Kids In The Kitchen – Shine (Import CD)

kidssOkay, I had a request a while back by regular reader Josh about some more from this Aussie band. Mike has kindly obliged and I had this in my “Ready To Go Up” folder but forgot to post! A cracking New Wave album from 1985 re-released on CD with some 12″ mixes. Well, New Year is upon us so here it is! Happy New Year!!

White Label Records ‎– MUSH32201.2kidscov

1 Shine 5:24
2 Current Stand 4:01
3 Change In Mood 3:44
4 Place To Go 3:55
5 Cynical 4:02
6 Something That You Said 3:44
7 Bitter Desire 3:47
8 My Life 4:46
9 Not The Way 2:32
10 How Come? 4:32
11 Bitter Desire (12″ Version) 5:49
12 Something That You Said (Club Mix) 5:36
13 Shine (Shock 12″ Mix) 7:41


Real Life – Face To Face (Promo 12″)

From 1985 and a slightly rockier sounding Real Life. Taken from the soundtrack of the Jim Carrey vampire spoof film, “Once Bitten.” They sound a like bit Ultravox on here (Dancing With Tears In My Eyes era) with the Dance mix being much more electronic with some nice effects. Both were produced by Peter Henderson (Supertramp , Rush)


Curb Records ‎– L33-17058 facecov.jpg

A Face To Face (Dance Mix) 6:43
B Face To Face (Rock Edit) 3:46

INXS – What You Need (12″)

So your daily dose of INXS care of Mike’s extensive collection of most things Oz. From 1986 This shows more edge and has a killer synth bass and a great tenor sax solo. Capitalism and consumerism are the subjects given a great remix by Nick Launay. The 12″ came with a couple of live tracks as well as an unreleased short track , “Sweet As Sin,” very punk rock and roll written by bassist Garry Gary Beers.



Mercury ‎– INXS 512

1 What You Need (Remix) 5:35
A2 Sweet As Sin 2:21
B1 What You Need (Live) 3:56
B2 The One Thing (Live) 3:31


Real Life – Catch Me I’m Falling (12″)

From 1984 and the last of the Aussie trio for today with this track from Real Life,classic new wave with added vocoder. Produced by British guitar legend Steve Hillage and given an extended version with some cheesy 80’s effects! I did remember this when it first came out thinking it sounded a bit like Flock Of Seagulls. B-side ticks all the boxes, electronic drums, synth lead, histrionic vocals and uplifting chorus but NO saxophone!!!

MCA Records ‎– MCAT 885 SAM_4045

A-Catch Me I’m Falling (Extended Version)-5:43

B-Exploding Bullets-4:10


Icehouse – Electric Blue (US Promo 12″)

From 1988 and the return of mullet of Iva Davies and his Icehouse, kindly provided by Mike (I have this on CD somewhere!) Sounding like a mix between ABC (Be Near Me) and Roxy Music (Same Old Scene) this see’s the band embrace their AOR sound the mixes being provided by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero. A suitably cheesy video accompanied it, now where is my hairspray!

This promo contains 5 mixes the Dub, like of a lot of Icehouse dub’s contain vocals , is the most interesting.


Chrysalis ‎– VAS-1014

A1 Electric Blue (Extended Mix) 7:32
A2 Electric Blue (Dub Mix) 5:03
B1 Electric Blue (Instrumental) 5:46
B2 Electric Blue (ST Edit) 4:10

INXS – Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain) (12″)

So another trio of Aussie tracks now with this track from INXS back in 1986. Starting with the strum and building up, this was massive in Australia but did barely dent the charts in the UK. It recently appeared in the GTA game, Vice City.

So in the package we get the bizarre, slide guitar, acoustic track of “Six Knots” A powerful live version of “The One Thing” seeing the band in full steam from a gig in Melbourne. The Calypso based “The Spy Of Love” from 1983 with some nice synths from their 3rd album, “Shaboo Shoobah” (with a just a hint of The Police)



Mercury ‎– INXS 712kissedcov

A1 Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)
A2 Six Knots
B1 The One Thing (Live)
B2 Spy Of Love

Snowy Red – The Right To Die (Vinyl LP)

snowywAn artist that’s new to me from Mike’s collection. Belgian synthpop by former bassist of punk band Chainsaw, Micky Mike (Marcel Thiel who died in 2009) and his second album, very rare and worth a fortune according to Discogs.

Primitive synths and tinny percussion abound, reminding me of early Human League with elements of Suicide. A definite must for analogue synth lovers and Minimal wave fans alike!

Highlights for me are the infectious “Nowhere” and the bass guitar led “Opium” with the commercial “I’m Hurt” doing a good synth rock impression!


Dirty Dance ‎– 12002


A1 Euroshima (Wardance) 4:22
A2 Nowhere 3:40
A3 I’m Hurt 2:40
A4 Never Alive 3:12
A5 Relax 4:51
B1 Opium 4:07
B2 Lies In Your Eyes 7:45
B3 Madman 3:58
B4 The Right To Die 4:35

Yello – Jingle Bells (US Promo & 12″)

So from 1995 and Dieter Meier doing a Santa Claus impression (with references from “Oh Yeah”) over a techno rave backing. This was off the “Santa Clause” film soundtrack and Mike has provided all the available vinyl mixes (for the completists) so pick your favourite, although they are all sort of similar, although the ravey, “Santa Claus Mix” will have you throwing shapes in your paper hat and tinsel.

4th & Broadway ‎– 162-448 018-1 Yello - Jingle Bells 12'' Vinyl

A1 Jingle Bells (Single Version) 2:58
A2 Jingle Bells (Movie Version) 4:46
B Jingle Bells (Santa Club Mix) 5:17

4th & Broadway ‎– 162-448 018-1DJ

A1 Jingle Bells (Single Version) 2:58
A2 Jingle Bells (Movie Version) 4:46
B1 Jingle Bells (Santa Club Mix) 5:17

So a Merry Christmas to All !!!


Fields Of The Nephilim ‎– Sumerland (12″)

From 1990 and the one with splendid Dreamed Version on it. Co-produced by Andy Jackson (who worked a lot with Pink Floyd) this could be classed as Prog Goth! Epic and overly long it’s a classic sit down, headphones job! B-side is a live version of album track, “The Watchman” recorded live at Wolverhampton Civic Centre on 4th August 1990 and according to recent gig reports they’ve still not lost it.

A few of my close friends love this band so it’s a bit of a gift to them!



Beggars Banquet ‎– BEG 250 T sumercov.jpg

A Sumerland (Dreamed Version) 8:45
B The Watchman (Live) 6:10

Sharpe & Numan – I’m On Automatic (12″)

Okay, last trio of posts for a few days before I submerge myself into the Christmas Spirit.

From 1989 and a further collaboration between Gary Numan and ex- Shakatak keyboard player and producer, Bill Sharpe. Synth Pop with a dose of jazz, Numan mumbles his vocals which are backed up by respected session singer Tessa Niles. Ex-Shakatak drummer, Roger Odell contributes and it does resemble “Just Be Good To Me” by the SOS Band ,in places, quite poppy although the 12″ mix does toughen things up. B-sides include the slower but nice and synthy, “Love Like A Ghost” and a remix of previous single “Voices” With all that electronic percussion it is the most Mid-period, Numan sounding track of the three. Seems this is quite rare, enjoy!


Polydor ‎– PZ 43 sharpnewcov

A I’m On Automatic (12″ Remix) 7:30
B1 Love Like A Ghost 3:30
B2 Voices (’89 Remix) 5:33