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The Fixx – I Will (12″)


The Jury’s still out on The Fixx especially after hearing this synth-laden AOR from 1984. Sounds like Sting with a Howard Jones backing. Produced by Jones producer Rupert Hine and off their album “Phantoms” it’s bit of a bubblegum ballad which meanders around and never does much. The B-side and album track “Question” is far better and is again produced by a Howard Jones studio bod , Stephen W. Tayler. Tapping into a Stevie Wonder vibe.

MCA Records ‎– FIXXT 9willcov

A I Will (Extended Version) 7:28
B Question 3:26

Off – Electric Salsa (Baba Baba)

Back to more obscure stuff now with this early bit of German Eurodance that featured a very young Sven Väth (legendary trance/techno artist) Off were a trio and the letters stood for Organisation For Fun. The other 2 members (Luca Anzilotti and Michael Münzing) went on to form Snap!

Released in 1986 on ZYX Records I love that it has an equipment list on the back sleeve!!

Equipment used:
Yamaha TX 816, Super Jupiter MKS 80, Akai $ 900,
Roland TR 808, Roland TR 505
PPG. 2.3, Wave Term
Glass voice (Coca Cola bottle 0.2)
Car door (Mercedes Benz 305)
SBX 80 (SMPTE offset 10 24 32)

A camp “Jingo” !!??

Sorry for the delay!

ZYX Records ‎– ZYX 5548

A Electrica Salsa (Baba Baba) 5:48
B Electrica Salsa (Dub Version) 5:50

Kraftwerk ‎– Computerwelt (German 12″)


Last of the Kraftwerk twelves…..

From 1982 and their only real remix, very different from the album version and something I had never heard before!! Karl Bartos’s influence is all over this with proto- techno feel to it. Mike has split the B-side into 2 tracks (might be sacrilege to some fans) and I’m liking the sheer percussive, hypnotic power of “Numbers” without the large synth washes that come in on “Computerwelt 2″ . Both are similar (if not the same) as the album versions.

Kling Klang ‎– 1 C K 062-46 379 Zcomputer

A Computerwelt 5:05
B1 Nummern 3:19
B2 Computerwelt 2 3:21

Kraftwerk – Neon Lights (12″)

Not just “Neon Lights” but also included are the short, seven inch edits of “Trans Europe Express” and “The Model” from 1978 (on luminous vinyl of course!!). It’s one of my favourites by them, electronics with a soul. Here in all it’s 9 minutes glory and those tweater tickling synths, just kick back and let it wash over you!

Capitol Records ‎– 12 CL 15998SAM_6933

A Neon Lights
B1 Trans-Europe Express
B2 The Model


Yellow Magic Orchestra ‎– Tighten Up (US Promo 12″)

So I saw the artist and thought more classic synth…..Nope how wrong was I!!! From 1980 and we get mad funk cover version of a late 60’s track by Archie Bell and the Drells, with a little sprinkle of synth noodling. Self deprecating lyrics and mad cap sounds…great fun!! Beware of the false ending on the Extended Version!

Japanese Gentleman…..Stand Up Please!!

A&M Records ‎– SP-17136SAM_5232

A Tighten Up (Special Extended Version) 5:42
B Tighten Up (Single Version) 3:06

Kraftwerk – Showroom Dummies (US 12″)

So I saw Kraftwerk a few weeks ago and they were fab….no amazing!!! They play Manchester Bridgewater Hall tonight, which sold out in seconds hence why I ended up going to Dublin. They didn’t play this wonderfully sinister/tongue in cheek tune from 1977. Lovingly recorded as nature intended from 1977 with a few pops and crackles – Analogue you see!! (Thanks Mike B.) I love the “French Version” best, it doesn’t seem that evil! Are they specially remixed “Disco” versions ? I don’t know….Camp as!! (That sound of breaking glass sounds like an explosion!) John Foxx was definitely  taking notes, as was half my musical heroes.

Corrected Link!!

Capitol Records ‎– 8502show

A Showroom Dummies 6:00
B Les Mannequins 6:02


New Order – The Perfect Kiss (US Promo 12″)

A bit of rare New Order from 1985 and at the height of their Powers (well not really this failed to get in the Top 40!!). From one of my favourite albums of theirs, “Low Life” This is the slightly shorter “Single” version. As a bonus  we have the slightly edited, live studio recording which corresponds to the music video; Jonathan Demme directed “The Perfect Kiss” video, set in the band’s practice room, it simply depicts the band playing the song from beginning to end in this rawer version, which includes the verse with the song title, great stuff!!

Qwest Records ‎– PRO-A-2342kissed

A The Perfect Kiss (Single Edit) 4:23
B The Perfect Kiss (Live Version From The Perfect Kiss Video) 5:18


Tunes From Oz and Beyond – Part 7

A small update to the series with this distinct synth flavoured selection from Mike B.


D.D. Smash – Magic (What She Does) (Aussie 12″) 

From 1984 and New Zealand band D.D. Smash, fronted by Kiwi music legend Dave Dobbyn. Taking the classic New Romantic sound with heavy electronic drums and adding some of his own influences over the top, flute synth anyone??. The band split in 1984 after a riot at one of the gigs, where Dobbyn was arrested for incitement, must have been a great gig!!

This was produced by Charles Fisher (Savage Garden) with a long, extended over 8 mins long. “Tobacco Indian” reminds me of the Thompson Twins, all 80’s melodrama.

Mushroom ‎– X-13195SAM_0096

A Magic (What She Do)
B Tobacco Indian


I’m Talking – Trust Me (Aussie 12″)

I’m Talking were an Australian (Melbourne) dance-funk-pop band formed 1983 and folded in 1987. Co-produced with Ross Cockle (Real Life) this was their debut release. They featured vocalists Kate Ceberano (lead on this track) and Zan Abeyratne, the main track borrows a bit “Let The Music Play” but funks along nicely.

The B-side must be one of the first records to sample James Brown, electro/funk and obviously influenced by the Electro movement coming out of the US, adding a guitar over the top and some real bass guitar in there, an awesome instrumental.

Regular Records  ‎– RRT 615trust

A Trust Me (Extended Mix) 5:40
B Take It To The Bridge 3:40

Wa Wa Nee – I Could Make You Love Me (Aussie 12″)

Distant cousins of Kajagoogoo and Nephews of Prince?? From 1987 and sees the heavy guitars being used over a soft synth background, slightly Hi-NRG.

The B-side glides along a deep synth bassline and crystal synths, no geetar!!!


CBS ‎– BA 12212wawwaw

A I Could Make You Love Me (Metal Dance Mix)
B Meela Polarmay (Extended Mix)


Robert Palmer – Early In The Morning (US 12″)

A popular artist on here at the moment!! At the end Palmer flirted with dance and cover versions and made some bloody great tracks, this being from 1988. From the album “Heavy Nova” and only getting a US release it was a cover of The Gap Band track. This promo has meaty remixes from Eric “ET” Thorngren. The “Dub” is a thing of a beauty and mix of the month , that synth-bass!!! Smooth and Sensual with a bit of grit thrown in.

EMI-Manhattan Records ‎– V-56113early

A1 Early In The Morning (12″ ‘Get Up’ Mix) 6:15
A2 Early In The Morning (West Coast Mix) 4:35
B1 Early In The Morning (Dub) 5:28
B2 Early In The Morning (Percapella) 5:06
B3 Early In The Morning (Club Instrumental) 5:06



Ledernacken ‎– Let Yourself Go (12″)

Eurodance from 1988 with a bit of the EBM-lite thrown in from Ledernacken, a band fronted by German artist Folke Jensen. They had an International hit with “Amok!” back in 1983. Heavy, hip-hop beats and metal guitar give it that crossover edge, the “Tough Mix” has a great deep bass and is partially sung in German. “Ho Ho Ho” mixes funk bass, acoustic guitar, electro beats and metal overtones (with Yello-like lyrics!!) – in other words a right clash of styles. “Ready To Mambo” is a weird jazz funk track, with Yello and Falco influences. Interesting!

Strike Back Records ‎– SBR 16Tletgo

A1 Let Yourself Go
A2 Let Yourself Go (Tough Version)
B1 Ho Ho Ho (Remix)
B2 Ready To Mambo

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