Daryl Hall & John Oates ‎– One On One (US 12″)

The second single from their eleventh studio album H2O on January 29, 1983 (so a couple days late for its 35th anniversary!)

The smooth, laidback sound of Hall & Oates embracing the latest studio technology (drum machines etc..) with Hugh Padgham producing. With remix duties to the ever present Michael Brauer with Robert Wright.

A sneaky bonus is inclusion of “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” on the 12″ remix by Wright, a very overlooked 80’s banger! 


RCA ‎– PD-13428onee

A One On One 5:30
B I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) 6:05

Fun Boy Three ‎– The More I See (The Less I Believe) (12″)

Early 80’s Political Pop, read those biting lyrics. Their 5th single and not a massive hit, probably due to the subject matter being about the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland and being banned by the BBC. The 12″ mix goes on a little dubby excursion (the part 2 bit) being helped by the skills of engineer Jeremy Green and, rumour has it, production by David Byrne.

The same track on both sides!!!

“Does anybody know any jokes?”


Chrysalis ‎– CHS 12 2664more

A The More I See (The Less I Believe) Parts 1 & 2 (?) 7:20
B The More I See (The Less I Believe) Parts 1 & 2 (?) 7:20

Re-Flex – The Politics Of Dancing (12″)

Up on the original blog and now resurrected!

The classic 1984 hit from a typical one-hit wonder band. Although there are a few more releases of there’s on here but never with the same impact as this hybrid funk,rock,synth track. Produced by John Punter (Japan, Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry) it has that distinct bass sound and synth horns. Always had a soft spot for the even funkier B-side “Cruel World”

Apparently even bigger in the States!



EMI ‎– 12FLEX 2politics

A The Politics Of Dancing (Extended Version) 6:36
B Cruel World (Extended Version) 5:30

Tunes From Oz and Beyond – Part 8 (Early 80’s)

Take 2! So this should have been up yesterday but I accidentally highlighted everything and it disappeared and the new, improved WordPress didn’t save another back up like it us to. So the pearls of wisdom and insight (sarcasm intended) were lost in the ether!

So in Chronological order….

The Aliens – Confrontation / Boys In Black (7″)

Step forward into the light the young quartet of Geoffrey Stapleton, Greg Webster, Pierre Baroni and Rob Grosser (Some of them went on to be in GANGgajang whilst Stapleton went onto be in Absent Friends) . Relocating from Adelaide to properly form in Melbourne, this Power Pop band managed to make an impact with their debut single. The Glam Rock fused “Confrontation” Showing influences from The Who especially with the stuttered vocal delivery. The spikier, more alternative groove of “Boys In Black” is my preferred track. Their only album “Translator” was apparently a bit of a stonker.


Mushroom ‎– K 7618

A Confrontation 3:21
B The Boys In Black 2:54







Daddy Cool – Eagle Rock (Maxi 12″) 

A re-issue from 1982 of a tracks from 1971 (maybe to promote a Best Of Compilation?) This is a classic, bluesy rocker that most Aussies will know and love. Heavily influenced by The Rolling Stones, the riffs come thick and fast, along with a laidback groove.

Comprising of Ross Wilson (Vocals, Guitar) (who went on to form Mondo Rock), Gary Young (Drums, Vocals), Ross Hannaford (Guitar, Vocals) and Wayne Duncan (Bass, Vocals)

Quality guitar playing as you can hear on “Daddy Rocks Off” and a little bit tongue in cheek with the Do Wop style of “Bom Bom”


Wizard Records ‎– ZS 12582

A1 Eagle Rock 4:07
B1 Daddy Rocks Off 4:34
B2 Bom Bom 2:34






Wendy & The Rocketts – Have You Been Telling Me Lies ? (UK 12″)

Proper 80’s production with this release from 1983. Electronic drums and synths no less. Hair Rock Balladry from Wendy Stapleton and her Rocketts. Backed up with some tracks from the album “Dazed For Days” The nice surprise was a funky, extended version of “Play The Game.” (Hardly Rock At All) All tracks were produced by British Studio bods, John Hudson and Paul Muggleton with a Judie Tzuke connection.


A&M Records Ltd. ‎– AMX 163

A1 Have You Been Telling Me Lies? 3:43
A2 Security
B1 Play The Game (Special Extended Version)






Tim Finn – Staring At The Embers (LTD 12″)

The debut release from ex- Split Enz frontman (and Kiwi) Tim Finn. The third single off his 1983 album, “Escapade”. Seeing him collaborate with some quality session musicians (including great sax work from Wilbur Wilde and Joe Camilleri) and it appears embracing the synth technology. Slightly longer and backed by another couple of album tracks. For 80’s madness (i.e. everything but the kitchen sink in terms of instruments) try the funky, “Grand Adventure.”


Mushroom ‎– X 13129

A Staring At The Embers (Extended Version) 5:22
B1 Fraction Too Much Friction 4:11
B2 Grand Adventure 3:52






Stephen Cummings – We All Make Mistakes / Stuck On Love (12″)

Ex-lead singer with The Sports (’76-’81) we get a Singer-Songwriter doing a bit of a Paul Young with a solo excursion from 1983, with help from writing partner Ian Stephens. Blue-eyed soul it certainly is on “Stuck On Love.” with a vibe of The Style Council via Wham. The Extended Mix is more on the lead track “We All Make Mistakes” (but it’s hardly long at under 4 minutes!!) funky horns and guitars to shake your booty to. (I’m getting a Heaven 17 vibe here.)


Regular Records Pty. Ltd. ‎– RRT 608

Side One We-All-Make-Mistakes
Side Two Stuck-On-Love







Phil Judd – The Swinger (Mini LP)

Guitarist and vocalist for New Zealand band The Swingers. Judd was a founding member of Split Enz along with Tim Finn. This was his first solo effort from 1983, using the new available technology here we have an Aussie The The (Matt Johnson!!) Always slightly quirky and skewed this is an enjoyable taster. There is some rocky bits with the New Wave edge “Concrete And Steel” written with Bassist Bones Hillman from The Swingers. Quite like the Blondie groove of “Laydown” and the country feel to album closer, “Dictionary Of Love.”


MCA Records ‎– MCA-36007

A1 Dream’n’Away 4:38
A2 Rendezvous (With A Girl Like You) 3:56
A3 Worlds Away 3:56
B1 Concrete And Steel 3:15
B2 Laydown 3:40
B3 Dictionary Of Love 3:21





Eurythmics ‎– Beethoven (I Love To Listen To) (12″)

We actually doubled up on getting this. (Mike and myself) Great Minds think alike!! So I’m including his splendid rip to save time.

From 1987 and a return to a more electronic sound. Almost Pet Shop Boys in places. Quite weird introduction to their new album with a vocal repeating mostly spoken lines. Samples are used quite heavily, with the sequenced bassline. The Dance Mix adds extra beats mixed with French studio boffin, Serge Pauchard (Jean Michel Jarre) twisting the bass to obscene proportions in terms of twanging the lugholes!

“Heaven”, an album track from “Savage” lays down a deep electronic groove, reminiscent of Gorgio Moroder’s “Chase” Theme from “Midnight Express.” It also had it’s own vid (for those who can’t get enough of Miss Lennox)






RCA ‎– DAT 11eurhyyy

A Beethoven (I Love To Listen To) (Dance Mix)
B1 Heaven
B2 Beethoven (I Love To Listen To) (Extended Version)

Devo – Disco Dancer (US 12″)

Spent an hour and a half doing the latest in “Tunes From Oz and Beyond” series then I lost it…..Bloody WordPress. I’ll re-write and do it tomorrow 😦

So a quick post from a more modern sounding Devo, released in 1988 and features mixes by Ivan Ivan. It was new to me so hopefully it’s new to you being off the album “Totally Devo” recorded after Alan Myers left the band. Very commercial sounding it even has a “Bonus Beats” track, eyes firmly focussed on the dancefloor then.

Same tracks on both sides but obviously not doubled up on the MP3 rip!

Funky guitars and more than a nod to Divine. Apparently it was inspired by the Bollywood(Indian) movie Disco Dancer with Mitun Chakravorty.



Enigma Records ‎– V-75511SAM_9120

A1 Disco Dancer (7″ Version) 4:15
A2 Disco Dancer (12″ Version) 6:30
A3 Disco Dancer (Bonus Beats) 4:20
B1 Disco Dancer (7″ Version) 4:15
B2 Disco Dancer (12″ Version) 6:30
B3 Disco Dancer (Bonus Beats) 4:20


The Flying Lizards – Money (US 12″)

At long last the 12″ of this weird novelty hit from July 1979. The Flying Lizards (Dave Cunningham and Deborah Evans-Stickland ) manage to do a bit of KLF and gain notoriety with this Hit. Posh/stoned vocals over a drum machine led backing. Studio trickery, bleeps and squelches and the deadpan vocals in that unexpected bass, dub interlude halfway through the 12″, for something so experimental it did rather well!!

“Summertime Blues” is probably the weirdest, sparsest cover ever. Metronomic drum machine (deliberately screwed about) and even more dub effects. RADICAL!!!!


Virgin ‎– DK 4809money

A Money 6:13
B Summertime Blues 5:05

Richard James Burgess ‎– Richard James Burgess (Mini LP)


Drummer, producer and ex-member of Landscape goes for a shot at solo fame via America.

Mmmmm what looked good on paper turns out to be a dog’s dinner of a 6-track mini album. John Luongo and Michael Brauer are even at the mixing desk but apart from the two singles that are already on here in the 12″ form (request if you would like to see them re-upped) there not much really to it. Pop funk, 60’s pastiche and a ballad that seem’s to be a Landscape rejected track.

Guest musicians include synth duo EBN/OZN and out of the army of session musicians- Bob Babbitt and Francisco Centeno on basses. Shame the actual tunes are a bit too safe and predictable.



Capitol Records ‎– MLP-15019richardfrontcov

A1 Breathless 3:10
A2 The Fugitive 3:32
A3 Thank You Ladies 3:42
B1 Beside Myself With You 3:49
B2 Your Love 3:22
B3 Swim To Me 3:42

Dolby’s Cube ‎– Get Out Of My Mix (Special Dance Version) (US 12″)


A US twelve that I bought in NYC finds Dolby having a mess around with a Fairlight. Quite groundbreaking (and novel) for 1983 as he mixes previous single “Europa And The Pirate Twins” with bits of “She Blinded Me Science” with some dodgy rapping by Mr. Dolby over some electro beats.

Still not really feeling the love for it after owning it when it came out (and losing it). The Dub being slightly more sparse, without the beats. For the fans!


Capitol Records ‎– 8561dolbyfrontcov

A Get Out Of My Mix (Special Dance Version) 7:58
B Get On Out Of My Mix (Special Dub Version) 7:45


The Buggles ‎– Clean Clean / Living In The Plastic Age (US Promo 12″)

To capitalize on the success of “Video Killed The Radio Star” in America this was released as a Double  A-side in 1980 to promote the album “The Age Of Plastic”. Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes were on a wave of innervation mixing up synths, prog rock and New Wave elements. Two arty but crafty pop songs, far too clever for their own good.


Island Records ‎– PRO-A-859clean

A Clean Clean 5:13
B Living In The Plastic Age 5:09