Two People – This Is The Shirt (12″)

Who ? I like getting that response. Bonavide 80’s in style.

Written and produced by Liverpool duo, Two People, with help from Chris Porter.

The Two People (Mark Stevenson and Noel Ram) were joined by ; Bass – Brad Lang, Drums – Steve Creese (The Lotus Eaters) and Keyboards – Ian Penman.

For fans of China Crisis and Lotus Eaters. Uplifting pop and 3 quality tracks. “Sister Sister” has a bit of a rock guitar, reminds me of The Comsat Angels. There is the suitably dramatic “This Is The Day” over 2 parts, the second one being a slightly dubbier version, I love them both!

So a new band I’ll be looking out for.”).rar/file

Polydor – POSPX 741
A1This Is The Shirt
A2This Is The Day (Part 1)
B1Sister Sister
B2This Is The Day (Part 2)

2 thoughts on “Two People – This Is The Shirt (12″)”

  1. Great song…. I think I liked a few other songs by them (don’t have in great quality unfortunately)… “Mouth of an Angel” and “Heaven”.

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