – Craig McLune

A bit like The Alarm and certainly a nod to Simple Minds on the B-side. Synths and guitar”

Portrait – TX 6497

A1Swallow Glass (Extended Remix)
B1Swallow Glass
B2‘B’ Movie Girl

Killing Joke – Eighties + Re-ups *edited* (12″)

I have this ! So thanks Mike for reminding me and for me to remember to check where the file went. This is another CD quality Mike B vinyl rip btw.

From April 1984 and the one that Nirvana copied the bass riff for “Come As You Are.” It features in the film “Weird Science” and also with an amusing band line-up on the cover!

  • Bass – Raven
  • Design [Sleeve Design] – Mike Coles
  • Drums, Other [Weapons] – Big Paul Ferguson
  • Guitar [Six String Righteousness], Vocals [Verbals] – Geordie
  • Keyboards, Vocals [Verbals] – Jaz Coleman
  • Lacquer Cut By – Nickz
  • Other [Helmsmanship, Insubordination] – Captain Fil ‘Oh No’
  • Other [The Nailing In] – Alex Zander Rasher, Brad Sugar Dick Nelson
  • Producer – Chris Kimsey
  • Written-By – Killing Joke

The 12″ mix dubs in and out with a synth accompanying the bass.

The video is a blast to watch as well with the current World Order.


AEighties (Serious Dance Mix)6:27
B2Eighties (The Coming Mix)3:56

Killing Joke – Love Like Blood + Re-ups (German Maxi)

Back in the room after Beth’s Fortieth Weekend and 2 parents evenings, I’m a teacher you see.

It’s from ’85 and it already on here with the UK twelve but this is an ADG rip from Alan so always worth a listen, plus I get to re-up all their stuff.

One of producer Chris Kimsey’s finest pieces. The way the 12″ extends out and the juggernaut bassline is the finest bit of Indie Alt. Rock of the 80’s.

Loads of stuff re-upped below, get scrolling. (11 plus more to follow!)

More Killing Joke needed.”)+(1985)+(ADG+Rip).zip/file

EG – 881 618-1
ALove Like Blood – Version6:40
B1Love Like Blood4:23
B2Blue Feather – Version4:10

Two People – This Is The Shirt (12″)

Who ? I like getting that response. Bonavide 80’s in style.

Written and produced by Liverpool duo, Two People, with help from Chris Porter.

The Two People (Mark Stevenson and Noel Ram) were joined by ; Bass – Brad Lang, Drums – Steve Creese (The Lotus Eaters) and Keyboards – Ian Penman.

For fans of China Crisis and Lotus Eaters. Uplifting pop and 3 quality tracks. “Sister Sister” has a bit of a rock guitar, reminds me of The Comsat Angels. There is the suitably dramatic “This Is The Day” over 2 parts, the second one being a slightly dubbier version, I love them both!

So a new band I’ll be looking out for.”).rar/file

Polydor – POSPX 741
A1This Is The Shirt
A2This Is The Day (Part 1)
B1Sister Sister
B2This Is The Day (Part 2)

Belouis Some – Some People (US 12″)

From Mike B (like a lot of the stuff this week) and to tickle the fancy of the Belouis Some fans out there. Back in 1985 I hated it with it’s banal lyrics. It is synthpop but I hated the vocals and with the backing vocals it made it sound like Russ Abbot’s “Atmosphere” or something by Ottowan.

Remixed by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero and edited by Bruce Forest it had all the latest sounds but I still have a trouble with vocals. Adding some psychedelic backward guitar loops was unexpected but it is far too shiny pop for me.”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1985.rar/file

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Capitol Records – V-8649

ASome People (Club Remix)7:35
B1Some People (Club Remix Edit)3:57
B2Some People (Dub Version)6:28

John Cale – Satellite Walk Dance Re-Mix (12″)

From November ’85 and a debut on this blog from Welsh legend and Velvet Underground member, John Cale.

A three tracker

The line-up was ; Backing Vocals – Gill O’Donovan and Suzie O’List (both from The Croquettes) Guitar – David Young, Keyboards – James Young (Nico and Faction), Percussion – Graham Dowdall (Nico and Faction) and Keyboards and vocals – John Cale.

Carl Beaty provided the remix on this Roxy Music-ish bit of funk. With plenty of Byrne-ism’s

“Dying On The Vine” has layers of percussion and Cale’s deep but fragile vocal linked with a sinewy bass.

The last track is suitably experimental. A suitable drone and piano chords for the instrumental “Crash Course In Harmonics””+Vinyl+-+1985.rar/file

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Beggars Banquet – BEG 153T

ASatellite Walk4:10
AA1Dying On The Vine4:59
AA2Crash Course In Harmonics3:43