Various (Feat; Sunscreem, 808 State V UB 40, Capricorn & Transformer 2) – Precision Ten (Promo 12″)

Penultimate in this batch.

Starting off with the Chelmsford’s Sunscream (The band was named after a sound on a Yamaha synthesizer!) This was their most recognised hit. Here with just a slightly tweaked remix.

The breakbeats mix in with some marimba’s on this collaboration whose message applies more than ever.

Mood changes with the Italian house sound of Capricorn (Amit Joshi and Carlos Baker) Sequenced bass and piano and lots of soft strings (I even heard a seagull!)

Finally, more trance stuff from Transformer 2 (Jeff Vanbockryck and Johan Gielen) with some female vocals and a well used bassline.

Art Of Mix ‎– AMP-9010preg10

A1 Sunscreem Love U More (“Purple Sun Mix” By Peter Habicht & Bernard Cabigon) 7:05
A2 808 State / UB40 One In Ten (“Common Census Mix” By Steve Smith) 7:23
B1 Capricorn Love In London (“Trance Mix” By Steve Smith) 6:26
B2 Transformer 2 Fruit Of Love (“Delicious Mix” By Peter Habicht & Bernard Cabigon) 7:22

Various (Feat: Gat Decor, Jam & Spoon, Smart E’s) ‎– Precision Nine (Promo 12″)

Just 2 more left in this series of excellent remixes from ’91 / ’92.

My favourite dance tune from the era was “Passion” by Gat Decor (Simon B. Slater) with this effective bit of prog House, it actually takes you on a journey.

Jam & Spoon do their usual trance stuff but has an added breakbeat in the middle as well as the trance chords being a little harsher. Kraftwerk’s “Telephone Call” being sampled.

Novelty track “Sesame’s Treet” (Chris Howell, Nick Arnold and Tom Orton) gets the ultimate remix, featuring more of that theme with some added sampled vocals. Crazy UK Hardcore.

*OXY – This Feeling is missing from the bunch*

Art Of Mix ‎– Precision Ninepreg9

A1 Gat Decor Passion (Trance Tribal Mix) 7:15
A2 Jam & Spoon Stella (Future Sound Mix) 7:14
B1 Smart E’s Sesame’s Treet (Intellectuality Mix)  7:22



Various (Feat: Moby, Kicks Like A Mule) ‎– Precision Seven (Promo 12″)

More Euro House / Rave from 1991.

A live remix of the classic “Go” is the highlight. (obviously) Moby males it more ravey, layering the beats and giving it a bit more teeth, with some extra keyboard sounds.

Kicks Like A Mule’s classic, “Your names not down, you’re not coming in” gets a slight remix. Early breaks from Nick Halkes and Richard Russell given a slight space funk edge by the Art Of Mix crew. That low break is still there though 😉

2 Fabiola (Pat Krimson) phase the rave sounds with some looped toms and a very brief “Music For Chameleons” sample. Apparently “The Milky Way” was a tribute to the Belgian royal family !?!

Closing track is the Sparks sampling Fire On High (Michiel Van Der Kuy and Wessel Van Diepen) Sexy spoken words extolling the views of Ecstasy

Art Of Mix ‎– AMP-9007preg7

A1 Moby Go (“Live At Poseurs Mix” By S. Michael Meacham) 6:20
A2 Kicks Like A Mule The Bouncer (“Switch Mix” By Peter Habicht & Bernard Cabigon) 7:21
B1 2 Fabiola Milky Way (“Stereo Mix” By Steve Smith) 6:36
B2 Fire On High Float In A Dream Of EX-TC (“Beat The Clock Mix” By Dean McKown & Steve Smith)                  6:06

Various (Feat: 2 Bad Mice, Sonic Boom, Sonz Of Loop Da Loop Era) ‎– Precision Eight (Promo 12″)

From 1992 and this contains 3 old skool classic that I couldn’t remember who by!

2 Bad Mice get a 2 song , “Best Of” medley. Pioneers of early breakbeat Sean O’Keeffe, Simon Colebrooke and producer Rob Playford layers those breaks and scratches with a bit of help from the Jungle Brothers as well as some speeded up disco samples and air raid sirens!!

Sonic Boom (Ian Gallivan and Justin Stride) sample lots of familiar bleeps and piano riffs and adds the theme from the Banana Splits as the main, “hook you in” sample.

Sonz.. (Daniel Whiddett)  “Give Yourself To Me!” and that distinct piano riff over the breakbeats which is nicely extended towards the end.

*Apotheosis – O Fortuna! is missing from the pack*

Art Of Mix ‎– AMP-9008preg8

A1 2 Bad Mice Hold It Down/Bombscare (“2 Bad Medley” By Peter Habicht & Bernard Cabigon)
B1 Sonic Boom Tra La La (“Happy Go Lucky Mix” By Steve Smith) 7:03
B2 Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era Far Out (“Energy Mix” By Steve Smith) 7:06

Various (Feat: Pet Shop Boys, Psychotropic, M.N.O.) – Precission Six (Promo 12″)

Pet Shop Boys get an acid house rework by Altern 8. A remix of a remix. Vocoder vocals and a nice bit of variety.

M.N.O. provide some rave/bleep, Belgium New Beat. The combo comprised of Praga Khan (Maurice), Jade 4U (Nikkie) and Oliver Adams (Oliver) overdo the preacher samples on this bit of old skool.

Ending with the classic, mid tempo, rolling beats track “Hypnosis” with that organ riff and various door bell chimes. By Psychotropic (Gavin Mills and Nick Nicely) it is update from the original from 1990.

*”Odd Ball / Party Time” by Flex and Uncle is missing from this bundle*

Art Of Mix ‎– 9006R-124372-1100566819.jpg

A1 Pet Shop Boys Music For Boys (“Altern 8 Remix” By Daniel Stoner) 6:10
A2 M.N.O. God Of Abraham (“Catastrophic Mix” By S. Michael Meacham) 6:34
B1 Psychotropic Hypnosis (“Under A Spell Mix” By Dean McKown & Steve Smith) 7:22

George Clinton Feat. Coolio ‎– Atomic Dog (US Promo 12″)

An update of a classic (originally from 1982) and as always to promote a “Best of ” album. Funk and Hip-Hop fused with a lovely bass and adding Zappa’s guitar in there (from  “So Rough, So Tough”) All the mixes are pretty similar, great Acapella though!

A nice couple of additional mixes of some other Clinton tracks are thrown in for good measure. “Do Fries Go With That Shake” is your off-kilter funk track with Q-Tip doing the rap. (Snack Attack)  “Hey Good Lookin’ (Booty Enhanced Remix)” features Vanessa Williams, pure filth!

It’s all about the funk!

Capitol Records ‎– SPRO 7087 6 11304 1 6folder

A1 Atomic Dog (Dogs Of The World Unite Remix) 4:21
A2 Atomic Dog (Tail Waggin’ Club Mix) 5:23
A3 Atomic Dog (Stop Barkin’ Instrumental) 4:22
A4 Atomic Dog (Just Barkin’ Acappella) 4:22
B1 Atomic Dog (Original Mix) 4:15
B2 Do Fries Go With That Shake (Know What I’m Sayin’ Remix) 4:41
B3 Hey Good Lookin’ (Booty Enhanced Remix) 4:41