Hanover Fist – Razor Garden (US 12″)


Another new 80’s band to me. Hanover Fist were a synth pop duo from Minneapolis, founded by Charles Erickson and James Harry and active in years 1985 – 1988. So the track has a bit of Goth edge to it, with some guitar accompanying the synths, and would please people after a bit of Coldwave. “Dubble Stubble” is another good example of the skills of editing by The Latin Rascals. They also do a find job on the 12″, definitely a grower although it does have a bit of Sisters Of Mercy vibe to it.




Capitol Records ‎– V-15268

A Razor Garden (12″) 8:06
B1 Razor Garden (7″) 3:47
B2 Razor Garden (Dubble Stubble) (Instrumental) 3:11

2 thoughts on “Hanover Fist – Razor Garden (US 12″)”

  1. Is it a razor garden because the guy doesn’t want to be you, doesn’t want to play your games, doesn’t know the girls name, he can’t stop the pain, and he thinks he’s going insane, which makes him (and the listener) so freaking depressed that slashing your wrists in the garden (where you won’t make as much mess – which is kinda thoughtful) is the only option?

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