Belouis Some – Some People (US 12″)

From Mike B (like a lot of the stuff this week) and to tickle the fancy of the Belouis Some fans out there. Back in 1985 I hated it with it’s banal lyrics. It is synthpop but I hated the vocals and with the backing vocals it made it sound like Russ Abbot’s “Atmosphere” or something by Ottowan.

Remixed by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero and edited by Bruce Forest it had all the latest sounds but I still have a trouble with vocals. Adding some psychedelic backward guitar loops was unexpected but it is far too shiny pop for me.”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1985.rar/file

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Capitol Records – V-8649

ASome People (Club Remix)7:35
B1Some People (Club Remix Edit)3:57
B2Some People (Dub Version)6:28

3 thoughts on “Belouis Some – Some People (US 12″)”

  1. I never hated this. It is simple pop music with fun synth overtones. Dont think Ive ever head the DUb. So im in. Thanks.

    BTW. Russ Abbot’s “Atmosphere” is my go=to brainworm track, I hum it when I need to shake one song outta my head with another.

  2. I’m with you. Never bought into Belouis Some. Strictly by-the-numbers Pop. Of a piece with imperial period Thompson Twins, for these ears. I actually saw Belouis Some open up for FGTH on their US tour in 1985! Unmemorable, apart from Neville being full of pride over introducing Crlos Alomar as playing in the band.

  3. I guess I will pee in the wind here, but I freaking loved the remixes of this song. Hook, line & sinker I ate this up.

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