Mano Negra ‎– King Kong Five (German 12″)

Mano Negra (Black Hand) were a French band formed in 1986 in Paris and disbanded in 1995. Their music was a mix of punk rock, flamenco, ska, raï, salsa, reggae and African rhythms….interesting. There was certainly enough of them !

An 8-piece comprising of Manu Chao (Oscar Tramor) – lead vocals, rhythm guitar,Antoine Chao (Tonio Del Borño) – trumpets, vocals, , Santiago Casariego (Santi El Águila) – drums, vocals, Philippe Teboul (Garbancito) – percussion, vocals, Daniel Jamet (Roger Cageot) – lead guitar, vocals,Joseph Dahan (Jo) – bass, vocals, Thomas Darnal (Helmut Krumar) – keyboards, vocals and Pierre Gauthé (Krøpöl 1er) – trombone, vocals.

“King Kong Five” is certainly catchy, released in ’86 it has plenty of dubby elements and seems to have been an international hit

“Soledad” and it’s organ riff will please Inspiral Carpets fans. With an Oompah instrumental break!”).rar/file

Virgin ‎– 613 030

AKing Kong Five5:20
B2King Kong Five2:09

Steve Jansen And Yukihiro Takahashi ‎– Stay Close (12″)

From 1986 and getting a release in the UK and Japan for the respective fan groups. This collaboration between Japan’s Jansen and Y.M.O’s Takahashi.

Additional guest musicians included Ki-Ki on backing vocals, Carlos Alomar , Bowie’s guitarist) Hiroshi Sato, (on piano) and Hiroyasu Yaguchi (on saxophone and in the band Real Fish)

The track is sophisticated synthpop , a mad hybrid of “China Girl” and “Zoolook” and super extended on the twelve inch version.

“Betsu-Ni” is an upbeat bit of synthpop that builds nicely. A great missing track for the fans.

“Weirder World” is an instrumental version so you can appreciate the complex arrangements, especially, as you would express the percussion.

Rime Records ‎– RIME 1

AStay Close8:10
B2Stay Close (Weirder World)2:56

Golden Earring ‎– Twilight Zone (Netherlands 12″)

Dutch band Golden Earring are synonymous to the UK listener with the classic late 70’s track “Radar Love” (although this was quite successful) but they actually started way back in ’61.

The line-up was ; Bass, Keyboards – Rinus Gerritsen, Drums – Cesar Zuiderwijk, Lead Guitar, Vocals – George Kooymans and Vocals, Guitar – Barry Hay.

Starting with organ and a driving riff it has a catchy chorus and a funky breakdown in the middle.

“King Dark” is a motoring track and a bit of a rare B-side.

All tracks produced by Shell Schellekens.

21 Records ‎– 2.105

ATwilight Zone7:55
BKing Dark3:35

a-ha ‎– The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (Exclusive U.S. Dance Mix) (Flexi 7″)

It’s Flexi time !

Norwegian’s greatest export a-ha.

Published originally to go on the front cover of Number One Magazine in 1985 and features an exclusive mix of one of their major hits by Steve Thompson.

In fact it’s the 12″ version edited down with some spoken word “special messages” from the band as an introduction.

Amber ‎– This Is Your Night (US PROMO 12″)


– parent problems, both are elderly and now my Dad has Covid and is in hospital so doing this is quite therapeutic.

Amber (Marie Claire Cremers) is a singer from Germany, signed to Tommy Boy records, she eventually set up her own label to release stuff.

This was released in 1996 and was produced by brothers Christian and Frank Be(e)rman(n) with mixes by Junior Vasquez.

Very Snap!-like it’s Euro Disco original form. Vasquez adds some Disco touches with plenty of piano. The “1018 mix” is more synthpop with some acidic sequencers and plenty of drops. DJ Enrie is a bit more percussive House music stylee.

Tommy Boy ‎– TB 735

A1This Is Your Night (Junior’s Sunday Night Bump Mix)8:45
A2This Is Your Night (1018 Mix)8:57
B1This Is Your Night (DJ Enrie Workout Mix)9:43
B2This Is Your Night (Original 12″ Mix)5:43

Centerfold ‎– Dictator (Netherlands 12″)

Driving bass and plenty of synths on this bit of Euro Disco from ’86.

Formed in 1984, the group was known for their songs full of sexual innuendo and live shows in sexy clothing. Involving 3 Glamour Models; Cecilia de Bruin, Laura Fygi and Rowan Moore (all Centrefold Models for Dutch Playboy) were under the guidance (literally) of Dutch producer Onno Vandelaak, I had to look him up l.

This was remixed by Rutger “Rutti” Kroese who gives it a bit of welly and drive (“Trapped”) even though the lyrics are not up to much. As you can see it is all about a dictator machine not a despot !

Sex sells! (eh, Sam Fox et al)

Injection Disco Dance Label ‎– 234.726

ADictator (Dance Mix)7:31
BDictator (Instrumental Version)3:30

Plastic Bertrand ‎– Miss Italie / Arret D’autobus (LTD Canadian 12″)

From Mike B and ripping off “Don’t You Want Me” by the Human League. This was from 1983 and goes for the Italo Disco market.

Mmmm it seems not a very good rip-off, the arrangement is all over the place. It was co-produced with Depsa (an Italian composer – but not a famous one)

The B-side goes for a light breezy Pop feel, sung in French with some rock guitar and sprinkle of synths. Plods along should have got on that bus.

Attic ‎– ATT 1277

AMiss Italie6:46
BArrêt D’autobus3:54

Velodrome ‎– На Велодроме 141 (German 12″)

Featuring the “singer” from Liaisons Dangereuses, Krishna Goineau along with Jorge Guber, this an extremely rare bit of Euro vinyl from ’88. (It did get a re-issue last year)

Kraftwerk / Electro influenced it sounds really good for the age. Some female vocals from Annemie Gers.

The first track is electro in style and very minimal – like most of the E.P.

I like the EBM of “Glasfabrik”- hard hitting sequencers.

“Capataz” got played in the clubs, influenced by Nitzer Ebb – it is only short.

Animalized ‎– A 016

AНа Велодроме 1415:16

The Metal Gurus ‎– Merry Xmas Everybody (CD SINGLE)

From 1991 and all you need to know is that it is the Slade classic done by The Mission and produced by Slade member’s Noddy Holder and Jimmy Lea.

It’s a decent cover and a good alternative play if your sick of the original. The CD contains another 3 Glam Rock classics. Bolan’s “Metal Guru” being the hightlight.

The other 2 are Slade tracks and I’m sure the last one has Holder on vocals. Fun covers.

Thanks Fred for this!

Merry Christmas one and all!

Mercury ‎– GURCD 1

1Merry Xmas Everybody3:17
2Metal Guru2:33
3Mama We’er All Crazee Now3:24
4Gud Bye T’Jane4:04