Talk Talk ‎– Such A Shame (Extended Mix) (US 12″)


The US Mix of the delayed single from the album “It’s My Life”. More immediate than the meandering UK 12″ Mix, thanks to Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero. There is more percussion and a nice acoustic guitar part brought up in the mix.

The different B-side to the UK twelve, “Call In The Night Boy” (from the album) was probably put on to appeal to the rockier American listeners. Gotta love the avantgarde piano solo!


EMI America ‎– V-7828-1/2shame

A Such A Shame (Extended Mix) 6:21
B Call In The Night Boy 3:45

Silly Sunday Song 16 – Faith No More ‎– We Care A Lot (US Promo 12″)

Silly or Not ??

“We care a lot about The Garbage Pail Kids, they never lie. We care a lot about Transformers cause there’s more than meets the eye.”

Well it certainly has its tongue firmly wedged in its jowl. As trashy as The Beastie Boys and released on Slash’s label in 1987, it was produced with Matt Wallace (who went on to work with Queen) and Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) The mix is a good alternative listen if you normally just know the normal version.

The B-side has that loose bass and drum stomp and then goes all grandiose. “Anne’s Song” became an eventual single in its own right. The late Chuck Mosley (who was on vocals at this time) does a great job, but what a weird ending!

Slash ‎– PRO-A-2702faithed

A We Care A Lot (Make Love Not War Mix) 5:03
B1 Anne’s Song 4:47
B2 We Care A Lot (LP Version) 4:01

Sting ‎– Be Still My Beating Heart (Remix) (Canadian 7″)

A synthy Sting track from 1987 and on a Canadian 7″ (Thanks Mike B!!) A class tune given a remix by Paul McKenna and keeping the lazy, jazzy feel. The second single from the album “…Nothing Like The Sun” released in 1987 only in Japan, South Africa, Australia, Canada & US.

More Jazz influences appear on the short instrumental , “Ghost In The Strand” starting with a walking piano riff and then fading out and blasting off into jazz swing. Great arrangement and could to chill to.


A&M Records ‎– AM-2992stinng

A Be Still My Beating Heart (Remix) 4:40
B Ghost In The Strand 2:25

Daryl Hall & John Oates ‎– Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (US 12″)

Not getting a release in the UK, this track from Hall & Oates was off the ’84 album “Big Bam Boom” and finds them teaming up once again with Bob Clearmountain.

Quite rocky and builds up nicely. Great drumming from Mickey Curry. A very underrated and underplayed track by the duo.

Bonus track is the LP cut “All American Girl” with its lead organ riff and funky bass and guitar, as good as the A-side.


RCA ‎– PW 14036H&O-S.T.A.B.L.U.-US-12'' Front

A Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (Special New Mix) 5:24
B1 All American Girl 4:25
B2 Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (Instrumental) 5:25

Coldcut Featuring Lisa Stansfield ‎– People Hold On – The Remixes (LTD US 12″)

The definite bunch of remixes of this classic from 1989. Toughened up (but not too much) by the quartet of Eric Kupper, Rodd Houston, Terry Perkins and Tyrone Perkins, who give it a NYC Disco flavour with added strings and a dash of acid.

This launched the career of Lisa Stansfield , what a great introduction to THAT voice – as can be heard on the Perk-Appella Mix (a nice DJ tool) The choice of the mixes must be the deep, piano led , “Dirty Piano” – the piano replacing much of the vocals, different. Dub ain’t bad but I would say that!


Tommy Boy ‎– TB 939people

A1 People Hold On (NYC Club Mix) 7:58
A2 People Hold On (Dirty Piano Mix) 5:33
A3 People Hold On (Perk-Appella Mix) 6:21
B1 People Hold On (Radio Mix) 3:58
B2 People Hold On (NYC Club Edit) 4:33
B3 People Hold On (R.E.T.T. Dub) 8:07

Okay ! & Voyou – The Singles & Mixes

Seems some of you enjoyed their album so Winx some singles for me to curate.  All very rare.

O.K. – Okay ! (CD Mini-Single)

The one with all the samples! A debut from 1988 and with a ton of sample (mostly German) soundbites. Written by singer Marcus Gabler and with some Depeche Mode synth riffs thrown in. The “International Version” has the more English samples. From the Eurovision to Emergency broadcasts.


Seven Eleven ‎– SPV 55-3765okayyyy

1 Okay! (Mixed Media Edit) 5:42
2 Okay! (Re-Mixed Media Edit) 6:44
3 Okay! (International Version) 6:18

O.K. – Okay ! (Remix) (German 12″)

More versions of this track appeared on a vinyl only 12″ Again you’d be pushed to hear any real differences. The “International Version” makes another appearance. Whilst the short bonus track still has loads of samples but is just a shorter mix, just sparser.


Seven Eleven ‎– SPV 50-3760-Rokayyyy2

A Okay! (Re-Mixed Media Edit) 6:40
B1 Okay! (International Version) 6:16
B2 Okay! (Bonus Track ‘Okay-Mix’) 2:30

Voyou ‎– Radio Bostich (German 12″)

More Eurodance in flavour. More synthy and adventurous (and Mode like!) Voyou were label mates of O.K. Comprising of Andy Düx, Thomas Althen and Udo Niebergall. Probably a tribute to the Yello song “Bostich” (who knows!) it has more of a Pet Shop Boys vibe.


Seven Eleven ‎– SPV 50-3764radio

A Radio Bostich (Tune In Mix) 5:12
B Radio Bostich (Dance Hall Mix) 5:01

Voyou 2  – The Ten Commandments (CD Maxi Single)

This release from 1989 is almost worthy of a Silly Sunday Song release. Euro-trash in the extreme with the lyrics recited from the bible in a very camp tone! The definite mix is the second track with Halloween type samples and atmospherics. Chapter 2a starts with classical Church Organ and different backing. Another one that is so bad its good.


8ighty 8ight Records ‎– CDP 560-2 03660 2command

1 The Ten Commandments (Chapter 1) 5:26
2 The Ten Commandments (Chapter 2) 7:30
3 The Ten Commandments (Chapter 2a) 4:41

O.K. – Okay (’93 CD Reissue)

You’ll probably have memorized all the samples but for completists there is this CD re-issue which contains a track from Youyou on the B-side, the nearly Techno/ Industrial “Houseman” and little gem to be tucked away.


ZYX Music ‎– GDC 2070-8cdokay

1 O.K. Okay (Mixed Media Edit) 5:42
2 Voyou Houseman 6:51

O.K. – Okay! (German 12″)

The normal version which contains the instrumental version as well as the short edit or so it seems. The instrumental version is nearly free from the cheesy “Tell me, tell me” vocals, but they return in the second…..instrumental ? Confused??


Westside Music ‎– WEST 2mixed

A Okay! (Mixed-Media-Edit) 3:36
B Okay! (Instrumental Version) 4:09

Okay – Education (CD Maxi Single)

At last a break from O.K.!!!!! So the mix of Computer World, Another Brick In Wall and the drums from Fade To Grey. Teaching English/ language acquisition soundbites, the MGM mix is far better, reminds me of Fortran 5. The B-side Why ? Boys! reminds me of Bronski Beat, a cheeky synthpop classic, tucked away as a B-side!!!!!


Seven Eleven ‎– SPV 55-3768edu

1 Education 6:37
2 Why? Boys! 4:52
3 Education (M.G.M. Cut) 4:34
4 Okay! (Bonus Track ‘Okay-Mix’) 2:31


The Pretenders ‎– Tradition Of Love (US Promo 12″)


An LP track that was nearly released from the album, “Get Close” back in 1986. Heavily influenced by Indian sounds, it swirls around like a cross between Kashmir and Kula Shaker. Psychedelic swirls, chants and guitar solo’s, certainly not your typical Pretenders.

Produced with Bob Clearmountain and Jimmy Iovine provide an even dreamer remix.

Joss Sticks lighted and ready ?

Sire ‎– PRO-A-2677SAM_2574

A Tradition Of Love (Remix / Edit) 6:09
B Tradition Of Love (LP Version) 5:23

UB40 feat. Chrissie Hynde ‎– Breakfast In Bed (US 12″)

A duet by Hynde versus the ear-jerking jangle of Ali Campbell’s falsetto. Take on the old Lorna Bennett reggae number from 1972 and give it a 1988 rub down. Aiming for and finding the highest reaches of the charts.

So not an offensive cover that has plenty of toasting halfway through by Astro.

Thank God for the quirky dubs. Although the first suffers from a tinny synth lead which does jar with the smoother sound of the horns. The second uses the piano chords as the lead and works better as an instrumental.


A&M Records ‎– SP-12291SAM_5428

A1 Breakfast In Bed (Extended Version) 5:34
B1 Breakfast In Bed (Dub Part 1) 3:28
B2 Breakfast In Bed (Deb Part 2) 4:17

Michael Bow ‎– Love & Devotion – ’88 Remix (US 12″ Promo)


Some generic Hi NRG / Italo Disco from 1988 from artist Michael Bow (a.k.a. Romeo)

Euro dance at its dandiest with Belgium producer Fonny De Wulf and New York sound engineer Mario Rodriguez assisted by Richie Jones (who were both in Degrees In Motion)

Quick for the time – 135 BPM, cheesy and throwaway and probably huge in aerobics classes.


Vendetta Records ‎– VE-7007loved

A Love & Devotion (’88 Club Remix) 8:44
B Love & Devotion (Radio Edit ’88) 4:06

Coldcut ‎– My Telephone (12″)

Another cut from ’89 and the wonderful “My Telephone” by Matt Black and Jonathan Moore with a little help from Steinski & Mass Media for the samples. Mark Saunders produced and Lisa Stansfield (who had previously featured with Coldcut) and Ian Deveney (Now Mrs Lisa Stansfield) were also involved. Cut and Paste sound collage with amusing soundbites, subject matter timelessly ironic.

The B-side is a darker house track, deep and dark. Early house at its finest.

More from Coldcut soon.


Ahead Of Our Time ‎– CCUT 6Ttelephonefrontcov

A My Telephone (Redial) 7:26
B Theme From Evil Eddy (Hedmaster Mix) 7:22