The Questions – Tuesday Sunshine (12″)


Very apt for this rather autumnal Tuesday. This forgotten gem, here in it’s 4 track form, has the stamp of Weller all over it , he even designed the sleeve. From 1984, this kept  the style of The Style Council for blue eyed soul. This Scottish band were fact contemporaries of Aztec Camera, Orange Juice and The Bluebells.

In 1983, band members Paul Barry and John Robinson penned the Top 10 hit “The House That Jack Built” for fellow Respond Records label mate Tracie Young (on here with their own version)

After a poor selling debut album , “Belief”, the band split in Autumn 1984.

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A1 Tuesday Sunshine (Jock Mix)
A2 Tuesday Sunshine (Sass Mix)
B1 The House That Jack Built
B2 No One (Long Version)

4 thoughts on “The Questions – Tuesday Sunshine (12″)”

  1. Well Just realizing how long you have been blogging, (On this Blog) time flies!
    I’m sure you are still looking for the P.Hope & R. Kirk 12’ I’ve requested twice, so I sent you another one.
    Finding out that on their cd release it has 2 of those mixes (requested from your 12inch) and not the 12’’ I sent over the other day. I’ll pick that up that CD (Incl. your 12’’ mixes on that CD) for $5 US Dollars (incl .Shp). When I get around to it!
    To this post – If you can find this and re-up it, great appreciate it Mr. MVD blogger!!!

    1. I love a bloody challenge on on first attempt no it ain’t there. I have with the records in the loft but god knows. Hope and Kirk and now this, when’s your birthday? 🙂

      1. It’s amazing how music becomes lost. Just a mention that you are unable to find it, when you can re-post it, no hurry! Worst case scenario I’ll just buy it. If still around, or on my music hunts in stores I’ll try to track it down.

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