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10,000 Maniacs – Trouble Me + Reup (US 7″)

The genre called Americana I still try to like, but it’s tricky as I’ve never got on with R.E.M et al.

From 1989 and from the album, “Blind Man’s Zoo”, a soft and melodic “morning” song with those beautiful vocals and melancholic lyrics.

The line-up;

Organ, Piano: Dennis Drew, Drums: Jerome Augustyniak, Vocals: Natalie Merchant, Guitar: Robert Buck and Bass Guitar: Steve Gustafson

The B-side sounds like it could come from Kirsty MacColl. Jerome does the Phil Spector drumming and Merchant gives a delicate performance with a strong political message.,000+Maniacs+-+Trouble+Me+-+U.S.+7”+Vinyl+-+1989.rar/file

Elektra – 7-69298

ATrouble Me3:14
BThe Lion’s Share3:03

The Triffids – Bury Me Deep In Love + Re-ups (12″)

More Folk Rock from adopted Oz band , The Triffids. From 1987 and with production by Gil Norton and mixed by Dave Bascombe. from “Calenture.”

It has an accompanying orchestra giving it an additional dramatic twist. A spiritually uplifting track written by singer, David McComb (R.I.P)

The bonus tracks, produced with Victor Van Vugt, were unique to this release. Violins feature on both tracks as well as the lead acoustic guitar.”

Island Records – 12 IS 337

ABury Me Deep In Love
B1Baby Can I Walk You Home
B2Region Unknown

*New Music* Chrysalid Homo – Meatlife + Re-ups (FLAC)

I’ve not done a review for a while (as Eden from the band reminded me last night!)

With the emergence of their new video (shot on an Industrial Estate with 2 mobile phones and edited on an app!)it prompted me to pull my finger out and get reviewing. I’ve included the other 2 posts I’ve done on them (with some actual tracks in FLAC)

Hark the ‘post-nuclear electronic heralds‘! The song that is driven by an almost industrial, metronomic rhythm section but soon goes off in melodic / angelic harmonies before grabbing your throat again with it’s velvet glove.

What I love about their work in general is the wide soundstage they present and their subtle use of analogue sounds as demonstrated on the extended version. It also has that “hairs on the back of the neck” synth lead in the outro.

It’s deep with a strong message. A quote from their bandcamp page

“Transphobia, racism and misogyny are but few of the many things that celebrities fear they may be “cancelled” for. Tedious luminaries such as the multi-millionaire authors and former front-men are politically hollow has-beens.”

So familiarise with them again and spread the love especially if you like your synths hard boiled.

Support independent artists

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Love Chrysalid Homo

Sample track here (FLAC)

Buy it here

Devo – Whip It (Remix) (Promo 12″)

From 2001 and a mix by Ben Watkins (Juno Reactor et al) of a track that appeared on “Hot Potatoes – The Best Of Devo” compilation.

Some film dialogue samples in what is a very Yello-like mix. Weird tribal like rhythms and plenty of whip cracks and one for the old headphones.

This has a long Dub mix (I think exclusive to this release and is more tribal) plus the original version is also included.”+Promo+Vinyl+-+2001.rar/file

Virgin – VSTDJ 1469

AWhip It (HMH S Remix)
B1Whip It (Dub Remix)
B2Whip It (Original Version)

Billy Joel – Tell Her About It + Re-up(US 12″)

“Jellybean” Benitez remixes this track from 1983 and just adds a bit of reverb, no mad dance beats but nicely extended. An ode to the 50’s and with a bit of “Grease” added in there.

As a bonus he does a passionate take on the Sam & Dave “You Got Me Hummin’ ” as a live track.

Also there is a Special Version of “Easy Money” , all very Blues Bros and different from the album version. Annoyingly fading out as it just gets going.”+Vinyl+-+1983.rar/file

Columbia – 44-04138

ATell Her About It5:35
B1Easy Money4:00
B2You Got Me Hummin’ (Live)3:43

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Depeche Mode – Master And Servant (U.S. Black & Blue Version) + Re-ups (US 12″)

I’ve got currently got a problem with Depeche Mode, almost to the point of changing the avatar on the blog. They have cashed in and sold out ! The current tour touted from this UK band includes just one date at the cavernous Twickenham Rugby Stadium in South West London. It has hosted Rihanna, Iron Maiden, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Genesis, U2, Beyoncé, The Rolling Stones, The Police, Eagles, R.E.M., Eminem, Lady Gaga, and Metallica. and will be hosting Robbie Williams , Tom Jones and Gary Barlow next year, (all edgy stuff). My mate who has a bit of money is dong a Road Trip, 9 gigs , mostly in America and few in Europe including the London one (notice I didn’t mention the UK) The tickets were expensive then and as the scalpers have got hold of them astronomical. I thought about it and won’t be attending. This is a band I’d followed since “Broken Frame” and seen nearly 10 times. It probably an age thing, certainly not a nostalgic thing. I’ve seen it, worn the (tour t shirt) many times, come out of gigs and said to my mate “We won’t see any better than that£ on at least four occasions. With the passing of Fletch and the closing in of the remaining members , (plus those other 2) the DM / Kessler corporate machine is making a last grab at our hard earns but I’m keeping mine in my pocket and playing “Everything Counts” from 101 instead.

Funnily enough I have always had a problem with this twelve. It’s offends my ears and was marketed as a way of extracting more cash , even back then in 1984. I heard it back then and hear it now and just think , “Oh, my God!”

Joseph Watt and Adrian Sherwood get a chance to fiddle around with both “Master and Servant” and “People Are People” butchering any melodies and basically just cocking about.

Watt teases us throughout with loops so we get a snippet of the song, get into the mix then goes off on one. Nearly normal just under the 3 minute mark and then goes off.

*Addendum – It was the Sherwood mix of “Master And Servant” I hated this was just overlong from the master of Razormaid!

Sherwood adds a Doo-wop sample (originally by The Citadels) as he puts the song through the electronic mangler. Beats are reversed and hammered into the mix.

James Watt extends the B-side which I didn’t mind. A proper B-side that again is over extended. A rare mix. Bronski Beat taking notes when that breakdown happens.

(Below more re-ups than re-uppage, bootleg and megamix heaven)

Sire – 0-20283

A1Master And Servant (U.S. Black & Blue Version)8:02
B2(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (12″ Mix)7:59
B3Are People People?4:29

Data – Opera Electronica + Re-ups (Vinyl LP)

From ’81/’82 and the debut album from Anglo Norwegian Synthpop group Data.

Expect eccentricity, harmonies and euro-pop plus an amazing title track. (Post-Punk Monk likes them!) All under the theme of the Cold War.

The line-up was

Producer, Synthesizer, Guitar, Electronic Percussion Electronic, Drum Programming and vocals – Georg Kajanus (ex-Sailor), Drums – Graham Jarvis and vocals – Frankie Boulter and  Phil Boulter (both girls). (Ian Green from 70’s band Charge) helps on Timpani, Recorded at CBS Studios , London. It sounds amazing for the time, clashing the styles and making you listen to a WHOLE album for a change.

“Cuckooland” has the guitar riffs and a rock n roll feel but with Disco Beats. “I Want To Know” has Big Ben chimes and goes off into a bit of a Devo frenzy.

“Fallout” was a single release and has that Moroder bass sequencer sound. Dating back to ’79 it has that late seventies theme of Nuclear fear.

“Star” has elements of ABBA and is quite festive. “Left Right Centre” is a frenetic romp and a bit throwaway. “Life On Video” was probably quite doomy at the time, with it’s quiet instrumental backing and a great vocal performance from the sisters.

“Armageddon” does jump once but it’s fixable (you can do that yourselves can’t you ? Bloody vinyl and all that) Fun with weird cheesy lyrics and a guest appearance from a Concert Cimbalom, (Yes, I had to look it up!) It could be a Sailor track.

“Boys Will Be Boys” is very Glam Disco, catchy and with that clipped rhythm section and witty lyrics.

The title track is a totally unique, a mad classical crossover. It was used as the theme music to the film “Towers Of Babel” which was nominated for a BAFTA award in 1982 and won the Silver Hugo Award for best short film at The Chicago International Film Festival the same year. Going from classical orchestra to Disco to military oratorio in just under 7 minutes.

Buy the remastered, pristine CD copy here;”+Vinyl+LP+Album+-+1982.rar/file

Illuminated Records – JAMS 22

A2I Want To Know2:52
A4Fever Of Love3:22
B1Left Right Centre2:13
B2Life On Video2:30
B4Boys Will Be Boys3:03
B5Opera Electronica6:49

Karen Finley – Lick It! (Belgium 12″)

Still not putting this forward for a Sunday Silly Song, but it could be!

From 1988 and potty-mouthed Performance Artist Finley shrieks derangely about the joys of oral sex. Produced by Mark Kamins with extra keyboards from Miguel Kerstman. It’s not as rude as her other release on here.

Some nice sounds and percussion build up but the bassline immediately dates it.

The Dub Mix is slightly Housey , definitely not New Beat, far too quick but with the same melodramatic synth sounds. No vocals at all.

The Jazzy House Mix is quite cheesy early House but with some great piano flourishes and again no awkward vocals.

DJ Tools include the SExpress sample of “Drop That Ghetto Blaster” and a “Lickapella” !!+-+Belgium+12”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1988.rar/file

SSR – 12 SSR 89

That Side
A1Lick It7:22
A2Dub It5:10
This Side
B1Drop That Ghetto Blaster!0:11
B2Lick It! (Jazzy House Mix)7:10

Ready For The World – Digital Display (12″ Version) (US 12″)

Electro Funk from 1985 with a computer theme so plenty of bleeps and Kraftwerk beats.

The band from Michigan where influenced heavily by Prince. Lineup: Melvin Riley – lead vocals, John Eaton – bass, Greg Potts – keyboards, Gordon Strozier – lead guitar, Willie Triplett, Jr. – percussion, Gerald Valentine – drums.

All written and produced by the band with Louil Silas Jr. on the mix.

The last tracks are classic DJ tools with a percussion track and a pure Acapella”

MCA Records – MCA-23602

ADigital Display (Extended Mix)7:43
B1Digital Display (Radio Edit)5:43
B2Digital Display (Instrumental)7:43
B3Digital Display (A Cappella)4:11
B4Digital Display (Bonus Beat)4:11