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Steven Dante ‎– Imagination (The Acid Remixes)

I do like putting up some pioneering Dance stuff from the late 80’s. This was from 1988 and features the soulful voice of Steven Dante who featured as guest vocalists on Jellybean’s track “The Real Thing”.

The sound of Commercial New Jack Swing is there on the track “It Makes You Feel Good” mixed by Brian Malouf, think Janet Jackson.

Of far more interest is the 2 “Acid” Remixes of previous singles “Imagination” and “I’m Too Scared” The first mix by Clivillés & Cole is surprisingly the least commercial. The Acid squelches and overdubs over an electro backing with no vocals, very Adamski-like.

“I’m Too Scared” by Danny D (D-Mob) has a really Deep (and wonky) bass and sits over the top of the lighter backing. Some vocals remain but it’s proper old skool banger.

Cooltempo ‎– DANTER 2danteinner

A1 Imagination (The Acid Mix)
A2 If It Makes You Feel Good
B I’m Too Scared (The Acid Mix)

Pulse Beat – Can It Be So Long? (12″)


Obscure band of probably the last 2 months, in other words nothing for me to track down on the Internet. I bought it because I recognised the sleeve picture as being done by The The’s Matt Johnson’s brother Andy and the producer Paul Hardiman had done some stuff with The The too. (as well as Thomas Leer and Lloyd Cole)

The duo were Matt Wood, keyboards & percussion and Graham Vee, vocals, bass & synthesizers. They had only ever released one single before this, a cover of Bolan’s “Ride a White Swan” back in ’83.

Pulse Beat released this in 1984, a pure synthpop track. Reminding me of Freur in terms of vocal style and both tracks are quite extended and a tad repetitive with all those chiming synths going into reverb heaven towards the end.

I prefer the quicker B-side , “Individual”, sounding like early Mode in terms of the minimal arrangements and the vocal harmonies.

As usual bear with the crackle for the initial minute, I record them RAW!!

Arista ‎– PULSE 122pulse2

A Can It Be So Long? 8:25
B Individual 8:14

Nick Heyward ‎– Laura (2 x 12″)

And here he is the little sh*t ! With the full backing of his old label Arista and the enticement of a couple good remixes of some old Haircut 100 tracks as a bonus twelve.

Released after he had already had a number of Hits in 1985. A bridging single between his debut album “North Of A Miracle” and ’86’s “Postcards From Home” It was produced with Graham Sacher. He was always a great songwriter. “Laura” has a slightly rocky feel to it, going into Steve Winwood territory.

“Over The Weekend” did turn up the LP “Postcards From Home”, it has sprinkle of synths over it this mid-paced atmospheric ballad. Blue-eyed soul.

Mark Dearnley provides some updated remixes of “Favourite Shirts” and “Calling Captain Autumn” adding some mid-80’s punch. Good old “Shirts” is in my Top 20 80’s tunes so the remix was a nice alternative listen.

Arista ‎– HEY 128laura

A Nick Heyward Laura (12″ Version) 4:40
B Nick Heyward Over The Weekend (And Into The Cornfield Part Two) 5:25
C Haircut 100 Featuring Nick Heyward Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) (Extended Remix) 7:12
D Haircut 100 Featuring Nick Heyward Calling Captain Autumn (Extended Remix) 6:00

Haircut One Hundred ‎– So Tired (12″)


Obscure ’83 release from Haircut 100 and posted here in a vain attempt to get the Sun to make an appearance. Produced by Bob Sargeant and engineered by Mark Dearnley it was off their second album “Paint And Paint” which was without Nick Heyward on vocals and guitar. Marc Fox, the percussionist had taken the roll, and was on board to see the band slowly sink. I don’t think losing your frontman was in the long term plans.

Along with Fox was Les Nemes (Bass), Graham Jones, (Guitars) Phil Smith (Sax and Brass arrangements) and Blair Cunningham.

Nothing wrong with the song , all the hooks are present and the arrangements pristine, chugging guitars and a smooth bassline.

“Fish In A Bowl” is a weird gem, scratching, funk guitar and Wham style vocals. It’s all about the slap bass of Les Nemes. Would have made a better A-side.

Polydor ‎– HCX 2folder

This Side
A So Tired (Extended Version) (Long Slumber)
Other Side
B1 So Tired (Forty Winks)
B2 Fish In A Bowl (Deeper Version)


Trojan Horse – Wicker (Digital Download)


So a very, very new release from my good friend Eden’s band, Trojan Horse.  More known for their alt. rock via twisted prog rock sound. According to the band, these are tracks that didn’t fit on their previous acclaimed album “Fukushima Surfer Boys” and reveal are much more electronic side and a homage to the music from the cult film , “The Wicker Man.”

For most of the tracks they take traditional English style madrigals and give them a synthetic twist. So “Willow” (originally from 1973) gets an electronic backing with plenty of vocal harmonizing.

“Gently Johnny” , again originally by Paul Giovanni gets Eroticism in the lyrics, in the style of an old English ballad but with synths replacing more acoustic instruments

“Maypole”, also from the film,  is the shortest track, a traditional “round”, reaching out to your inner Druid and telling the story about the Tree of the Knowledge, of good and evil.

Two version of “Hammer & Spike” are included in this release to highlight the different recording processes – a conscious break away from their traditional “Guitar/Bass/Keys/Drums set up”, “Version 1 is the “acoustic/electric/electronic” groundwork that we laid, with Version 2 being the result of changes in members instruments, or being asked to compose away from their preferred set up.”

So Guitars and other acoustic instruments make an appearance in Version 1 of this powerful album closer, Organs swirl and drums pound around the echoing vocals as it builds to a powerful crescendo.

Version 2 goes into Vangelis territory with an electro-Glam stomp after a measured build up. The highlight track of the E.P. for me.

Here is a link to their Bandcamp page (the album is a “name your price” variety, you could get it for nowt if you want to be tight)

And here’s their Facebook page.

Buy it and share the love, feedback always graciously accepted. A band worth getting into.

1 Willow’s Song 5:30
2 Gently Johnny 5:36
3 Maypole 3:12
4 Hammer & Spike (Version 1) 9:07
5 Hammer & Spike (Version 2) 8:58



New Order ‎– True Faith Remix (Aussie 12″)

A rare bit of vinyl sees Shep Pettibone gets his teeth into this 1987 Worldwide hit. It does improve on the original which I always thought a bit flat sounding. It’s crisper and more dynamic if a little long Pettibone goes off on jam after 7 mins, the dub is over 10 mins long!!!!

“Paradise” from “Brotherhood” gets a remix by Aussie remixer and member of Severed Heads Robert Racic assisted by fellow Aussie Nick Mainsbridge, exclusive to this release. Good overdubs on the drums and a dark synth bassline.

Now to find my UK 12″!!! (I wish, it is up in the attic somewhere)

Factory Records Australasia ‎– Fac 183RSAM_4762

A True Faith (Remix) 8:59
B1 Paradise (Remix) 6:40
B2 True Dub 10:41