a-ha – Single Remixies (Japanese CD)

From November 2000 and the gathering together of various mixes from their album, “Minor Earth | Major Sky.” Spelling mistake deliberately left in.

Laidback grooves, scratching and orchestra on the opening track remixed by Swedish combo, C.L.A.S.S. Production.

Three mixes apiece for “Velvet” and “Minor Earth…” The later sounding very “Walking In My Shoes” on the Radio Edit remixed by Niven Garland.

Mathias Neuhauser and Michael Meinl (Millenia Nova) give it a gentle acoustic touch. Guitar and vocals (and Theremin) A great remix that does erupt. Track 4 has a great dollop of synth added and even more epic.

German Jazz group De-Phazz chills out “Velvet”, with added do-wops and brass. Millenia Nova goes very ambient.

The NYC Remix is the pick of them done by established producer, John Agnello.

“Shapes That Go Together” has the shuffle beat and tremolo guitar, reminds me of Squeeze !!!



WEA – WPCR-10784

1Summer Moved On (Remix)6:03
2Minor Earth Major Sky (Niven’s Radio Edit)4:01
3Minor Earth Major Sky (Millenia Nova Remix)4:28
4Minor Earth Major Sky (Early Version)5:10
5Velvet (De Phazz Remix)3:48
6Velvet (Millenia Nova Remix)3:57
7Velvet (New York City Remix)5:18
8Shapes That Go Together4:14

15 thoughts on “a-ha – Single Remixies (Japanese CD)”

  1. Hello DJ Sir,

    Can you please upload Bill Pritchard debut EP album from ’86 in 320.

    Thank you very much in advance

      1. Sorry, sir, I didn’t know where exactly to make the request, I’m kind of new here.
        can you please let me know and I’ll repost my request? thank you.

      2. Ah, I see it’s a request not a reup request. I haven’t got it but will put it on my shopping list if I come across but don’t hold your breath.

  2. Wow, I miss a week and come back to a few great shares… I loved Minor Earth/Sky… But also loving the Lionel Richie, Frankie Valli, and Paul Young stuff… Thanks DJ Jed (No Place Like Home is there !)

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