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Psyche – Contorting The Image + Re-up (French 12″)

Some from Canadian band, Psyche from ’86. Quite rocky with a huge dollop of influence from Cabaret Voltaire (it’s almost a tribute on the opening track)

The band were Vocals [Vocalizations] – Evan Panic and Bass, Guitar, Drums, Synth – Richard Blohm, synths – Stephen Huss, Drum Programming –  Avery Tanner

“Contorting Images” is a juttery instrumental whilst “Thunderstorms” goes into a Proto House / IBM vibe with some great vocals. Very Soft Cell.

“Suffocation” sound way ahead of its time. Again IBM in style, no vocals but a pounding bass sequencer.

New Rose Records – NEW 74

A1Why Should I ?5:03
A2Contorting The Image4:34

Hohokam – Harlequin Tears (Spanish 12″)

Signed to Gary Numan’s “Numa” label, Hohokam were touted as the next big thing. Produced by the “retired” Gary Numan they released just 3 singles in 1985.

The line-up included ; Vocals, Keyboards – Steve Devier, Guitar, Keyboards – Dave Earl, Keyboards, Drums – Tony Alum and Bass – Andy Coughlan. With added help from the Wave Team, Synthesizer [Ppg Wave] – Ian Herron and Mike Smith.

The 12″ has some early soundbite samples and the drums sound fab. A bit Hi NRG here and synthpop electro there. Almost Dead Or Alive in style via Mode.

“To Sleep” is a bit of Duran /Japan hybrid, fretless bass and guitar sit amongst the synths. Better than the A-side in both arrangement and structure.

Waving at the New Wave as it went over the horizon of 1984.

Numa – NUM 8

AHarlequin Tears8:19
B1To Sleep4:27
B2Harlequin Tears (Radio)3:26

Paul Parker – Right On Target (US 12″)

1982 and some Classic Hi NRG on NYC’s Megatone Records and written and produced by Patrick Cowley. It was the lead single from Parker’s debut album “Too Much To Dream.”

It’s a little bit cheesy but very high tech for 1982

The B-side is a cover of The Seeds track “Pushin’ Too Hard” (written by Sky Saxon) and given a Space Disco rework.

Megatone Records – MT101

ARight On Target6:17
BPushin Too Hard5:55

Kajagoogoo ‎– Ooh To Be Ah + re-ups (12″)

Oops a bit of sinc with the 2nd single from their first album from ’83.

Quite a quirky track given a synth drenched 12″ mix. The Begg bass being so distinctive. The song , like the previous release, kicks in proper halfway through.

“Interview Rooms” has a Duran Duran / New Wave feel (apart from some dodgy lyrics)

Re-upped the release that started it all

EMI – 12 EMI 5383

AOoh To Be Ah (The Construction Mix)6:38
B1Ooh To Be Ah3:33
B2Interview Rooms3:22

Kajagoogoo – Hang On Now (Extended Version) (Euro 12″)

The 3rd and final release from “White Feathers” before Limahl pissed off.

Produced by Nick Rhodes and Colin Thurston it is full of funk (and Chic) influences on the 12″ underpinned by a bass from an Imagination record (also piano from the same place)

Very Balearic on this 12″ version. With some extended parts and effective 12″ trickery.

Weird choice of the B-side is the “Introduction” which they played before they went on stage ??? All synths and tribal drums.

More to follow plus re-ups

EMI – 1A 062Z-1077606

AHang On Now (Extended Version)6:19
B1Hang On Now3:25

The Farmer’s Boys – Apparently (12″)

I’ve had a mucking out and found one of my old rips of this tracks from 1984. It was released after the “Get out and Walk” album but it did not appear on the 2nd and final album “With These Hands.”

Smiths-like in places it has some jazzy, New Wave shine. A brass section (Saxophone – Andrew Hamilton, Trombone – John Beecham and Trumpet – Noel Norris) sets it apart, giving it a bit of class.

The “Big Version” extends the introduction and brings out the bassline. “Uncle Fred”, a short instrumental, sounds like the Housemartins mixed with The Shadows and Madness.

Produced by Simon Humphrey.

A very underrated single from a forgotten band.

EMI – 12 FAB 1

AApparently (Big Version)
B1Uncle Freddie

Psychic TV And The Angels Of Light – Godstar (12″)

Quite listenable for Psychic TV, a tribute to Brian Jones from The Rolling Stones.

A veritable heavenly host of performers;

  • Performer [Psychic Tv] – Alex Fergusson (Guitars and Alternative TV), Genesis P-Orridge (vocals), Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson (keyboards and an Icelandic film composer), Monte Cazazza (American Industrial poineer, Mouse (bass), Paula P-Orridge (ex-wife)
  • Performer [The Angels Of Light] – Dave McKintosh, Mark Fishlock (guitars), Mickey Groome(bass and The Barron Knights), Rose McDowall (guitar and vocals and Strawberry Switchblade) and  Steve Broughton (drums)

Released in 1985 and with a mix of tech and guitar on two different mixes. The California mix being a little harder and an instrumental. It’s deliberate Psych Pop

Temple Records – TOPY H 009

AGodstar (Hyperdelic Mix)5:39
BGodstar (California Mix)5:41

The Farmer’s Boys ‎– Muck It Out + Re-ups (12″)

I think I would be fooled by the cover on this surprisingly good, ’83 release.

New Wave synth was not a thing I’d associate with the band having aired a few of their releases on here.

Pete Hammond and Richard Frost, keyboardist from the band add silky synths and a catchy bass. Disco falsetto and the right amount of electronic drums.

“Funky Combine, John” has more indie guitar jangle, a punchy lyric with a bit of a Spandau vibe crossed with Orange Juice.

EMI – 12 EMI 5380

AMuck It Out (Extended Version)4:47
B1Funky Combine, John3:20
B2Muck It Out! (Short Version)3:26

Nick Heyward – Tell Me Why (CDS)

The Battle Of The Nicks continues… (or the correctly spelt Nicks)

From ’89 and from one of his many comebacks. The tracks actually date back to ’88. He was and still is big in Spain / Latin America

Co-written and co-produced by Graham Sacher, it’s inoffensive guitar pop.

Justin Strauss provides an extended version, turning into a very early House effort, God it sounds sooooo dated,

“You Are My World” rips TFF’s “Pale Shelter” shamelessly before going into a cheesy chorus. A previous single release.

“Hold On” has punchy dance beats and James Brown samples (’89 chaps ’89) Funky and from his LP, “I Love You Avenue”

Reprise Records – 921146-2

1Tell Me Why3:45
2You’re My World4:16
3Tell Me Why (Extended Remix)7:07
4Hold On (Money Don’t Buy Love)3:41