Skinny Puppy – Politikil (German CDS)

Our final Twin / Duo of the series happens to be the last single from Skinny Puppy from their final album, “Mythmaker”. The single was released in January 2007 revealing a similar approach and theme but with an updated sound.

The remix beefs up the album version and is called The Humble Brothers on the CD label. Quite accessible and sounding still relevant.

It featured in the Jackass Video Game, so there you go !! (Sell out ?)

Synthetic Symphony – SPV 80001096 CD-S
1Politikil (Extended Mix)6:00
2Politikil (Album Version)4:22

Skinny Puppy – Addiction (Canadian CD Single)

Celebrate Your Hallowe’en With Skinny Puppy !!!

A 1991 Re-issue of the ’87 release and it has Adrian Sherwood (assisted by Steve Spapperi) contributing on tracks 2 and 3.

A raw and haunting sound that never fails to unsettle.

“Deep Down Trauma Hounds” has a load more weird film samples and an accentuated synth bass with the Sherwood percussion and dub effects.

All the Skinny Puppy links should be still live so enjoy!

Thanks Mike B for the Autumn Gift.

Nettwerk – W2-3010

1Addiction (First Dose)8:31
2Addiction (Second Dose)6:07
3Deep Down Trauma Hounds (Remix)7:32

Re-uppage – 132 – Part 2 (Max Q, Echo And The Bunnymen, Mega Mode / Megatraxx, ’97 Dance Mix, Robert Miles, Corey Heart, Starship, The Power Station, The Blow Monkeys with Curtis Mayfield, Drum Theatre, The Alarm, The Blue Nile )

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Re-uppage – 132 – Part 1 – (Fruits Of Passion, James Ingram, Fun Boy Three, Talk Talk x 4, Madness, Sade (the lot), Yazoo, Robert Palmer, Duran Duran, The Damned, Kenny Loggins, Boogie Box High, The Bluebells, Psychedelic Furs)

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Simply Red – Money’s Too Tight To Mention ’97 Remixes (US Promo 12″)

Promo-only 1997 re-release of “Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)” with new remixes for the compilation “Greatest Hits” .

Manchester’s Love To Infinity helping out the band on this very relevant track for todays times (I think I always put that up when posting this track!) Loads of Reagan references.

Track 1 has plenty of House Beats and has the tempo moved accordingly. Piano dominates the Radio Mix and it works in giving the song that 90’s Houe vibe. Track 3 was the one they played in the big clubs. Italian House duo Fathers Of Sound (Fulvio Perniola and Gianni Bini) stretch it out to over 8 and half mins long. The hardest of the mixes with a stabbing offbeat snare. There are added vocals on the chorus.’s+Too+Tight+To+Mention+(Part+2)+-+UK+12”+Promo+Vinyl+-+1997.rar/file

EastWest – SAM 1968

A1Money’s Too Tight To Mention (Gyroscopic Club Mix)8:44
A2Money’s Too Tight To Mention (United City Radio Mix)4:02
B1Money’s Too Tight To Mention (Fathers Of Sound DMC Mix)8:35
B2Money’s Too Tight To Mention (United City Mix)6:27

Pink Turns Blue – Overloaded (German 12″)

German Baggie ?

From 1991 and recorded in Remaximum Studios in London. Mark Stagg (Lionrock) had a big hand in this. Mic Jogwer provides the vocals with Ruebi Walter providing the synths and bass, on what seems to be a one off, not appearing on an album.

The track itself comes in a very Lionrock House mix. The vocals sounding like Max Q era Michael Hutchence. (well a little 😊) The regular has a familiar 90’s drum pattern with a slower tempo and more funky guitars.”

Our Choice – RTD 195.1306.0

AOverloaded (All I Ever Wanted) (House Mix)5:10
AAOverloaded (All I Ever Wanted)6:49

Topper Headon – Waking Up + Re-ups (Vinyl LP)

The drummer from The Clash gets to release a great debut album but with a subtle, darker theme.

Recorded during Headon’s heroin addiction (he had quit but was about to have a relapse many of the songs deal with it), the album is a curious mix of soul, jazz, funk and R&B. Produced with Jeremy Green.

The album was dedicated to the memory of late Pretenders guitarist Pete Farndon, whom Headon was planning to start a group with after his dismissal from The Clash.

Released in January 1986 the line-up included;

  • Bass, Vocals – Jerome Rimson (from 70’s bands Headstone and Automatic Man)
  • Drums, Percussion – Topper Headon
  • Guitar, Vocals – Bobby Tench (Humble Pie, Jeff Beck, Streetwalkers, The Gass)
  • Keyboards – Micky Gallagher (Ian Dury and The Blockheads, The Animals)
  • Saxophone – Martin Dobson and Tom Harris
  • Trombone – Mark Graham
  • Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Geoff Miller
  • Vocals – Jimmy Helms (Londonbeat)

Enjoy the variety, it’s a classy album.”+Vinyl+LP+Album+-+1986.rar/file

Mercury – MERH 83
A1Leave It To Luck3:09
A2I’ll Give You Everything3:18
A3Hope For Donna4:20
A4Got To Keep On Going4:41
B1Pleasure & Pain4:11
B2Time Is Tight3:40
B3When You’re Down3:05
B4Just Another Hit2:59
B5Monkey On My Back3:44

Lizzie Tear – Turbo Charged + Re-up (12″)

With Martin Fry and Mark White in the studio this was Lizzie Tear’s many stabs at fame. (and Echorich’s favourite track)

Proto House with a Latin flavour on the B-side and a cosmic Tribal feel on the A-side, a more synthpop feel and remixed by Pascal Gabriel. House and car fans unite.

Maybe a bit too cheesy and Freestyle lite.”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1988.rar/file

EMI – 12EMX 59
ATurbo Charged (The Minnie Mouse House Mix)
BTurbo Charged (The Turbo Latino Mix)

Velveteen – Wild Rain (US Promo 12″)

And here is that standout track given a remix by Scott Noll. Quite extended, this would have been a Dancefloor filler back in the time.

I think the Pretenders sounding “Preoccupied” is the same as the album as is “Get Wild” Getting to love this dub version.”+Promo+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1983.rar/file

Atlantic – DMD 647

AWild Rain (Vocal)5:00
B1Preoccupied (Vocal)3:27
B2Get Wild (Dub/Vocal)5:53

Velveteen – After Hours (US Mini LP)

I’m back with a few more Twins.

Obscure NYC Post Punk band that featured Lisa Burns on vocals, Sal Maida (Sparks, Roxy Music and NYC Glam Rockers, Milk ‘N’ Cookies) on Bass. Released in 1983.

More Milk N’ Cookies connections with Justin Strauss helping with production. Michael Eden helps out on guitar and Arthur Spota on keys

“Nightline” features Linn Drum (programmed and played by Ian North another member of Milk ‘N’ Cookies) Bass and guitar interplay in a large slab of NYC Post Punk groove.

“Combo Boys” is more Pop Rock and a comparison between Chrissie Hynde with a few drops of Blondie.

The Linn Drum definitely gives the album a bit more edge allowing Maida’s bass to groove out. Bill Tesar adds a bit more to the drums “Nothing To Do.” Real drums (Richard “Rammone” Beau) appears on “Wild Rain”, my favourite giving a nod to any New Wave Dancefloor. “Preoccupied” benefits from some synth squelches.

Ivan Ivan helps out with the mixing of the last track. A version of “Wild Rain” with some dub and vocal effects and extra synth.

Shame they didn’t do more.”

Atlantic – 80119-1-Y

A2Combo Boys3:55
A3Nothing To Do4:09
B1Wild Rain3:35
B3Get Wild5:53