Figures On The Beach – Paradise And Other Four Letter Words (Cassette Album)


A first for this blog a rip of a cassette (Thanks Mike!) SO I know a few of you have been waiting for me to post this, Mike was really enthusiastic that it should be shared and I know there are a few fans of Figures On The Beach (myself included)

A bit of a missing album that gather together all their previous releases and adds some extra tracks. Its a retrospect of material up to 1986 with their release at the time, Paradise appearing on here. A good introduction to the band !



Flash And The Pan – Waiting For The Train (12″)

Another one from Mike and a timeless classic, one of those that as soon as you hear it all comes back to you. An Aussie duo Harry Vanda and George Young (from The Easybeats) who were knocking out stuff in the late 70’s and wrote a track that Grace Jones covered called “Walking In The Rain.”

Laidback grooves with that repetitive synth line. The Instrumental is more of a dub version keeping some of the vocals in there.

Not cheesy just classy

Easy Beat ‎– EASY T1SAM_0988

A Waiting For A Train (Disco Version) 5:42
B1 Waiting For A Train (Instrumental Version) 6:48
B2 Waiting For A Train (Radio Version) 3:45

Haysi Fantayzee ‎– John Wayne Is Big Leggy (12″)

Wouldn’t be the 80’s without a bit quirky record. Enter Haysi Fantysee , Jeremiah Hardy,(soon to be a Superstar DJ in the 90’s) Kate Garner and her then boyfriend songwriter/producer Paul Caplin (who co-wrote Marilyn’s “Calling Your Name”) Stylised like a futuristic version of Dexy’s Midnight Runners and a perchance for a bit of country tinged pop.

This is a song so bad it’s good with atrocious singing in silly accents, guess it was the “punk” element. The long 12″ mix reminds me of The Grid’s “Texas Cowboy” with plenty of pistol shots and Western references. Bass was provided by Alfie Agius (from The Fixx) and saxophone by Simon Henry.

The B-side is a weird; gospel in a slow swamp rock style based on a bass line. From Youtube Healy: “Recorded with Tony Visconti of Bowie/T-Rex fame – he was a brilliant vocal producer. The lyric was about a beautiful girl that I knew, who kept slashing her wrists. I got the title from a totally un-connected book. Andy Weatherall named his label after it a few years later.” Very punk.

Regard Records ‎– RGT 100haysifrontcov

A John Wayne Is Big Leggy (Groovy Long Version) 6:53
B1 The Sabres Of Paradise 6:38
B2 John Wayne Is Big Leggy 3:18

Marilyn – Calling Your Name (12″)

“Bloody Gender Benders!” my Dad would shout at the telly when this came on. “What does she look like!” So this was Phonogram marketing department attempt to rival Boy George and Culture Club.

Continuing  with more cheesy 80’s and this debut release (and major international hit) from Peter Anthony Robinson. The 12″ has more synth than I remembered on the original release with Langer and Winstanley producing it giving it a Motown vibe with help of backing vocals by Claudia Fontaine

The B-side does a good impression of Wham and isn’t a bad slice of pop, produced by keyboardist Roger Jackson ( who was in Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians)

Phonogram ‎– MAZ 112callingfrontcov

A Calling Your Name
B Move Together

Belouis Some ‎– Imagination (Awe-Some Re-Mix) (12″)

From 1985 and a one hit wonder “Imagination” with a rare remix. Belouis Some looking a bit like a good-looking Eminem is accompanied by a suitably saucy video. Remixed by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero adding all the 80’s elements, saxophone, big drums and funky bassline. The B-side is quite fun, reminding me of Howard Devoto in the vocal styling,  with a punchy bassline and chiming synths. Quite a poor pressing but you’ll get the general idea.

NEW LINK 2021 (again!!)

Parlophone ‎– 12RA 6092imaginedfrontcov

A Imagination (Extended Re-Mix)
B1 Imagination (Dub Mix)
B2 Imagination (7″ Version)
B3 Have You Ever Been In Love? (Dub Mix)

Peter Godwin – Art Of Love (12″)

One from Mike and from 1983 from ex-member of US synthpop group Metro, Peter Godwin. Guitar and synths blend away thanks to a couple of remixes by John Luongo. Nice bass synth/ sample here that gels the song together. Is it synthy enough to be synthpop ? It reminds me of Alphaville with a dash of Human Leagues “Keep Feeling Fascination” The “New York Remix” has more synth on it


Polydor ‎– POSPX 632

A The Art Of Love (New York Remix)
B1 The Art Of Love (New York Dub Mix)
B2 The Art Of Love (UK Remix)


Soft Cell – Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (12″)

My favourite song by them and something I only picked up the other day (as long as 40 other twelves 🙂 ) From Feb 1982 and the full 12″ version with Clarinet intro/overture by David Tofani. The song itself needs no introduction.

The B-side is a live studio version of “Fun City” Featuring Marc and David with Annie Hogan, Tim Taylor on bass. (For Marc And The Mambas) Recorded at Box Studios Heckmondwike Leeds. Synth bass and real bass duel it out over an autobiographical story about moving from Southport to London. A great early song.

So all links from Soft Cell have been re-upped although no one seems to have found this little gem of a Bootleg album.


Some Bizzare ‎– BZS 712sayfrontcov

A Say Hello Wave Goodbye (Extended Version) 9:08
B Fun City 7:45

Soft Cell – Martin / Jimi Hendrix (Promo 12″)

So from 1983 and the free 12″ that came with “The Art Of Falling Apart”. The scariest song Soft Cell have done with done of early samples. it builds up to a terrifying climax. The Jimi Hendrix medley is very cheesy, with the guitar sound being replaced by a synth (Not a clue what?)



A Martin –

B- Hendrix Medley (Hey Joe, Purple Haze, Voodoo Child)

Soft Cell – Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing (Mini Album)

Dug this out from the files of old. The very first remix album released with tracks from the debut album remixed in New York, with the band soaking up the City’s nightlife under the influence of MDM ( not New York but Leeds !!)

So I recorded this as 2 files, Side 1 and Side 2 as it was designed to be played all the way through as the tracks blend into each other. Love to here the remix of “Insecure Me..?” that appeared on the American release.


Some Bizzare ‎– BZX 1012dancecov

A1 Memorabilia 5:22
A2 Where Did Our Love Go 4:12
A3 What 4:33
B1 A Man Could Get Lost 4:05
B2 Chips On My Shoulder 4:26
B3 Sex Dwarf

Soft Cell – Where The Heart Is (12″)

The first signs that the Soft Cell’s bubble had popped with the recording buying public was the general lukewarm reception towards the “difficult” second album, “The Art Of Falling Apart” This single was from it was and was released in November 1982, before the album. Epic and more organic sounding, Mike Thorne was joined by engineer and mixer Harvey Goldberg and Don Wershba. To me it is a more complex but muddled sound, probably too much going on and it does go on a bit with the nine and a half minute version here.


Some Bizzare ‎– BZS 1612wherecov

A –Where The Heart Is –9:44

B –It’s A Mugs Game –8:14