Taffy – I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio) (UK Mixes)


From 1986 and was this a the bridge between disco and house ? For synth lovers everywhere a great 80’s mix with a shorter instrumental mix on the B-side it will bring back memories..guaranteed. The UK mix had famous lyric change because at that time most radio stations in the UK stopped at midnight or at 2 AM. Apparently the singer (who sounds a bit like Alison Moyet) was called Kathy (Katherine Quay) but the Italians could not pronounce it and called her Taffy instead.





Microgroove – What Is It ? (12″)

Morning! Anyone for some Future Jazz from 1989?


On the specialist jazz label Antilles New Direction this rare gem kicks a long nicely. The 12″ using that Soul II Soul beat. If I’m not mistaken I think the bass is provided by an electric tuba. Made up of trombonist Ashley Slater, Dean Whitbread (who probably had a hand in their cyberpunk image) and keyboardist Jakob Magnusson. The same sort of flavour as Freak Power (but predates it) they emerged from the festival scene and just did the one album. Quite a groundbreaking sound for the time. B-side “Bastard” is slightly quirky as well!