Exposé ‎– Point Of No Return / Come Go With Me ’96 Mixes (US Promo 12″)


From 1996 and re-rub of 2 tracks from American Girl Trio, Exposé, originally released in the early 80’s. The trio were put together by Lewis A. Martineé, they were Sandra “Sandee” Casanas, Aléjandra “Alé” Lorenzo and Laurie Miller. The mixes still have that Latino style, Miami Sound Machine anyone?

Tony Moran ramps it up to the 90’s with bigger house beats and 909 acid squelches.

Ronnie Ventura mixes the other tracks, adding loads of Samba beats and some squelchy bass synth on the “2 Hearts Mix” to their track “Come Go With Me.” Strident House grooves on the “Ventured Mix”



Arista ‎– ADP-2998point

A1 Point Of No Return (Tony Moran ’96 Remix) 10:50
A2 Point Of No Return (Ventured Beats) 4:04
B1 Come Go With Me (2 Hearts Mix) 7:24
B2 Come Go With Me (Ventured Mix) 9:19

Drance – RIP (US 12″)

Obscure Artist Of The Month Award goes to………………………. Drance 


Industrial-lite/EBM from the mysterious Drance (vocals and keys by Robert L. Woods and beats and keys by Brandy Dalton plus friends) and off their only album “Hermetically Sealed” Sounding a bit like an American Sheep On Drugs the beats are electronic hip-hop along with some strange sounds. The “Violent Fashion Mix” is the one to go for with the fake Radio DJ Intro. The bonus “Upper Exit” features production line percussion and vocal samples, very Front 242 inspired!

For fans of a good sequencer.


Doctor Dream Records ‎– DD 9153SAM_5857

A1 RIP (Violent Fashion Mix) 3:33
A2 RIP (Desire) (Radio Mix) 4:30
B1 RIP (Club Mix) 4:03
B2 Upper Exit (“Like That” Mix) 3:50


Cause & Effect ‎– What Do You See? (US Promo 12″)


More from a Cause & Effect doing their best Mode impression in a classic synthpop track. As contemporaries of Information Society they were tapping into the Brittish electronic sound. This featured original member, drummer Sean Rowley, who sadly died having an asthma attack during a souncheck for a concert in Prince’s Club in Minnesota.

This 4 track promo was a reissued in 1992 (the original was from 1990)

The Radio version sounds a bit like A-ha crossed with The Pet Shop Boys with Gahan-styled vocals. The album version has a slower build up and more piano.

The Extended version was edited by Tony Garcia with housey piano stabs and a tighter bassline, great stuff in a Freestyle-stylee!

“How do you sleep, where do you keep your heart…..when you roll up your sleeve, what do you see”

Sean’s remix is included on here, if not the best of pressings and quality.




Sedona Recording Company ‎– ZP17101-1cause

A1 What Do You See? (Radio Remix) 4:10
A2 What Do You See? (Album Version) 4:13
A3 What Do You See? (Sean’s Remix) 4:24
B What Do You See? (Extended Remix) 8:04

David Byrne ‎– Back In The Box (US 12″)

Where Meat Beat Manifesto remixes David Byrne!

Released in 1994 this has a couple of mixes by Jack Dangers as well as a couple of nice bonus tracks.

Jack brings his beats and funks up this track from Byrne’s self titled ’94 album. Giving them street edge as well as being slightly sinister with off-kilter bass behind those distinct vocals.

As a bonus there is a live cover of “Gypsy Woman”, a huge club hit that year for Crystal Waters; here it is guitar led, superb little cover. Byrne attempts a bit ambient with a quiet mix of the track, “A Woman’s Secret” weird instruments are included such as a Jew’s Harp and tribal, primal screams! You would expect nothing less!


Luaka Bop ‎– 9 41766-0byrne

A1 Back In The Box (Contemporary Hermit Mix) 7:19
A2 Back In The Box (Gut Reaction Mix) 5:54
B1 Gypsy Woman (Live) 3:46
B2 A Woman’s Secret (Ambient Mix) 4:58

Re-uppage 15 (Hipsway, Sting, Billy Idol, Robert Palmer, Thomas Dolby, Wang Chung, R.E.M., New Order)

Phew, the return of long time viewer Matt and not requests from Stephen….how Bizarre!

Hipsway –  Ask The Lord (Ltd 12″ and 7″) For George










Sting – Moon Over Bourbon Street (12″) For MATT










Billy Idol – White Wedding (Original 12″) For MATT



Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love (12″) For MATT










Thomas Dolby – Airhead/Airheads Revenge (Bundle of 12″) For MATT










Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days (Revisited) (12″) For MATT










R.E.M. – Shiny Happy People (US Promo 12″) For Olli










New Order – Confusion (Remixes) (US 12″) For Olli & Alfie




White Town – Your Woman + Remixes (US Promo 2 x 12″)

White Town (Jyoti Mishra) managed to sound so Retro synthpop when this was released in ’97; the story being that it was all produced in his bedroom as he was doing a bit of a Howard Jones being a one man band, the song being mixed on an Atari ST home computer. It’s main hook line was a muted trumpet line taken from “My Woman” by Al Bowlly (which I think I first heard in a Laurel And Hardy film.)

From Wiki;

Composer Mishra writes that the themes of the song include: “Being a member of an orthodox Trotskyist / Marxist movement. Being a straight guy in love with a lesbian. Being a gay guy in love with a straight man. Being a straight girl in love with a lying, two-timing, fake-arse Marxist. The hypocrisy that results when love and lust get mixed up with highbrow ideals.”

So the normal 12″ contains the normal version in all its DIY glory. The “Flights 2000” mix by Scissorkicks (Anthony Chapman) has a Fatboy Slim feel to it, speeding everything up and boosting the beats. The B-sides “Theme For A Mid-Afternoon Game Show” and “Theme For A Late-Night Documentry About The Dangers Of Drug Abuse” could actually be TV themes, lots of analog synths with the Drug Abuse the better of the two.

Chrysalis ‎– SPRO-11676woman

A1 Your Woman 4:18
A2 Your Woman (The Fights 2000 Mix) 7:50
B1 Theme For A Mid-Afternoon Game Show 2:48
B2 Theme For A Late-Night Documentry About The Dangers Of Drug Abuse 6:08

Here the perfect pop song gets a whole 12″ of mixes by the Finch Bros for the US double pack. DJ’s Lenny Bertoldo and Marc Pirrone giving it some House Beats, piano, strings and deep bass. The understated vocals seem to weirdly fit over the House backing. The “Down-Town Mix” works better with heavy duty hip-hop beats and weird bass line and additional samples.  The long eleven minute “Dub House” is that, just very long and trippy!

Both Twelves are here……..



Chrysalis ‎– SPRO-12604SAM_5898

A1 Your Woman (Fitch Brothers Up-town Dance Mix) 5:27
A2 Your Woman (Fitch Brothers Down-town Dance Mix) 6:16
A3 Your Woman (Fitch Brothers Up-town Instrumental (Edit)) 3:43
B Your Woman (Fitch Brothers Dub House Mix) 11:21



Cause & Effect ‎– It’s Over Now (It’s Alright) (US 12″)

A completely new band to me, the Californian synth band Cause & Effect were active in the early 90’s. Robert Rowe and Sean Rowley were the founding members. Tragically, Rowley died in 1992 from a heart attack brought on from an asthma attack on stage. Members Richard Shepherd and Keith Milo joined Rowe afterwards.

This 4 track 12″ was released in 1994 and was produced by Martyn Phillips who gives it a synth prog sound. Mixes are again by Tony Garcia with the instrumental “Aborigine Mix” having a didgeridoo sample in amongst the strident synth chords and bubbling bass. For fans of Fluke and The Beloved they will like the driving, Tribal “Combustion Mix” with limited vocals. The Aussie influences are back on the “Outback Dub” with some rave chords added, again no vocals. So you need to wait to the darker “Mood Mix” for some semblance of the original song with vocals reminding me of 80’s crooner Paul King (the actual song ain’t too bad as heard on the accompanying vid.) Eek! That cheesy saxophone sample!!!




Zoo Entertainment ‎– 72445 14138 1SAM_5936

A1 It’s Over Now (It’s Alright) (Aborigine Mix) 7:02
A2 It’s Over Now (It’s Alright) (Combustion Mix) 6:21
B1 It’s Over Now (It’s Alright) (Outback Dub) 6:09
B2 It’s Over Now (It’s Alright) (Mood Mix) 5:03


Boy George ‎– Same Thing In Reverse (US Promo 12″)

Classic house from Boy George (before he was a quite in-demand DJ) Released in 1995 and from his album “Cheapness and Beauty”

A good song wrapped up in a variety of mixes, a great message of empowering and believing in oneself. The “303” mix is a bit of a techno/house crossover remixed by Clubzone (German Trance DJ Mike Koglin and Ricardo Lyte) The other mixes are by Evolution ( a band in their own right including Barry Jamieson, Jon Sutton, Wesley Allen) and are full-on party house stuff, suiting George’s vocals perfectly. The “Country Queen” is unexpectedly different with acoustic guitar, fiddles and a full band sound!!!



Virgin Records America, Inc. ‎– SPRO-11052george

A1 Same Thing In Reverse (Kamikaze Full Popswish Mix) 7:00
A2 Same Thing In Reverse (303 Is Big Enough For Me Mix) 8:18
B1 Same Thing In Reverse (Brick In My Handbag Mix) 6:30
B2 Same Thing In Reverse (K.Y. Classic Dub) 4:00
B3 Same Thing In Reverse (Country Queen Mix) 3:33

Glam feat. Pete Burns – Sex Drive (US 12″)

More of a lost Dead Or Alive track than a solo effort by the late Pete Burns. Playful Italian duo produce Euro-dance. Glam were Ricci (Riccardo Testoni) & Moratto (Elvio Moratto) and they tried to fuse a few styles Italo, Hi-NRG and Euro into a bit of a cult classic with Burns distinct vocals all over it; released in 1994. The “Sexual Hard” is my prick (!) of the mixes.


Radikal Records ‎– HAL 12569sex

A1 Sex Drive (Single Cut) 4:27
A2 Sex Drive (Glam Drivin’ Mix) 5:07
A3 Sex Drive (Drivin’ Instrumental Mix) 4:24
B1 Sex Drive (DJ Ricci Hard Mix) 4:18
B2 Sex Drive (Sexual Hard Mix) 4:11
B3 Sex Drive (Acappella) 1:32

Various ‎– Remix Culture 11/92 (Human League, Terrorize, Bronski Beat, Club 69) (12″)

I’ve known quite a few dj’s in my time and for many it’s the thrill of having that exclusive remix that no one has hence the DMC subscription service, a remix service from the UK which still exists, founded by Tony Prince. DMC started first in February 1983 with cassettes, then in July 1984 they left the cassettes and started issuing on vinyl. There were one or more records with mixes and one or more records with previews.

This was from ’92 and contains 4 mixes and with most DMC stuff it can be a bit of a mixed bag. Club 69 (Peter Rauhofer) is given a routine remix by Sure Is Pure with bleeps working alongside piano, a bit of HiNRG feel to it. Terrorize (Shaun Imrei) has more of a rave feel to it care of Kevin Saunderson and Stacey Pullen with crystallized synth stabs and “wind effects”, a classic just made bigger.

The best mixes are the 80’s re-rubs. The Human League classic is given a mid-Eastern flavour by Steve Anderson. Bronski Beat is updated by Phil Kelsey, making it quicker and adding some ravey synths.


DMC ‎– DMC 118/4


A1 Human League Love Action (Steve Anderson Remix)
A2 Terrorize Just A Feeling (Kevin Saunderson & Stacey Pullen Remix)
B1 Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy (Uncle Bob’s Black & White Cat Mix)
B2 Club 69 Let Me Be Your Underwear (Sure Is Pure Remix)