Re-uppage – 121 – (Red Flag x 6, Belouis Some X 2, New Order, Deacon Blue X 3, Hothouse Flowers, Sinéad O’Connor With M.C.Lyte, SPK, Boys Don’t Cry, Wire Train, REd Hot Chilli Peppers, The High, Captain Sensible, Billy MacKenzie, Hot Gossip, Nu Shooz X 2, Scritti Politti, Richard James Burgess )

Nearly a week late.

Many blogs don’t offer this service….I know why! Lots of multiples this week.

Red Flag – All The Twelves for multicamaddict (Here you go!)


BELOUIS SOME ‎– ANIMAL MAGIC (12″) for Paco (He’s a popular request!)

Belouis Some – Imagination For Paco (Get them while they’ll hot!)


For RT (Up now but for how long ?)

For Retro Hound (who’s gone all Scotty Dog)

Fergus Sings the Blues - Wikipedia

For Matt (The Guardian Of The Blog)


For Juice (It’s still ahead of its time)


For Stewart (Well I do have some more knocking about….stay tuned!)


For Maximal (Go get it!)


For Steven (Yeh, think I missed it!)

For Matt (I never have the time)

For Pauleile (the Best cover version of a Bowie track!)

For art58koen (Enjoy this weird little project)

For Arnaud (Here you go, will do 400 Blows later)


For James (The Complete set and cheaper than a box set)

For Richard Anvil (Nearly Forgot)

For Matt (How could I forget your request!)

Boney M. – Rasputin / Painter Man (German 12″)

German’s Boney M. getting a September ’78 release on Hansa Records.

“Rasputin” takes most of the track, “Nightflight To Venus” and blends this rock intro (based on “Dance With The Devil” by Cozy Powell.) into the “Rasputin” we know. Written and produced by Frank Farian (who would later go on to produce “fake” duo Milli Vanilli. 

I personally used to love “Painter Man”, rocky guitar and some weird lyrics but what was a Painter Man ? Written by Eddie Phillips and Kenneth George Pickett (English guitarist and vocalist with The Creation who did the original from 1966)

Hansa International – 26 400 XT

ARasputin (Long Version)7:33
BPainter Man3:10

Grace Jones – That’s The Trouble / Sorry (Netherlands 12″)

From 1977 and when Grace Jones was doing full-on Disco.

Arranged by Duke Williams who extends out both tracks with lush strings and every Disco sound you’d expect to hear. It was written with French keyboardist Pierre Papadiamandis who gives it some Galic flair on the A-side.

Scramble – MS 40.12

AThat’s The Trouble7:02

James Brown – Hustle (Dead On It) (Netherlands 7″)

Funk from 1975 from James Brown. I’m as guilty as many of only knowing a handful of tracks by the Godfather. He wasn’t the greatest of lyricists! Produced by Charles Bobbit and co-written by Fred Wesley who gives it a slight jazz groove especially in Part 2, which is the choice cut having Brown waffling on and on until the bass kicks in. Long as well at nearly 6 minutes for a 7″.

Quite similar to “”Hot Koki” by Talla Andre Marie from Cameroon it’s almost of cover version. (but unrecognised) Still bloody good!

Polydor – 2066 581

ADead On It, Part 1
BDead On It, Part 2

Rod Stewart – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? (Special Disco Mix) (US 12″)

Not expecting many twelve inch mixes but here is one! Stewart’s evergreen classic from 1978.

Remixed by legendary NYC DJ Jim Burgess, who adds some extra Disco glitter to Rod’s “novelty” hit.

“Scarred And Scared” features harmonica, acoustic and slide guitar and gentle piano. A rock ballad that he is so good at.


Warner Bros. Records – WBSD 8727

ADa Ya Think I’m Sexy? (Special Disco Mix)6:29
BScarred And Scared4:50

Theme For Next Week – The Seventies

70's theme music night — Tucked Away Brewing Company

Well the late 70’s anyway.

I know? Not an area I’m that familiar with. I remember getting quite excited hearing “Crazy Horses” by The Osmonds with that weird synth sound. Toddling about to “Blockbuster” by Sweet and really enjoying my Mum’s Abba LP, “Arrival” with the group in the helicopter on the cover.

For some reason my parents had a copy of Camel’s “Snow Goose” and I like many others I coveted a copy of Jeff Wayne’s “War Of The Worlds” with the book included with the double LP.

Prefab Sprout – Faron Young (Truckin’ Mix) (12″)

Sprouts for dessert ?

It seems I have more of my own Prefab Sprout stuff that isn’t on here!


So this I still play if I get a chance to DJ. It trucks on, it has lots of Dolby-ism’s and is impossible to dance to.

“Silhouettes” features Wendy on lead vocals, plenty of guitars and is here in a full version of under 4 minutes ???

Kitchenware Records – SKX 22

AFaron Young (Truckin’ Mix)
BSilhouettes (Full Version)

Prefab Sprout – The Sound Of Crying + Re-ups (CD 1)

From June 1992 and the last of the Sprouts for your Sunday lunch. I’ve re-upped everything else.

Stephen Lipson is in the production chair on this bittersweet Pop song. Those lyrics don’t half sting and remain relevant.

The B-sides include “Atlantis” and the rock n roll of “The Golden Calf” from 1988 (“Langley Park”). Again it annoyingly fades out!

All stuff now re-upped

Kitchenware Records – SKCD 58

1The Sound Of Crying (Edit)3:50
2The Sound Of Crying (Full Version)4:46
3Looking For Atlantis3:57
4The Golden Calf4:02

Prefab Sprout – Looking For Atlantis (Euro CDS)

From 1990 and this has Dolby’s fingerprints all over it. (I’m sure he does some backing vocals)

A driving song improved by an excellent extended version. There is slide guitar, harmonica

Quality B-side is “Michael” about the fallen angel, Lucifer’s expulsion and attempted return. Some weird noises from Dolby on this odd but good song.

Kitchenware Records – 656141 3

1Looking For Atlantis (Extended)7:19
2Looking For Atlantis3:54