Spandau Ballet – Highly Strung (12″)

spandau84A proper 12″ mix from 1984 with a quick, little mover from Spandau Ballet; the one with that heavy guitar rift and rhymes “Joe” with “Know and gets in “diplomat” with “Laundry-mat.” Off their 4th album, “Parade”, it motors along and was actually released as “Highly Re-Strung” as a 12″ and ticks all the boxes.

It was certainly a time when the 12″ would seperate the fans from the casual chart listener. Many a time the 12″ would be put on to deliberately mislead unsuspecting singing dancers, that would leave the floor in a huff because the mix had deliberately messed around with the verses and added extra “mad” bits into the mix. This is prime example and why I loved them then as much as I do now! Normal service is resumed with the regular , “Extended Version” so you still can get nostalgic! Love the pompous film/video too!

NEW LINK !!!! 2016

A Highly Re-Strung 5:27
B Highly Strung (Extended Version) 5:17

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – So In Love (Special American Dance remix) (12″)

omdcamp2From 1985 and the track that got them recognised in America. I am 100% sure this is the “Special American Dance Remix” by Stephen Hague but correct me if I’m wrong. My only doubt is that it has the B-side “Maria Gallante” which is only listed on the U.K. release.

Anyways it is a strong track from the album “Crush” and has extra bits added to it including extra precussion, that sonar noise and guitar samples.

“Concrete Hands” has always been a favourite with the road drills and other odd sounds. Again it builds up before the vocals kick in.

“Mara Gallante” is about a love affair with the Caribbean island of the same name! It was recorded live in the studio, without any dubbing thus giving it a “live” feel.


A So In Love (Special American Dance Remix)
B1 Concrete Hands (Extended)
B2 Maria Gallante

David Bowie – Loving The Alien (Gatefold 12″)

bowieblue(Love the artwork on this gatefold import, mine all mine!! Apologies followers) So we have 2 remixes of my favourite track off the “Tonight” album from the duo of Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero ( they were behind most of the greatest 12″ of the mid 80’s.) Personally, I prefer the “Dub” mix which isn’t, the vocals are still on there as well as the strings but there is much more room for the track to breath. The reggae influence of “Don’t Look Down” has been given a dub feel to0, but I think I prefer Iggy Pop’s version.


A Loving The Alien (Extended Dance Mix) 7:27
B1 Don’t Look Down (Extended Dance Mix) 4:50
B2 Loving The Alien (Extended Dub Mix) 7:14

Japan – All Tomorrows Parties (12″)

japanblurOnwards with some more mainstream stuff now!

From 1983 and a brilliant cover of the Nico-led , Velvet Underground track, remixed by Steve Nye. This is beautifully understated, no full on drums, e bow guitar and dreamy, Roxy Music atmospherics.

The other two tracks, ‘Deviation’ & ‘Obscure Alternatives’ are taken from the ‘Live In Japan’ EP which was released in July 1980. It shows the rawer sound of early Japan, “Obscure..” is awesome!!


A All Tomorrows Parties (1983 Remix)  5:15
B1 Deviation (Live In Tokyo) 3:13
B2 Obscure Alternatives (Live In Tokyo) 6:05

Jonathan Perkins – Silver Spurs,I’ll Lay My Silver Spurs (She’s Wrong) (12″)

mrperkinsWho ? (being wilfully obscure!)

I thought that….from 1983 and a slice of funky New Wave with sprinkle of synth. Mr Perkins was a session vocalist, one time member of XTC, I have already posted stuff by him as part of the alt.rock band , The Flame…………

He went on to work with Dave Stewart and The Spiritual Cowboys and more recently as the gothic rock of Jonathan Perkins Miss World.

Another obscure fact is this is an early engineering work by legendary producer of The Smiths and Blur , Stephen Street.

Back to the tracks, they all have a bit of a blues influence in them. Using members of Toyah band does give it a bit of a New Wave edge. The “Dub” version is a great standalone track.

A1 I’ll Lay My Silver Spurs (She’s Wrong)
A2 Silver Spurs (Dub)
B1 Hips Not The Heart
B2 The Beast In Me


Savage Progress – Burning Bush (Testify) (12″)

savageptestifybackcovFrom 1984 and another offering by Savage Progress, this time we have the “Burning Bush” in the rather extended Mad Mix II, a little on the crackly side, it does go quite mad towards the end with film samples and random noise thrown in, but if you like slap bass and congas this will be for you. The 7 ” version is here alongside an instrumental version renamed “Tears Of Love”

A Burning Bush (Testify) Mad Max II 8:13
B1 Burning Bush (Testify) 4:01
B2 Tears Of Love


Captain Sensible – There Are More Snakes Than Ladders (12″)

Captain Sensible, the bassist from The Damned, had a very prolific pop career in the 80’s and put out a lot of stuffcaptainy.

Unlike his main band the Captain preferred to dabble in technology for his solo output and this 1984 release is no exception, it even has some Fairlight in. Produced by ex-New Muzik man Tony Mansfield, Sensible was liked to combine both humor and social commentary in his songs, this is well produced synthpop. The “Folk Version” benefits with added acoustic guitar over lush synth strings, love it. The Dolly Mixtures, Sensible’s female backing group, even get a mention in the drum machine lead, “The 4 Mary’s..”, a mad rock and roll style romp.


A1 There Are More Snakes Than Ladders (Remix)
A2 There Are More Snakes Than Ladders (Folk Version)
B The 4 Marys Go Go Dance All Night At The Groovy Cellar

Even more re-uppage requests fulfilled!!

Jean Michel Jarre feat. Hank Marvin – London Kid (12″)


A London Kid (Version Longue) 4:24
B1 Révolution Industrielle Part 3 4:03
B2 Révolutions (Remix) 3:15

London Boys – Requiem (12″)


Requiem (London Remix) 7:57
Requiem (Continental Remix) 4:19
The Midi Dance 3:12

Falco – Emotional (Extended N.Y. Mix) (12″)


Emotional (Extended NY Mix)
Emotional (Extended Continental Mix)(Bilingual Version)
Emotional (Her Side Of The Story)(Extended Mix)

Thompson Twins – Love Lies Fierce / Frozen In Time (Club Dance Mixes)(12″)

tommytwinsssFrom 1983 and originally on the special edition cassette of “Quick Step and Side Kick” these club remixes are by Alex Sadkin and give us an insight into the birth of the 12″ single and special remixes. “Frozen In Time” (a mix of album track “Kamikaze”) is more a dub version with heavy atmospherics, I defy anyone to dance to it! The main track is a superb remix  and very loud version of album track “Love Lies Bleeding” No Amping required here 🙂