Hallowe’en Break (Whodini V Ministry)

So as Mike so recently reminded me, it’s the Scare Festival tonight. Not really feeling it this year with Parents not being well, job stuff etc….but heh!

I am going to present both sides of Hallowe’en. The Fun and The Dark.

Whodini – Haunted House Of Rock (US 12″)

From 1983 and going overboard on the sound effects, Whodini uses a super-catchy horror-cheese synth-line with a real bass. It sounds a bit Human League in places.

The Haunted Mix has some quite eerie effects, spooky dub lifted from the middle of the extended version. The Vocoder Version replaces all rap with a throaty vocoder chant.

A DJ friendly Accapella version will entice any DJ to get experimental.





Jive ‎– JD1-9026haunted

A1 The Haunted House Of Rock (Extended Version) 6:33
A2 The Haunted House Of Rock (Haunted Mix) 4:29
B1 The Haunted House Of Rock (Vocoder Version) 5:27
B2 The Haunted House Of Rock (Acapella) 1:50

Ministry – Stigmata (Remix) (US 12″)

From 1988 and Not that bloody crap Ministry track (Everday “Is Hallowe’en) “Stigmata” is a terrifying, industrial monster. Trent Reznor must of heard this, with the repetitive rifts and deranged screamed vocals amidst a waves of distortion and feedback.

“Tonight We Murder” is even more of a Hallowe’en themed track. Slower and moodier and horrifying.


Sire ‎– 0-21113stig

A Stigmata (Remix) 6:57
B Tonight We Murder

Level 42 ‎– Guaranteed (12″)

Level 42’s relevance in the 90’s ? (discuss)

Now signed to another major, RCA, after being on Polydor the pressure was obviously on to reclaim the magic. Mmmm same formula and a bit of the same result, a bit of a flop only reaching 17 in the charts. Now a trio of Mark King, Mike Lindup and drummer Gary Husband (plus various session guitarists) they stuck with what they knew, vocal harmonies, big choruses, the Mike Lindup vocal bit and the chugging bass and keyboards.

The New Avengers Mix by is a little disappointing by Pete Lorimer, who muddies the song with some extra bleeps , effects and beats. He even uses a sample from DM’s “World In My Eyes”!!! Steve Anderson of the Hit Factory, NYC does a better job with swirling effects and more funk guitars, like the piano bit at the end too.

Another hidden, quality B-side and could have been the A-side. Catchy as hell.



RCA ‎– PT 44746garryfrontcov

A Guaranteed (The New Avengers Mix)
B1 Guaranteed (Wheel Spin Warrior Mix)
B2 All She Wants

Robert Palmer And UB40 ‎– I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (12″)

A fun cover of the Bob Dylan track given a Pop Reggae makeover and teamed up two Giants of the 80’s, UB40 and Robert Palmer. Released in 1990, it’s a feel good track helped by Dylan’s simple but effective lyrics. The extended version is a good example of the twelve inch genre being remixed by Pino Pischetola (who did a lot of Palmer’s 90’s output) It has plenty of reggae affects, giving it more of an interesting listen.

The B-side is collaborative composition (a match made in heaven) showcasing both talents and the case of a hidden gem of a B-side

The vinyl is au naturel – the joys of lucky dip, bargain bin digging. (A cleaner version would of been preferred)



EMI ‎– 12EM 167babyfrontcov

A I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (Extended Version) 7:16
B1 I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight 3:24
B2 Deep End 4:30

Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygene 8 (US Promo 12″)

Full on techno\trance\house from four mixes (with no filler). Released in 1997 as a taster for his “Oxygene 7-13” album. Italian Duo Dado and Gallo Salsotto (who did the X-Files Theme -coming soon on here!) Give the track a light Balearic vibe. Hani used breakbeats to build up a suitably analogue homage.

Standout mix is the 12 min journey that is The Sunday Club’s (Stuart King & Marc Mitchell from The Channel Islands) take on it not just this but most of Jarre’s style, ambient in places but a fine example of late 90’s Progressive Techno. Takkyu Ishino’s mix is quite noisy, full of techno clatter, the weakest of the 4.



Epic Dance ‎– EAS 9946jarre2

A1 Oxygene 8 (Dado Ethnic Remix) 5:42
A2 Oxygene 8 (Hani’s Oxygene 303) 9:12
B1 Oxygene 8 (Sunday Club Remix) 12:34
B2 Oxygene 8 (Takkyu Ishino Remix) 4:52

Jean-Michel Jarre ‎– Zoolook / Oxygene VI (Remixed By Mosaic) (German 12″)


A couple from Jarre tonight with this odd little early 90’s remix of 2 of his less well known tracks. To give them credit they are not bad interpretations by German trio Sven Väth, Matthias Hoffmann and Steffen Britzke. The beats date it to hell, but there is a certain charm to them. “Oxygen VI” is the less cringeworthy…. Rave Jarre!



Polydor ‎– 867 145-1jarre1

A Zoolookologie (Transform Mix) 6:54
B Oxygene VI (Open Minded Mix 1) 6:21

Nitzer Ebb – The Later Years (90’s and Beyond)

Seeing that we are now in the 90’s in terms of blog timescale I can now share you the rest of these twelves Mike sent over months ago.

Having been into the band since the mid 80’s when I started to listen to a lot of industrial and EBM. The Ebb’s had been releasing their own stuff on their own label as far back as ’83. Obviously heavily influenced by DAF and created “Funk Aggression”, the 90’s showed them expanding their sound to a more EMO metal style.

Lightning Man / Shame (US 12″)

From the Flood produced “Showtime” this was a minor hit in the States. Dark Electro swing that uses a similar bassline to Depeche Mode’s “World In My Eyes”. The 2 mixes of Lightning Man here were released as the limited edition twelve in the UK. Daniel Miller and Paul Kendall add some old synth sounds to the original on their “The Industry Vs. The Ebb Mix” Renegade Sound Wave toughens the track up with hypnotic use of beats and removing nearly all of the vocals.  As a bonus for US fans you get 2 mixes “Shame” one by William Orbit (Shameless) and the other by Daniel Miller (Painful Emotion). Both were released as Mix 1 and Mix 2 respectively in the UK. Orbit’s mix still does the business.

This reminds me I’ll have to dig out the normal UK 12″ where ever it has gone to. (Oh, it’s up next!!)



Geffen Records ‎– 9 21465-0lightning

A1 Lightning Man (The Industry Vs. The Ebb Mix) 6:35
A2 Lightning Man (RSW Mix) 5:05
B1 Shame (The Shameless Mix) 5:49
B2 Shame (The Painful Emotion Mix) 5:30
B3 Lightning Man (7″ Mix) 4:58

Lightning Man (UK 12″)

So a different mix again from Flood and the definite version for me as McCarthy tells us his sinister tale. Holger Hiller mixes the B-side “Who We Are” and that lovely bass with insect like percussion, I’m getting a bit of Bauhaus on this.



Mute ‎– 12MUTE106SAM_7945

A Lightning Man
B Who We Are

Get Clean (UK 12″)

I remember picking this up back in ’93 and thinking it was a much earlier release. Released not on Mute but their own Power Of Voice Communications label it is a harks back to their early days, being built on a simple 8-note sequence. The B-side is exactly what it says – no drums but plenty of trippy sequencers and dub effects and plenty of simulated sexual breathing!!!!



Power Of Voice Communications ‎– neb 6ebb

A Get Clean 5:15
B Get Clean (Raw Sex Without Rhythm) 5:15

I Thought (UK 12″)

In 1995 they released “Big Hit” and discovered guitars. “I Thought” showcases this new rockier sound that shocked long standing fans. A bit of revamp from the album version, the single mix was done by Mark Saunders who adds beats and electronica to the sparse LP version which is already on here. Barry Adamson and Paul Kendall mess around with it on their “Sucked In Sucked Out” version, keeping the quiet start of the album version but swirling everything around and exclusive to this 12.” “Cherry Blossom” is entirely acoustic with almost soulful vocals by McCarthy.



Mute ‎– 12mute164thought

A1 I Thought (Single Mix) 3:46
A2 I Thought (Sucked In Sucked Out) 6:45
B1 Cherry Blossom (Original Version) 2:34
B2 I Thought (LP Version) 5:15

Kick It (US Promo 12″)

Not a bad track at all and obviously trying to copy the sound of rockier Depeche Mode at the time. A crossover of metal guitar and beats. Some interesting guest mixers with the likes of Adrian Sherwood and Kris Needs. Sherwood surprisingly goes easier on the drums and concentrates on more of a funk groove. His Compulsion edit more experimental and ON-U-Sound like with plenty of dub effects. Kris Needs turns it into a DM stomp fest and turning into nearly a completely different song!

Still like Paul Kendall’s “Logical Edit” a good blend of guitar and electronics.



Geffen Records ‎– PRO-A-4721kick

A1 Kick It (Adrian Sherwood-Main Mix) 3:44
A2 Kick It (Adrian Sherwood-Compulsion Edit) 4:52
B1 Kick It (Kris Needs-The Secret Knowledge Velvet DM’s Mix) 7:17
B2 Kick It (PK-Logical Edit) 6:19

Let Your Body Learn / Control I’m Here (Original & Remixes 2 x UK 12″)

Vinyl recordings from 2000’s !!! So another gem from Mike with the original remixes of “Let Your Body Learn” by Terence Fixmer (McCarthy was working with him at the time) keeping it similar to the original but adding some more techno influences. (It is there but Mike has tagged it as “Control I’m Here”) The Hacker (Michel Amato) keeps quite faithful to the original with louder drums.



NovaMute ‎– 12nomu95SAM_7811

A Let Your Body Learn (Terence Fixmer Remix) 6:22
AA Control I’m Here (The Hacker Remix) 6:44


Control I’m Here (Superchumbo Remixes) (UK 12″)

Superchumbo (Tom Stephan) gives this classic an update with this release from 2006. Giving it more of a Hard House vibe, interesting and probably the best mix of it.

Both are twelves are here;



NovaMute ‎– 12nomu171control

A Control I’m Here (Superchumbo Mix)
AA Control I’m Here (Superchumbo Dub)

The Jack Rubies ‎– Bullfighters’ Disco Remix (US 12″)

London indie band had this released back in 1990 only in the States on TVT Records. A bit of a novelty release from this well respected band, made up of Ian Wright, (vocals and guitars) Lawrence Giltane, (Percussion) Stephen D. Ineson (Guitars and harmonica) and Steve Brockway (Bass) Formed in the late 80’s they had minor Indie hit with “Be With You.”

Featuring mixes by Carl Segal. This kitsch instrumental which seems inspired by Spaghetti Westerns and probably the success of the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack around the time. Additional synth horns and samples from Andy Marvel and plenty of strummed acoustic guitar make it a fun listen. Not much difference between the mixes, the edits are the extended versions, the crude version has the spittoon effect left in!!!


TVT Records ‎– TVT 2576-1jack

A1 Bullfighters’ Disco Dance (The Crude Edit)
A2 Bullfighters On The Radio
B1 Bullfighters’ Disco Dance (The Polite Edit)
B2 Bullfighters’ Disco (Original)


Candy Dulfer – Saxuality (12″)


This is rather cool and unusual to start off the 90’s. Candy Dulfer, who came to the everyone’s attention via the hit with David A. Stewart, “Lilly Was Here,” steps up the funk with this from 1990. Cue innuendo on what is a jazz/pop with a go-go beat. Ben Liebrand gives it a meaty remix but it is the fast and furious Susan Rogers (Prince, Jackson) mix that steals the show.

B-side was penned by her Dad, Hans Dulfer and is slow and smooth with some vocals from Hugh Kanza, Patricia Balrak and Wies Ingwersen. The closing track from the album, “Saxuality.”


RCA ‎– PT 43770sax

A Saxuality (Ben Liebrand Mix)
B1 Saxuality (Susan Rogers Mix)
B2 Home Is Not A House

Re-uppage 11 (Roger Christian, George Michael, The Temptations)

I’m back from N.Y.C. an amazing experience that will stay with me forever. A few words to sum it all up;


Car horns,


Slightly smelly,

Proud citizens,

Expensive beer,

Tasty food,


Roger Christian – Worlds Apart (12″) For Les




George Michael – Monkey (12″) For Stephen (Mr Likey-Likey)



The Temptations – Papa Was A Rolling Stone ’87 Remix (12″) For Stephen (If you Like you will receive)






MCL (Micro Chip League) ‎– New York / Communicate (US 12″)


So I’m off to NYC tomorrow for a week, never been so don’t know what to expect, some say it smells!

The Micro Chip League (Alexander Henninger & Ken Taylor) relying heavily on bass synths and drum machines. “New York” builds up the atmosphere with menacing bass and the cheesy “New York” show theme and electronic voices.

“Communicate” comes in 3 mixes, all very cheesy, “Peking Walk” with oriental samples and sounds. Old Skool American dance clobber from the Houston club scene.


Oak Lawn Records ‎– OLR-129mcl

A1 New York (Double-New York-Mix) 6:45
A2 New York (Dance Floor Cut) 5:07
B1 Communicate (Atomik Part) 5:55
B2 Communicate (Peking Walk) 4:27
B3 Communicate (Atomik Beats) 2:31