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The Style Council – Have You Ever Had It Blue (12″)


More stylish council with this little ditty from 1986. In full Jazz/Bossanova mode. From the film “Absolute Beginners” and here with “Cut” and “Uncut” versions. B-side “Mr Cool’s Dreams” is a perfect , little keyboard jazz instrumental.


I Wish….


The Style Council – My Ever Changing Moods (12″)


More cool, jazz influenced pop from 1984. Mr Weller and Mr Talbot provided this long version on the12″. Backed by the Hammond organ infused , instrumental “Mick’s Company” and “Spring, Summer, Autumn” penned by Jake Fluckery ,a pseudonym used by Paul Weller, being a play on the name of folk singer Jake Thackray. This could of been on any of their albums.


The Questions – Tuesday Sunshine (12″)


Very apt for this rather autumnal Tuesday. This forgotten gem, here in it’s 4 track form, has the stamp of Weller all over it , he even designed the sleeve. From 1984, this kept  the style of The Style Council for blue eyed soul. This Scottish band were fact contempories of Aztec Camera, Orange Juice and The Bluebells.

In 1983, band members Paul Barry and John Robinson penned the Top 10 hit “The House That Jack Built” for fellow Respond Records label mate Tracie Young (on here with their own version)

After a poor selling debut album , “Belief”, the band split in Autumn 1984.

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A1 Tuesday Sunshine (Jock Mix)
A2 Tuesday Sunshine (Sass Mix)
B1 The House That Jack Built
B2 No One (Long Version)

Everything But The Girl – Each And Everyone (12″)


From their first album and some jazzy soul from Ben Watts and Tracie Thorn from 1984. A timeless classic it has 2 fine , tho very short B-sides “Laughing You Out Of The House” and “Never Could Be Worse” with Ben Watt’s delicious guitar. Sounds like an early Cult track !!!!

Dee C. Lee – See The Day (12″)


As it goes a bit dancey on the other blog

On here I’m feeling a bit soulful and romantic this weekend. First up is the Paul Weller prodigy Dee C. Lee with this memorable ballad from 1985.

Lee was a backing vocalist for the pop group Wham! in the early 1980s, but she left the group to work as a solo artist and also to join Weller’s band, The Style Council. More about them later. She was later married to Weller for ten years (but now divorced), they have two children, Leah and Natt.

The B-side of the single is a live version of ” Luck”, featured Paul Weller and his band The Style Council. Other tracks is the Weller penned “The Paris Match” and nice bit of electronic funk with “Don’t Do It Baby (Remix)”



Animal Nightlife – Native Boy (12″)


Early release from1983, by Jazzy band Animal Nightlife. A favourite from my old blog and here in full latino glory with the both the Cosmopolitan and Metropolitan Mixes. Here with a very young Dee C Lee on backing vocals (more later !!) Loving the horns and Andy’s Polaris` vocals.

The Smiths – This Charming Man (12″)


Very neglected and under fed this blog needs a definite injection of TLC.

Play this to anyone and then ask when it was released ? the answer would probably not be 1983!!!

This was only their second single, a classic in both lyric and music.

Both the earlier “London” version and the widely known “Manchester” versions are here.

Amongst a wall of guitar is the tale of a gay encounter on the road.

B sides “Wonderful Woman” and “Accept Yourself” really showed what potential this new band had.

The Fixx – One Thing Leads To Another (7″ Double Pack)


Well it had to make an appearance in all its vinyl glory. From 1983 (and with some songs from 1982 thrown in) this double pack was produced by Howard Jones` producer Rupert Hine. Four decent, contrasting tracks, “One Thing Leads To Another”, “Opinions”, “Red Skies”, ” Stand Or Fall” all with an eye on the American market. Inside the gatefold it’s a bit cringeworthy with loads of press releases hailing the bands success (“When it comes to `new music` the Fixx is in”)

It’s all New Wave, with big choruses, a smattering of new technology and reverbed guitar. Memories, like the corners of my mind !!

A One Thing Leads To Another
B Opinions
C Red Skies
D Stand Or Fall

Mo-Dettes – Paint It Black/Bitta Truth


From 1980 and an early Riot Grrrrl interpretation. The Mo-Dettes had a DIY sound and a wonderful DIY cartoon on the sleeve. Contempories of The Slits and The Raincoats this is a great cover version that stands up to a repeat listen. B-side “Bitta Truth” has more sparse production.

The Flys – Waikiki Beach Refugees/We Don’t Mind The Rave (7″)


Post Punk from 33 years ago !! (Or was it Power Pop!) What you do get is great lead guitar lines, a lush sound, catchy melodies and original musical ideas. B-side “We Don’t Mind The Rave” sounds relatively fresh with some 70`s riffs (almost BeBop Deluxe style licks) The singer was Hazel O’Connor’s brother, Neil.

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