ABC & Martin Fry – Collaborations, Later Stuff And Remixes

Most of this stuff was from the 90’s and 2000’s so I can shove it here on a Wednesday. BTW I’m really busy guys hence the lack of posts!

So what’s in the folder ?

Regards the remixes we have a couple of Hot Tracks remixes, “When Smokey Sings” from 1987 by Steve Bourasa – who gives it a more of a House feel with a different bass sounds and a nice breakdown and actual samples from the name checked soul stars, better than the regular 12″ “Be Near Me” is even more epic, mixing in the “A to Z” track from the “How To Be a Zillionare” album, very inventive – “What Did You Say Eden ?”

Razormaid provide a mix for “How To Be A Millionaire”, short but different enough. “The Real Thing” shows their growing love for House and mixed by Bruce Forrest – not the best quality mind.

Collaborations are next. The next track featured on the ’89 album from Arthur Baker And The Backbeat Disciples ‎called “Merge”. Synthpop with a freestyle beats.

From the 2001 album “Re-Members Only” King Britt gets the Fry vocal performance spot on this electo funk track. Robbie Rivera samples “Be Near Me” on his 2008 track “Be Near” from the album “Back To Zero”, looped and repeated to death on a Tech House stomper. mmmmm.

2006 saw the release of the deliberately retro (but with a twist) from Sonic Hub (Ricky Wilde – Kim’s brother and Sean Vincent) Highlight of the collection and was actually written by Gary Numan and Martin Fry!

The final collaboration is with Bond theme master David Arnold and was off the album “Shaken Not Stirred” a good croon to “Thunderball”



  1. ABC – When Smokey Sings (Hot Tracks Mix) (7.05)
  2. ABC – Be Near Me (Hot Tracks Mix) (9.08)
  3. ABC – How To Be A Millionaire (Razormaid Mix) (5.39)
  4. ABC – The Real Thing (DMC Mix) (7.48)
  5. Arthur Baker And The Backbeat Disciples Feat. Martin Fry ‎– Mystical Girl (5.13)
  6. King Britt Presents Sylk 130 (feat. Martin Fry) – One And Only (3.40)
  7. Robbie Rivera – Be Near (Club Mix) (7.43)
  8. Sonic Hub Featuring Martin Fry – New Man (Audio Hacker Mix) (4.45)
  9. David Arnold Featuring Martin Fry – Thunderball (4.15)

Three bonuses include the 10″ version of “Skyscrapping” from May 1997. A collaboration with Heaven 17’s Glenn Gregory and Keith Lowndes (who was with Gregory in Honeyroot and was part of the ABC setup)

“Skyscrapping” , is quite a gentle, pastoral ballad. Hippy stuff. “Light Years” is loads better, space sounds and lots of Bowie influence – I think this is a remix. An involving track with a nicely retro sound.

“Skydudding” is a special remix of the main track, plenty of beats and DUB!

Deconstruction ‎– 74321 48525 1

A1Skyscraping (Alternate Version)
A2Light Years
B2Stranger Things (Live Version)

The same trio worked on the “Stranger Things” CD release. More of a band sound on this but with elements of psychedelic synth.

“All We Need” does a gentle, synth tinged ballad…a lost gem for ABC fans. “The World Spins On” is more of an acoustic strum and an essence of late Duran Duran.

Nicely finished with the much gentler acoustic mix.

Blatant ‎– 74321 45363 2

1Stranger Things4:07
2The World Spins On3:43
3All We Need4:32
4Stranger Things (Acoustic)5:06

So they did do a Christmas track back in 2016. A cynical go at a Christmas number 1 ??? Cheesy but not too cheesy it ticks all the xmas boxes, Buble and the bubbly ??

The rest are acoustic versions of well known tracks. Stripped down to piano and acoustic guitar, I can forgive the sickly main track. Too much figgy pud.

Virgin EMI Records ‎

1A Christmas We Deserve4:46
2The Love Inside The Love (Acoustic)4:00
3Viva Love (Acoustic)3:53
4The Look Of Love (Acoustic)3:29


Debuting with a Bang! Abba and some weird and wonderful mixes and different versions.

Hot Tracks and unofficial mixes feature in this little collection of 13 tracks cobbled together by Fred and quality controlled by me.

Kicking off with a Hot Tracks mix of “Does Your Mother Know”, edited and extended. Love that chuggy bass.

Another Hot Tracks remix is the “The Visitors”, psychedelic and proggy it has excellent production for ’82. Plenty of Beatles influence on this and an Abba track to play for the non-fans of the band.

Ben Liebrand helps out the Disconet DJ Subscription service with a very early 90’s sound, very hard to trace when it was but it’s a good ‘un

“Gimme Gimme Gimme” get the Hot Tracks Remix treatment from 1987, bringing out the funk and orchestra but keeping it authentic with some edits.

The first dud track is the weirdly arranged “Take A Chance On Me” with out of tempo claves and a monkey squeal – was it the wind up monkey on backing percussion ?!. It does burst into life but it just doesn’t work.

From the “Super Trouper” album “On & On & On” gets a remix, very Abba Disco and not the best lyrics but fun!

“The Visitors” return with a 2013 mix – not a bad update, synthpop with some good dub effects.

Another contemporary mix of “S.O.S.” by an unknown remixer. Who did like that piano intro and the arpeggiated keyboard sound. Works really well.

The classic “The Name Of The Game” keeps the authentic feel, extended singalong territory. Again not a clue who was behind the mix.

Philippe Dupont-Mouchet’s mix is the loudest track on this and over edited,some interesting parts though especially that violin that I’d not heard before!

A classic rare mix can be heard on the very different “Summer Night City” classic Abba – once again. What great arrangers Björn and Benny were. This is followed by another rare version from the time (1979) and the more disco-ey with those tight harmonies.

Finally my favourite track by them and a rare remix, sounding like Blancmange with Agnetha lead vocals on it. Remixer unknown.

Shame some are only 128 kbs quality but a nice little compilation to put on.

So I’ve just compiled this and Fred has kindly sent me some improved Rips – how thoughtful ! So bonus track is “Does Your Mother Know (MBL Dance Mix)” weird mix but good!


  1. Does Your Mother Know – (Hot Tracks Remix) (5.01)
  2. The Visitors – (Hot Tracks Remix) (8.31)
  3. Lay All Your Love On Me – (Disconet Remix) (6.27)
  4. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (A Man After Midnight) – (Hot Tracks Remix )(7.23)
  5. Take A Chance On Me (Magic Mix) (7.37)
  6. On & On & On ( 25th Anniversary Mix) (7.07)
  7. The Visitors (B-Pop Numb & Frozen Dance Remix) (6.11)
  8. S.O.S. (Flare Gun Mix) (6.51)
  9. The Name Of The Game (Impossible Case Mix) (6.32)
  10. Lay All Your Love On Me (Philippe’pHd’Dupont 2003 extended remix) (8.17)
  11. Summer Night City (25th Anniversary Mix) (7.10)
  12. Voulez -Vous (1979 US Promo Edit) (6.11)
  13. The Day Before You Came (Destiny Mix) (8.46)
  14. Does Your Mother Know (MBL Dance Mix) (5.53)

Boom Boom Room ‎– Here Comes The Man (12″)

The debut release from short lived trio Boom Boom Room (was it the name perhaps) The trio comprised of  Andy Nkanza (real name Manning, vocals), Skid Solo (drums), Inz (bass), and Lushi Lee (rhythm guitar & bass and who was in One The Juggler)

Sequenced synthpop from 1986 and getting to number 74 in the chart and doing surprisingly better in South Africa where it was used in an deodorant advert. (Storm)

It was produced by Steve James and Simon Etchell and has a bit Robert Palmer in there with the synth rock elements and of course saxophone. Catchy as a catchy pole with a hook to hook fish.

“Days Like These” is a bit of a ballad, cheesy as hell !

FLAC files from Fred!

Epic ‎– 650054 6

AHere Comes The Man (12″ Mix) (Extended Version)6:29
B1Here Comes The Man3:46
B2Days Like These3:30

Blue Zoo ‎– Somewhere In The World There’s A Cowboy Smiling + Re-UPS (12″)

The last of the Blue Zoo and this single from the same year.

More heavy on the tech and synth than previous releases. Bass synth instead of bass guitar. Clattering samples and more Western guitar. This time produced by Colin Campsie and George McFarlane (The Quick and Giant Steps)

A “semi-live” studio version of “Don’t Walk Away” is the B-side, another standalone track and a good New Wave cut.

From the archives here is a link to their debut LP

and That 12 ” single “CRY BOY CRY”

Magnet ‎– 12 MAG 250

ASomewhere In The World There’s A Cowboy Smiling5:58
B1Somewhere In The World There’s A Cowboy Smiling (Instrumental)3:58
B2Don’t Walk Away (Live Studio Version)4:15

Blue Zoo – Forgive And Forget (12″)

More Blue Zoo and this time produced by Tim Friese-Greene from the album “2 By 2” (to be re-upped tomorrow)

Light New Romantic dance pop from ’83. The 12″ bringing out more of the synths, not liking that plinky plonk piano and those baking vocals tho! “Cry Boy Cry” pt 2.

“Shine” has some Hank Marvin guitar to go with the Simmon’s drums. It has a slight goth feel to it, almost Cure like, prefer it to the A-side.

Magnet ‎– 12 MAG 241

A(I Just Can’t) Forgive And Forget (12″ Mix)5:15
B1(I Just Can’t) Forgive And Forget (7″ Mix)3:25

Sunday silly Song – 105 – Laurie Anderson (feat. M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade) O superman

A track that was originally from 1981, featuring vocoder and loops and no drums whatsoever. (inspired by Massenet’s aria “O Souverain” from “Le Cid”, performed by Charles Holland, thanks Discogs)

M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade released this as a couple of twelves in October 2008, adding beats and bass but keeping the originals strange narrative. Contains half a dozen long mixes

Matthias John’s mix is quite Tech stomp.

The “Cubans Rework” is basically an instrumental extended it out to over 14 minutes. Remixed by Frank Heinrich.

Audio Fly (Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito) keep it quite deep, with some clock chimes and rattling percussion.

Felix Da Housecat gives it more of a commercial House edge, Adding piano and strings for atmosphere and a twanging bass after an extended build up.

The final mix is by German Techno DJ Robag Wruhme, Tech House beats with some light piano to finish.

Some very loud Fred rips or steals )not all) plus the original version so you can compare and contrast, however he has just sent me some vinyl rips in FLAC and WAV. files and they are sounding good.

Both twelves in this file

Get Physical Music ‎– GPM098.1

A1O Superman (Matt John Remix)
A2O Superman (Original)
BO Superman (Reboot’s 20 Cubans Rework)

Get Physical Music ‎– GPM098.2

AO Superman (Audiofly X Remix)
B1O Superman (Felix Da Housecat Remix)
B2O Superman (Robag’s Pumper-Nikel Rmks)

Billy MacKenzie ‎– Wild Is The Wind E.P. (CD Rip)

From March 2001 and the limited edition release of a this superb cover of Bowie’s track from 1976, another cover of a cover which Billy nails !

Accompanied by just piano (from Steve Aungle) and acoustic guitar, this showcases his voice perfectly as it does on the Sparks cover with a violin replacing the guitar. Recorded in Dundee

Randy Newman’s “Baltimore” gets the proper version this week (after last weeks Bootleg) Seven minutes of Trip Hop produced by Dennis Wheatley and Tony Newland (both from the band Atlas) Some lush strings.

The final track was written by Wheatley and Paul Haig. Chilled vibes again with MC Buzz B adding some extra vocals.


Rhythm Of Life Records ‎– ROL 006

1Wild Is The Wind3:56
2Mother Earth3:07
4Give Me Time (Version)9:00

Bis ‎– Fact 2002 EP (12″)

I Introduce “Twenty First Century Saturday” – unless “New Music Saturday” crops up once in a while.

So debuting on here are the Scottish group Bis with their cover E.P. of Factory Records artists.  Releases by Joy Division (Love Will Tear Us Apart), New Order (Hurt), A Certain Ratio (Shack Up) and Section 25 (Looking From A Hilltop) covered in an electro style.

Bis are composed of Steven Clark (Sci-fi Steven), John Clark (John Disco), and Amanda MacKinnon (Manda Rin).

“Love Will Tear Us Apart” gets electro beats and vocoder. It’s certainly different ! New Order’s “Hurt” isn’t really a patch on the original, still relying on the sequencers.

The remix of “Shack Up” works, normal vocals. A cover of a cover ! Original track by Banbarra (1975) and covered by A Certain Ratio (1980). The highlight is “Looking From A Hilltop” working on the sequencers, it’s a slightly darker but those synth chords make it.

It’s a loud one folks! (sorry Fred) Enjoy some Bis with your breakfast.

Optimo Singles Club and Related Recordings ‎– OSC 004

A1Love Will Tear Us Apart
B1Shack Up
B2Looking From A Hilltop

Blue Zoo ‎– Loved One’s An Angel (12″)

The follow up to their Big hit “Cry Boy Cry” was similar but a little too cheesy for similar success only getting to 76 in the charts! The trade mark driving guitar is there as well as the weird synth noises. Tim Freise-Green taking over production duties. The twelve inch mix has an extended drum part with a bit of a guitar jam.

He does sounds like Brett Anderson from Suede !

Another exclusive B side is the Pete Hammond produced “These Days” – tribal drums and a frantic tempo. Again weird and ambitious with an acoustic guitar solo and random piano.

Magnet ‎– 12 MAG 240

ALoved One’s An Angel (Extended Remix)
B1Loved One’s An Angel (7″ Version)
B2These Days