Dee C. Lee – See The Day (12″)


As it goes a bit dancey on the other blog

On here I’m feeling a bit soulful and romantic this weekend. First up is the Paul Weller prodigy Dee C. Lee with this memorable ballad from 1985.

Lee was a backing vocalist for the pop group Wham! in the early 1980s, but she left the group to work as a solo artist and also to join Weller’s band, The Style Council. More about them later. She was later married to Weller for ten years (but now divorced), they have two children, Leah and Natt.

The B-side of the single is a live version of ” Luck”, featured Paul Weller and his band The Style Council. Other tracks is the Weller penned “The Paris Match” and nice bit of electronic funk with “Don’t Do It Baby (Remix)”



2 thoughts on “Dee C. Lee – See The Day (12″)”

  1. Cheers mate. The Paris Match by Dee C Lee is perhaps the better version and very diificult to find with the exception of the B sides of this single. Much appreciated.

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