Martha And The Muffins (M+M) – Black Stations / White Stations (US 12″)

Canadian New Wavers with a track that is NOT “Echo Beach.” In 1983, lead vocalist Martha Johnson and guitarist Mark Gane pared the band down to a duo and briefly changed the name to M+M. Combining sonic textures and art funk in their dance single “Black Stations/White Stations”, the song reached 2 in Billboard’s Dance Chart in 1984.

Produced by Daniel Lanois it has a sophisticated funk sound and was taken from the M+M album , “Mystery Walk.” The topic stemming from the fact that only certain records would be played on Black or White Radio Stations even in 1984.  Mike Jones helps them with the remixes with some nice bass playing from Tinker Barfield and amazing drums from Yogi Horton.


RCA Victor ‎– PW-13802SAM_5096

A1 Black Stations / White Stations (Remix) 6:23
A2 Black Stations / White Stations 3:40
B1 Black Stations / White Stations (Instrumental) 4:55
B2 Black Stations / White Stations (LP Version) 5:06

5 thoughts on “Martha And The Muffins (M+M) – Black Stations / White Stations (US 12″)”

  1. Funky little tune, and a good idea to change the band name. This is way too different from Echo Beach to be released under Martha & The Muffins – it would’ve been met with ridicule. But under a new guise it would’ve at least got a second or third spin.

    It’s quite good. Shame it didn’t really make it globally.

  2. Killer track! Anyone who wanted more of that Talking Heads Afrofunk vibe of “Remain In Light” and hadn’t gotten a copy of Jerry Harrison’s “The Red + The Black,” would do well to grab this amazing single. Yogi Horton’s congas plus Mark Gane’s synth are perfection.

  3. Martha here is so alike my former GF it’s kind of puzzling. Or maybe I’m imagining things… Anyway, checked the video about a dozen times in the last two days and the likeness is still there :))) Very surprised!

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