Christmas Present 1 – Red Flag – Black Christmas (Maxi Single CD)

I really hate normal Christmas songs, we seem programmed to like them and singalong, it’s like Schrodinger’s Cat! So Mike B has provided this suitably dark, electronic collection from Red Flag released as a CD single in 2000 ( Remember CD’s ? I’ve literally got a thousand of these stored away somewhere!)

Goth overtones but it does have a hook! “XMAS TREE GRAVEYARD” is my favourite, like a dark Erasure, very tongue-in-cheek about getting rid of your old Christmas tree! 🙂

“Your Presence” is even weirder, a moody semi-instrumental with lots of jarring metallic sounds and chimes.

A couple remixes that just basically extend the originals finish off this rare release.


Plan B Records ‎– 9 42008-2black

1 Black Christmas 4:02
2 Xmas Tree Graveyard 3:26
3 Your Presence 5:49
4 Black Christmas (Graphite Mix) 5:32
5 Xmas Tree Graveyard (5th And Laurel Mix) 6:20

3 thoughts on “Christmas Present 1 – Red Flag – Black Christmas (Maxi Single CD)”

  1. I think you’re getting Schrodinger’s Cat mixed up with Pavlov’s Dog, and I don’t imagine either of them will be very happy with that!

  2. Tapping in and to all – Djjedredy & his friends & family as well as others including fellow MVD bloggers/freeloaders wishing you all a bloody fantastic X-mas and have a damn good Happy New Year!!

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