Yello – Let Me Cry – Messages 2 – (12″)


And now Volume 2 of the “Message” series with this slightly different take of the Stella track (No chicken noises!) – it was originally recorded 2 years earlier, 1983. Much rawer , maybe Carlo Peron played a part in this mix?

B-side “Haunted House” is even stranger, mad lyrics, some great early synth sounds.

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814 101-1

A Let Me Cry 4:15
B Haunted House 4:28


With that I doff my cap and take a bow, waiting for some warm applause…

Yello – You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess – Messages 1- (12″)


Yes, Volume 1 of “The Messages” series from 1983 and a very different version to the album, a bit more funky and commercial. Backed by the slow Dieter Meier ballad, “Desire For Desire” (A Message For Dreamers) , this seems connected a bit to their track “The Evenings Young” , with the theme of a drunk lamenting lost love. Very woozy with some good, wailing guitar, a lot like their early work.


811 137-

A You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess 4:56
B Desire For Desire 4:13

Yello – I Love You (12″)

The Original 12″ from 1983 and the “Extended Dance Version” that has so much precussion it reminds me of Stomp! Love the vid btw, Boris should of been/could of been in Silent Films. This is backed with “Swing” (from the album) and great vocals by Mr. Frankie Blank and “Bostich” in it’s 4min 30 secs form, a bit overplayed now for my ears.


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A I Love You (Extended Dance Version) 6:59
B1 Swing 3:25
B2 Bostich 4:31

Yello – Pumping Velvet / No More Words / Lost Again / Bostich (Import 12″)

yellocoverAll here in “Extended Dance Versions” from this 1983 E.P.! Sounding still fresh and interesting. “Pumping Velvet” is their funkier take to Kraftwerk’s “Trans Europe Express”, “No More Words” has it’s mad lyrics whilst “Lost Again” still has that haunting lyric, no wonder Moby was a fan. “Bostich” is here but most would of heard this version.


Elektra 0-66979

A1 Pumping Velvet (Extended Dance Version) 5:03
A2 No More Words (Extended Dance Version) 5:45
B1 Lost Again (Extended Dance Version) 7:11
B2 Bostich (Extended Dance Version) 4:32

Yello – Vicious Games (Vicious Remix)/Live At The Roxy (Highlights) (12″)


Here is the 1986 remix by Nick Launay and Ian Tregoning and it’s a very decent attempt and actually improves on the original.”All You Need Is A Good Ear For Music” is the backwards lyric on the fade out.It does have everything but the kitchen sink thrown into it! As a bonus you get 10 min “Highlights” from their only recorded live show from 1983, pure electro beat and mad, early Fairlight ! Dieter rants madly in his stream of conscious lyrics, giving it a punk/alternative edge.


A Vicious Games (Vicious Remix) 7:00
B Live At The Roxy (Highlights) 10:00

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Yello – Vicious Games (12″)

The Original 12″ from 1985 and classic Yello track sung by Rush Winters. The 12″ version has no vocals at all by Dieter and is very different to the album version. Also included is the “Instrumental Version” , which is like a dub mix, loving the lead synth. B-side “Blue Nabou” – has some great, jazzy piano and is fast and furious. Enjoy!


A Vicious Games 6:50
B1 Vicious Games (Instr.) 4:12
B2 Blue Nabou 3:19

Yello – Tied Up Remixes (12″)


More mixes of “Tied Up” from 1988, some you will have already,it’s the completist in me. This was has the groovy bass of the “Tied Up (In Fantasia)” and the 1986 remix of “I Love You” , off the album “A New Mix In One Go”, more thankful comments will be appreciated!

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A1 Tied Up (In Mind)
A2 I Love You (86 Remix)
B1 Tied Up (In Fantasia)
B2 Wall Street Bongo

Yello – Desire (12″)

Back to 1985 now and the extended version of “Desire” (always think that Don Henley’s “Boys Of Summer” would fit well with this) You get more precussion and atmosphere, it’s just so chilled. B-side is my preferred version of “Oh Yeah Indian Summer version , the Stella Suite Part 2” , which, again, goes for atmospherics over beats.

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A Desire 7:00
B Oh Yeah Indian Summer ‘The Stella Suite Pt. 2’ 5:32

Yello feat. Shirley Bassey – The Rhythm Divine (12″)

The 12″ Version is quite rare and although not credited as different (on my copy) it really benefits from the extras, including a jazzy, trombone solo. After some research it might be “Version 2” because it’s nearly 7 min long. Again credit needs to go to Billy Mackenzie, who gave up the track for Miss Bassey to perform in her own, very powerful way!

Two instrumentals are on the B-side , album track “Dr Van Steiner” but without vocals. Here you can really hear the complex arrangement ,even if THAT drum roll gets a bit repetitive!”Tool In Rose” is a very atmospheric, ambient track. Quite experimental even for Mr. Blank.



A The Rhythm Divine 5:05
B1 Dr. Van Steiner (Instrumental) 4:02
B2 Tool In Rose 5:38