Cactus World News – Years Later (12″)

ImageMore guitar stuff with the U2 sounding, (Not in name!) Cactus World News. From 1986 this gets the proper “extended mix” treatment from Chris Kimsey, wolf howls and all!! A perfect slice of epic guitar rock and worth checking out the album “Urban Beaches” which had “The Bridge” and “Worlds Apart” on. Two more solid tracks on the B-side, the gothy sounding “Hurry Back” and a live version of “Third One” featuring the soaring guitar of Frank Kearns


6 thoughts on “Cactus World News – Years Later (12″)”

  1. Thanx a million for this, there stuff is so rare, have you got anymore you could out i would be very grateful.

  2. Ta, I found one knocking about on the hard drive. “Town Like This” (12″) it has “Volcano” and “State Of Emergency” (Live) as well – very apt for Barra, hopefully we will be back in a few weeks time, we’ll let you. Same if I find some more from this great, forgotten band, have to check where I’ve archived it.

  3. superb thank you very much, they had an album called no shelter which was never released, and a couple of singles which i have not got, only really got the urban beaches+ singles

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