SPK – Digitalis Ambigua, Gold And Poison (Vinyl LP)

SPKalternativecov From 1987 and a bit of a weird album from Aussie Graeme Revell’s SPK project. It starts off with the electro pop of “Breathless” and the pre industrial angst of “Crack!” but then dives into experimental, ambient World sounds. So the first 2 tracks perfectly represent the alternative new wave synth sounds of the 80s. The others incorporate tribal chants, exotic instruments and drones which hark back to earlier SPK material. Released  on the legendary Nettwerk label this probably pre-empted his film score career from the 1990’s to the present, starting with “Dead Calm” It is interesting to hear the creative use of samples and textures, definitely sound track material.




A1 Breathless 4:50
A2 Mouth To Mouth 5:50
A3 Sheer Naked Aggression 4:12
A4 Crack! 5:30
A5 The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice 4:24
B1 Invocation 5:09
B2 White Island 5:29
B3 Palms Crossed In Sorrow 5:02
B4 Alocasia Metallica 5:50
B5 The Garden Of Earthly Delights 3:13

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