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Maybe the highlight of many people’s week but due to a thing called LIFE it will have to wait for a few days….Sorry!



Nitzer Ebb x 2 – Shame & Let Your Body Learn (7″)

I am not anti-flac-ing but it does take up loads of server space for the higher quality rip. Mike B has provided a couple of rare Nitzer Ebb 7″ singles and has also provided them in a FLAC file as well, form an orderly queue.

Kicking of with 1989’s “Shame Radiomix” done by Flood (or Inundation of Water as he is named on the release!) Not radically different but one for you completists. For my interest there is the 7″ version of “Backlash” by Ebb and Phil Legg, stripped of all the effects it is an effective B-side that cuts out very suddenly just past the 3 minute mark.


For FLAC here

Mute ‎– MUTE96shamed

A Shame (Radiomix) 4:03
B Backlash 3:09


Earlier release and the more minimalist sound of “Let Your Body Learn” from 1986. This is the German 7″ which contains the “DM Hansa Mix” by Daniel Miller at the Hansa Studios. The instrumental is even more basic.


FLAC here

Mute ‎– INT 111.847letlearn

A Let Your Body Learn (DM Hansa Mix) 2:48
B Let Your Body Learn (Instrumental) 3:08

Killing Joke ‎– Sanity (Canadian 12″)

From 1986 and a smoother sounding Killing Joke from the album “Brighter Than a Thousand Days”

Chris Kimsey gives it the harder Rock/Pop with his production whilst a couple of remixes by Zeus B. Held make this quite rare.

The darkwave / goth sound goes onto the B-side with “Goodbye To The Village” , and a coughing intro to a remix “Wardance” were Jaz sounds like a cross between Gollum and a Dalek!! Proto-industrial noise, you have been warned!!!

More “Sanity” here



Virgin ‎– VSX 1362 sanity

A Sanity (The Insane Mix) 6:15
B1 Goodbye To The Village 5:30
B2 Wardance (The RAF Mix) 3:45


Gang Of Four – Is It Love ? (US Promo 12″)

Going for a bit of alternative edge this week.

Quite a commercial sound from Gang Of Four on this 1983 release. Drum machine and a girl backing singer. The opening track from the album “Hard” on the major label EMI.

Bass was provided by Jon Astrop (from The Group) with it seems everything else by Andy Gill and with John King on vocals. It was produced by the Miami brothers Howard and Ron Albert giving it a funk/disco feel, almost like Chic! (Chic’s Alfa Anderson is on backing vocals) Die-hard fans thought it was a “sell out” record. The definite “long” version with a guitar solo.

Rocky album track “A Man With A Good Car” is included as a B-side. This includes Sara Lee on bass and plenty of howling guitar.

“The men who own the city, make more cents then you do”


Warner Bros. Records ‎– PRO-A-2081SAM_0654

A Is It Love (Long Dance Mix) 5:52
B1 A Man With A Good Car 3:40
B2 Is It Love (Short Version) 3:48

Heaven 17 – Manchester O2 Ritz – 7/11/18


Went to see Heaven 17 as they are doing the 35th Anniversary Tour of the “Luxury Gap” album.

Support was by the rather splendid Propaganda (named on the bill as X Propaganda because I think Mertens would not allow Claudia Bruken and Susanne Freytag to use the full name.)

Loads of synths. Propaganda had a live drummer (Never sure of those with synth bands, see Depeche Mode) and a guitarist/bassist. They covered much of the “Secret Wish” album. With Susanne flaying gracefully at some electronic drum bands which looked a bit weird!


Heaven 17 had just keyboards and some excellent backing singers. Consummate professionals Glen Gregory had the audience in the palm of his hand. Martyn Ware came on with a bizarre “penguin” jacket, changed to a glittery lame suit and even donned a Phil Oakey wig when they did a few Human League tracks! As a tribute to Pete Shelley they did a cover of “Are Everything” (originally a B-side of I’m Your Money)

A wonderful evening, I’m still smiling from it.

Top Pic courtesy of John Montague (Monti a.k.a The Junta)


Topper Headon ‎– Drumming Man (Promo 12″)

The Clash’s drummer, Topper Headon had a brief stab at solo success with a cover of Gene Krupa’s “Drumming Man.” This was released in 1985, Big Band sounds with Topper obviously enjoying himself, jump-jive on the retro sounding 7″ version. The extended version has much more of the band, produced with Jeremy Green (Fun Boy Three) and arranged with George Sketcher, Didi Sketcher provides the vocals . Unexpectedly, half way through it breaks down into a funk track with rock guitars and bass, what a bizarre but brilliant transition!!

B-side, “Hope For Donna” is a jazz fusion epic that sounds that it was recorded now. Sumptuous horns and a lounge-core feel to it.


Mercury ‎– MERX 194topper

A Drumming Man / Du Cane Road (Special 12″ Mix)
B1 Drumming Man (7″ Version)
B2 Hope For Donna

Kaja ‎– Turn Your Back On Me (US & UK 12″)

Nick Beggs takes over lead vocals and give his Chapman Stick a workout on this 1984 synth-funk track. Limahl had left by then so they dropped the “Goo-Goo” (eventually) and the trio of Nick Beggs (Bass, vocals) Steve Askew (guitar) and Stuart Neal (Keyboards) forged ahead with their “signature” sound; on here helped by the backing vocals of David Grant (Lynx)

Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero provide the remix on the US 12″ release. Funk and technology in a perfect blend. Layers and layers of percussion nearly drown out the dub mix.


EMI America ‎– V-7850-1/2kaja

A Turn Your Back On Me (Flipped Disc Mix) 6:58
B Turn Your Back On Me (Dub Mix) 5:32


The UK 12″ release had only the extended version, single mix and the experimental instrumental, “The Pump Rooms Of Bath”. Produced with Colin Thurston it proved that Limahl was not the most important ingredient.


EMI ‎– 12EMI 5465turn

A Turn Your Back On Me (Extended Mix)
B1 The Pump Rooms Of Bath
B2 Turn Your Back On Me