Sting – Sister Moon (Hani Mixes) + Re-ups (Euro 12″)

House Beats and a Jazzy Sting track from ’87 and it works ….just about !

Hani, a Kuwaiti-American DJ, producer and remixer does a fine job on this long mix (13 min mix!) Bleeps and Courtney Pine make for an interesting blend. The initial mix is less full on than the much harder Club Mix and therefore a little more palatable.”+Vinyl+-+1996.rar/file

Sting is an absolute bugger to find on this site so I’ve re-upped all the stuff on here below, enjoy!

AM:PM – 581 547-1

ASister Moon (Hani Commissioned Extended Mix)12:36
B1Sister Moon (Hani Commissioned Dub Mix)7:12
B2Sister Moon (Hani Commissioned Club Mix)7:52

En Vogue – Lies + Re-up (US 12″)

It’s Wednesday so it’s the 90’s.

Classic RnB from En Vouge and an early one from 1990. Sounding pretty good for it’s age.

The Jazzy main mix by  Denzil Foster & Thomas McElroy adds extra Jazz piano. The “Funky Mix” has the Public Service Announcement as the intro and a synth bass to funk it up.

Kwamé Holland finishes this twelve with his own mix, adding more Hip Hop Beats and a loose strung bass guitar.”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1990.rar/file

Atlantic – 0-86168

A1Lies (The Extended Avant Garde Remix)5:55
A2Lies (LP Mix)4:16
B1Lies (Extended Funky Remix)5:59
B2Lies (Kwame’s Boneage Remix)4:40

Chaka Khan – It’s My Party + Re-ups (US 12″)

Lets there be some funk for this lovely Tuesday.

A forgotten gem from Yvette Marie Stevens from ’88 and the LP “CK”. The LP included a fine wide-ranging players and collaborators like Brenda Russell, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Bobby McFerrin, Womack & Womack, George Benson, Chris Jasper, and the legendary Miles Davis,

Witness the funk workout of LP track “Where Are You Tonite” as proof, this added as a bonus track.

Written by 2 of the Womack’s (Cecil and Linda) and Jeff Lorber adding some additional keyboards. Keith Cohen and Steve Beltran provide the remixes. Pinned to a solid bass and synth brass it has that ambient Party noise and a calypso feel. The Club Instrumental is in fact another vocal mix.’s+My+Party+-+US+12”

Warner Bros. Records – 0-21097

A1It’s My Party (New Party Mix)8:40
A2It’s My Party (Club Instrumental)5:05
A3It’s My Party (LP Version)5:10
B1It’s My Party (Club Edit)5:10
B2It’s My Party (Dance Dub)5:18
B3Where Are You Tonite (LP Version)4:58

Bangles – I’ll Set You Free + Re-ups (Netherlands 12″)

A later release by the band from their 3rd Album, “Everything” and remixed by Bernard Edwards released Sept ’89. A medium paced ballad with a bit of a hippy vibe and jangling guitar and gently extended.

’86 track, “Walking…” gets its groove with the original remix by David Kahne. Quite Motown via The B-52’s. A sign of past glories.

“Watching The Sky” has a bit of a heavier sound and a bit of keyboards, psyche rock box firmly ticked.’ll+Set+You+Free+-+Netherlands+12”+Maxi+Vinyl+-+1989.rar/file

CBS – 655313 6

AI’ll Set You Free (Remix)4:44
B1Walking Down Your Street (Extended Remix)5:17
B2Watching The Sky4:11

The Silencers – Painted Moon + Re-ups (US 12″)

From ’87 and moving with the times and here with a John Luongo remix over Dave Bascombe;s production.

It is a good remix as you’d expect that takes you on a bit of meadering journey.

The Blues Mix is a dub featuring harmonic. Coming on like a speeded up Waterfront. This was remixed by Mark Wallace and is y actual preferred mix.

I still forget they were a Scottish band.”

RCA Victor – 6653-1-RD

A1Painted Moon (Extended Version)7:53
A2Painted Moon (Acapella Version)4:41
B1Painted Moon (Blues Mix)6:50
B2Painted Moon (Single Version)4:02

Mylene Farmer – Some Random Modern Stuff

Three hard to find tracks from a follower’s file (Sorry I forgot who sent them!)

  1. Désenchantée (PWL Mix)

Yep, PWL get their hands on this ’91 track. Adding quite a few additional drums and sequencers.

2.Oui….Mais Non (Van Ryan’s Dream-a-live mix)

From 2010 has a dark rave vibe. Dubstep and showing a very different side to her musical output.

3. Si J’avais Au Moins (Live)

Yes, it’s all about the voice. From 2009 and from the “No 5 on Tour – Collections Edition)

The Machine Gun Feedback – Uncle Mikey’s Guide To Groovin’ (CDS)

From ’91 and Bury’s answer to The Wonderstuff. Getting their baggy on was this 5-piece.

  • Bass – Graham Space
  • Drums, Vocals – Michael Chadwick
  • Keyboards – Mr Trousers
  • Lead Guitar – Adam Zuk
  • Vocals, Guitar – Richard McNevin-Duff (who went on to form The Space Monkeys)

Produced by Pat Collier and with plenty of jangle with the keyboards filling out the sound.’s+Guide+To+Groovin’

Sacred Heart Records – NONE CD3

1Let’s Start Pretending
2Katch A Star
3Battle Ships
4Dig It

Echo & The Bunnymen – Bring On The Dancing Horses (Extended Mix) (12″)

Amazingly not on here! From November ’85 and produced by Laurie Latham it has all the Bunnymen features as well as an interesting bit of bass sequencer and a sampled flute which everyone was doing at the time. It a class song and one of my favourites by them. Timeless.

I really like this looser , early version of “Bedbugs and Ballyhoo”, a less contrived arrangement with plenty of psychedelic organ.

“Over The Shoulder” is quite thrashy in a nod towards Jesus And Mary Chain (or Hüsker Dü ), a “Killer B Side” in all respects.

Korova – KOW 43T

ABring On The Dancing Horses (Extended Mix)5:37
B1Bedbugs & Ballyhoo3:35
B2Over Your Shoulder4:04

Gleaming Spires – Life Out On The Lawn (US 12″)

Before most of them got poached to be Sparks backing band from 81-85, Gleaming Spires released this debut release from 1982. Their first full band release, Bohem and Kendrick had released an album the previous year called “Song Of The Spires.”

The line-up on here was ; Backing Vocals – Bob Haag, Bass, Recorder, Vocals – Leslie Bohem (Bates Motel), Drums – David Kendrick (Bates Motel, Devo), Guitar – Paul Cutler ( The Dream Syndicate and 45 Grave).and Saxophone and synth – Jim Goodwin. (The Call, Velvet Underground)

From an interview with Kendrick,

“We were at Musicland Studios in Munich working on a Sparks record. After hours, in the dead of night (when the Sparks sessions were done), on two-inch tape we recorded bass guitar, my drum kit, sax, a relentless tribal chant, and Les’ possessed vocal line – as the song’s protagonist sinks into the terrain of a “lawn” that was no longer content to be a lawn. The natural world in revolt. Blade by blade, yard by yard.

I had long been enthralled by the disaster novels of J.G. Ballard, written in the 1960s, where our planet morphs/dies in brutal and wonderful ways – by burning, fearsome winds, crystallization. In my mind, Life Out on the Lawn encapsulated a new kind of disaster, where the world below goes viscous, disrupting concrete and displacing and eating solid rock. As it turns out, this process mirrors a fungal world that is only coming to light today, where mycorrhizal connectivity links all forest plants to one another. Underground via hyphae.”

There is a weird synth ballad cover of “Somewhere” – Stephen Hague guesting on the leys.

“Passion Pit” is another morose synth ballad with It does have an extended ending, Mike B doesn’t have an auto return turntable, just like myself.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Posh Boy – PBS 1036

A1Life Out On The Lawn
B2Passion Pit