Various – Waves (Canadian Bootleg 12″)

A Bootleg from 1981 ???

Well it does contain a Medley so I guess there was licensing issues.

I like the obscure choice of tracks and , hats off, it is a good mashup for the time. Love the early Cure stuff. Blink and you miss them. A second of “Planet Claire” they must have been bricking it!

The Men (Human League) have their funky Cruel instrumental (B-side of “I Don’t Depend On You”) featured. This is seems a different version I think to this 1979 track. I wonder who did the drums ? HL fans help me out ?

The final track by Lori & The Chameleons which featured Bill Drummond, David Balfe and very “English” vocals of Lori Lartey. Trying to do a Flying Lizards ? This was their debut release on Zoo Records. Fun synthpop.

Rollo Records – P1-001

Punk Force Medley8:10
A1MadnessOne Step Beyond…
A2Cult HeroI Dig You
A3Lene LovichLucky Number
A4New MusikStraight Lines
A5New MusikLiving By Numbers
A6TeenbeatsI Can’t Control Myself
A7BlondieCall Me
A8SparksNoisy Boys
A9The CureGrinding Halt
A10The Cure10:15 Saturday Night
A11Joe JacksonI’m The Man
A12PuzzleWeekend Rock
A13The SweetBallroom Blitz
A14The B-52’sPlanet Claire
B1The MenCruel5:14
B2Lori & The ChameleonsTouch3:45

Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly – Too Many Games (12″)

From 1985 and not too obscure for some. More Funk / Soul

That man, John Morales, remixes a few tracks. “Too Many Games” has proper funky bass. Strong message in a funky, “feel good” arrangement.

“Twilight” is the sought after track. Those marimba synths and that bass. An ageless bit of classic, semi-instrumental funk.

“Back In Stride” grooves along at 8 minutes. Frankie Beverley in fine voice. Cool as….

Capitol Records – 12CL 363

A1Too Many Games (Extended Remix)7:28
BBack In Stride (Extended Remix)8:00

Central Parque – Everything You Do (Netherlands 12″)

Too obscure ?

Some rare, Funk / Soul from 1983. Just enough electronics to keep me interested (is that an SH101 bass ?) Not from America but from the Netherlands, yes I know it was hard to tell.

Produced and written by Bernard Oattes and Rob van Schaik (The Limit) – and probably manufactured.

“Stay” is a slower, candle lit Ballad and as smooth as any West Coast soul with Ruth Jacott on lead vocals. I was fooled. (it was the q in park!)

Injection Disco Dance Label – 234.595

AEverything You Do6:40

Imagination – Hold Me In Your Arms (Maxi 12″)

Some later stuff from Imagination as they adapt to the Midi Age of the late 80’s (’88)

Preston Glass gives it a very smooth, soulful production. Using those distinct harmonies, even updates the bass! Quite poppy with a PWL mix from Jamie Bromfield & Boyowa ‘Yoyo’ Olugbo. Pretty harmless

Arthur Baker (working with David Morales) gives “Instinctual” an early House vibe from ’87. Josh Milan adding some extra keyboards. A stone cold old skool classic.

RCA – PT 42058

AHold Me In Your Arms (Extra Beat Boys Remix)6:36
B1Instinctual (The Def Vocal Mix)7:39

Hollywood Beyond – A Collection

Multi instrumentalist and Brummy Mark Rogers leapt into the musical scene in 1986 with his debut, “What’s The Colour Of Money ?” on the major WEA Records. Here are 3 twelves proving he was not just a one hit wonder. Super Rips in WAV from Crepajac

What’s The Colour Of Money? ( Maxi 12″)

Backed by The London Gospel Centre this was quite a mish mash of styles. Bruce Smith (The Pop Group, Rip Rig And Panic, The Slits, P.I.L.) provides the World drum beats. Matt Baker (Cable) adds some guitar over a sea shanty arrangement. Produced by Stephen Hague and mix by Chris Lord-Alge.

The Second mix is a stripped back dub that goes into an instrumental.

“Hollywood Beyond” hints at more idea and an ambitious arrangement. World Music but with some Produced by Clifton Whyte who gives it a slight reggae feel but with a definite feel of Kate Bush!

WEA – 248 655-0

AWhat’s The Colour Of Money? (12″ Mix)5:02
B1What’s The Colour Of Money? (The “Go Ask Alice” Mix)4:20
B2Hollywood Beyond3:59

No More Tears (German 12″)

A solid bit of bass synth kicks this funky bit of synth funk. The follow-up single release (Sept 1986) co-written by Jamie B. Rose.

The 12″ brings out some excellent piano, synth brass and that bass bouncing between the speakers. Long live the 80’s sax!

A genuine B-side is the slightly rocky “No Time For Losers”, funky bass and riffing guitar. Plenty of backing vocals. Catchy.

WEA – 248 577-0

ANo More Tears (The Passion Play Dance Mix)6:10
B1No More Tears4:30
B2No Time For Losers3:30

Save Me (Extended Mix) (German 12″)

The final offering this time from May 1987. This time produced by Mike Thorne, rocky guitar and dramatic chords.

Bonus is a meaty Paul “Groucho” Smykle of “No More Tears”, the best of the mixes of the track.

WEA – 248 400-0

ASave Me (Last Call)7:32
BNo More Tears (Extended Mix)5:25

Jesse Johnson – She (I Can’t Resist) (US 12″)

Jesse Johnson Featuring Sly Stone – Crazay (Remix) (1986, Vinyl) - Discogs

From a new contributor, Crepajac and some Funk / Soul. (Thanks)

Original member of The Time, guitarist Jesse Johnson adds plenty of James Brownism’s it was from the album “Shockadelica” , part of the Minneapolis Massive.

MIxed by Brian Forrest and engineered by Frank Heller it was released in 1986. A good extended mix, very Purple like. The mix going into Proto House territory, a meaty electro bass.

He certainly can play guitar as demonstrated on the “live” version.

Big Folder as it’s a WAV file.

Sendspace link worryingly deleted as violation of Terms – hope this isn’t the start of something 🙄

A&M Records – SP-12219

A1She (I Can’t Resist) (Remix)7:22
A2She (I Can’t Resist) (Dub)4:47
B1She (I Can’t Resist) (Live Remix)7:06
B2She (I Can’t Resist) (7″ Edit Live Remix)4:26

Gary Numan – Who Has Done THese Remixes ???

Gary Numan - Cars - Vinyl 12" - 1979 - DE - Original | HHV

A bit of a quiz for the weekend, especially if you’re a Numan fan.

Julian H sent me over 5 remixes of established Numan tracks and wants some help in finding who remixed them. Not for retaliation I hope!

Here is the email;

Hi Jon,
Last year, you helped me identify an unknown album I had on tape (Delirium By The Empty Quarter) and I very much thank you for that.
Recently I’ve come across a few remixed tracks by Gary Numan, and I can’t identify which album they are from? I was hoping you’ll help me once again finding out. Your help is much appreciated. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you and be safe.
PS. I’ve attached a rar file with the tracks. 

So I’ve put the file up here


The tracks are “Are Friends Electric ’99” which has a sliding shuffle beat.

“Cars – Trans Version” which is given a frantic Trance mix, but with vocals and works!! The other mixes sounds a little bit John Foxx like, clattering bass and plenty of space but there is sample sax riff !!

“I Die, You Die” is even more synthy and “We Are Glass” is probably the strangest with lots bleeping sequencers and almost breakbeat.

So which people have done these remixes (where they official?), I have heard a lot worse – virtual pint for the winner ?

Inaura – Coma Aroma (CDS)

The second helping of Inaura which come with a Perfecto remix, Steve Osbourne was their producer btw.

Two bonus track. The very Chemical Brothers-like “Balaam” and it really does kick ass and the more chilled “Gone In The Wind” , a laid back song over a Trip Hop beat.

The Perfecto mix does it usual 9 minute journey and keeps the song in there.

EMI United Kingdom – 7243 8 82763 2 0

1Coma Aroma (Radio Edit)3:53
3Gone In The Wind5:42
4Coma Aroma (Perfecto Mix 12″)9:12

Inaura – Soap Opera (CD 1 and 2)

Someone wanted some more Inaura (I think it was me!) so Fred has delivered.

From Jan ’96, “Soft Opera” has little bit’s of DM’s “Rush” in it (and Knightrider)

The UK CDs has the edit and the full length plus 2 bonus tracks.

Instrumental “Surf” has Space bleeps, slow tempo beats and atmospheric synths and guitars, chilled.

“Redhead…” has similar laidback vibe, building up with some intricate guitar work, like quiet Smashing Pumpkins.

Both produced with Adrian Bushby (Alison Moyet, Honeycrack)

EMI – 7243 8 82495 2 2

1Soap Opera (Edit)3:53
2Soap Opera5:45
4A Redhead And An Hour Glass5:20

On the second CD there is a remix done by Sank (Sanken Sandqvist) who beef’s up the bass and drums, generally thrashing it up. “Reach Out And Touch Faith!”

Bonus track “90’s Itch” crashes through with some tasty riffs and from the album. A Progressive House remix of 100 Degrees features a gentle Dancehall feel under the guitar parts, nice an dubby with plenty of squelching acid.

EMI – 7243 8 82496 2 1

1Soap Opera (Toytown Remix5:32
290’s Itch4:25
3100 Degrees (Flash Faction Mix)8:19
4Soap Opera (Album Version)5:43

Both CD’s in one file

Messengers ‎– Frontiers (Extended Version) (12″)

The Unofficial German ULTRAVOX Fanpage

You could be fooled to think this was a Midge Ure track, chimed up by the DX-7 and engineered by Rik Walton and John Hudson. There is even Midge guitar on this slightly extended version. Released September ’84.

I’m here for “Plains Of Siberia”, atmospheric and dramatic and my favourite track by them and I’d not heard it for at least 35 years! The constructed harmonies and the crashing drums.

Bowie’s “Andy Warhol” get a synth cover and what a gem it is. The crashing drum machine and live toms (probably nicked from the Quartet tour!) and moody bass synth.

Musicfest – MUST X2

AFrontiers (Extended Version)
B1Plains Of Siberia
B2Andy Warhol