One To One ‎– There Was A Time (12″)

Debut release by this Canadian synthpop duo from 1985. Leslie Howe & Louise Reny then developed into an Art-Rock outfit but this see’s them firmly in the synths with Gwen Stefani vocals (although there was always room for a guitar solo!) Pretty decent B-side too!


Bon Aire ‎– 601 823onefrontcov

A There Was A Time (Dance-Mix) 4:47
B Where’s The Answer 4:22

Re-uppage 56 – (Mick Jagger, Paul Carrack, Yes X2, The Other Ones, Robert Palmer x2, The Kane Gang, Mental As Anything x3, The Human League x3, INXS )

Lots of variety in this weeks requests, thanks! Bloody took an hour to sort 😦

Mick Jagger – Just Another Night (US 12″) For MATT (the start of a series of gnarly, old solo artists)









Paul Carrack – One Good Reason (US Promo 12″) For MATT (a dedicated follower of this here blog !)







Yes – Rhythm Of Love (12″) For MATT (getting the requests in!)


YES – Owner Of A Lonely Heart ’91 Mixes (German 12″) (Yes MATT Yes!!!)








The Other Ones – Holiday (US Promo 12″) For DJMrTim (The US Promo 4 you Sir!)


Robert Palmer – Pride X 2 (US Promo 12″ and Normal battered 12″) For DJMrTim (Get it whilst it’s Hot)


















The Kane Gang – Gun Law (US 12″) For Kevin (Ta Ra Ta Tat)









Mental As Anything – 3 x 12″s For Mr Canine Gonads


The Human League – Love Action & The Sound Of The Crowd (2003 Remixes) For Ian  (Note- not all of the mixes!)










Human League – Louise (12″) For Ian (May the Sign be worth it)


The Human League – Love Is All That Matters (Extended Version) (12″) For Ian (thanks for putting the requests with postings!)









INXS – Suicide Blonde (U.S. Promo 12″) For Mr. Winkel (Just the one this week, Sir, just the one!)



Nocera ‎– Let’s Go (US 12″)

Freestyle ? – so it must be late ’80’s? Well ’87 to be exact and this track from the Madonna-esqe Lulu Nocera. All the ingredients are here as well as the variety of mixes. Once a member of Information Society, this see’s here get a production by Floyd Fisher with the mix by Little Louie Vega and edits by The Latin Rascals.

That voice is a little grating so thank God for the bonus beats and Dub.


Sleeping Bag Records ‎– SLX-0029go

X1 Let’s Go (Club Version) 6:30
X2 Let’s Go (Radio Version) 3:29
Y1 Let’s Dub 6:39
Y2 Let’s Percapella 4:53
Y3 Let’s Go (Bonus Beats) 3:07

Giant Steps ‎– Into You (US Promo 12″)

A&M Records version of Go West sees sound-alike duo (Colin Campsie – who had worked with Go West and his long term friend, George McFarlene) fail to make any impact on the listening public.

Both had some early 80’s International success as the band, The Quick. Giant Steps released the one album and had some US success with “Another Lover” the same year.

Produced by Gardner Cole and here being remixed by Keith Cohen (B1 & 2) who adds some sampled human beat boxing and ABC bright synths. Phil Harding (A1 & 2) gives it more of a fuller sounding, synth pop sheen. A harder dub mix as you’d expect.

I just can’t get past the corny chorus,( EEEW Ahhh Missus), you can’t get more 80’s!


A&M Records ‎– SP-12286SAM_3840 (1)

A1 Into You (The Bunker Mix) 7:31
A2 Into You (Dub Mix) 4:47
A3 Into You (7″) 4:25
B1 Into You (LA Mix) 8:18
B2 Into You (LA Dub Mix) 6:26

Annie Lennox & Al Green ‎– Put A Little Love In Your Heart (US Promo 12″)

From the Festive Film “Scrooged” this was a tie-in release and probably a great excuse to get these 2 great voices on record together to cover this classic. With the ’88 synth infused backing it worked really well but got ignored by the listening public. Produced by the other half of the Eurythmics, Dave A. Stewart he puts the usual Christmas touches and samples his own guitar riffs.

The 12″ Mix is good for a listen in terms of arrangements and lightly layered dance beats over Sonar dub effects.

Too bloody early for Christmas though!


A&M Records ‎– SP-12288SAM_6353

A Put A Little Love In Your Heart (12″ Version With Edits) 7:13
B1 Put A Little Love In Your Heart (Instrumental) 3:48
B2 Put A Little Love In Your Heart (Vocal Mix) 3:48

Gary U.S. Bonds ‎– This Little Girl (US 7″)

Soulful guitar stuff from this curveball I’m throwing out at you from Gary U.S. Bonds (vintage soul voice from the 60’s) and this release from 1981. Under the guiding ears of Bruce Springsteen and Steve Van Zandt (much to his fans disapproval) it was off his album “Dedication” and is immediately recognizable.

I like the less Motown copying B-side “Way Back When”, great saxophone.


EMI America ‎– 8079SAM_4450

A This Little Girl 3:42
B Way Back When 4:03

Throwing Muses ‎– Dizzy (US Promo 12″)

A proper debut on this blog for Throwing Muses and the late 80’s line-up of Bass, Vocals –Leslie Langston, Drums, Percussion, Vocals – David Narcizo, Guitar, Vocals – Tanya Donelly and Guitar, Vocals, Piano – Kristin Hersh.

Jangle to perfection with production by Gary Smith (Pixies, 10,000 Manics) A Country style to it with a smattering of Cranberries vocals.

Guitar-led Indie and a couple of short, rare mixes. According to a post on Discogs The “Too Many Words Mix” is the album version (“Hunkpapa”) with full lyrics. The “Too Many Notes Mix” ditches a couple of verses and both are subtlety different in terms of sound – one for the fans then!

or for less annoying pop-ups

Sire ‎– PRO-A-3395dizzy

A Dizzy (Too Many Words Mix) 3:42
B Dizzy (Too Many Notes Mix) 3:24