Lone Justice – I Found Love (German 12″)

Jangle country rock from 1987 and the uplifting voice of Maria McKee coupled with the gospel backing vocals on this Jimmy Iovine/Little Steven production. Their last single release and a far removed from the edgy band from two years earlier, big 80’s drum sound and synths remixed and nicely extended by Gordon Fordyce. B-side is the less frantic “If You Don’t Like Rain” melodic and a rare track.


Geffen Records ‎– 920 626-0

A I Found Love (Extended Remix) 5:03
B1 I Found Love (LP Version) 4:18
B2 If You Don’t Like Rain 4:51

4 thoughts on “Lone Justice – I Found Love (German 12″)”

  1. When it started I thought it was Hooters’ And We Danced. Mind you, as it continued, I considered playing both at the same time to see how much of a difference it would make.

    Not a negative, they’re both fun, danceable pop. Just different sides of the North American border. Hey, maybe there’s a Mexican song with a similar chordal progression to make a triumvirate?

  2. Did you know?

    I first discovered Maria McKee thanks to “Show Me Heaven” from Days of Thunder (although the bizarre Apollo Smile “Thunder Box” b-side was my favourite track) and thought that was our first liaison.

    Not so.

    Turns out we’d crossed paths 5 years earlier as she wrote “A Good Heart”, the global smash by Feargal Sharkey. Which I thought was OK, but my best friend Shane absolutely LOVED.

    But (BUT) (this is the cool part of the story) her song was written about breaking up with the guy who wrote “You Little Thief” … the BEST song on Feargal’s album (and the better single IMHO which Shane and I have disagreed upon to this very day) (that film clip – such passion – two drummers!) … and (AND) Feargal even put them as tracks 1 & 2 on his eponymous debut LP. Psych!

    Ahhhhhhh useless throw-away trivia. How I love thee.


    Thanks for the awesome regular posts of interesting music I’ve (most of the time) never heard of previously. It’s a fun adventure!

      1. I used to, but it got me down that there was no feedback. I like to leave comments on blogs that obviously have had work put into them – it helps their visibility too.

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