The Kane Gang ‎– Don’t Look Any Further (Mantronik Mix) (12″)

Never knew this was by the Kane Gang, not a clue!! So emerging musician Kurtis Mantronik gives a B-Boy sheen on what was originally a song done by Dennis Edwards of the Temptations with Sideah Garrett. The Dub mix is just a sparser version with some nice Hip Hop samples (you need to put it with the bloody static, I tried filtering it out but it sounded like it was recorded in a Goldfish bowl!)

B-side is funky synth pop and a track off the album, “Miracle”



Kitchenware Records ‎– SKX 33lookffrontcov

A Don’t Look Any Further (Mantronik Mix)
B1 Don’t Look Any Further (B-Boy Dub – Mantronik Mix)
B2 King Street Rain

The Art Of Noise – Legs (12″)

The trio of Dudley, Langan and Jeczalik soldered on when Trevor Horn threw his toys out of the pram and kicked them off ZTT. Their first release on China Records and a minor hit to boot, it was featured in the famous Tuborg Lager advert. It  was the first single released from the album In Visible Silence and see’s them return to some familiar big beats and voice samples.

The 12″ mix is big improvement and takes you on a long journey of sampled sounds. “Hoops And Mallets” is suitably weird and wonderful, even though AON had gone for a less experimental more commercial sound.


China Records ‎– WOK X 5legsfeontcov

A Legs (Inside Leg Mix) 6:04
B1 Legs 3:30
B2 Hoops And Mallets 3:42

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Tesla Girls (US 12″)

Mike shipped this over the other day and I was thinking there wasn’t much O.M.D on here…shocking! Another fave band back in the day this was off one of my favourite albums by them , Junk Culture.

So these are very different versions to the one I’ve been used to, almost techno with the bass line with different vocals and copious use of the Fairlight for some orchestra samples!! Brian Tench produced with the band just wondered who mixed it as it doesn’t say. I think I’ve just found my new favourite OMD track!

This is quite a helpful article about the track

The Definitive TESLA GIRLS Guide

A&M Records ‎– SP-12120tesla

A Tesla Girls (Specially Remixed Version) 5:03
B1 Tesla Girls (Instrumental Version) 4:43
B2 Tesla Girls (Video Version) 3:26


Bronski Beat – Hit That Perfect Beat (Metropolitan Version) (12″)

This was the first release after Jimmy Sommerville had departed and formed The Communards with Richard Coles. It featured new vocalist John Jøn (John Foster) and theycontinued to release synth pop with a Hi-Energy tempo, bringing out the album “Truthdare Doubledare” in 1986.

The track got in the cult film “Letter To Brezhnev” and was a return to the original Bronski blueprint that Steve Bronski and Larry Steinbachek had written with hits like “Smalltown Boy” and “Why?”

A very different Mike Thorne interpretation of this track, certainly new to me and probably to my fellow synth heads. He makes it more cinematic with superb sweeping synths added and taking the robotic sequencers of the original out of the mix replacing it with a sampled slap bass. There is a lot of horn synths and it reminds me of some of the old Soft Cell stuff.

The B-sides includes a dub mix by Ian Levine which rattles, frantically around and the regular B- side “I Gave You Everything” starts like a Frankie Goes To Hollywood track and has a lot more sampled sounds on it with what appears real bass and guitar (probably sampled)




Forbidden Fruit ‎– BITXX 6sam_0027

A Hit That Perfect Beat (Metropolitan Version) 6:47
B1 Hit That Perfect Beat (Instant Dub) 7:13
B2 I Gave You Everything 4:00

English Boy On The Loveranch ‎– Sex Vigilante (French 12″)


Finishing off my posts today with this very interesting slice of dark electronica from 1988. Released only in France by the weirdly named English Boy On The Loveranch which was comprised of Soft Cell’s Dave Ball, drummer the late Nick Sanderson (Clock DVA, Jesus And Mary Chain, The Gun Club) and Jamie Jones adds some vocals, Guy Barker adds some spooky trumpet. Acid bubbles and vocals are cut up and processed. The A-side has been remixed by Flood, all vocoders and synthpop,  whilst the B-side is a hypnotic, darker mix by the band themselves. As sleazy as Soft Cell and a companion to their “Sex Dwarf”

New Rose Records ‎– NEW 119vigil

A Sex Vigilante (Deadly Weapons Mix) 7:27
AA Sex Vigilante (Deathwish Mix) 7:08

Blue Mercedes ‎– I Want To Be Your Property (US 12″)

With Coldcut , Beatmasters and Bomb the Bass this duo sneaked out this similar early pop house track. A mix of ABC vocals and Chicago “JACK” House and produced by Phil Harding and Ian Curnow. The pretty faces behind Blue Mercedes were Duncan Millar (keyboards) and David Titlow (vocals) released this as there debut 1987, predating piano house. The Terence Yo Yo Mix starts off like Madonna’s “Holiday” and is a more than acceptable dub without those god awful lyrics, blame Pete Waterman.

MCA Records ‎– MCA-23817property

A I Want To Be Your Property (Street Latin Wolff Mix) 7:17
B1 I Want To Be Your Property (DEF B4 Dishonour Mix) 6:48
B2 I Want To Be Your Property (Terence Yo-Yo Mix) 4:20

Coldcut Featuring Yazz And The Plastic Population ‎– Doctorin’ The House (US 12″)

So on with some dance stuff. A breakthrough hit for Jonathan More and Matt Black and the first appearance of singer Yazz. (Yazmine Marie Evans) From 1988 ( yes 28 years ago!) and a crossover from the underground dance scene, the 7″ saw Coldcut in a sample frenzy, with many old favourites cropping up. So you get a couple of poppier mixes on the A-side with the harder, more instrumental/jazzy mixes on the b-side.

Columbia ‎– 44-07842doctor

A1 Doctorin’ The House (Vocal Verse) 5:38
A2 Doctorin’ The House (7″ Vocal) 3:42
B1 Doctorin’ The House (Upset Remix) 6:04
B2 Doctorin’ The House (Acid Shut Up Mix) 6:04