Fortran 5 – A Combined Complete Collection

So it turns out I had ripped a load of Fortran 5 stuff and not posted on here. Prompted by a couple of twelves from Mike B. Apart from the J.R Hartley untitled release, a John Luongo mix of “Look To The Future” , the “Joe Mix” of “Look To The Future” but that’s everything !

Love Baby (US Promo and UK Promo 12″)

November ’90 and the incarnation of Fortran 5 , Simon Leonard and David Barker had finished with the I Start Counting project and turned their eyes to the Dancefloor.

With a bit of a Leftfield vibe this track had the deepest of basslines for the time but as always had a slightly scewed vision and obsession with London.

The executive producer was the late Colin Faver, a massive techno DJ and well known London music head.

A myriad of mixes with the first 2 crafted by Mute’s mad scientist Paul Kendall with the help of Kris Weston (Thrash) and some vocals from the mysterious Lucy. The Marine Mammal makes an appearance as a film sample right at the end of track 1. Both the mixes are pretty similar, the “Electropathy” being the more instrumental and solid with no weird samples.

The band mix the other 2 tracks, more bleeps on the “Haze Mix” and an 808 working overtime. Some House record samples and a few different sounds, oh and Kraftwerk !

The pick of the mixes is the Charlie Endell one (named after the late 70’s TV series that was a spin off from Budgie set in Glasgow.) Analogue squelches and samples and layered beats. More sneaky House records being sampled.”+Promo+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1990.rar/file

Mute – ED 5504

A1Love Baby (Carnivorous Marine Mammal With Short Limbs Mix)6:51
A2Love Baby (Electropathy Mix)5:43
B1Love Baby (Haze Mix)6:07
B2Love Baby (Charlie Endell Mix)6:15

So to compliment this I picked up the UK Promo which has a different B-side and it’s a corker. Using the Funky Drummer as its base and Alison Moyet singing the title of the Yazoo’s “Midnight” it is a sample heaven.

I’ve omitted the “Love Baby” mix as it appears above.

Mute – 12MUTE 120

ALove Baby (Carnivorous Marine Mammal With Short Limbs Mix)6:48
AAMidnight Trip (N29 Mix)5:58

Crazy Earth (12″)

A bit out of order but this was their first release from July 1990. Again sample heavy including Syd Barrett . This was packaged as if it were a Brazilian import. It’s production was credited to a certain Edson Arantes Di Nascimento whose name bore a striking similarity to that of Edson Arantes Do Nascimento (Pelé’s birth name.) Anything to get into the Record Shops and hence the Clubs.

Again Colin Faver is involved with the production under the name Colina Di Fazoria !

Proto Deep House with many transitions the “Acid Rain” being the hardest of a set of very similar mixes. Perfect for a Chilled slot.

Mute – 12 MUTE 113

A1Crazy Earth (L’Essence De Syd)
A2Crazy Earth (Acid Rain)
BCrazy Earth (Global Warming)

Groove (12″)

Next from August ’91 and with the involvement of The Orb, thanks to Thrash’s involvement. The original is a cover of “Tequila” by The Champs

As the amusing credits on the sleeve reveal ;Engineer – Mark Lusardi, Remix [Desert & Afters By] – The Decidedly Slinky Stupidly Sexy Senile Seductress Pepe, Remix [Mixed, Mingled, Merged & Manhandled By] – Thrash, Remix [Side Orders & Second Helpings Singularly Served Supplied And Satisfied By] – The Portion Master Dr Alex Paterson and Vocals – Shola Phillips.

A mid-tempo track with layered vocals. The acoustic sample hook seems very familiar, The Doors ? Got a dub vibe to it, well it is the Orb.

“XX21” samples D.A.F. (“Co Co Pino”) and is one of my favourite tracks by them. The cut up guitar samples and deep bass kicks.

“Bike” , a longer version on the twelve, samples Sid James reciting Pink Floyd’ / Syd Barrett’s track. The backing is appropriately Kraftwerk’s “Tour De France” / “Mad World” before going into a bit of piano House. Bizarre and probably a labour of love for engineer George Holt.

I’d love to hear the Promo only track, “Life In Bruce Springsteen’s Stereo” which includes samples from Madonna’s “Like A Prayer.” (I’ve just put my order in for one !!!)

Mute – 12 MUTE 126

AGroove (The Herbal Supper Mix)5:57
B2Bike (Sid Sings Syd)5:49

Heart On The Line (US Promo 12″)

So this is the same as the UK twelve , booooo!!!!! From September ’91 and 4 mixes that employ the likes of Vince Clarke, (2) Moby (1 and 4) and Justin Robertson.

Two female vocals contrast with the harsh electronic backing. Jocelyn Montgomery (Miranda Sex Garden) and Katharine Blake (Miranda Sex Garden and Mediæval Bæbes)

The Moby mixes are a bit drab but with plenty of Moby-ism’s and driving beats. Old Skool Classics but not my bag.

I like Vince’s mix, some signature sounds and Robertson’s adds some acid squelches.”

Mute – 0-66491

A1Heart On The Line (Voodoo Child Remix)5:20
A2Heart On The Line3:49
B1Heart On The Line (HP Saucey Mix)5:00
B2Heart On The Line (Bassline Mix)4:58

Fortran 5 Featuring Larry Graham – Look To The Future (12″)

Onwards to August ’92 and the revival of the Disco groove with a few Joey Negro mixes. Quite a departure for the duo with a more of a band sound and the lead vocals by the legendary Larry Graham (Sly & The Family Stone) and Candy Mckenzie on backing vocals  Andrew Livingstone adds some extra keyboards.

The Future Dub brings out a punchier bass but ditches nearly all the vocals. “Start The Dance” was done with Colin Faver and the lads, a more subtle take and Sly and The Family Stone sounding.

The last track is edited by Gordon Matthewman and engineered by Greg Hunter. Mad Techno alert !!! Almost Aphex Twin in places.

Mute – 12mute 136

A1Look To The Future (Joey Negro’s “Future Mind” Mix)6:08
A2Look To The Future (Joey Negro’s “Future Dub” Mix)5:54
B1Look To The Future (“Start The Dance” Mix)7:19
B2Bass Degree Zero5:34

Persian Blues (12″)

From May ’93 and another change of style with the main track featuring the vocals of Blancmange’s Neil Arthur.

The lead mix was done by David Holmes in his own cinematic way. A progressive House builder that goes into full Orchestra on its journey. 303 bubbling throughout plus some timpani.

Track 2 is the only one to have Arthur’s vocals, suitably long and dramatic (and slightly sinister) Analogue sounds and samples. A critique on the West’s attitude to Persia.

Fabio Paras remixes track 3 , very chilled and weighing in at 12 minutes long. (hence the title) He works the sampled calls and exotic sounds.

The Pulsation Mix is just, pulsations !

Mute – 12 MUTE 157

A1Persian Blues (Full On Orchestral Philharmonical Mix)
A2Persian Blues (3YE1270 Mix)
B1Persian Blues (The 11.56 Sound Clash System Remix)
B2Persian Blues (Pulsation Mix)

Time To Dream (12″)

From June ’93 and another long , atmospheric mix from Spirit Feel (
Graeme Walker and Paul Valentine) “Fruit Of The Spirit”. Is that John Barry’s “Midnight Cowboy” I can hear ? The reggae bass doesn’t drop to gone 7 minutes.

The David Holmes mix is frantic acid tinged track, a galactic ride with harmonica sample making it in towards the end on the breakdown.

“Up your bum…” is a driving bit of IDM , “Taking Me To The Chamber Of Dreams” sample as well a deep bass tone.

Jackie Sheridan provides the vocals which can be heard on the Original version. All twanged guitars and a meaty synth bass.

Mute – 12 MUTE 143
A1Time To Dream (The David Holmes Mix)
A2Time To Dream (Up Your Bum With A Bicycle Pump Mix)
B1Time To Dream (Fruit Of The Spirit Mix)
B2Time To Dream (Original Version)

Now to dig the 3 albums out !!! Even the abysmal “Avocado Suite”

The band Curve next week !

2 thoughts on “Fortran 5 – A Combined Complete Collection”

  1. Thanks for this amazing collection of Fortran 5 releases! Appreciate it 🙂 Also Curve happen to be one of my all time favourite artists!

  2. Excellent package of 12ers!👏👌👍💯 I’ll have to grab these in a bit.
    Roxy Music tonight- Finally. Really do not like buying tickets 9-12 months in advance. Used to only be about 3 months.
    Great selections though 👌

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