Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Mind (US Promo 12″)

’87 at the height of their pomp. Epic video and an epic cover version. Here with both the Mendelsohn and Phil Harding mixes and the quality B-side of “Do I Have To ?

How much Fairlight ?

EMI-Manhattan Records – SPRO-04036

A1Always On My Mind (Dance Version)8:07
A2Always On My Mind (7″ Instrumental)4:04
A3Always On My Mind (7″ Version)3:59
B1Always On My Mind (12″ Version)5:55
B2Always On My Mind (7″ Dub)2:04
B3Do I Have To?5:14

Pet Shop Boys – Minimal Remixes (US Promo CD)

I’ve had this an absolute age so thanks to whoever shared. It’s a rare one!

Ten mixes to wade through and a definite one for the completists. I’m not going to go through every mix. Telex is involved as well as a couple of underwhelming Tiga mixes.

The main oddity is a version of “In Private” featuring Elton John on vocals!!

Rhino Records – PRCD-400166

1Minimal (Radio Edit)3:39
2Minimal (Tocadisco’s Sunday At Space Mix)8:02
3Minimal (M Factor Mix)8:46
4Minimal (M Factor Dub)7:41
5Minimal (Tiga’s M-I-N-I-M-A-L Remix)5:37
6Minimal (Tiga’s M-I-N-I-M-A-L Dub)5:35
7Minimal (Superchumbo’s Light & Shade Dub)R8:24
8Minimal (Telex Hell Remix)6:16
9Minimal (Telex Heaven Remix)4:27
10In Private (Tomcraft 7-Inch Mix)3:54
11Minimal (Album Version)4:21

Erasure – Supernature (mixes) (12″)

A limited release from 1989 and another cover (Erasure always loved a cover!)

“Supernature” gets mixed by Daniel Miller and Phil Legg with a pounding electro bass, vocoder and a twang of guitar.

Always liked the Mark Saunders “exotic jungle” mix with the acoustic, Spanish guitar twang and deeper bass. It’s capped off by the maudlin piano line, very Billie Currie. Watch out for those tigers!

A bonus is a marimba heavy, quiet mix of “You Surround Me” by Gareth Jones, a lullaby!

Mute – XL12MUTE99

A1Supernature (Mixed By – Daniel Miller, Phil Legg)6:52
A2You Surround Me (Mixed By – Gareth Jones)6:22
AASupernature (Mixed By – Mark Saunders)6:38

Erasure – Victim Of Love (US 12″)

From ’87 and a remix from the LP version. “Victim Of Love” appears here on 3 different versions with the regular Phil Harding mix getting a short dub too.

Another synth gem with Daniel MIller and Rico Conning really ramping up the tempo on the opening mix.

The B-side see’s a reunion of Eric (from Upstairs) Radcliffe with his experimental / minimal remix. Can’t believe how youthful Andy’s voice is.

Sire – 0-20740

A1Victim Of Love (Vixenvitesse Mix)5:42
A2Soldier’s Return (Machinery Mix)5:02
B1Victim Of Love (Extended Mix)6:59
B2Victim Of Love (Dub Mix)3:26

Erasure – Oh L’Amour (German 12″)

I’m back with a trio of Erasure releases !

From ’86 and featuring the German sung version. The Erasure Hit Machine was just picking up momentum. This was the 3rd single from their debut LP, “Wonderland”. This was actually the closest Pete Waterman got to them remixing this with Phil Harding as “The Funky Sisters” !

Is sounds really slow , a slow downed HiNRG arrangement with plenty of cowbell.

“Gimme x 3” is their first dalliance with Abba. A Paul Kendall remix, with Bell’s boyish vocals over some quite hard bass sequence and shimmering lead synth. Camp and so much fun!

Fun Fact :The original pressing came with a Thomas the Tank Engine logo on the back cover, which was withdrawn due to legal issues.

On to the German version. Apparently it’s not that accurate a translation and was warbled by Susanne Störrle in a dramatic, chanteuse way. An oddity for the fans.

Mute – INT 126.848

AOh L’Amour (PWL Funky Sisters Say ‘Ooh La La’ Mix7:13
B1Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Remix)4:50
B2Oh L’Amour (German Version)3:33

Various – The Very Best Of Razormaid! VI (US CD)

Touché ! Mike B sneaked this over this week to compliment (and close) the series of unofficial mixes that some have enjoyed.

From 1989 and on CD (guess they were remastered from the vinyl’s) is a compilation of pure 80’s tracks. Some duplications but that’s why you have a delete button.

ABC kick us off with a megamix that covers most of their hits with an emphasis on the “Millionaire” era. (5)

Melon were a Japanese band who wanted to get in the mid 80’s electro scene. Rude lyrics and “Exorcist” and “World According to Garp” the rude ones! (4)

Zinno has his Bond tribute mastered onto the silver disc, a bit cheesy (3)

Vicious Pink get the ultimate version of their track “Can’t You See”- the ultimate Club version, Joseph Watt (and Art Maharg) at their finest but too long. (4)

Now on to “White China” IMO their most complex tech piece, especially the rhythm section, hence Razormaid had a go at it, shades of Roxy Music and even New Order (or is that just the drums!) Brilliant !! (5)

Anne Clarke gets some Proto House Beats, a Chicago classic. Calm down , Anne , calm down! (4)

“You Spin Me Right Round Hohokam!” on here in various forms, still not a fan! (3)

Canadian Tapps get quite a subdued bass heavy mix, compliments the lead vocals well. (4)

Telex deliver a lighter , synthpop on this update on the ’82 original. (4)

That Sean Heyden track gets another airing as it closes the album, yes a forgotten 80’s gems. Rock Disco. (4)

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Razormaid Records – RM-CD-06

1ABCThe Poison Aire Medley11:46
2MelonSerious Japan (X-Rated-Mix)6:52
3ZinnoWhat’s Your Name? (Razormaid Mix)6:02
4Vicious PinkCan’t You See (Razormaid Special “CD Only” Version)8:22
5UltravoxWhite China (Razormaid Special Version)6:57
6Anne ClarkOur Darkness (Razormaid Special “CD Only” Version)6:39
7HohokamHarlequin Tears (Razormaid Mix)7:18
8TappsDon’t Pretend Now (Razormaid Mix)7:02
9TelexL’Amour Toujours (Razormaid Mix)7:00
10Sean HeydenParty Boy (Razormaid Mix)6:18

Various – Mad Mix (Greek 12″)

From 1987 and a Friday Party mix (from Alan) with side 1 comprising off PWL female artists Mel & Kim and Sinitta in a megamix. Good old Euro Disco and at least the mixes have time to build.

All mixed by Dr. Harry, who includes his own track, “La Isla Fantasy” as the longest track in the mix 1 (cheekily sampling Madonna and Imagination), Euro Pop continues with Greece’s own Alex C and bizarrely Joey Tempest (from Swedish band Europe) gets a look in with “Love Chaser” (sounding a bit like the Final Countdown mixed with Big In Japan!!!!)

Mix 2 shows a bit of an obsession with KC & The Sunshine Band after an encouraging start by Ofra Haza then goes into Euro mush, which is fine if you like Euro mush / Italo Disco.

Sakkaris Records – SR 50020

A1VariousMad Mix (Side A)17:10
A1.1Mel & KimRespectable1:12
A1.2SinittaToy Boy1:16
A1.3Mel & KimRespectable2:14
A1.4Mel & KimF.L.M.3:03
A1.5SinittaToy Boy1:44
A1.7Mel & KimRespectable0:24
A1.8Dr. HarryLa Isla Fantasy2:54
A1.9Joey TempestLove Chaser2:10
B1VariousMad Mix (Side B)17:20
B1.1Ofra HazaGalbi2:49
B1.2Captain HookCome Back To Niagara3:02
B1.3RadioramaSo I Know2:25
B1.4Evans & FisherYou Set My Heart On Fire1:22
B1.6Evans & FisherYou Set My Heart On Fire0:20
B1.7KC & The Sunshine BandThat´s The Way0:52
B1.8KC & The Sunshine BandI´m Your Boogie1:04
B1.9KC & The Sunshine BandThat´s The Way1:01
B1.10KC & The Sunshine BandBoogie Shoes0:26
B1.11KC & The Sunshine BandThat´s The Way0:17
B1.12KC & The Sunshine BandGet Down Tonight0:52
B1.13KC & The Sunshine BandShake Your Booty0:15
B1.14KC & The Sunshine BandThat´s The Way0:08
B1.15KC & The Sunshine BandPlease Don´t Go1:50
B1.16KC & The Sunshine BandThat´s The Way0:40

Mike Platinas & Javier Ussia ‎– Master Mix Vol. 2 (Spanish 12″)

From 1987 and sponsored by Porshe !! The Spanish DJ duo use the latest mixing technology to conjure up a couple of 15 minutes mixes. A bit cooler than the UK’s Jive Bunny and with better tune selection.

The first mastermix actually stops after about 12 and a half minutes then goes into sampling tools of beats and loops. The second mix has more scratching and is a lot slower.

Thanks for the share Alan!

Jump – JUMP 0005

Mastermix (15:14)
A1.1Jeffrey StatenAin’t No Stoppin’us Now
A1.2Tom HookerOnly One
A1.3The ResidentsKaw Liga
A1.4Mel & KimRespectable
A1.5Marshall Jefferson & On The HouseMove Your Body
A1.6RazeLet The Music Move U
A1.7Gary LTime (Time To Party)
A2Unknown ArtistDJ Effects
Mix (15:27)
B1Monday MidniteDo It Bigi Bobo
B2Jeffrey StatenAin’t No Stoppin’ Us Now
B3Mel & KimRespectable
B4RazeLet The Music Move U
B5Marshall. Jefferson & On The HouseMove Your Body


Nearly done and the second CD from this collection, you may have downloaded it all ready as I put the wrong link up! (I’ve properly tagged the tracks now)

Front 242 are given a bigger dose of techno beat on their ’91 release. Even a bit Trancey ! (5)

Bigod 20 have quite an intense, Industrial mix. Good for its age (4)

Depeche Mode’s track , sorry Camouflage’s track is beefed and extended, never been a fan of the vocals (4)

Real Life have their Classic extended and might have been from the release time. (4) Bloody guitar solo but an extra groove kicking in the last third (4)

Sparkly synthpop from Boytronic but too much phasing and not much lyrical content. Daft Punk ? (3)

D-Shake , Dutch producer Aad de Mooy, gets his ’90’s Underground Hit a sparse but powerful mix. All those 90’s Warehouse Rave sounds included (3)

More obscure New Beat from Scrot, again quite sparse and uses vocal samples from “Bibi Blocksberg – Hexerei in der Schule”, a German audio drama. Very niche! (3)

“Murderous” is still as quick and angry as ever. Not too different from the original (3)

“Don’t Go” is pretty identical to the original Kevorkian mix so disappointing (3)

A few extra bells and whistles on Dead or Alive’s track. Decent remix (4)

A jolly whistle with a Front 242 feel and shouty lyrics. A bit dated but a good one for fans of Industrial, it goes on a little journey over the 8 minutes. (4)

A great mix / edit to end with.

1. Front 242 – Rhythm Of Time (Razormaid Mix)
2. Bigod 20 – Body To Body (Razormaid Mix)
3. Camouflage – The Great Commandment (Razormaid Mix)
4. Real Life – Send Me An Angel (Razormaid Mix)
5. Boytronic – Brylliant (Razormaid Mix)
6. D-Shake – My Heart the Beat (Razormaid Mix)
7. Scrot – Teufelsrhythmus (Razormaid Mix)
8. Nitzer Ebb – Murderous (Razormaid Mix)
9. Yazoo – Don’t Go (Razormaid Mix)
10. Dead or Alive – You Spin me Round (Razormaid Mix)
11. Signal Aout 42 – Why Not (Razormaid Mix)
12. Howard Jones – What Is Love (Razormaid Mix)

Double Impact ! The Very Best Razormaid Rapes Vol 2 Disc 1 (2 x CDr)

“Heaven” a joint composition with John Foxx is given a more frantic percussive clatter. (4)

” The Great Commandment” that could have been off DM’s “Construction Time Again,” is one of Camouflage’s most recognised tracks and decent remix, even if 2 thirds are from the official 12″. (4)

Similar risqué sleeve but a completely different set of artists but of the same High Quality , if a little weighted to the German EDM scene.

Disappointing mix of FGTH B-side “War” far too reliant on that bass twang (3)

Axodry (RaHen and Talla 2XLC, written by Ralf Henrich) provide a bit of Euro HRG stomp. (3)

“Blue Monday” gets yet another mix and I can’t really tell the difference from the normal 12″ but with steroids. (2)

“Houseman” gets another remix too, a New Beat classic in t’s best incarnation (4)

Propaganda provide a highlight. It’s P Machinery Frozen Face. Excellent ! (5)

The last 5 are quite obscure EBM / New Wave. Konzept is Acid Techno from the U Men (3) Tragic Error has more of an early electro house feel until the heavier bass kicks in, a New Beat project of Patrick De Meyer. (3) Noise Control sound like a ravey Front 242, Aciiiied (3)

U-Tek is an Acid burble of the a track, quite ageless, the hardest track of the LP (3) Euro synth is all over the closing track, almost like a Western Theme, then the vocals kick in ! (3)

1. Anne Clark – Heaven (Razormaid Mix)
2. Camouflage – The Great Commandment (Razormaid Mix)
3. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – War (Razormaid Mix)
4. Axodry – You (Razormaid Mix)
5. New Order – Blue Monday (Razormaid Mix)
6. Voyou – Houseman (Razormaid Mix)
7. Propaganda – Frozen Faces (Razormaid Mix)
8. Konzept – Human Transmission (Razormaid Mix)
9. Tragic Error – Tanzen (Razormaid Mix)
10. Noise Control – Tehniska Musika (Razormaid Mix)
11. U-Tek – Das Mass der Dinge (Razormaid Mix)
12. Moskawa TV – Brave New World (Razormaid Mix)