Milltown Brothers – Apple Green (12″)

ImageMore Indie Psychedelia from Colne, Lancashire. From 1990 and one of their first releases after signing to a major label. All Hammond organ swirls, baggie beat and inane lyrics. Think Noel Gallagher slightly ripped off the melody from this for “Up in the sky”. Another  great 3 tracker not too sure about the vocals though.

A   Apple Green    
B1   When It Comes    
B2   My Favourite Place

Bradford – Gang Of One (12″)

ImageSo begins a bit of a guitary Thursday.

First up is Blackburn band and Morrisey endorsed, Bradford. Their last single from 1990 with the splendidly haunting vocals of Ian Michael Hodgson. Produced by Smith’s producer Stephen Street and on his own label (Foundation Records) there are 3 great tracks here. “Quality of Mercy” being my pick, a quiet acoustic number with excellent lyrics.

A   Gang Of One    
B1   A Pint Of Bitterness    
B2   Quality Of Mercy

Howard Jones – No One Is To Blame (12″)

ImageFrom 1985 and a big hit for Mr Jones who had a bit of help from Mr Phil Collins, Mr Hugh Padgeham and Mr Steve Nye (who mixed the 12″ version) to give this deserved commercial success. It is a lot different from the original with an extended intro that builds nicely. For fans of the original there is the “Long Mix” which is a piano/acoustic version from Radio 1 ‘s Janice Long show. “The Chase” is a raw, synth instrumental.


A No One Is To Blame (Extended Mix) 5:14
B1 The Chase 2:54
B2 No One Is To Blame (The Long Mix) 3:09

Glenn Frey – Smuggler’s Blues (12″)

ImageNot the original cover but I’m liking Mr Frey posing with the machine gun between Tubbs and Cockett. On BBC records !! (the only other thing I have on BBC records is Hedgehog Sandwich by the Not The Nine O’Clock News team!) and no extended mix, just 3 tracks.

The politics of contraband… with a great guitar solo from the founder of the  Eagles.

Other tracks are the gospel blues influenced “New Love” and a very electronic “Living In Darkness” where he does a very good Prince impression!

A Smuggler’s Blues
B1 New Love
B2 Living In Darkness

Psychedelic Furs – All That Money Wants (12″)

ImageFrom 1988 and when the Furs had truly conquered America. This track was especially recorded for a best-of compilation album “All Of This And Nothing” and goes back to the rawer sound of their earlier stuff. No extended version just 3 solid tracks, the goth rock of “Birdland” and a haunting live version of “No Easy Street” with it’s experimental saxophone solo.


A All That Money Wants 3:45
B1 Birdland 3:39
B2 No Easy Street (Live) 5:39

Robert Lloyd And The New Four Seasons – Nothing Matters (12″)


John Peel favourite Robert Lloyd (ex Prefects & Nightingales) was a Captain Beefheart lover. Although this sounds very much like Bill Nelson with regards the vocals and keyboard arrangement. On indie label IN-TAPE, it’s a great pop song. Weird stuff is on the other side with 2 tracks that I’ve kept together as they were mixed on the vinyl. One a pastiche of a heavy metal intro to Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue, the other an unusually sang saxophone led bit of glam rock.

A Nothing Matters
B1 Tocatta And Fatigue
B2 Mr Superior

Toyah – Rebel Run (12″)

ImageFrom 1983 and dressed in NFL gear and inspirations from the film “Rollerball”. Quite rocky and epic and amazingly her 13th single release and last as a band (she did solo stuff after this) “Baptised..” showcases that unique voice with chants and percussion. Loving the New Wave atmosphere of “To The Mountains….” much prefer it to the A side.

  • A: Rebel Run
  • B1: To the Mountains High
  • B2: Baptised in Fire

Rockwell – (Obscene) Phone Caller (12″)

ImageComedy Disco from 1984 next (Think “Ghostbusters” et al) with probably the most uncomic of subject matter. Rockwell (a.k.a. Kennedy William Gordy) was son of founder of Motown Records Berry Gordy and had some success with “Somebody’s Watching Me.” This was the follow up single and continued his rather camp vocal delivery complete with British Fop accent. The instrumental reveals all the great synth that was going on, great bass on here. Paranoia, Paranoia!!

A   Obscene Phone Caller (Vocal) 4:28  
B   Obscene Phone Caller (Instrumental) 5:27

Auto De fe – All Is Yellow (Hot,Hot,Hot) (12″)

ImageIRISH SYNTH POP ? No, like you I was very confused but here is some from 1985. Auto Da Fé were an Irish new wave formed in the Netherlands in 1980 (but mainly active in Ireland) by former Steeleye Span singer Gay Woods and Trevor Knight. This track is off their one studio album, Tatitum (based around “Jacques Tati and the art of humming” – I’m not making it up!!) Well it’s bright and breezy synth pop, perfect for the hot summer, wherever that went. Produced by Gil Norton (China Crisis, Echo & The Bunnymen) it was certainly new to me, B-side “There They Stood” is much more experimental and wears it Celtic roots on its sleeves but with the electronics (and unfortunately vinyl noise)


A All Is Yellow, Hot, Hot, Hot (Extended Version)
B There They Stood