Candyland – All their Twelves


WHO ????

By way of an introduction. Let’s put it in context EMF, Jesus Jones, The Beloved and The Shamen were enjoying chart success.So Fiction Records thought they would have a piece. From South London and “found” by Gil Norton  So to the line-up Bass – Kenediid Osman (who went on to be in Sleeper), Drums – M.C. Kenzie (who went on to be the drummer in Jamiroquai), Guitar – David Wesley Ayers (who formed late 90′ group Red Snapper) , Keyboards – Colin Payne (who was in early 80′ band Taxxi) and Vocal – Felix Tod (now a producer and engineer)

Here is a link to all the twelves, all in one place…


Bitter Moon (US Promo 12″)

Including Mindwarp and Justin Robertson mixes, these fit nicely with the Indie Dance sounds of the time (’91) Jeremy Allon’s “Voodoo Mix” is different enough not to have aged. The vocals sounding  a bit like Jim Kerr in places. StoneBridge (Sten Olof Hallström) adds some jazzy House grooves to an instrumental mix in “Jazz & Dub”

EastWest Records America ‎– DMD 1778SAM_7505

A1 Bitter Moon (Mind Warp Rave Mix) 6:41
A2 Bitter Moon (JR Full Moon Mix) 6:01
B1 Bitter Moon (12″ Mind Warp Mix) 6:42
B2 Bitter Moon (Voodoo Mix) 6:29
B3 Bitter Moon (Jazz & Dub) 6:29

Fountain O’ Youth (US Promo 12″) 

This was in fact their debut release! (Sorry not very chronological of me!)

This gets a couple of Steve Proctor mixes over the original production by Mark Saunders, so there are plenty of synths to hook you in and of course Tod’s breathy vocals….MADCHESTER.

EastWest Records America ‎– DMD 1693SAM_7545

A1 Fountain O’ Youth (Hands On Mix) 8:02
B1 Fountain O’ Youth (Hands Off Mix) 6:32
B2 Fountain O’ Youth (Instrumental) 7:05

Kingdom (UK 12″)

More Indie Dance Beats this time with some mixes by Ben Chapman who beefs up the guitar and rolls those beats. MMmmmm those vocals are very cheesy 80’s. The B-side track maker is a bit of a dog’s dinner with mumbled vocals and grating guitars and keys  , left off from the LP sessions.

Non Fiction Records ‎– YESX 9cand

A1 Kingdom (Chapman + Verse Mix)
A2 Kingdom (Chapmental Mix)
B1 Kingdom (Islamix)
B2 Maker

Rainbow (UK 12″)

The final twelve and they are shades of It’s Immaterial in the vocal delivery with an Ibiza vibe. Psychedelic beats and Robin Guthrie provides the main mix in a Cocteau Twins style with Happy Larry and the Rapino Brothers providing the chilled beats on the ” Tremolo” mix. The more “band” sounding “Sun On Skin” could be a Talk Talk song! Laidback and atmospheric.

Fiction Records ‎– FICSX 37rain

A1 Rainbow (E-Bow Mix)
A2 Rainbow (Tremolo Mix)
B1 Rainbow
B2 Sun On Skin

4 thoughts on “Candyland – All their Twelves”

  1. ‘Who’ indeed. A band who sunk so far, they are not even on Wikipedia. Where do you dig this stuff up from?

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you could please post or send a new link to download. I’ve been looking everywhere for the JR Full Moon mix and the Jazz & Dub of Bitter Moon. Thank you so much for all your work on this site!

  3. Can you please kindly repost to a new link? I’ve been searching high and low for these!

    Many thanks for your generous contributions 🙏

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