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Simple Minds ‎– Up On The Catwalk (Extended Mix) (12″)

This will be popular for the close of the week.  🙂

Steve Lillywhite gives his full 12″ treatment (See Big Country at the time) with a spinning, danceable monster. I didn’t like the 7″ it was too rushed, this grows nicely but it is very loud!

I love the way go experimental on their B-sides. “A Brass Band In African Chimes” , a 9 and a half minute instrumental shows the band branch out to meditative film themes, a true musical journey in 3 parts, the natural successor to ‘Theme For Great Cities’.

Virgin ‎– VS661-12 upon

A Up On The Catwalk (Extended Version) 7:34
B A Brass Band In African Chimes 9:22

M ‎– That’s The Way The Money Goes (US Promo 12″)

Perfect production from 1979 with “Bop-Bop-Doo-Wop’s” all over this. Utilising the new synths and their capabilities this satire against marketing and capitalism feature Robin Scott’s unique vocal delivery and plenty of new and old technologies on a disco / reggae tip, especially on Part 2. Yes it does sound like Pop Muzak! Lyrics still ring true 40 years on…

B-side is LP track “Cowboys And Indians” in an extended disco mix. Reminds me of early Landscape and includes honky tonk piano and lots of synth horns. It goes a bit blurry in the middle as Mike B probably battles with the worn vinyl, a valiant effort!

Sire ‎– PRO-A-851 SAM_8862

That’s The Way The Money Goes (Part 1 & 2) (10:40)
A1 That’s The Way The Money Goes (Part 1) 5:35
A2 That’s The Way The Money Goes (Part 2) 4:54
B Cowboys And Indians 5:30

The Fixx ‎– Secret Separation (US Promo 12″)

A later track, 1986, from The Fixx who probably many UK music fans might have thought were an American band. From the album “Walkabout”

Chugger chugger guitar and shiny, bright mid 80’s overproduction by Rupert Hine. (again) It all very mid tempo and middle of the road. A band treading water and ticking the boxes. The longer version has extended guitar parts and it is quite rare – so it’s on here!

Apparently the track was very popular.

MCA Records ‎– L33-17116 secret

A Secret Separation (Long Version) 6:58
B Secret Separation (Short Version) 3:50

Laura Branigan ‎– Spanish Eddie (US 12″)

When Harold Faltermeyer met Laura Brannigan.

Lots of Power synth chords over this weird little song from Laura Brannigan (R.I.P.), with her eyes on the Euro Disco market it seems as it was released in ’85, plenty of clap-along choruses. The lead single from the album, “Hold Me” (her 4th) the Extended version beefs things up with some crowd samples and a drum break over this homage to “Fame”

“Tenderness” is more rockier in a synthy sort of way with treated horns by Jerry Hey. It almost sounds like Erasure in places or previous hit “Gloria.”

Atlantic ‎– 0-86868 SAM_2814

A Spanish Eddie (Vocal / Extended Remix Version) 5:31
B1 Tenderness (Vocal / Extended Remix Version) 5:50
B2 Spanish Eddie (Vocal / LP Version) 4:08

Chas Jankel ‎– 109 (Give Me Something I Can Remember) (US Promo 12″)


Very light synth funk from his album his ’81 album, “”Questionnaire.” or “Chasanova” in the UK, it’s quicker and dancier.  Some nice Disco synth touches, but the lyrics are a bit cringworthy, weird and avant garde. Very Pop and making good use of a clavinet to give it some distinct sounds. Peter Van Hooke (Van Morrison) keeps a tight beat on the drums whilst Norman Watt-Roy (from The Blockheads) adds some bass guitar.

Good production for the time with Philip Bagenal and Jankel giving it a clear , uncluttered sound.

A&M Records ‎– SP-17196 SAM_6749

A 109 (Give Me Something I Can Remember) 3:58
B 109 (Give Me Something I Can Remember) (Special Extended Version) 7:33


Swing Out Sister ‎– Breakout (US 12″)

Pure pop then this week !

From Manchester and from 1987 with this massive Hit from Swing Out Sister. Made up of Andy Connell (keyboards and member of A Certain Ratio), singer Corinne Drewery and drummer Martin Jackson (The Chameleons, Magazine)

The “N.A.D.” mix is suitably outthere, done by Paul Staveley O’Duffy. Mix of the Month without a doubt.

The “New Rockin'” mix is an interesting, breaking into the song after an extended build up. The US version gets a remix by Michael Hutchinson that builds up his “Carnival” mix into a little gem.

Here is the link to the UK 12″ with different tracks, re-upped of course.

Mercury ‎– 888 836 swing

A1 Breakout (N.A.D. Mix) 6:59
B1 Breakout (New Rockin’ Mix) 5:50
B2 Breakout (Carnival MIx) 5:48

Kim Carnes and The Hate Boys ‎– Draw Of The Cards (US Promo 12″)

Not heard this for ages. From 1981 and with The Hate Boys (her backing band) Bryan Garofalo (Bass), Craig Hull (guitar), Craig Krampf (drums), Daniel Moore (vocals), Dave Ellingson (keyboard and Mr. Carnes), Josh Leo (guitars) and Waddy Wachtel (guitars)

A strange choice of song to follow-up “Bette Davis Eyes”, New Wave atmospherics and rich keyboards and extended guitar solo’s on the long version. Her voice suits the atmosphere perfectly.

EMI America ‎– SPRO 9670/9671 SAM_6699

A Draw Of The Cards (Long Version) 4:54
B Draw Of The Cards (Short Version) 3:58